Social Media Update

Good morning/afternoon, Spirit Train Riders!

We now have a Facebook page for STC, since several of us have expressed a wish for more outreach…

We can also start using tags on our posts here, and that will attract more people who are interested in the kind of work we do.

I know that several of us are concerned about privacy, and I think it’s essential that we all respect that.

For instance, I’m very open and public on WordPress, because I find that WP folk tend to be quite sincere and respectful. However, FB (and MySpace and YouTube) is very different, and more likely to be searched by employers and scammers, so I personally am very selective about what I post there.

However, I DO think Facebook can be a very effective portal to the STC site… Sort of like a Platform 555 3/4… ;D

It’s also a great place to share images (as are Flickr & DeviantArt)…

Hoping not to sound arrogant, I think that the work we’re doing with Astral Travels and Gaia and our Multiple-Dimensional Friends here on STCWP is fairly advanced, so anyone willing to dive in here with us is likely to be quite sincere. I enjoy not having to moderate too many questionable comments!

I imagine STCFB will appeal more to folks who are just beginning to become curious and want to browse around, and if they really wish to connect with us deeply, they’ll end up here on STCWP.

And I sure don’t see the discussion forum moving, lol! πŸ˜€

What do you all think?

For myself, I know I’ll hardly have time to keep up here, much less “over there”, so please feel free to take FB and run with it.

I do hold a personal preference that we not try to promote heavily or focus on numbers of clicks and likes, because I believe strongly that those who are ready to join us will find us easily… But I also feel it’s essential that we be very open about and discuss it.

If you have some discomfort about this new page on FB, or wish to make some personal boundaries clear, please let everyone know here on this post, so we can all respect that and be able to refer to this post if we have questions about that.

I feel indescribably blessed and honored to be sharing this time and space with you all, my precious eternal family! Namaste πŸ™‚

In love and light and laughter,

13 comments on “Social Media Update

  1. I look forward to seeing how that page evolves… My FB is pretty public, and I share FB with many co-workers and colleagues as well as family and friends. I only check it a few times a week and don’t plan to post there often, but I don’t mind being mentioned or linked over there. Oh, I prefer not to be tagged or signed up to groups by others… And I do NOT get FB notifications, so email is a better way to communicate with me privately. πŸ™‚
    Thanks & Namaste!

  2. ~Hi!…iLike the Portal Idea/Aspect of Having/Using FBook as a Branch Out…Another RailWay Extension…mySelf iNormally am On FBook via my DinosaurCell Phone & Occasionally Jump on via the LapTop…So iMay be Able to Add some Pics & Circulate the Page…Organically & Naturally… πŸ˜‰ ~

    • Wonderful, Babajij, thank you!
      BTW, did you notice the comments (I think on SaLuSa) with the links to “Cobra”? πŸ˜‰
      His/her site is “Portal 2012” on blogger/blogspot, and you might enjoy some the messages… Very concise!
      Have a wonderful night – I hope to see you!

      • ~Hello Over There,Leslee!…iDid Read da latest CobraPost…Once Again,there Happened to be Another Sync,when iHad that Dream of the #77 CobraCard,the Following Days after the Cobra Site was being Posted on Sites,that IRead!…iFound that Very Funny!~

  3. Thanks Les! been doing an editing job this weekend, so haven’t spent much time on any sites. From experience, though, you may need to set the privacy to Private or Secret – most of the other (similar) groups have had to do that, due to the inteference of arrogant individuals… 😦

    The other thing is that many of the STC folks are not on Facebook at all, so will miss out on anything posted there. My PERSONAL preference is to stick to this forum. Fbk is great for many things, but they do track and trace people and things just get automatically linked, which is not always so great…

    Glad to see you are better and back in the mix!! I have an insane couple of days ahead, so will prob only catch up later in the week.

    LOVE N HUGGGGZZZ to you all xxx

    • I love this forum and I prefer it because I do not use Facebook πŸ™‚
      Our dear Leslee is doing a wonderful job and I understand her effort and that is why I thank her from my heart!
      Love you All !

  4. Thank you, Tauno & Steffie!
    I know I won’t spend much time there either, so it may be that the only purpose it serves is to hold the name and direct people here…
    There may be folks on FB who are interested in the astral travels & galactic & inner earth, who haven’t discovered WordPress yet…
    For that matter, I wonder if we should grab a Blogger page as a portal too…
    Our evolution has gone quite well so far, I think, so as long as we don’t start getting spam, etc., I hope it’ll be nice and quiet… πŸ˜‰

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