SaLuSa: April 16, 2012

Channeled through Mike Quinsey

When we speak of our allies we generally refer to those who are Lightworkers, at the front of activities that are occurring with our backing.

They are the ones who are preparing the way for the greater advancement of our programs, that are restoring your sovereignty and opening up the way to Ascension.

Yet in essence every Lightworker unbeknowingly or not is part of the Divine Plan, ensuring that it is successful. What our coming will do is enable us to provide the details of why we are here, and reveal that we will speed up the changes to complete all tasks as quickly as possible. We believe that will put peoples minds at rest as to our intent, and clearly indicate that we come in peace.

Our mission has recently changed from passive roles to ones that directly engage the dark forces, and we are enforcing the edict given to your military authorities that the use of nuclear weapons is not going to be allowed. We are paving the way for a declaration of world peace, from which point the use of any weaponry will be banned.

As a precursor to such happenings, we need honest and trustworthy people in positions of power who will abide by such rulings. Hence, after the dark Ones are removed, we will support such appointments as we need them to get fully behind the changes. As a result you will be propelled into a new era when your rights will be restored, and power returned to the people.

Knowing what is ahead we ask you to take in any inconvenience in your stride, as it will be short-lived. Indeed you will have been advised as to the reasons, and will be able to see beyond the immediate problems. There is a meticulous plan that will avoid any chaotic conditions from developing, and we have anticipated all possible scenarios.

What may at first seem insurmountable problems, will present no difficulty to us bearing in mind the sources we have at our disposal. Remember Dear Ones, that we have millions of craft involved in the changes within your solar system, and they can be with you in no time at all. We have the technology to keep your Earth in balance, and we have been doing so for quite a long time. It is the same where pollution is present, as we have been keeping that in check until it can be completely cleared.

For us, disclosure will be seen as the pinnacle of success, as we can then involve ourselves directly with you and there is a lot to do. Clearly once the media is released from the control of the Illuminati, much that has recently passed and gone unreported will be revealed. For example the present task of bringing criminals to justice who have committed crimes against Humanity, should be front page news but it is not. However, it will grow to such proportions that it will soon be impossible to be ignored. We have a plan to provide our own news outlets, and once we are introduced to you it will become a necessity. Be assured that we have the means of providing whatever is needed to make sure every soul is aware of what is coming, and that each one is offered the chance to ascend and what it requires.

In the meantime we must say that the Lightworkers have done exceptionally well in getting you this far. Some have suffered for their troubles, but have had solid faith and willpower to continue their tasks. The Spiritual Hierarchy has been instrumental in ensuring success, by arranging for many Lightworkers to incarnate on Earth especially for this important time. Be assured that if you have as yet an unfulfilled task, you will be called when the time is appropriate. It will not be long before you find out, and many will be required to carry out work within their communities. If you are in the know about the future, your knowledge needs to be shared with those who need informing. The truth cannot be concealed any longer, and clearly the more you can open peoples minds to other possibilities the better.

Life has to go on in its daily routine, as what is coming will not change it for some time yet. It is first a re-structuring of society that creates a foundation for the new paradigm, and then your lives can be raised up bit by bit as we cover your needs. It is about ridding society of the lack deliberately created to keep you in poverty and enslavement, so that you become lifted up to a standard of life where it can be enjoyable and a happy experience.

It is not intended to place you into luxury, but to give you all of the necessities that everyone is entitled to. There should not be such extremes between the rich and the poor, and there is absolutely no reason why you should not enjoy a high standard of living.

Be patient now that we are so near to meeting, as exciting times lay ahead and we have planned some outstanding ways of celebrating it. Naturally you will want to see our craft in their hundreds, and a magnificent flyover is going to take place. That should eradicate fear, and when you see that we are members of the Human Race the link between us will be undeniable.

We have told you many times that we are your family, so you would expect us to appear very similar to you. As you have found out there are also Humanoids amongst us, but bear in mind they area also highly evolved and members of the Galactic Federation. Our mere presence amongst you should be sufficient for you to realise that we are Beings of love. You may not be conscious of your ability to “feel” the energy of any individual, but we know that you will feel ours of love and peace towards you when we meet.

Major events are weeks away now rather than months, but allow for the initial sorting out to settle as it involves quite a lot of organizing. Obviously we are keen to get on with our tasks, but still have to make sure the time is right. It is not our way to rush things, as you have found out. We have a far reaching view of everything that is happening, therefore all of our actions are carefully drawn up for success, and that is what we promise you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all ok and that you had a great weekend!
    Well, I have a little something to share: after going back and forth with the uncertainty of life in the coming months I finally made up my mind and set the dates for my holidays this year! So I started checking out places for my holidays in June and the Brittany (in France) was on my mind – a lot! I went there in 2005 but wanted to go back because I really liked it and wanted my husband to know that area too. I even had a Breton folk song on my mp3 player, on loop! 😀 Well, long story short, this weekend we made hotel reservations, sorted out some details and stuff like that and in the evening my husband asks me: Have you realized that we’ll be in Carnac by the time of the Summer solstice? 😀
    To those of you who are not familiar with Carnac have some fun:

  2. From:
    Third Message

    Dear Ascending ONES,
    The love and light of our messages are constantly flowing from our frequency into yours. You have heard of many impending changes, which will soon be revealed to the general public. We say the word “soon,” as from our frequency of no-time we choose not to give dates. Also, the information that will be released (and is being released) will only be perceived by those who are ready to receive it, as well as when they are ready to perceive it. Fortunately, because of the steady flow of this information, and your choice to accept it, you are beginning to shift in and out of myriad versions of Ascending Earth.

    Once you experience other frequencies of reality, you become aware of the many dampers in your consciousness that you had to (unconsciously) create in order to perceive ONLY the third dimension. With the awareness of these constraints to your perceptual field, you begin to see through them to perceive higher expressions of reality. In this manner, the illusions of your physical reality are breaking down, and you are left with the matrix of many possible realities that have always been underlying the third dimensional illusions.

    Your true nature is much like a search engine on your Internet in which you “type in a key word” and have your choice of many versions of reality. Then, once you “click” that choice, you are able to explore that version of reality. Also, just as the other options on your Search Engine do not disappear because you have chosen to open a certain file, the myriad realities that you did not choose to “click” still exist. Just as the many temperatures of water intermingle in your oceans, these many possible realities intermingle in the vast Cosmic Ocean of the ONE.

