My First Prosperity Payment



Yesterday I got my first Prosperity Payment!

And it even arose within AT&T… go figure… or, better yet, don’t go figure!

I learned a week ago that my phone bill was behind by two months… Yesterday I got up the nerve to call them, to let them know that I hoped to make a payment within the next week or so…

The customer service rep informed me that my bill has a ZERO balance. I did not owe them anything.


My mind immediately began warming up to go down the “list” of possible explanations. A very powerful inner voice said, quickly, “STOP!!!”

I saw immediately that if I spent another second moving towards looking for an explanation”, the whole thing would dissolve into ordinariness.

Let it go. Take a deep breath. Relax.

So, never mind the explanation; what was the CAUSE?

Well, for the past two weeks or so, Predrag has been helping me intensely with releasing the old gunk… delusions, programming, victim-think, worry, etc… SELF-CONFIDENCE AND LOVE.

I decided to trust the Universe and move to Pagosa Springs… no matter what anyone said. I know in my heart this is where I belong now… ACCEPTANCE, TRUST, AND SELF-CONFIDENCE.

I also decided to release some worries about conditions… Conditions placed onto relationships, my circumstances, my son… Where would I live, how would I survive… All the old phantoms… Shoo, shoo, out the window…. FAITH.

I think the turning point, though, was when I realized how to share the pendulums with others… How to do it without any hopes or expectations… just a pure act of GIVING, with joy and LOVE. On Wednesday I shipped out the first three, with the lightest, happiest heart I had felt in quite a while.

The next day, my phone bill had disappeared.

Good Old Karma and Merit… They run the show.

(may we all abide in the blissful compassion of trusting that all is perfect…)