Countdown to contact: Dr. Geri De Stefano Webre – The Omniverse: One Psychic’s perspective

I feel this is a “must watch” for anyone currently experiencing the shift in awareness first-hand. Dr. De Stafano shares her personal experience of her awakening and subsequent work in psychology and parapsychology. She explains that in her research, there are certain people who seem to have a genetic tendency towards being “gifted”, and a certain percentage of people who seem to be the “walking wounded”. But she acknowledges that we all have our own special gifts, so just because someone might not be good at telepathy (for example), doesn’t mean they won’t have strengths in other areas.


Published on Sep 21, 2014

Dr. Geri De Stefano Webre takes us on a fascinating journey into her experiences with ET contactees, psychic energy, and psychology.

Name: Dr. Geri De Stefano, Ph.D.

Dr. Geri De Stefano, Ph.D. has been a practicing psychic, teacher and business consultant for 30 years in the United States and Canada.

Transpersonal Therapist, Psychologist, Business Consultant, Psychic

Born in 1947 in Los Angeles, California, she attended Mt. St. Mary’s College for three years then transferred to the University of California at Berkeley where she majored in Environmental Design. In 1976, she attended Paideia University in San Francisco and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She then attended Hawthorne University in San Francisco for post-graduate work in Psychology and Para-psychology. She was awarded a Ph.D. in 1981.

Throughout the 30 years, in addition to having a private psychic and therapeutic practice, she has used her skills in the business world with corporations and private individuals. Through her unique approach, psychically and therapeutically, she has been able to assist people in business to develop clearer strategies, enhanced communication with employees, and to facilitate conflict resolution sessions and the development of clear chain of command organizational skills.

Additionally, she has worked with many authors, artists, actors and musicians to assist them in dealing with creative blocks and personal development of psychic skills to enhance creativity.

Over the years, many diverse people have utilized Geri’s skills: lawyers, doctors, social workers, corporate CEO’s, housewives, therapists and devotees of various spiritual groups.”Learning to use your psychic abilities can potentially give you an “edge”, but you must be open and willing to use your ability in practical ways, as in business, in order for it to have any real value in your life.”

The Countdown to Contact 2004 event is a UFO conference featuring several speakers focused on extraterrestrials, the dimensional ecology of the omniverse, and consciousness. Our speakers include leading UFO researchers, contactees, and authors. The event was held at the beautiful Sheraton Vancouver hotel on September 13th, 2014.

Hosted by: Dave Scott
Sponsored by:
Speakers include: Jon Kelly, Samantha Mowat, Chuck Vanderbyl, Dr. Geri De Stefano, Jonny Enoch, and Alfred Lambremont Webre.



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