Leslee – Message from Heruka – 23 June 2013

(From Leslee: Here’s a short one about dimensions and how this world’s phenomena interweave… I’ve been offline for several weeks now, moving to Florida and starting a new job. All is going very well for me: the job is wonderful and this past weekend I moved into a place that’s perfect for my needs. Yesterday evening I heard that now that all of that is in place, I’ll soon be receiving more about the purposes of this move. This morning while I was sitting, Heruka have me a brief message and asked me to share it with you. In it He refers to Vesu. Vesu is another City of Light, that I was shown here off the Atlantic coast of Florida. I’ll be sharing more about this in the near future. I haven’t been able to follow the Crystal Connection meditations lately, but I do know that Frila has seen Vesu in one of her meditations, so you might enjoy checking that out. Also, at the end Heruka refers to my “Fortune Cookie Experiment”; I’ll try to add that tonight or in the morning. With love, Leslee)

Let’s begin. Let’s talk about Vesu. Abiquor is in good hands for the moment.

Vesu appears despite the presence of the military in your “dimension”.

Yes, it does appear in this dimension – aetherically.

You and others come to understand how the aetheric presences are sometimes stronger and more powerful than physical ones, in terms of influencing others. You could refer to it as being of “another dimension”, but that sort of description implies a nature of separation that is totally illusory. As people in this physical state move into deeper and broader understandings of their true (and ultimate) nature, they – you – will see more clearly how “dimensions” are really a bit like a spectrum of experiences.

The concept of a “spectrum” may fall short of describing most succinctly because many might interpret this as implying a linear nature. To get a better idea, you would need to see the situation more as a weaving, interlacing, of spectra… And as if that weaving were in the form of a Moebius strip… And on and on, infinitely. This is how vast your world truly is, and catching a glimpse of this can help you understand how anything is possible.

That’s enough for a brief message of encouragement for now. More to come soon. Please share your Fortune Cookie experiment with others. That will help illustrate this message.


13 comments on “Leslee – Message from Heruka – 23 June 2013

  1. Cant wait Leslee pleased you have settled and found a new home to relax in much love dearest sister:) Thank you Heruka for this message.

    • Thank you, dear Suzanne! Still working on getting reliable internet at the new place, but I’m sure that will work itself out just fine very soon. Love you lots!

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  4. Good to hear from you, Leslee. I’m happy to see that your move went well and you’re where you need to be for the time being, LOL. Enjoy summer in balmy Florida.


    • “For the time being” is so apropos, Taz! 😀
      It is quite balmy indeed – my Mom asked me if I could ride my bike to work. Actually, I could, it’s only about 5 miles away, and perfectly flat. However, once the sun surpasses the horizon, the sweat comes almost instantaneously! I’m not sure I want to ask my co-workers to endure sweaty Leslee for 8 hours, but I’m working on alternate plans. That said, I’m really encouraged by the large number of bikes here in town – it’s almost like being in a tropical Amsterdam! Lots of love to you too, and I hope you’re big events have been going well (Sorry, I forget if you shared dates, but I hope you know what I’m referring to?) 😀

      • Ah, I think so. Not in the stars right now. Things have changed and I’m going with the flow.

        I think I would find Florida rather muggy after dry Eastern Washington.

        Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. http://briankellysblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/gingers-notes-one-people-show-624.html

    Trevor in Australia shares his own personal story (that I loved!) . . . in his own creating a whole new reality and principles (and important to not mix them with the old) . . . how he choose to leap completely . . . essentially, he clearly identified what he wanted to create/do first . . . and he connects into the collective consciousness to see what will be needed towards where we are going next . . . he studied Bashar recordings in late 80’s for 3 years . . . because he talks about the shift from one density to another . . . and one of the principles is synchronicity . . . where things lead you to (like crew getting to and doing in Morocco/isolated bubble example) . . . so in these centers or bubbles we can do the same thing and teach others how to do that too . . . we are building something new all while under full sail . . . it’s a matter of transferring new resources . . . (that is us!) . . . following your biggest excitement is the key! . . . Lisa and Brian share how their perspectives were different and so now they have new operating systems (each density has it’s own operating system) . . . so remembering this way of Being IS being in our “first nature” . . . and in a group, is exponentially more powerful . . . and Trevor adds, there are some Maoris (New Zealand) whom have expressed how they “have been waiting” for this to do together . . . and he describes the “Strawberry Patch” networking model . . . where everything stays connected . . . nourishment always goes where it is needed to both sustain and grow . . . here is Trevor’s website and how to contact him – http://world-harmony.com/history

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