Avaaz Petition: Stand in the Virtual Taksim


Note from Wes Annac: This was shared from a reader via Facebook, as was Tanina’s update from Brazil, posted below.

To sign the petition with your email address, head to this Avvaz link:https://secure.avaaz.org/en/turkey_virtual_march/?dsvuwab

This week, a defiant Erdogan claimed victory over the hundreds of thousands of Turkish people who raised their voices and took to the streets against injustice and corruption. Let’s urgently answer him with an unprecedented “Stand with Taksim” virtual march to show that brute force will never silence democracy!

The government has gone too far – 4 people are dead, more than 7,500 injured and thousands arrested — even the UN Human Rights Commissioner has condemned the excessive use of force against the protesters. But Erdogan is determined to crush any dissent and even vowed to give a freer hand to the police! His iron fist has caused his public approval ratings to plummet and if enough of us join now, we can make him understand that while water cannons and tear gas may help him seize squares, they will never drown out the people’s voices.

We have to act fast. Let’s deliver a deafening message to Erdogan and the AKP that we will not rest until the people are allowed to protest peacefullyand those responsible for the crackdown are held accountable. Sign to build a huge virtual “Taksim Square” protest that sends shockwaves through social media and pledge to stand up for our democracy!

To Prime Minister Erdogan:

The peaceful protests across our country are democracy in action. I pledge to stand up for our basic rights, defend our democracy and call on you to move from a crackdown to dialogue with the people of Turkey. As citizens from throughout this country, we ask you to respect our basic freedoms of speech and protest and request that you launch a full investigation into the use of force used to clampdown on dissent.

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