From Leslee – Rethinking “Fluid” with Teo’Na – Part Two – 30 April 2013

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(Note from Leslee: This is Part Two of a series of messages I began receiving from Teo’Na on April 20, 2013. This info came so quickly, it’s somewhat abbreviated. I hope it’s clear enough. I know that some of the words I’ve used do not best convey the meaning; hopefully they will suffice. Please let me know if you have questions or if parts of it are unclear, or if you can suggest more precise words – thank you! )


(Time for a round of 20 Questions?) (Leslee’s thoughts in parentheses; Ghost Radar words in [brackets])

Only if you wish; you know it’s more efficient if you let me talk. [trick] Just sit and listen for a while.

(But you jump around so much lately… I can’t follow)

There’s a lot to cover; There’s nothing to follow. Planting seeds. Once they sprout, you’ll see how the roots entwine.

Inundation. Will it be water, or ideas? Realizations. Does it take a tsunami (referencing David Wilcock’s recent message) to sweep minds into letting go of bodies?

Airl is one of many who have explained the relationship of body to mind.

(Note from Leslee: Airl is the alien retrieved from a downed aircraft in Roswell NM in 1947, as described in the book Alien Interview, by Lawrence R. Spencer. The book is presented as fiction for reasons explained by Spencer; I personally consider parts of the book to be essentially factual.)

Alien Interview is a very concise representation for explaining this, as well as other less savory topics that mankind could benefit from grasping.

You remember the walls of water engulfing you, in dreams you had in 2000?

Recall what they meant.

(Spiritual awakening.)

Yes. Acceptance of forces and powers greater than a single human body. Did you drown?

(No. I always awoke feeling refreshed, invigorated. Those dreams always motivated me to look more deeply.)

Valuable time spent well. You remember the best way to engage that tsunami?


Yes. Let go. Drift and see where the current sweeps you. That is where you are going.

Recall Airl’s description of the body she used until she left it behind at the Base.


How is your body different? You call yours “biological”. What does that mean, anyway? Rhetorical question. You become so engrossed in the awareness of a body that appears to develop, grow, change over time, that you begin to regard it as precious.

“Precious Human Life” doesn’t refer to “Precious Human Body”. It refers to what is done with that body. In this case, “body” includes the mind also, gross and subtle minds and bodies.

precious human life

precious human life (thanks to purpleaggregates, tumblr)


The value of being human lies in learning to use the human body and condition as a springboard for moving to other points within the spheres of existence. This may accomplish an Ascension or Enlightenment pervaded by indescribable bliss and indestructible peace of mind.

Remember, you arose here out of sheer boredom. Feeling stuck in this world and bodies tends towards two reactions. There are others, but at your point in time, these two predominate in relevance.

Finding oneself attached to a body, and then being drawn into another in subsequent lifetimes, it’s easy to develop the view of life as a standing cycle, as indicated by the Wheel of Life.

Again feeling stuck, the two most common responses are to dig in deeper (material progress) or to try and break free (spiritual progress). Both tend to focus one’s attention onto the future and reference the past. These positions quickly become fixed and if you’re not careful, they can merely perpetuate the stuck feeling. Repeat the cycle, thinking that’s all there is to existence.



Lisa’s meeting with Hitsusi provides a unique opportunity to illustrate how surprising some possibilities can seem. Imagine meeting a kind, intelligent being that resembles several species of creature that your culture would have you believe embody deception and evil! What do you make of that? Imagine learning this being doesn’t even breathe, much less does he breathe AIR. (Lisa, does Hitsusi have nostrils, or are those indentations for something else? Please ask him how they function, if it’s convenient for you when you see him next. Thank you.)

You’ve read, and so many have written about, staying in the NOW. Think of how quickly one tires while fighting a current in the ocean. Will the ocean ever tire? Flow. You will all both arrive on the shore, and learn to swim without exhaustion.


From Leslee – Rethinking “Fluid” with Teo’Na – Part One – 30 April 2013

(Note from Leslee to readers: This came so quickly, it’s somewhat abbreviated. I understand it, but then I’m the one who received it, so am not very objective about its clarity… I also apologize because I know that some of the words I’ve used do not best convey the meaning; hopefully they will suffice. Please let me know if you have questions or if parts of it are unclear, or if you can suggest more precise words – thank you! By the way, I know a lot of this sounds preposterous…)


(Who’s here, please?) (Leslee’s thoughts in parentheses)

Later. Info for now. It’s important to tie things together to get people thinking. Situation is fluid, but there are some trends we can note for now. You can gather the pieces together later. Let’s focus on message.

As you’ve been seeing, water, liquid, playing a big role right now. We’re going to do a series. You know the significance of the Ocean, the Deep, and water in general. Laura and Aurora have been very focused on this and have done a wonderful job of raising awareness. [promised]

We’re going to share some things that may seem alarming or uncomfortable, but they relate to steps of dimensional transformation.

Consider the possibility of breathing liquids


Breathing liquid video link:

And consider this: In a gaseous atmosphere, it’s easy to feel separate. There’s a huge difference between body density and the atmosphere/medium of air. It makes you feel individuated.

The human body (and many body types on this planet) are more than 90% water.

