A difficult piece of wisdom for me was actually “stop making choices”. Of course as humans it’s almost impossible.., but then you might begin to value the “priceless” choices you are capable of making!

As the equality movement continues, it becomes harder to maintain hierarchy such as a corporation. Although the strength of the corporation is its ability to provide a framework to manage complex systems and structures. This too is intelligent energy, and like any other creature behaves well when treated well, and poorly when treated poorly.

Darkness to me is not evil, because evil is simply a manifestation of ego. Darkness is lack of knowing. When you know, you are no longer in the dark. And darkness – not knowing – is actually what we’re here for… Because as eternal essence, we can only be in a state of knowing everything. So we should remember to cherish that which we know, as well as what we don’t know.

The human experience is a rare opportunity to be relatively oblivious… ūüėČ


Dream 4 October 2014: Space

I am Arachana√Į

This is the machine we were walking on the surface with. C - Liesbeth Swenne This is the machine we were walking on the surface with. C ‚Äď Liesbeth Swenne

I am sick at home but instead of being lying in the bed, I am out on the street walking to get better faster. But I am scared that someone sees me from work and thinking the wrong thing. I am walking in the street behind my old apartment in Hasselt. But this locations is not on Earth, this is a hologram of the city I used to live in. This holodek is situated on a Mothership. But the end of the holodek street has a door opening to space, only separated by a force field.

My friend and I jump through the force field into space. We have a black suit on with a force field that protects us from the dangers of space. We first drift in space and then we have so much fun making somersaults in space. After a while…

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