Dreamwalker: Adrial Says “Hi”

My meeting with Adrial on the Athabantian is documented here:


Adrial looks EXACTLY like this (maybe her nose is a little larger…)

For those who don’t know Adrial, she is a “human” from a different galaxy, of a similar (or the same) race to “Mona Lisa” and “SaLuSa.” She is currently “out of phase” with us, but is a living, breathing human, just like us, who happens to have telepathic abilities.

Now compare the image of Adrial to this image of Korean beauty pageant contestants that recently “went viral”…

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2314647/Has-plastic-surgery-20-Korean-beauty-pageant-contestants-look-Pictures-contest-hopefuls-goes-viral.html

There are of course other factors “at play” here… but I think the similarity, and the “connection” – is striking… This is not to suggest that this is “Adrial’s fault” – but rather that this may be a “side effect” of “collective consciousness”. They may be seeing / receiving a vision of “Adrial”, and may be sub-consciously manifesting this vision in their 3-D environment. With, uh… plastic surgery…

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    • Once a renegade, always a renegade!

      It also kind of reminds me of the Matrix where all the “agents” look exactly the same… except, fortunately, beauty contestants are somewhat less threatening… πŸ˜€

    • Sorry Dolly Lolly, I did not have a tape measure with me at the time πŸ™‚ – I suppose size is somewhere relative to the viewer… so perhaps I was also the same “relative” size to her… whatever that was!

    • It is also worth pointing out that she has appeared differently to different people. In this case I am documenting my personal experience… but that does not mean this is her “only” form. To me she has maintained the “same” form, from experience to experience. To you she might very well appear as a “male”. This might imply that she is not “human”, but I’m not entirely sure what “human” means either.


      For example, Quan Yin and Avalokitesvara are different forms of the same being.

    • funny, i also imagined Adriel was a man, guess it doesn’t matter, but it shows how we still have expectations. Love Nick

      • Buddhist representations show the divine male/female as a single being with 2 aspects, and you might see one or the other, or both as a unified whole. My understanding is that in practice, someone who chooses a “limited perspective” will see that being manifested as a “limited form” (for example when I saw Adrial as a young girl). Someone choosing an expanded perspective might be aware of other forms. I don’t think one perspective is “better” than the other. We learn different things looking through a microscope than we do looking through a telescope.

        • I agree, thanks Walker. It’s a point that i talk about a lot with a friend of mine. I noticed that the ego always want to “synchronise” the way we see this 3D reality collectively. Personally i did write down a contract between my spiritual self and my mind self or ego to enhance our life with teamwork. I got this tip via Bashar. One of the things i put in there is a point that ego must not interfere in explorations of my spiritual self, wich for the last 2 years or so i really got into. Do you got any tips conceirning the ego to loosen Up ? I understand that the form of something or someone doesn’t matter, and i don’t want to think one is beter or worse than the other, though i constantly notice the ego want to choose “sides”. I like your Posts my friend and i hope to meet you in the higher dimensions some time in whatever form. namaste

  1. I’m once again getting technical, but that’s who I am…

    How are these really long messages written down? Do you receive them when awake and type one sentence at a time, the full message at once and then recalling it (I couldn’t do that) or is it a direct writing kind of thing? (holding the pen and waiting for someone to write)

    I have now met her, whoever made this picture did a good job. But even if I can communicate when fully awake, I couldn’t receive long verbal messages like that. Pictures, emotions, touch, those are easy, but not words.

    • Just let me say first, I really enjoy our discussions. Thank you Nils, for your honesty and enthusiasm!

      So “how” is a good question. The technical term is “automatic writing”. In my head I just ask questions and write down what I hear, as I “hear” them inside my head. I know that these thoughts are different from my own because they “feel” and “sound” different. They have a different “energy signature”. They have a different “voice”.

      You are correct in saying that there is a difference between the process of “send/receive” versus simply “receiving”. In the case of send/receive, you not only have to transcribe, but also think and ask questions. In the case of simply “receiving” you will find that these messages are typically longer, because it does not require as much energy / involvement of the person doing the transcription.

      In a way, it’s a similar process to someone who might translate french to English, for example. They hear something, translate it, and write down the translated phrase on-the-fly.

      In your case, if you’re more comfortable writing down the “impressions” of what you receive – well, that’s all you need to do. You can let your readers interpret those impressions in whatever way they wish, in a similar way to how a painter might leave the interpretation up to the person viewing the painting.

      For some of the things I’ve written, sometimes I’m writing down dreams I’ve experienced, which is an entirely different process. In this case I’m writing what I remember of something that has already happened.