    When you chose to enter the third/fourth dimension, you turned off your ability to access your personal “search engine” so that you could remain on the physical world. We can guarantee you that most of you would have chosen to click—place your intention on—a higher frequency of reality if you had conscious access to it. However, now that you have downloaded and integrated your multidimensional consciousness, you are beginning to see through the illusions that once seemed very real. Of course, all reality it “real” while you are experiencing it. Then, once you shift your intentions away from that world, it becomes a “potential reality.”

    Those of you who have placed your attention and intention onto our constant flow of information, are beginning to perceive the “bleed through” of parallel and possible realities. When you are “working,” your attention is focused on your physical responsibilities and your myriad possible realities are forgotten. However, once your mind is free to wander and you choose to do that which “feeds your Soul,” your multidimensional consciousness returns to the forefront of your awareness. It is then that the many possible realities become conscious, and you experience the bleed through of higher frequencies expression of your life.

    For example, the grounded expressions of our Galactic Federation are completely ready for our landings and for the precursory changes in your reality that will make a peaceful landing possible. Therefore, many of you are going to the search engine of your Internet to see if there is any new information. We wish to tell you, that you can begin to release the need to access the physical Internet to gain your information, as we are able to speak directly to any of you that calibrate your consciousness to our frequency of reality.

    Conversely, we do suggest that you share any information that you gain from us on your Internet, as it serves as a hub in which it is safe to express your Multidimensional SELF. Those who still do not believe in their inter-dimensional abilities will choose not to read your information, whereas those who are hungry for messages from Home will eagerly “click your message.” This sharing of your experiences via a safe and anonymous hub is your rehearsal for sharing your experiences in your daily life. By sharing what you have received via your inter-dimensional communications, you make them “real” to your daily life. In other words, you make these inter-dimensional communications NORMAL.

    When one of you takes the risk to honestly share your multidimensional nature with others, you make it safe for them to share their multidimensional experiences with you and with others. As more and more of you KNOW that their Home is beyond the confines of the third dimensional illusions, you begin to “crack the 3D Matrix.” By this term we mean that the hold that the third dimensional paradigm has had on your consciousness for more incarnation than you can remember is loosening.

    Once this hold on your consciousness begins to loosen, the definition of “normal” begins to change. It will become normal to receive inner messages from your higher dimensional Home. It will become normal to release your desire for fame and recognition in a reality that is closing its doors. It will become normal to look through the 3D Matrix to see your true reality. At first, this vision may be much like looking through gauze curtains. You can clearly see that there is something on the other side of the loosely veiled window, but it not clear to you until you pull the curtains open.

    More and more there will be visions that come into your awareness just beyond that veil of illusion. At first, you will ignore them because they will distract you from your “work.” You will be too busy to bother with your imagination. Then, you will begin to realize how VERY tired you are of the work, and how much you long to take just a quick peek through that veil. When you dare to pull that “curtain” aside, your emotions will burst forth in remembrance of Home. You will want to tear down the curtain and open the window. However, you have work to do! You have responsibilities to others and to your world. How can you take out time from your busy life to “day dream” of a better reality?

    That question, once asked, cannot leave your mind. Furthermore, that feeling of Home will not leave your opening heart. So, why not just take a quick moment, perhaps during your break, to take a quick peek through that veil? You take a moment to close your eyes to the illusions of the physical world and pull aside the curtain that has kept your true reality distant from your daily life. No, you can’t see a thing today. Yes, you knew it! It was just your imagination. There is no “other world.” You are just here. But where is “here?” If your physical world is all that there is, why can’t you stop longing for a life that is lived in love, creativity, camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment?

    Perhaps, there will be some news on the Internet about this yearning that will not cease. You pick up your smart phone and go to your favorite sites. Yes, sure enough, there is more news. More things are happening that you WANT to be true. You want the fighting for survival to end. You want the debts to be forgiven and your home to assured. You want to travel through nature and enjoy what is left of your third dimensional experience. Oops, there you have thought it. There you have admitted to your self that you DO believe all that you have been hearing because you WANT it to be true.

    But how many things have you wanted to be true in your physical world that never happened? Yet, it feels different now. You don’t exactly know how, or maybe even why, it is different, but it IS different. You feel it. You know it. You want it to be true so much that you remember again and again to “imagine” yourself living that reality that you glimpsed through the gauzy curtain over your mind screen. You cannot forget the feeling of unconditional love and total freedom to express your SELF in every moment. Thus, you hold those thoughts and feelings in your consciousness where they begin to take root and grow.

    It is then that you choices begin to change. Maybe you don’t need that thing that was your reward for working so hard. Maybe you would prefer to go to the park with your family, pet your dog, hug your children or embrace a good friend. Maybe having stuff and/or gaining recognition is not so important any more. In fact, it is getting increasingly difficult to do any thing that does not fill you will peace, love and even joy. What is wrong with you? You have bills to pay, things to buy, your boss needs you—even though you hate your job. In fact, you hate “working.” Oops, you said it, you thought it, you admitted to your self that you are tired of working. You want to be more creative. You want to enjoy your life. In fact, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of creating a whole new way of life?

    Now you have admitted it! Now you have chosen to look out that window rather than attend to that thing you are doing so that you can make money. Now that you know that YOU are working long, hard hours to eke out a living while others are stealing your money, repossessing your house, laying you off and taking your retirement. NOW you are angry. But anger is not always bad. Anger can assist you to DO that thing you always wanted to do, but you were a good person who was working to contribute to your society.

    However, now you know that is NOT your society. It is the society of a very few people who NEVER worked. Are you going to continue with that life when there is reality based on unconditional love and unity consciousness just on the other side of your mind? Or, are you going to follow your heart into that which was formerly impossible? However, NOW it is REAL. However, it is only real if you click that link.

  3. Hello everyone. I wanted to make sure that Gunner read this transcript of the radio program because he won’t be
    able to listen to it, … but it is Patriots Day here in the US so I’m sure he has the day off. If I forget please refer him to this post when you see him. It’s long but I think he’s love it. In fact this Hugh-Man guy seems to remind me of Gunner, … lol! … A very interesting and enjoyable interview in case you haven’t heard/read it.

    bye bye

  4. Vendo, I made it in today, but man o man, this morning I wanted to call in sick so bad but I kicked myself in the ass to get going. Thank you so much for the transcript, going to print and read on the train.
    So, might you be a Red sox fan? In the American league I am also a sox fan because I really cant stand the Yankees. As a matter of fact, I route for 2 teams, the NY Mets and whoever is playing the Yankees.

