Konstantinos-A dialogue with Iltheos about the near Future.

Konstantinos: Hello Iltheos. I’m going directly to my first question. What’s your opinion about my two dreams? [ On April 1st, I had a dream in which I was visited by a group of benevolent ETs. The sky outside was getting dark and I and my family, we were waiting for a group to visit us. Then we heard someone knocking at our door and I felt it was them. I opened the door and there, they were standing 4 to 5 creatures. The most of them were humorous, I think they were wearing black & dark blue robes and they were looking like disney and star wars characters. Some were human and some others humanoids. When they were ready to return to their home, they went a short walk with me and then immediately we flew up together, in the sky.

On April 4th   some hour before I wake up, 3 beings of blue light colour (I couldn’t see clearly their characteristics, but they seemed to have long hair and wearing robes, all in light blue colour) visited me and I heard the word D-E-L-E-A-R, which is a greek term and means ‘something which is desired, but often illusory, and is suggested to someone in order to persuade him/her accept it or do something particular’.]

Iltheos: I already know about your dreams. It’s about the connection between you and members of  your Space Family. You have stated with strong will, how much you desire to contact (more in a physical way though) with extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings. This has started happening to  you more openly. This has already started happening to many of you.  Most times you don’t remember, but as there is a reason for everything, same goes for this one too. Some have already started having telepathic communications with some of us and some others still think about it. There is an appropriate time for everything.

K: I agree….though there are times I am/we are impatient.

I: It’s natural. But Love and  the Wisdom it contains, keep each one of us in the right position, in order for our mission to be accomplished.

K: Yes, the mission…you mean the successful outcome regarding the Ascension process.

I: Definetely. Because this fact is not about you and Mother Earth only, but also for the entire Galaxy….the whole Universe.

K: ……great. Uh, well …something more….what do you have to say about this phenomenical contradiction between some sources, regarding the climatic upheavals and the evacuation of the population to ‘safe zones’? What’s going to happen?

I: What do you/all of you wish to happen? What do YOU personally, wish to happen?

K: Whatever is going to happen, I(will) accept it. As in everything, so in this case too, there is a Greatest Purpose which is about our Greatest Good. Even if sometimes this doesn’t seem so. But definetely from my side, I wish for an outcome as smooth as possible.

I: If there is going to be a sufficient number of Lightworkers who wish to focus on a more smooth outcome, then that is what is going to happen. But don’t forget that some climatic upheavals will continue to happen, they happen already, it is part of the Gaia’s Cleansing. Cocreate with us, your friends and family and with Mother Earth and all are going to be fine. Whatever the final outcome will be, if we are in Harmony and focused to our common task of a succesful Ascension, everything and everyone will benefit.

K: So, there isn’t a sure scenario….nothing is for sure….

I: Quite the contrary, EVERYTHING is for sure. Don’t forget, there are many possibilities for a ‘future’ event and you/all of you are called to materialize, through your choice, one of them. The thought and desire that will prevail, will be the one to which we will contribute, in order to materialize it.

K: All are going to be fine.

I: All are going to be fine. To be more specific,  the outcome and the success, regarding Ascension in the end of this year, is for sure. It’s like the basic colours of your palette. You/All of you and we are the basic colours. The tools exist already. The subject which will be materialized on the canvas of your History, exists already in your mind….and in your heart. The thing is HOW you/we will get there.

K: It’s about what we do in the middle…on the path that leads to the assured outcome.

I: Exactly.

K: We all wished for it before we come here…Father/Mother God gave the Order for this….all are going to be fine….I feel it, I wish for it.

I: Create steady, with your Heart.

K: Thank you for this dialogue. I Love you my friend. Goodbye for now.

I: I Love you too my friend…I Love you All and we will meet again….this moment is not far anymore.

K: Great. Goodbye Iltheos.

I: Goodbye Konstantinos.

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  1. Thank you, dear Friend Konstantinos and Iltheos
    I am amazed how quickly all we are evolving!
    Love and Light!

  2. This kind of parallels what I’ve been saying relating to the “major players”. I wonder, can a group of people influence the “creative” powers of another group of people, simply by telling them that something is going to happen? Or does it impact our collective “focus” so that a particular timeline is created?

  3. Hi Konstantinos,

    Is it coincidence or not. The 3 blue beings remembers me of the dream I had on dream-flight 2 April, were I visited 3 blue fuzzy beings and was healing them. And the first dream reminded me of a dream I had , some months ago, with the beings wearing Star Trek costumes amongst others. I also saw in that dream a huge mother-ship flew by, and I mean very very very huge, cause I could only see a small portion of it with windows and it had a hexagon pattern. Then little ships flew by and I could see the crew inside wearing those costumes.

    Here is a post from me that I wrote in November 2011:

    Dreaming UFO’s and explanation why… if possible…

    I still hooked up by my dreams, writing about them. So I decided to make a into depth article about it. It seems that everybody is talking about their dreams about UFO’s, but no answer “WHY?” is yet provided. I’ll try to explain it from the hand of my personal dreams why we have these dreams about UFO’s.

    When I wrote “dreaming Ufo’s” in the Google box and pressed enter, I was amazed how much people talking about their dreams about Ufo’s, more than explanations, why they have them.
    First I am going to tell about my UFO dreams, some briefly and some more elaborated.

