Crystal Connections – July 2014




  1. Tauno thank you very much for you answer, I’m at the stage of self-discovery and everything related to clean all the chakras, I understand that a lot of this learning comes from myself inside, and I enjoy it much, someday very close we will be as one, I’m sure, :D, blessings to you and yours.

  2. The picture in this post fr example, some people would just say – a cloud, but I can see White Eagle there, this is the Spirit talking , after a prayer or expressing and intent or having a question, try to find the signs because there is always an answer back

  3. Tauno thanks for your testimony, I would like to know how you came to develop your ability to see with the eyes of the spirit, there are many wonderful skills that maybe it’s time to learn, I beg you to write me by e-mail ( ) Namaste.

    • Dear Cesar, thank you for your question, but it is a difficult question really, because the spiritual abilities depend on each individual, everyone carries them within and it is a question of intent to make them emerge
      First try concentration on an object, focus your eyes on something and keep the focus as long as possible
      Second- try concentration of the mind, try meditation
      Then try crystal meditations, working with crystals opens the 3rd eye as well as meditations and opening of all chackas
      Just observe, listen to your inner voice and follow the signs that Spirit shows you
      Concentration and heart – mind connection are the keys that work with me
      I discovered another ability lately – I can understand the “language” of some animals and birds
      All Knowledge is within, we are about to remember our skills
      ( ( SUN ) )

  4. I saw many signs in the skies these days, the clouds are showing me eagles of Light, today I had a vision at sunset, I saw a blue line that was vertical from the cloud to the Earth, like a laser line of white Light …and I expressed my intent to go Home, I have to say that there is a difference between watching with the physical eyes and watching with the spiritual eyes and watching with both 🙂
    The line of White Light I saw was a combination between my spiritual and physical ability to see
    Last night I was connected with the White energy of Jeshua, so many visions come, the Bear came too, I was connected with the Native American Elders too, I can see their faces
    ( ( SUN ) )

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