  5. Great weekend as my brother from Florida was viviting with his 18 year old son. His sone told me a funny story about his ex-girl friend. He said 2 years ago they were in a mall. In one of the stores they were hiring so she decided to put in an application. On the application it said to list a number to call in case of emergencies. Guess what number she wrote, 911 LOL, OMG I was LMAO at that story. BTW, the store did not call her in surprise surprise.
    Then we went to see the three stooges movie, oh man dont walk , run to the nearest movie theatre to see this one. I was ROTFL through the whold movie and even today when I think of some of the scenes I am still LMAO. Everyone that came with us loved it. Bring your own soda as they charge 5 bucks for a medium but ya gotta have some movie theatre [popcorn, once you start you just cant stop.

  6. Vendo, just finished readint that piece. I liked it but only 2 parts I did not belive in. He mentioned the ship of Bill Meir. I dont trust billy at all when it comes to galactics. He also mentioned the Neptune but I though that case was already de bunked. The rest was great. He sounds like a free spirited person and glad you posted that b ecause I had so many e-mails from his readio interview I could not access.
    BTW I wonder what mira is up to lately. Last message it seems she changed jobs. I guess she come through sonner than later.

  7. Have a great night everyone. Just one scene from the three sttoges. Moe gets on the jersey shore reality show and he is smacking and eye poking his ass off. Then he takes a microwave oven. smashes it over Ronnies head and now you can see ronnies head inside the microwave. He then turns on the power and ronnies eyes gets bigger and bigger and finally explode. I mean you have to see it for your self to aprreciated it.

  8. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    We ask you at this time to sit back and wait for your family to signal you. We ask you to do this to enable yourselves to be able to be reached by us in the event that we have news for you, updates for you, or we wish for you to participate in a project with us. At this time, there are several projects that are prepared to get underway, and we ask all of you to remain vigilant and look and listen for our signal to you that we wish to communicate with you. There are those at this time who have heard us and understand just how they will be meeting with us and working with us. There are also some of you who we have tried to reach, but have not been able to do so. This was expected, as not all of you have developed your telepathic abilities to such a degree where you are able to pick up our subtle messages sent to you. Do not be upset by this, as nothing is going to pass you by and you will not be left out of anything as we will be in contact with you one way or another in the days ahead. There are many projects that you may participate in, and your abilities are needed and will be very much appreciated.

    Developing your telepathic abilities is not an easy task and does not come easy for some. We ask those of you who wish to receive a sign from us that we are here and that we understand who they are or that we have some kind of relationship with them to listen for our messages better by quieting their minds more and listening for the subtle signs of communication. Again, we tell you there is nothing to be concerned about here or upset about as you will not be left out of our projects together because you have not been able to receive our telepathic messages sent to you. We only tell you this at this time because we feel some of you may be feeling disappointment at not being contacted for our initial project together, and we just wish you to know that attempts were made to contact some of you, but our readings indicate you have not received this message.

    Those of you who have received our messages do not have to attempt in any way to let us know that they have received these communications. We understand fully who has received these messages and when they have received them. No one has to attempt in any way to send us a confirmation message that they have received and understood the communication sent to them. We understand who has received a message from us that they have the opportunity to participate in our initial project together, and we also know that you understand how we will be in touch with you again.

    Delving into new areas can often be a learning process that takes time and a certain amount of effort. Telepathy is an art and a science that does require some natural gifts as well as practiced skills to reach a certain level of ability. At your present state of development, we fully expected there would be those of you who would not yet be able to receive our telepathic communications. We had foreseen this and we have prepared alternate means to reach you to be able to keep you fully updated as to our plans and to allow you to participate in our projects together. In the days ahead, there will be no need to communicate telepathically for these reasons as we will utilize more conventional means of communication to speak with you.

    There are many projects we will be working on together and very many positions available, and each of you that wishes to participate in these projects with us will be given this opportunity. There is no question about this, and we say to all of you at this time that may be feeling disappointment that they will not be participating in our initial project together that you will have the opportunity to work with us very shortly in the days ahead, and no matter the level of your telepathic abilities we will clearly be in contact with you through other means.

    For those of you who have received our communication that we wish for you to participate in our initial disclosure project, we ask you to prepare yourselves and remain prepared for our rendezvous with you. As we have said, we will come for you at a moment’s notice, as due to safety concerns we cannot make our plans known to you in advance. Please have your home situations prepared in such a way that you can leave for a least a few hours and very possibly longer with no additional time allotted you to prepare. We understand this is difficult for some of you and we do wish we could give you more advanced notice, but at this time this is not possible, and it is hoped by us that you understand this and the reasons why.

    At this time, there are others who wish to disrupt the plans for your new world and in time they will be removed from your society, but until then we must take certain precautions. The safety and well-being of you as well as our crewmembers are a priority with us, and you may find it assuring that we do everything we possibly can to protect you in every way that we can. We take no unnecessary chances, and we make great efforts to prepare and plan for all eventualities and possibilities. You will be in good hands working with us, and although there are no guarantees whatsoever in this universe, you can rest assured we do not take your safety lightly and we do everything we possibly can to protect you and watch over you in every way that we can.

    This is what family does for each other, and this is who we are to you and this is who you are to us; family. There are those at this time who wish to portray us as anything other than your family, but no matter their efforts, in the end all will see that we are indeed who we have maintained to be all along; your family. We are not strangers to you. We will not be meeting you for the first time. We are not here in your world for the first time. We will not be setting foot on your earth for the first time. We will not be working on projects with you together for the first time. We will not be assisting to improve the lives of your people or the health of your planet for the first time. We have done this all before right here with you, and we are here again to work with you on many projects that need to be accomplished as you advance on your journey.

    This is our reason for being here at this time, and this has been our reason for being here in the past. Nothing has changed, and we have not suddenly felt the urge to conquer our own family members. These stories are propagated by the few who either have an ulterior motive and agenda, or others who help to spread these lies and disinformation due to their own fears and insecurities. We say to those of you helping to fan the flames of fear due to your own fears and inability to find a way to trust us that you will see very shortly in the days to come that we are just who we say we are and that are our intentions are completely honorable, and that we are indeed here only to assist you, our brothers and sisters, facilitate the changes necessary for your advancement into the higher realms of possibility. We are not here for conquest, and we would not allow anyone else to be here for that reason.

    This is why we are assisting in our own way to remove the elements of your criminal Cabal, as it was their intention to conquer your world and the people within it. Their future is now assured as consequence to their agenda, and this will be made clear to each and every one of your world shortly. These arrests will be only one of the pieces of evidence that your world is truly changing for the better. There will be many other signs leading this way, and we ask those of you who doubt us and fear us and who help spread disinformation about us to look for these signs and try to see them with an open mind and an open heart, for they will allow you to see that we are who we say we are and that we are here to help you change your world for the better and make it a beautiful, clean and safe place for each and every one of you to live your lives the way they can be lived. This is our reason for being here, and it will be soon that no one will be able to deny this.

