Koko’s Tribute to Robin Williams

When you “fear” other entities, remember that in many ways they are just like you. I feel that for this reason, it is a mistake to assume that something is “good” or “evil”. This, I feel, is an unfair assumption… but of course you may be able to make an educated determination based on your personal experience, by meeting that entity face to face. ❤


There are universes yet unknown for you to explore. – channeled by Ron Head

Oracles and Healers

surrounding earth

Michael with and for the Councils:

(To me) This has been an exciting and educational month for you. We have been with you each step of the way and you have done well and learned much. There will be further trips to other locations in the future. Prepare for that to manifest.

We will begin by alerting those who are not yet aware of it that you are in the sharply rising energies of the yearly 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal.

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No decision is ever made without your express consent.

Oracles and Healers


Michael and The Councils

 Our topic for discussion today is The Councils.  All of you have experience of these.  Many of you have memories and dreams of this.  Even the very best efforts to describe these to you will fall very far short, but you have reached a level of awareness now that makes it possible to begin acquainting your conscious minds with this image, this interpretation of ‘how things work’.

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