    Here is an overall view of my dreams: most of them contain a lot of UFO’s in the night sky, some are about mothership. I have seen single UFO’s, touched them and spoke to them. They came in saucer, round/circle, ball (yin/yang), hexagon and honeycomb shapes, that also has hexagons. The UFO’s also ranged from bright white to a lot of colors: green, blue, red…My last dream dates from: 14th of august 2011.

    My more elaborated dreams:

    18 February 2010: I was in Belgium, next to my bank and saw a UFO hovering over my apartment where I live. I want to go in the UFO but access was denied. Inside there is a meeting between extraterrestrials and humans. Then I am standing on my balcony of my apartment and see again a UFO in the distance. Then with great speed it comes to me and reduces until it is on eye height in the form of a hexagon. Then the UFO downloads something in my head and said: that is all we can do and then it flew away.

    17 April 2010: I was dreaming that I was hiding from my parents. Then later we slept all together on field beds in a big airplane hangar. When I look up in the starry sky I see a batch of white UFO balls flying by. Then I see in the hangar some extraterrestrials doing something. They see me and I run away as fast as I can. A black panther lady went after me and caught me. I regret and asked them not to leave. They say they would stay just a bit longer. She says to me that it is up to us to make it happen. They are waiting for us.

    29 may 2011: I had a reservation with my parents and friend in a restaurant. Suddenly the star sky is lighting up with UFO’s but nobody sees it. But nobody laughs when I tell them, they believe me. Then all the people sitting around me on tables and they begin to sing an “indeble” song for me. I get scared of all the attention and ran away and fainted. A woman helps me up and introduces me to an extraterrestrial lady and said to her that I was also one of the light ambassadors here to help. See looks at me with an intense look.

    13 June 2011: This dream was very intense. In my dream there was first “First Contact” and they were showing the mothership. Then a battle started between the dark and light UFO’s. A small scoutship comes to me and takes me over the battlefield. I am holding on, on to handles beneath the ship. Then the extraterrestrial gets orders to abandon me. I ask why? She said: Sorry, orders. You need to complete your soul contract. And then she let me fall into enemy territory. The good thing was that I could make myself invisible.

    26 October 2011: partially dream: I am standing on a field ( it looks a lot like the grass field in Belgium where I use to life) and I was with two other people, one of them was actually Simon Cowell (seeing too much X-factorJ). I am seeing 3 silver Ufo balls flying in the sky. I am saying to these people, look there Ufo’s. But they just stare at the ground and didn’t here me. It is now an evening sky and when it gets darker I see in the distance a lot of light Ufo’s making acrobatic maneuvers , circles, something looks like a cross and so on. At the end the sky fills with thousands of Ufo’s. When I saw those Ufo’s I said to myself, I finally see Ufo’s for real. It was a beautiful sight and I felt so happy.

    Now, some overall view of other people’s dreams and links to the real stories.



    The explanation that I am going to give onto the ongoing dreams about UFO’s is my view of the events.

    I will touch the common view about dreams with dream symbols and the not so common view (my view) about those shared dreams. These views I am going to relate to my dreams.

    Dreams that are metaphoric and symbolic.
    I can not always remember my dreams, particularly when the process is disturbed by an outside source (my daughter likes to get up early in the morning, 5:30 and come and lie in bed with me and my husband). But when I remember then it is because of the intensity of the dream. Afterwards when I am on the internet I go to the dream dictionary to figure out the meaning of my dreams. This dictionary is full with symbols that will reflect with my own personal experiences in my life.
    But what about the meaning of dreaming of UFO’s? I don’t put everything in here and put this theory on my own dreams. I just add the links for whoever wants to explore his/her dreams more.

    My dreams explained metaphorical/symbolic and some links to dream dictionaries
    It seems that when I dream of UFO’s the conventional explanation is that it signifies my desires to find my spiritual purpose in life. Alternatively, they say it indicates that I am feeling alienated from those around me. The dream may also be a metaphor that I am acting a bit “spacey” or “spaced out” and that I need to be more grounded and come back to reality.. (What is reality?)



    My not conventional take on the UFO dreams.
    I think most of the part of my Alien/UFO dreams is not of my own making. Maybe these dreams can be received as a spirit/ET intervention. Or like Suzanne Lie, when I read New Earth part 8, I instantly knew why we all dreaming this dreams. It is because when they finally do land (Disclosure/First Contact), we will not be surprised, because they warned us in our “sleep”. The other take is that we been traveling out of our body’s and visiting the ships. Or the third option is exploring why we are dreaming.

    Here is a take on what dreams are by 8 channeled by Zingdad
    Read: To dream no more

    That is it for now, I hope that I provided some answers that you feel in sync with.
    Namaste, Lisa

  4. Thank you dear Lisa for all this amount of information. The last lines of your text under the link, is what I also think about our astral plane’s experiences with Ets and UFOs. Thank you for sharing your dreams. By the way, your daughters are very beautiful and cute. Much Love and Appreciation dear friend.

    • Hi KP,
      They are my world. I am glad my article was informative, I feel the same way about the last lines I wrote, that was coming from the heart.

      Love and light KP
      (PS: I notice with our dreams that we have so much synchronizations which each others dreams and visions and so on, and for me that is a validation that we are truly ONE)


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