The National Dream Center: History Has Been Made

Dreams are worthless gibberish!

The statistics are mounting against this mainstream view of dreams. This summer, the National Dream Center studied how well a collective group could dream the future. Dubbed Project August, dreamers from around the globe participated in what could end up forcing everyone to change how they perceive reality.

The final report is being assembled as we speak, but the results so far suggest that at least 89% of the headlines matched up to the real events with a strikingly high level of accuracy. The protocol for headline predictions involved intentional dreaming and linguistics analysis of those dreams.

114 predictive headlines were made, and over 100 of them “came true” in real life. What’s more is that the statistics are being published this week, with two sections already complete. For example, we now know that the sooner the prediction comes true, the more accurate it tends to be (documentation: )

The researchers also discovered that more accurate predictions come from clear and congruent dream overlaps (Explanation and documentation: )

Also, the NDC has released all the Project August dreams to the public. What’s particularly interesting is that most of the dream material seems to greatly veer from later reality. In other words, it’s impressive that the team had to try and separate the dream material that was not predictive from the material they thought WAS predictive. Based on the team’s success rate, they apparently did very well in this regard. (Proj Aug Dreams located here: )

To view all the headlines and see scores and documentation for those scores, the link is here:

The NDC built a brand new forum for precognitive dreamers, which includes a trophy case where dreamers can PROVE their precognitive abilities:



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  1. For those who missed it, the DreamBot registered an alarming surge in some very rare dream words on September 5th, 2014. It was not only a collection of strange, unlikely religious words, but this list was unprecedented from another significant measure: The amount of increase in one of those words was completely and utterly unexplainable as the NDC staff and visitors watched in awe (while wondering what the linguistics was warning).

    “Monk” was impressive just by itself with a whopping 5,800% increase, which was its jump in just one day! To give you a comparison, the typical daily run’s TOP 3 surging memes added together rarely matches what Monk did all by itself!

    Seeing the first half of the DreamBot list, the theme becomes very clear…three words indicating a collective obsession with eastern Buddhism. The inclusion of “Catholic” certainly isn’t random either, and we cover that too, including a new predictive headline.

    But the big punchline for now is about the World’s #1 Eastern Buddhist monk. Guess who? Correct…The Dalai Lama.

    Yesterday, our very observant reader Andrue sent us this bombshell:

    Headline: “Dalai Lama says no need for successor”

    We cover this in full detail about implications for timing and analysis, but we also cover some more predictions for the death of dogma, which is becoming very clear now in the global consciousness stream…

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