Dream 30 June 2014

I am Arachanaï

Source picture: www.sfx.co.uk

I find myself in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe. A doctor examines me and says why it has been difficult for me to breathe. It is because I have a mild heart attack. Now I leave the hospital, and I find myself in a sort of reception room (It is like a tower where operators work to safely land planes at the airport) and I see a man and a woman with a sort of headphones. The woman said that she had received an extra-terrestrial message and I asked her to just play for me. We stare at a small TV screen and on the screen, what looks like an alien that he has a kind of green plastic mask. Everything feels fake, and I tell them that the message probably is false and that we should ignore it.

The dream changed and I am in…

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