    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  9. Hi guys. Yes, too late for me to show up here but I didn’t have enough energy before. Today, I had some dreams…the one was about a river…the other had to do with ETs and bases but I don’t remember much…anyway, thank you all for your posts. Much Love to all.

  10. Hi Gunner, … I am wayy too late getting back here, .. yoo’re long gone. Dope, .. haven’t been a Red Sox fan in ages. But I watched them win those 2 world series.

    As far as those 2 issues you have with Hugh-Man. Not enough to spoil it for me. I thought he was very interesting. You see, .. I’ve been at this for so long that I don’t expect perfection from anyone. Expecting too much just ends up souring everything. If your standard is too high everybody will end up letting you down.

    Anyway, .. I knew you couldn’t hear it so I wanted to make sure you got a chance to read it. ….. Catch ya on the flipside. ….. bye

  11. Man, the ebb & flow of Energy in these shifting times is off the charts… hard to stay in the Now 😉 Hope you’re all enjoying the ride…

    The Week Ahead: 04.16.12
    **Ascender Beauty Blossoming** Rev. Angela Peregoff

    “Remember the simple things you already know. All beings are energy with equal power to choose their reality.”

    In this reality and at this particular time all Earth entities are choosing between remaining in the energetic system of gravity and density, or moving up inside the house of Light on Earth. All of us have been in the midst of transformative changes and many have awakened to reclaim and reunite with the wholeness of the Divine Self. After functioning for eons on decreased resources from our Higher Selves we are finally getting down to brass tacks and regaining direct connection with Truth, Light, and Living Peace. Now is the best time to be enjoying the adventure of our earthly existence since the last few months have been energetically hyper. A nobility of Soul and Spirit has sprung froth and is once again overlighting human consciousness.

    With this picture in mind and heart remember that real-time awareness is all that is required to acclimate and function efficiently within the swiftly changing world/reality. Settle back and allow your mind, body, and spirit to journey through all the disguises and roles you have accepted in the past; into all the experiences, whether painful, joyful or enlightening that have brought you to this “now” spot where everything is wildly shifting. To the territory where intuitive notions and ingenious ideas have you living a multi-dimensional reality. To the realm of consciousness where the pace is so accelerated that the elimination of density creates a sacred space of clarity, acceptance, and love. And in this contemplation know that the Universe has forever flowed euphoric wilderness trails of comfort and guidance in your direction refusing to let anyone or anything prevent you from being here in this spectacular “now”.

    We all know the path to Perfection requires discipline and focus. As of now those diligently keeping up with spiritual evolution are no longer affected by earthly events. This gives them the freedom to create from joy, acquire prosperity, command light-to-light relationships, and drop all sense of self-limiting concepts and energy patterns. As individuals reflect more and more of the Soul they lift out of the limiting myths and stories of the old paradigm. There is great opportunity now to be the embodiment the ancient memories of Wholeness.

    As a group of souls who wanted to be upon Gaia at this exact time we agreed to provide physical vessels through which cosmic frequencies could be transmitted, transmuted, and anchored in the planetary grids during this time of accelerated change. Just by being here we are fulfilling a soul agreement to anchor Light codes of ascension on our planet. We are naturally designed to radiate the vibrational patterns of Higher Evolution so there is nothing to get we must simply turn on the awareness of that cosmic lineage to feel the benevolence of where we are.

    No matter what comes into your week know that all Universal Laws are following their detailed instructions. Be mindful that a spiritual embodiment requires attention to your State of Being. Spirit is not a drive through encounter where you order your dinner full of animal products and caloric fats, with little or no nutrition. It is not a convenient store where you go and pick up a magazine for the latest set of spiritual self-help tips and leave it at that. You can’t point-and-click your way out of suffering and blockages. Spiritual embodiment is a commitment and full time employment. Offer yourself the best in quality of time, materials, and personal dedication when you step up to the service doors of the heavenly realm and ask for Remembrance.

    It takes strength and courage to blow your own “old” mind set out and into the vision of center point balance. But once you discover the benefits of such acts of purification you will always choose to intuit the Presence of your own Soul attempting to explain itself through such measures. You will soar blissfully as an individuation of Source Light while most still linger scratching their heads avoiding the exploration of something unless it is easy, makes sense, or suits their needs.

    Enjoy your spiritual practices, in times of great change they are quite a blessing, ~Rev. Angela

  12. ( ( ( A short period of turmoil followed by a forever of happiness… ) ) )
    Michael channeled by Ron Head
    4 16 2012.

    We are heartened to see the understanding of the overall message of all of our channels spreading far and wide among all those who follow them. Angelics, masters, and star brothers have all been giving you the same basic information; and, as expected, it has been readily and hungrily absorbed.

    This, along with your rapid raising of your vibrational signatures, is bringing the date of your release from the old paradigm closer. Truly, you have not much longer to wait before the changes which are already proceeding begin to be obvious to everyone. So much that needs to happen will have to happen so quickly that you may feel as if your heads are spinning. We would hope that to be a joyful and not a stressful thing. So much depends upon your ability to maintain calm among your friends and neighbors. Exuberance and joy are fine. It is the inevitable fears of many that could cause problems. But exuberance and joy are contagious, you know. Please feel free to exhibit them to your heart’s content.

    The same applies to all of the things which will be going on this summer. You will have much support in this. There will be constant broadcasts explaining what is going on. But fear is a drug that has been supplied for many thousands of years and will be a hard habit to break for some. We bring its antidote with us, love and joy. We recommend liberal dosage daily.

    Your lives are about to see a short period of turmoil followed by a forever of happiness. Those who are able to define their dreams well will be amazed at the results of their efforts. And there is a saying you have which will apply neatly, “A rising tide raises all boats.” That is the function of lightworkers and wayshowers after all. You will be, as always, the lamp burning in the corner. Continue to raise your brightness now, for soon your light will be needed more than ever.

    We hold you in our love and protection now, as always, and continue to cheer you onward. Take my sword of truth now and use it with love to bring the light to your world.

    Until tomorrow, Dear Friends.

