Dwelling in Two Worlds


2014 September 4th Thu

To be human is to walk in two worlds: heaven and earth. Heaven expands our consciousness and gives us a more spiritual view of our life. Earth grounds our consciousness in daily life and helps us to materialize our desires.

Gods can only walk in heaven. Animals can only walk on earth. But humans have the ability to master both worlds and harness all the powers of the universe.

We often fear our emotions for all the power they can display, but learning to feel this power and feel at peace with the universe can bring us great power to accomplish anything we desire. If we can learn how to expand our consciousness to be vast like the infinite sky, our vision goes beyond all limitations. These two perceptions, heaven and earth, brings a balance to our life that makes being human an extraordinary experience.

Every human being is challenged by their emotions and drawn into their storm. Feeling these emotions and relaxing deep inside where we can step back from the storm and feel peaceful may be difficult to achieve but the fruits that we gain far outweigh the danger.

Fujin and Raijin, the gods of wind and thunder, are a part of our human condition. They blow away the clouds of misunderstanding and fear, bringing us to a state that can only be described as our Buddha nature.

They say that Fujin and Riajin were once enemies of Buddha. They constantly distracted Buddha by creating storms of emotion. In the end, Buddha had to master these powerful forces and transform them into Spiritual Power.

When we first enter the spiritual path, we are trained to avoid the storms of emotion so we can learn how to center our self inside and master the experience of Pure Silence. But each time we go inside and enter into the silent world of heaven, Fujin and Raijin come to challenge us. Our emotions move and we feel disappointed in our self for having them. Please don’t worry. These gods are not here to defeat you. They are here to teach you.

Fujin and Raijin are Dharma Protectors who will become your best friends and guardians as they teach you there is nothing to fear. Accept the challenge. Don’t run away in fear or disappointment. Instead stay where you are and face them. Emotions are your true power. They are just another form of energy that some day you will have to learn to master.

No mater what name you give to these emotions, they are just another form of energy. All energy is useful. Put your heart and soul into your emotions and harness their power. If you fear them or blame your self for having them, then you push your power away. The whole purpose of being born as a human being is to learn how to walk in two worlds. You can have both emotional power and infinite peace at the same time. You chose this embodiment for a reason. Now learn to master it.



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