Agartha: 5th Dimensional Inner Earth Civilization: Tatiana Maassen

It is the School of the returning of consciousness into Immortals and is the biggest gift of the Ascended Masters for the humans. Some of the techniques studied at the Ancient School of Wisdom that will help you extend you perceptions are:
– Initiation into The Art of Dreaming (how to dream within a dream);
– Practical applications of Feminine Consciousness and Masculine Consciousness;
– Reaching and exceeding the limit of the human perception;
– Passing into the Other Reality;
– Consciousness movement into the quantum space;
– Quantum Touch — Remote healing in Space and Time;
– Telepathy;
– Manifestation;
– Body Experiences (out of the body experiences) and many more. All the teachings are based on individual practice and individual experience of all the techniques, offering an unique aspect to each teaching. The School is focusing on bringing each student to the capacity of creating his own wisdom, on expanding his mind for a greater consciousness.


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