  13. —————————–( ( ( Trance-Formation ) ) )——————————-


  14. One of the integral aspects of what it means to be ‘Human’ is sexuality. It’s a shame that the subject is often ignored or somehow frowned upon in New-Agey circles. Absolutely absurd given the fact that this is a direct result of why we are all ‘here’. -I liken it to some of the messages that suggest there will only be Classical music in the Higher realms. Laughable if you ask me. Let me put it this way, if there’s no sex or variety of music in 5D, it looks like I’m getting teleported to the next 3D way-station ~Thankfully I’m well aware that we are multidimensional beings having a Human experience…
    Unity Consciousness CANNOT be bound by neo-conservative control based doctrine… period! Lesson learned, Court adjourned! ~In Light 😉

    ( ( ( Having SEX in the 5th Dimension – Whoa! ) ) )
    Inelia Benz ~ April 15, 2012

    When I released the WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE -NOT. someone asked, “what about doing sex in fifth density ? … we would be immortals ?”

    An absolutely fantastic question.

    Sex is not necessary to start a new physical body. Cloning involves the cell of only one animal, not two. At a physical level, what sex does is create a more genetically varied body than we can achieve by cloning. Life in this planet doesn’t all begin through sex. There are various forms of physical reproduction methods, many of which only involves one being, not two.

    But there is much more to sex than producing bodies.

    Yes, for Humans sex is used at a physical level to create new physical bodies. Creating new physical bodies is not redundant in more subtle dimensions. Although we will be able to make our physical bodies more subtle, and also be able to keep them forever if that is our choice, there is also a choice for new bodies that can be “housed” by beings who have not had an experience in that reality yet, or want a new body for other reasons.

    However, there is more to sex than just making physical bodies. At least as far as Human Beings are concerned. The energy used and gathered during intercourse has been used as a tool for enlightenment in various cultures, India being the best known to us, via the use of Tantric Sex.

    The energy released during orgasm has also been used in various cultures to manifest and create particular outcomes in our environment. The best known method in the West is that used by Magik. This is the method where the person, or two people, release their creative intention at the moment of orgasm through thought and emotion.

    Both Tantric Sex and Sex Magik can be practiced with another person or by oneself.

    Joining with another

    Anyone who has had an active sex life will know that not all sexual sessions, nor orgasms, were created equal.

    First of all, sometimes our physical bodies will be attracted to another “body”, even though the person inside that body might be repulsive to us. This is often due to the other body being biologically very compatible. And the reverse also happens. Our “soul”, or “spirit” is totally in love with, and wants to be with the other person, but our bodies will be repulsed by their body.

    And this is more like what sex in subtler dimensions is like. It is about energy compatibility and “joining” than physical compatibility for reproduction purposes.

    Even now, think of your partner, if you have one, or a partner that you are considering. Now look into that “joining” and ask yourself, “do I really want to merge all my energy and being with this person? Or do I just want to join my body with theirs?”

    You will get surprising results.

    One of the main aspects of sex is physical, mental, energetic, and emotional pleasure. Pleasure, or bliss, is also the energy of enlightenment, which ultimately is about become One with Universal Divine Consciousness.

  15. When you break down the equation to what’s playing out behind the fading veils of Duality… what we’re really talking about is: **A Revolution of Perception** Love, Light & Respect Spirit Train Riders 🙂


  16. ~Howdy EveryOne!…So,iFigure iWill Share the Last 2 Days Worth of Craft “Sightings”…Firstly,YesterDay Morning iWoke Up and Upon Sitting Up,Had a Flash of a Craft…in My ForeHead…It was Shaped Just like Konstantino’s SpaceWave…Small & ComPact…a Brilliant White Light was in the Center of It…and a Bluish Glow Surrounded the Perimeter…

    …Then Last Sleep, this Time it was a Dream…iWas Standing near the End of My Reserve…it was a Nice Warm Day…iWas Alone and then From the Sky Came 2 Massive Crafts!…iStood there and Calmly watched as They Both Hovered Over Me…iRemember Thinking if they were From the Air Force…They Both Zoomed away and Came Back to Hover Over Me Again…this Time iNoticed that there were words and Numbers,on the Front of them…like License Plates…One had the word: Sauvigne…the other Had my last name: Lavigne…there were numbers underneath the words,yet iCannot ReCall…they Both Zoomed Out from my Dream,leaving me a bit DisHeartened that iWas Left Standing There!…Oh Welll!…lol!

    ~ 🙂 ~

    • That is very interesting Babajij, I did not think space ships needed a license plate!

      So researching this a bit “Lavigne” from old french means “near the vineyard”, so “Sauvingne” might be “vineyard saver” maybe, or “saver of wine”?

      If I understand what Leslee said about what “wine” is in the 5th dimension, it relates to the light essence in contained form… It reminds me of one message some months ago requesting that we bottle this light energy every day and save it somewhere in our “virtual house” for use at a later time.

      • ~This is an Interesting Interpretation,Dreamwalker…iActually Begin my First Waking Moments Drinking from the Golden Chalice filled with Golden Liquid…So There Is a Co-Relation… 🙂 ~

        • No kidding! Well my friend, if this resonates with you, it looks like you’ve just found yourself a ship! YESSS!!!!! (or maybe more correctly 2 ship(s) have found you!)

          Dogs off the leash do that too. They’ll walk along a little ways, then come back, then walk along a little ways. I would say they want you to follow…

          • ~Awhile Ago,Leslee Shared a Reading that She Got For Me…the Message was: 2 Cities…So,There Seems to Be a Layering of Info Coming In…Eternally Adding to Life’s JigSaw Puzzle~

      • ~Thank Ya,Vee!…Both Experiences,so Close Together in Timing, Does Add to My Faith that Our StarFamilies are in Contact… 😀 ~

  17. Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to say hi and send out a lot of love & light & smiles! 😀
    It looks like it’s going to be and very focused for me during the week for a while, and things are going very well… I’m finding the time to read posts & comments, although not a lot of time for writing much.
    I had a funny dream this morning, that I could float around at will… I was helping a friend work on a building that was like the kind of tool shed that farmers park their tractors under, but it was as large as an aircraft hanger and made of cream-colored metal.
    I’ll post more about it on Astral travels… The friend was a blond man, and I wonder if it was one of our new fellow travelers here on STC? He had a son about 8-10 years old who was also blond…
    Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday! :mrgold:

  18. Good morning everyone.
    Leslee, now that would be so cool to be able to just float around at will, NIIIICE!!!!!
    Vendo, I really liked the rest of that interview with the hugh man, it is just Billy once stated how he is the one and only person to be in contact with the galactics. He may be a dis info agent.
    Stick,Leslee, no baggage, now that sound good to me but at times I was actually the baggage, a bag full of jealousy.

