Some posts worthy of our attention

Meline Lafont ~ Saint Germain: Love and Twin Flames


Christina Sarich: Photosynthesis, Solar Power & the Pineal Gland


Hundreds of American Indian & Alaska Native Tribes Receive $563 Million of Housing Funds


Extensive Ancient Underground Network Discovered From Scotland to Turkey


NSA Revelations Now Test East-West Balance

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  1. It’s great that the Indian tribes have received some funds. Could every one note that not much progress is being made to eradicate cruelty to animals such as to dogs in China. In China, dogs are being stolen from their homes or from the streets, crammed into rusty, wire cages with no food or water, trucked over grueling long distances, and ultimately butchered at “Dog Meat Summer Festivals”. They don’t have a voice to be heard! Please take action to stop the cruelty now. If only some NESARA funding could be given to the organizations that are working on this problem!

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