Turbulent Black Holes: Bumpy Gravity!

(Artist’s rendering of a black hole. Credit: © hallowedland / Fotolia)

I’m delighted to find this article discussing some new speculations about the nature of gravity and fluids… It fits right in with a lot of things I’ve been wondering about lately. If, in addition to turbulence and such, we add the possibility of layers and parallel worlds… what an incredible new world!

(from ScienceDaily)

New research at Perimeter shows that gravitational fields around black holes might eddy and swirl. Fasten your seatbelts — gravity is about to get bumpy.


Dream 2 June 2014: A bed of Roses

I am Arachanaï

I am in a student flat and I am ready to go to class, but I can’t find my schedule of what class I have now. I am looking and looking while other students are leaving, but I still can’t find it and I can’t go as I don’t know where to go. Then I suddenly got an idea for what I can draw and got below drawing in my dream mind (and stayed when I woke up)

Dream drawing idea: hands crossed and overgrown by white roses and leaves with thorns. The arms and hands are also white. The leaves will be green , dusted with some snow.

This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Then I find myself in the art class and the art teacher was putting different bears on the desk and was making a contest…

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