    • Regarding Meier, I saw that clip where he said he was the only contact, and I thought that was odd, although perhaps what he meant is that he was the only physical contact from this group of beings. It is true that there have been few other experiences exactly like his reported, where there is physical contact, telepathic contact, and opportunities presented for others to witness the events. Also back in the late 70’s / early 80’s there were only a few other “contacts” of this nature going on (or at least being publicly reported).

      Within his body of work there was no mention of a “Galactic Federation of Light”. However I didn’t find anything problematic with his books either. It was mostly matter-of-fact stuff. No intent to brainwash, just reporting on what he experienced.

      Now it’s possible that his CONTACTS are evil aliens intent on taking over the planet, but that didn’t really come through in his writings… Could he have been led to believe he was humanity’s prophet? Maybe. Sometimes our own “contacts” lead us down the bunny trail to teach us a valuable lesson…

    • Gunner, I’m so glad you’re here! 😀
      It was pretty fun! The coolest part is that Teo’Na told me this morning we were actually sabotaging cabal mechanisms, lol!
      Everything incognito… And we used those little mitochondrial wormholes Kenyon was talking about yesterday! Kinda cool, like remote-control stuff… He says we can do that on our astral travels if we want to! ;D

  19. Run DW Run for the hills, run for your life , to serve man is actually a cook book , OMG the in humanity of it all

    • LOL mmmm spicy children… that’s what we call our kids when they’re misbehaving. My dad-in-law was typing out recipies for us and he left a typo in “spicy chicken” so that it read “Spicy Children”… nothing like the threat of cannibalism to scare ’em straight eh? 😉

      Now since then I made the mistake of reading the book “the road”, so spicy children isn’t quite as funny as it used to be! 😦 A post-apocalyptic book where people resort to cannibalism – which I found pretty horrific. It was made into a movie too… yay?

      • The Road… Got the DVD bc I’m a big V Mortenson fan, but only watched about 15 mins… I think it’s the most dismal movie I’ve ever watched…

  20. what do you all think about that George Kavassilis guy? I dont know much about him but I heard he claims there is no GFL and Mike and Sheldan are being manipulatedby the evil et’s.

  21. Spicy children, good one.
    On one of the wild boys episodes, Steve and his partner hung out with cannibals. OMG, they all got drunk and one of them was biting the arm of Steve. They were also spreading the ashes of dead people all over themselves and steve and Chris. A lot more happened because I heard Steve say they ould not show all the things that happened.
    Now, I wonder what happens to them during this ascension. Do the et’s Come and give them food that tastes like human flesh ugh!!!!

    • For a minute there Gunner I thought you were describing one of your wild parties… whoops! Ha ha my bad

      Actually I had to give my younger kid a timeout because he thought he was a zombie and gave his older brother a bite on the arm. We’ve only had a few other zombie attacks like that, I guess they know better but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ah, spicy children…

  22. Hi Gunner, … let’s be careful about just what Hugh-Man did say. All he said was Pleiadian craft like in the Meier case. He did not advocate the reams of info put out for years supposedly by Meier. In fact all of the information about him for the last 25 years does not come directly from him at all. No one even knows if Meier is still alive now, .. and for a long, long time.

    You see, .. not everyone is going to be careful about delineating all the facts so that everything adds up just right. They just have a little piece that they are confident in. Or a lot of pieces as with someone like this old guy named Hugh. But he doesn’t know or have everything.

    To me it is important to not sweat the little stuff and let it sour the soup. ….. Oh ya, … you probably don’t eat soup, ….. lol.

    See ya, …. bye

    • Vendo I thought some of those videos of Meier on youtube were fairly recent. But hey he has access to his own ship now so I guess it could have been done at any time. Maybe we should pull his beard and see if it’s real! 😀

      I did hear of a major CIA smear campaign against him, they even had his books pulled from the shelves back in the early 90’s.

  23. Message from Melchie through one of my favorite channellers, Natalie Glasson

    Aspects of Self
    2012-04-16by Lord Melchizedek
    Channelled through Natalie Glasson


    I shower you in abundant blessings from the Universal level and ask that at this moment you allow me to connect your energies with the Universal light. The Universal light represented by a golden colour holds a tremendous volume of the Christ light, as I connect your energies with the Universal light I wish to link you with your Universal self and Christ self to assist your embodiment of these energies. Your Universal self is you as a Universal Ascended Master, as all time is simultaneous you are able to link into all the different levels of your growth at any given time. When you link into your Universal self you will be able to understand yourself more fully as a great volume of light flows into your being with Universal knowledge and teachings for you to anchor into your current reality. Your Universal self is embarking on a beautiful pathway of ascension at a Universal level. We can understand the Universal level of the Creator’s energy as a level of education in a physical school upon the Earth. Your Universal self can now assist you in anchoring your Christ self which is your fully formed Christ light body radiating pure and active love. Your Universal self can cleanse your being of physical burdens or physical restraints that are falsely or unnecessarily holding your energy vibration at a slow speed. Your Universal self holds the ability to anchor a greater volume and experience of the Creator’s love within your heart chakra while creating avenues for you to express your Creator love to aid the healing and awakening for yourself and others.

    I also wish to make you aware of the Universal Shimmering Light of Luminosity which can be anchored into your being. This energy holds a high vibration of Universal light which shimmers constantly to increase your energy vibration and enhance the luminosity of your light. When calling upon a pillar of Universal Shimmering Light of Luminosity you can experience this light working with your entire being as the shimmering creates an oscillation which cleanses, rejuvenates and empowers your light. You may ask your Universal self to bring this forward to you or you may call upon my energies, Lord Melchizedek, to be of assistance. Experiencing the Universal Shimmering Light of Luminosity is wonderful for energising and merging your energy bodies and can have a positive effect upon the mind.

    If you wish to connect with your Universal Self or your Christ Self you can call upon my energies as you focus upon opening up your heart chakra to receive a greater volume of light. Then hold the intention of connecting with your Universal self or Christ Self as you inhale and exhale through your heart chakra. As the connection is made you can turn your attention to your crown chakra and observe the light cascading down your chakra column and into your open heart chakra to be distributed throughout your entire being. Your Universal Self and Christ Self will then take on a light form within your being, creating a light body. You can then ask me, Lord Melchizedek, to anchor this light body into your physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. This is an extremely powerful process, you can then connect with the aspect of yourself you have anchored through the power of thoughts, welcoming and inviting this energy to merge with your entire being and share any guidance or wisdom.