Imagine being in a place where your body is the same density as air. Beings of Light, faeries… Some spirits have this density.

Think of how dolphins, whales exist… Living in a medium similar to their body density. This leads to a feeling of weightlessness… Connectedness… Sound and vibrations travel more slowly than through air… These are principles of physics. Thought and awareness work instantaneously (or faster), regardless of medium. However, it’s harder for a water-being to distinguish separation in water (without equipment, that is).

Humans tend to associate weightlessness with being in space, in low gravity. Really weightlessness comes from moving through medium of same density as body. Gravity is illusion.

What about connection to environment? Humans see a shrimp eating plankton and perceive a food chain, predation. Whales eat krill and perceive nourishment as coming from themselves, from their environment which they perceive as themselves. When all are connected in matter (material substance), there’s no sense of predation in the way humans see it. There’s Balance, and balance that’s acceptable when you understand rebirth and Oneness.

Living in a medium (matrix) so different in density than their bodies, humans tend to feel separate from Nature. The difference between flesh and air impresses you as separation.

Seashores and mountaintops inspire awe in humans, partly because they represent the surface, the edge, the margin between dimensions. You know this on a visceral level.

Now consider in ocean, possibility of info entering, passing through your being like waves in water. Currents. Humans see waves ON water but these require SURFACE (margins, boundaries). So many fluctuations can be perceived through body as change in pressure, as you hear sound with an eardrum, feel pressure changes in body. Body made of water receiving info sent through air: clear perception needs a greater scale of variation. Body made of water, info sent through water: feels like part of self.

Consider rhythms of communication, as in music and speech. Humans speak of musical “moods”; this is actually very primitive connotation to what is actually achievable with vibration, music.

Imagine actually having all the faculties to perceive all information available – what “organs” would be needed?

Leslee, recall your nap yesterday. Very brief, your sense of rapid dissolution into another dimension, while still feeling tethered to this one… Simultaneous awareness, on different levels. But you didn’t “hear” the two words that Ghost Radar generated: [you’re aware]. More is possible, for everyone. You had no sensation. This state is similar to the boredom from which you all arose to appear here. Remember. Remember.

Watch the video from the ISS, of the astronaut trying to wring water from a washcloth in zero gravity conditions:


This is fluid with no gravity.

Humans are so familiar with gravity, you sense water as a crushing force. But look at the ISS video, and then read the account of a UFO sighting in Tennessee, USA, on April 23:


Fluid emanating into your atmosphere. Will you merely use portals, or will your world become like a sponge, with countless cells of possibility?

Imagine if gravity lessened significantly here. Go swimming? What would that be like? Stepping out of water, being enveloped with water. Water traveling with you, wrapped around you…

Imagine breathing, drawing sustenance from this water… Enveloped.

Or imagine carrying your own bubble of air with you. Your pressure cushion.

Does this frighten you? Does it sound creepy? You wear clothes. What are they? Imagine how bizarre clothing appears to those who don’t need protection.

Try to get your head around this because the next thing you are likely to see and want to process is the possibility of worlds and beings emerging not from space but from the “waters” of your planet. Emerging from the deep and appearing in and from the sky.

The human body is frail. So are theirs. Consider: Why would such beings want, need to appear? Like sacrificial lambs to slaughter, kamikaze pilots… Anything to get your attention. Coming to deliver info and messages, not to remain. They know their likely fates. This is why they use such bodies.

Humans treasure bodies because you think of the time it takes to grow one. Infancy to adulthood, you consider it an investment. Consider having the ability to manifest a body in moments. Easier to perceive the continuum, irrelevance of body. Get over it.

Visions of coastal inundation, waves… Entertain the possibility that it may not be a matter of water engulfing you in waves, flooding… But water emerging out of thin air… A Global Event…

Consider that most of you don’t really know what causes, generates gravity; you just know what it feels like, how it generally works…

Consider that anti-gravity devices involve electrical charge, energy flow, fluctuation, vibration, resonance. A device consisting of a platform holding a heavy object, very primitive. Still, an advancement.


Consider developing the ability, no, quality, of carrying this tone through your entire body. Body as anti-gravity field… Cocoon or sheath…


Consider why you breathe, why do you need oxygen, the function of air in the body. Do you breathe despite gravity? Air pressure, water pressure… The lungs transform… Move molecules from being free, to being bound in the blood.

This is key.

Liquid medium needs elements readily available. Permeable body (you’re taught to fear “invasions”, with concepts like surgery, germs, and spirit possession…)…

If you say you want to fly, do you think of it in terms of being one with the sky? Why do you need ships, or even liquid sheaths… Or skin?

How attached are you to being “human”?

When you think of “UFO”s, are you certain they’re not “USO”s? (swimming)

Okay, enough for now…

(Who was this?)


(You mean you want to talk to Oak Who Walks next?)


(Is that who was just speaking?)


(I can sense Heruka in the background, watching in amusement and alertness… There’s a clamoring of beings wanting to speak, like in my dream this morning.)

(Then who was I hearing earlier when writing?)

Heruka: Teo’Na, with my permission. No joke.

(I can tell He is not joking…)

(So Teo’Na connects with the “Oceans”, too?)

No, there’s another guide more closely connected with water.

End of Part One, Re-Thinking Fluid

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