Konstantinos: Messages from the Cosmic Order of the Infinite #1


[Hello friends. Below is a picture that I received (and depicted later) of the ’emblem’ of a collective that calls itself  ‘The Cosmic Order of the Infinite’. This name came all of a sudden in my mind as a phrase that carried a different from mine energy. It was very high for sure.

Then, on that day, Monday June 10th 2013, they started giving me some messages and since then, they continue to do so in different hours of almost every day (that’s the reason for the numbers). Sometimes I don’t get anything from them for some days, maybe because part of me isn’t ‘available’ for that specific amount of time and part of them maybe because they accept to wait for a while or probably because they just give their messages on the ‘right’ time.

I also got the impression that if we read each message of theirs,  more than one times, we might feel something more deep and that this will be a taste of their energy. As long as their messages come through, I’ll continue to share them with you. Much Love to you all.]

Eblem of the Cosmic Order of the Infinite

Monday June 10th 2013

1. Mark my words and thou shall prosper. The flame in you is the highest quest. Understand by knowing that flame.

2. The hearts of the world unite in the book of Life.

3. Pain sometimes can be considered as an additional motif. This does not make it necessary though.

4. The inspiration of Speech is a reminder of the soul. The inspiration stands as the running water of youth that transfers the solution for the let up of the continuous thirst.

Tuesday June 11th 2013

5. Plant the seeds of Truth. This reap is part of your gifts.

6. The value of the infinite path of Wisdom is not measured by the amount of knowledge but by the amount of Wisdom that flows through you when you use that knowledge. What is the speed of your progress while you move from the one station to the other?

7. How can someone be able to represent Infinity since everything comes from and are contained into It? Labels cannot separate this that does not have limits. Actions on the other hand, is something different.

8. Do not wait for the miracles. The occult processes behind the Laws,  are based on a relationship of Unconditional Love between you and the Prime Creator. Love from His part is eternal and unconditional. What about yours?

9. Vibrations transmit in a more complete meaning than words.

10. Rain does not make any kind of exceptions or distinctions between the locations of your world. It considers you all equal. Why don’t you try to be like rain?

Wednesday June 12th 2013

11. The beauty of Creation cannot be described by verbal specifications of any kind. The comprehension of the complement of this beauty is fulfilled through personal life experience. But in order for you to have that kind of experience, you have firstly to tune in the rhythm of this beauty…the rhythm of your real and imperishable Self.

12. ‘Words without meaning that cannot be adjusted in the context of a more practical implementation ‘  some people say. Those who have reached the level of knowing, are able to understand. But forgive us at the same time. It has been a long time since the last incarnation while some others of us have not experienced incarnation at all and thus, they do not know what it is like.

Thursday June 13th 2013

13. Oppose to the unfair through the growing of your perfection.

14. The diamonds of Wisdom cannot be found by using a shovel and a pickaxe. They are manifested.

15. You ask who we are. Are the personal recommendations really necessary when you look yourselves in the mirror of Potentiality? The mirror of Truth?

16. When you make the statement that your life’s purpose is Selflessness, you have to really feel like it before you start. Otherwise, you will support the smoke instead of the solid base. Past can be useful as a guide but do not get stuck too much on it than it is necessary.

Sunday June 16th 2013

17. Listen even if you are not able to see. See even if you are not able to understand completely what you see. Because this that we invite you to view, becomes clear through your trust on your forgotten by you powers.

Monday June 17th 2013

18. There are three aspects in Life. Two opposite with each other extremes that are consisted from the same material but they vibrate on a completely different polarity. How many lives someone needs in order to realize that the middle path is the one that leads closer to the unaltered spiritual core of the Holon?

19. For the blind ones that have found convenience in the darkness of their ignorance, Truth for them is like acid on a naked hand. Precaution exists from the time of the clear decision and the pure intention of the person him/herself. Not all blind people wish for their light, at least not at the same time with some others. Consequently, be cautious to not give them this Light prematurely.

20.  A galaxy of 35 sectors is greeting you. Galaxies know of each other because they Know. The Infinite is not aware of  limits and thus, it is not aware of distances. Only forms have limits because they are temporary while the Infinite Being is not. Remember this when waves of challenges overwhelm you.

Wednesday June 19th 2013

21. Our Order exists between the Archangelic Orders and the Elohim  Creators. Rich experiences, colors and sounds. We prefer the collective rather than separation. We prefer  unity rather than individualization…the collective mind rather than the imperfect sight.

From the Cosmic Order of the Infinite.

As received by Konstantinos.

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  1. Wisdom from One who might have once been known as the Buddha. Sometimes those who are blind have increased senses in other areas… Although I suppose it’s not wise to pick a fight with a collective consciousness! 😉 Food for meditative thoughts – thank you Konstantinos.

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