    It is important to understand that there are many aspects of yourself that you can call upon to integrate into your current reality and existence, by doing so you are enhancing greater bonds of connection with your own energy and the Creator. It is often that your soul can feel the reality of separation as there are so many forms of your energy across space and time. When you anchor different aspects of yourself into your being you are dissolving the reality of separation, collecting wisdom and realising your power. With energy that you anchor or realise, whether it is your energy from the past or the future, you are achieving unity which allows for a deeper connection with and understanding of the Creator. It is important to be aware that there are constantly many aspects of your being waiting to merge with your energy in your current reality; this is because your soul is continuously sending out a request for unity and oneness, as well as a greater experience of the Creator’s unconditional love.

    Upon the inner planes within many ashrams of learning and understanding the masters teach the process of calling aspects of oneself into their current existence of light, this a valuable process of ascension. It is only the positive aspects of yourself that need to be anchored to fuel your loving vibration but sometimes aspects of yourself hold karmic patterns that need to be realised and dissolved, so they anchor into your being to make your aware of the presence of the pattern in your current reality, allowing for release.

    I felt empowered to speak with you about the different energetic aspects of your being and how integration is necessary, but I also was inspire to speak with you about how you perceive your own energy and being. In a time when we are focusing on becoming our truth it is important that we understand who we truly are. I first wish to draw your attention to a word that you use commonly and often without much thought. The word is ‘I.’ If we were to observe a snap shot of anyone’s life on the Earth we would probably see the word ‘I,’ being used.

    ‘I need some food,’ ‘I need to catch the bus,’ ‘I am so tired,’ I don’t know about you but I…’

    The word ‘I,’ is used to describe the speaker and when we are observing someone using this word we know that they are speaking about themselves, but allow yourself to think for a moment what does the word mean, who are you actually taking about when you say ‘I.’

    What does ‘I’ mean to you?

    There are a number of meanings of ‘I’ but I believe it is now important for you to personally understand who you are talking about when you say, ‘I.’ You can determine whether you are speaking about your physical body, your soul, your intuition, your emotional body, your mind or your entire self. When we observe the energy or aspect of ourselves we are referring to it is interesting to see that sometimes there are discrepancy in what is being said. If you believe that ‘I’ is your soul and then when you say, ‘I need some chocolate,’ is this really truthful? Does your soul need the chocolate? Is it just a habit or are you speaking of a different aspect of your being? I realise that this may seem pedantic and as if I am wasting your time but when you begin to take time to analyse the use of the word ‘I’ then you can actually begin to uncover many truths and disregard many false beliefs. Many of you are so unconscious in your use of the word, ‘I’ and yet it is a word that is used to represent your great complete being. When you begin to understand the meaning for you behind this word then you will begin to understand yourself more fully.

    If you believe that, ‘I’ is your soul then you may find that the way you speak begins to alter as the desires of your soul come to the forefront. It is most common that at different times you will acknowledge different aspect of your being. When your body is hungry, you will acknowledge ‘I’ as your body, when your soul needs peace you may acknowledge ‘I’ as your soul’s voice. You have so many aspects of your being who are talking simultaneously to you but as you move along your spiritual path your entire being begins to vibrate in unison and you will realise that ‘I’ encapsulates your entire united being.

    I ask only that you observe your use of this word and ask yourself if what you are saying is the truth, begin to understand the meaning of the word in your everyday life and you will begin to dissolve false habits, brining greater understanding of yourself and truth.

    For many of you when you say, I am (your name) you understand the meaning of this but it is now time to integrate this meaning into your entire reality, acknowledging yourself as the Creator and realising that your name is a vibrational representative of your energy and entire being. This means that your name although it may not change in your life, energetically it is constantly evolving in vibrational sound and meaning becoming more abundant in the Creator’s light and love.

    With love and respect always,

    I am Lord Melchizedek

    Wisdom House, Kingsley Road, Harrow | HA2 8LD | UK

  24. Wake up Call: Hatonn, April 14, 12 There is coming a time when there will be a succession of events that will catapult the powers that be into releasing the funds that will bring freedom to the people of the world. It will be the final straw, in a sense, for the people when they learn that they have been stolen from for so long, all of their lives, for more time than you can count. It is a time for you to all go within and count your blessings to be in a place of love and understanding. That is what will be needed to bring this to a swift and sure conclusion, and to allow the various parts of the worldly system to right itself and come to a new way of being, just as you all will. Take your time and enjoy yourselves, for there will be times when you will wonder if you will awaken the next day and find that all is amiss in the world. Believe me when I say that as you hold your light for the conditions to resolve in a way that is harmonious to the way of living that you all deserve, you will find that the more you love your life the more your life will love you. Take no thoughts that it will be a corruption that cannot be righted. There are so many people in place to take the steps that are necessary. As that all comes into place you will see that it is rooted in a very deep place and that it cannot go asunder. There will be no manipulations that can shred all of the placement into pieces. It is set in stone and ready to be released as soon as the way is clear. All who would present a menace to the world are out of place and in no position of shaking up the results that are forthcoming. I tell you this because in the next days to come there can be reports that times are coming into chaos. That is because the last attempts by those who are in positions to create havoc will likely be trying their hand at that task. It will not be allowed to take shape. As any one of them tries to make their moves into the plight of lies to the public they will find that they are not going to be able to. In fact, it will be a turntable that will bring to them the last straw at bringing them to their knees and end the scenario that they have been working with for so long. As we within the earth combine forces with those on the surface who have been steadfastly working to bring this all to the public in a safe and glorious way, it will be evident that there are people who have been thought to be out of the picture who will come forth and tell their story of what has been taking place behind the scenes. Be prepared for an opening that will rock the world and bring people to a newer sense of listening to the words that bring truth. I speak of truth without the camouflage of taking the freedom and power right out from under the people who have been seen to be serving those who would seek the power they felt they needed, to make this planet their own to do with as they see fit. It is over for them. We are the ones who are claiming back our planet. When I say we, I am speaking of all of us who have been working behind the scenes to right these wrongs that have been in place for a long time. They are about to be revealed and brought to the ground in a way that cannot be restored. All that is not in harmony on this planet is to be removed from it, and brought to a new perspective of living in existence with the Oneness that is Love. Stand with us tall and powerful in your truth in the times to come. This is as much a part of you, as it is of us. We have all contributed our piece of the pie and are about to be given the bounty that is sweet, wondrous and pure. Hold fast to the knowing that this is the beginning of a new chapter in the book of Life. It is full of the promise that you write into it, along with those of us who are here to edit out that which is not to the best of the story. Love is the name of this story, and it is all there is. Take it from the top and see the Love filtering and flowing on down through the layers. You’ll find it very remarkable and fitting for all time. Love is the answer to all of it. Thank you dear Hatonn,Love, Nancy Tate

    To subscribe to, or unsubscribe from the mailing list, go to , or visit and click on the Subscribe buttonYou must subscribe/unsubscribe from your own computer in order to receive the confirmation email from .To change your email address for the Wake up Calls unsubscribe the old address and then subscribe the new one.