  2. Thank you.
    I only have an encyclopedia about these things and it’s not in english so I don’t know the international terms for these things. When it comes to the specific skills/abilites in themselves I’m self-taugh. I have my basic training in falun gong, the terms used in this practice are very well developed, but they are based on chinese concepts and are not the same as in this community. I had been trying different things, zen, martial arts, taoism etc, and then when I tried qi gong that felt like the way forward. Only problem was they all charged a lot for weekend classes and I ended up trying falun gong because its free of charge. In this practice form, any abilities are treated as a mere side effect, so no one really wants to talk about it, there’s no discussion on how to do things and a lot of people will be afraid of doing something wrong. If you can do it naturally, its accepted, but noone talks of how to do it because this is not part of the teachings. There are at lot of people sharing their experiences online, but it’s hard to find anyone who wants to talk about it (or know anything useful), when it comes to telepathy and connections with non-physical beings.

    I now that I’m “supposed to” be doing all of this because when I feel like I’m far off and lost there’s always some sign, like a buoy telling me I’m still on course.

    PS “raising vibration” is called “cultivation” in the community I’m used to. It’s correlated with the development of “gong”, a high density energy, which is also what powers any abilites, so while the concept of “mutual attract” as with spirits of different properties, this is referred to by the amount of “gong.” This is the meaning of the word when used in “qi gong”: qi = diverse low density energy, by the practise turning into high density “gong”, that is “higher vibration”. The martial arts “Kung Fu” is a western spelling of “gong fu”, which actually means using “gong” energy to fuel external abilities “fu”, which are things like blocking swords with your hand, crushing concrete blocks etc.

    • Well Nils you have come to the right place. πŸ™‚ This is something I mentioned earlier – everything – even those that seem beneficial – are of the old paradigm. I find it surprising that Falun Gong was secretive about those abilities, but that was my initial impression of it, when I researched it several years ago. “Limitation” rather than “expansion”. But these things could also be the “seed” of things to come – it’s just right now they are regimented, hierarchical, and focused. For example western gymnastics looks down on circus acrobatics. The gymnast can only perform “pure” gymnastics. The pipe ceremony you have to do certain things, hold the pipe a certain way, etc. I think there is value to know these things, value to being focused… But along the way, maybe we’ve lost sight of the fact that everything is connected, and everyone is different? Ultimately I feel we should be able to follow our hearts and not be judged for following that guidance. ♥

  3. Hi, Everybody (waves from the beach)! πŸ˜€
    I love this thread, because the past few weeks have shifted so many things for me, and I’m chuckling because I’ve never really thought of Adrial even having a body – when I saw her once in a dream, she looked like Marie Antoinette! Everything is so fluid right now… So, DW, looks like she’s manifested a body just for you, and your taste is all the rage in Korea! πŸ˜‰
    I would kinda like to know what happened to the blonde wig and hooped skirt, though, I though they were kinda cool…
    So, since this may be the only thread I have time to follow for a week or two, how is everybody?
    Much love to you all,

  4. Leslee so good to see you smiling from the Beach hope you are enjoying the calming effects of the Waters rhythm and settled much love dear sister πŸ™‚
    Troy as hard as I try I cannot get past the beauty contestants, they remind me of an Army of clones. As we are in the era of the Feminine have they changed tactics. Oh dear I’m all over the place πŸ™‚

    • Femme-bots! πŸ˜‰

      Don’t worry Suzanne it is easy to disable them – their weakness is a) paradox and b) dessert. So when you see them just use this expression: “the cake is a lie!!!!”

      • Or, as Adrial/Marie said: “Let them eat CAKE”!!! πŸ˜‰

        And thank you Suzanne! I’m still looking for a place to live, for now it’s a motel, the office and the beach. I finally am getting some rest this weekend. I hope your life has settled a bit too; it seems we’re on quite a roller coaster! Much love to you all!

    • Wouldn’t Billy Meier’s contacts from the Pleiadies be considered nordic-type? Though as Leslee mentioned, size/shape/type probably doesn’t mean too much to them…

    • Immortality By 2035?

      For those who don’t subscribe to the “eternal essence” thing… There was an episode of the Twilight zone (the original black and white series from the 50’s) where a couple married for 50 years was given the opportunity to get new bodies – but they could only afford one of them to have the procedure. The man tried it out, got an upgrade, but he decided not to go through with it because his wife couldn’t have the procedure done.

      At the time I saw this, the idea that your thoughts / consciousness could be transferred to another body was pretty mind-blowing.

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