Leslee-A dream

 Please pray for Vee – Kim passed last Friday and I think this dream was about her….

I dreamed I was having tea with STC friends… Took a bite of a boiled egg, felt it flinch. Looked inside: there was a live baby chick, that had somehow survived cooking!!!

It emerged from the shell, bewildered. As we watched, it transformed into a playful calico kitten. I knelt to pet it, and a boxer pup rushed up and licked my face…

The kitten them transformed into a young African-American woman, in her late teens. Fully formed and clothed, with a soft brown Afro, held back by a ribbon at her ears. Her clothes were tan. Her skin was very damp and pale and puffy, just like a newborn’s! She was quite bewildered and frightened and sad, but told us that her name was Alugia.

We took her to a bed in a large, bright, high-ceilinged room with huge windows, that she would share with Lisa’s daughters, who were of course dressed as ballerinas… 🙂

Alugia went to bed, and we went back outside, and continued making plans. We were in a city of Inner Earth. The buildings were of a reddish-gold stone, with dome-shaped roofs of red, green or gold tile.

We were planning the new world, I think…

I went back to check on Alugia… She was now sitting up in the bed, and looked much better. She was now in dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

She was still quite confused and sad, but her skin had dried out some, so she was darker, and incredibly beautiful and graceful. (Corinthia, she looked a lot like your daughter Fabunmi!) beautiful huge eyes…

That’s about all I remember, other than that the place was very light and roomy and cheerful and happy.

I think Kim has joined us in our Astral Space, Vee! 😀

Much love and light to you all!

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  1. Vee, I am very sorry to hear of Kim’s passing. It is a relief to know she no longer has to put up with duality, and exciting to think that I could / did meet her there! What a funny way to come into the world, huh? Sending lots of comfort and hugs your way, I know that everything is going to be alright with her. She will be well taken care of.

  2. Hi Vee, I was sad when I heard Kim has passed away. But she will be taken care off, I am sure. Sending you lots of Light and Love.

    For you Vee:

    I am with you Vee, in heart and soul , Lisa

    (Ps I hope everything is alright there, I just hear about the Tornado’s in Texas on the news)

  3. So sorry for Kim, dear Vee…….
    I know that in this sacred moment Kim is happy to be with Angels and free from duality, perhaps this is her Life plan fulfilled and I am sure that we will see her again in the higher dimension when the Earth ascends with all of us…
    Love you, my dear Vee, stay strong in your Light and know that we are here with you and Kim is only a thought away from you….because Love connects all
    Keep going your path towards Ascension
    I am sending to you my Love and Light

  4. Hello, I love you all so much. My heart is overwhelmed with knowing that my sister is healing. Thank you Leslee for sharing your dream and the connection with my sister. Kim has beautiful, big brown eyes. In fact, one of her nick names is “Eyes”.

    I awoke this morning at 5:00 a.m. and could not go back to sleep, so I decided to meditate. I feel great today. Love is so powerful and feel it from all of you.

    Lisa, your babies are beautiful!

    Thank you, thank you, my dear friends for your warmth and love.

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