  25. I actually read how planets are formed and how they become hollow during formation and i wish I knew the site I read it on. The physics of a hollow planet were explained in detail.

  26. Leslee, I actually was able to fly in many of my dreams but once i got going fast, it was really hard to control. I never was able to just float around, oh man, now i feel like floating, floating, float the night away.
    WHA WHA WHA WHAT is a mitochondrial????

  27. ( ( ( ‘Allow Your Imaginations to run Free and Play’ ) ) )
    Michael channeled by Ron Head ~ 17 April 2012.

    Our message today is one of hope and joy. Hearts that are filled with love, light, and joyfulness lift everything around them. Let your smiles and your flashing eyes be your heavy artillery in this final push.

    Many of you still enjoy feeding your hunger for facts, news, information of all kinds, and that is alright; but do not forget that your real progress is being made in your hearts. Many are almost addicted to the novelty of what they are seeing and are not seeing the underlying truth and value. The point of all that is occurring, and will occur, is the evolution of humanity into an entirely new kind of being, a human never before seen on this planet. Everything about you, including your bodies, will reflect who you have become and truly are.

    A great deal of what you are being told seems like fantasy and science fiction to you now. We assure you it is not. It has been said, if you can imagine it, it is possible. We will amend that. If you have imagined it, you have created it. Prior to this, you have allowed yourselves, in your earth school, a period of time to adjust your creations or change them altogether. But one of the effects of your entering the oneness is the disappearance of that time lag. You are beginning to see more and more that what you think and believe becomes your reality with ever increasing rapidity. This will bring joy and delight in some cases and dismay in others, but it is just the final exam in your long, long series of lessons. Find control of your imagination and you will control these outcomes. This is the main reason for our continuous urging for you to focus on your dreams and aspirations.

    This focus is your control. We offer you two images you will be familiar with. In one your focus is intense and tiring. You are studying late into the night hoping to be ready for an examination on a topic you do not feel prepared for. In the other, you are daydreaming about the vacation you will take as soon as you are able. Both are focused. Both will result in some degree of creation. You see, it need not be taxing at all. Find what you love in life and enjoy creating it with all your heart. That is where you are going now. The survival needs which cause the former type of focus will be eliminated. The focus on creating your highest values is all you will need from this time forward. Relax into this new knowing and allow your true selves to come forward and stretch after their long sleep. Allow your imaginations to run free and play. It is time to create with abandon. Imagine that!

    Good day, my dear friends.

    Till tomorrow.

  28. Hi DW, .. it is possible that things have changed recently without my knowledge. But to my knowledge, .. going back to the early 80s, .. nothing comes directly from Meier. Michael Horn wrote that book about him published in 1986 and has been the “official” spokesmen for Meier ever sense. And he runs the website. …. Unless of course things have changed from what they have been for a very long time.

    Besides, … what Meier put out directly in the 70s, .. or supposedly indirectly after that in the form of messages, .. that aspect was always minor and never caught on with much of a following anyway. It was those incredible films he made in the early and middle 70s, … better than anything that Hollywood could fake at the time, … that was the story that blew people’s minds. Remember the footage of the saucers brushing up against the branchs of huge pine trees! … Close up detailed amazing. Incredible footage like no one has ever seen before or since.

    But I could go on and on about the strangeness of Meier. The opinion that I came to long ago is that he is unbalanced. One of those people who are not only not all here, .. and not even mostly not all here, … but mostly not here at all. … Just my opinion. … But those films, … man! … They blew my mind when I was a young man, .. and I still think they are probably real. .. They have never been debunked as far as I know, … no support structures or retouching ever discovered.

    Hopefully such pseculation will be here nor there very soon and forever more.

    • Yeah I read both contact books that he put out. Copies of copies, ring bound. Transcripts of his earlier contacts with Ptaah and Semjase. Nothing too earth shattering though, they all tend to respect the prime directive. He also had a book of photos that was good quality.

      I agree about those videos, awesome stuff. And here’s the kicker- I was watching a so-called ufo revealed show, and they showed a video that was similar to that clip, except it was a UFO model on a string and the tree wasn’t moving. And they said in the show this was filmed by Maier. I was like, WTF, that’s not the film! Right then and there I realized that whole show was created for disinfo. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy too! 😦 It might have been part of the “In Search of…” series…

      So for me his photos and film validate his earlier work, a great foundation for understanding other things like Agartha or the GFL. I guess I’m burnt out on Galactic humans talking about their civilization… now is the time for action for us Galactic Humans, no matter where we are. As to his sanity, I can’t comment on that. At some point I think to accept some of these concepts we either have to let go of our beliefs, or go crazy trying to hold onto them.

    • Hi, Lisa, you’ve been on my mind a lot lately… So sorry about your leg! But what an amazing dream! It sounds very comforting, the golden moons… 😀
      Sending you much love and light, and energy of abundance! I’m sure you’ll be guided to whatever will lead you to the greatest progress! In love & light, leslee

      • Hi Leslee,
        Thanks for comforting I really needed that, and I was telling myself, maybe they left me free so that I can do some job for them 😀 would be nice.

        I did a little research on the dream:

        Gold colour:
        Represents the God, initiation, protection, attraction, and persuasion

        Full Moon:
        Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire.

        3 – Three

        Three signifies life, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination, creativity, energy, self-exploration and experience. Three stands for a trilogy, as in the past, present, and future or father, mother, and child or body, mind, and soul, etc. Dream of the number three may be telling you that the third time is the charm

        Much love to you too my dear sister

  29. Dear Troy
    You can post the translations separate page for each translation and you can only edit the dates each week, this way it will be separate forums in each language within the separate pages and the English one will be the international forum

    • Whoops, sorry I posted my initial comment to the wrong post! Thanks for your ideas Tauno! I’m wondering how many translations there would be / how many pages, and how much effort might be involved… I see Laura has a number of full blogs for each SaLuSa translation… that seems a bit overkill to me… 🙂

      • I need to translate the invitation into Bulgarian but now i am starving 🙂 I have been translating half day …and have more to do …..But I will do it!!!! WE are strong 🙂
        ( ( ENERGY ) )

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