Valiant: Knock Knock…We are Not Alone…An Alien World…The Changes are Here…And Everywhere…

Hello November…
Here we are again, the Holidays upon us against
A new threshold of change…and hanging by the hopes
And fears Big Brother dangles over us…
The threats of plague…overshadowing the severe threat
Of drastic climate change and heavy weather…
Winter snows…remember…beware…
Worse than last year…building up to that Ice Age that is coming.
So much going on.

People’s patience wearing thin, if not gone already…
Snapping, acting out…Insane? Or just breaking mind control?
A fine line separates the two.

They’ll do almost anything to hide what they’re doing, and
Maintain control…over what they think is theirs.
What a shame…they cannot fight destiny…
That only makes matters worse…
Those who fight the greater plan will suffer with agony,
First by blindness of their own greed…then
With suffering beyond measure…
The Day will come. It’s building …It really is.
Just read the signs…

I dreamt of an Alien world…It must have been
It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen…
I’m still unsure of the reason why exactly…
But I will tell you what I saw…
They were like us, human…
Slightly behind us with technology…
It was the way they dressed and acted that was totally
Different…They wore very little…In their society
The less you wore, the more esteemed you were.
They were gathering for their yearly Festival of
Some kind…Apparently every year they do this…
To reach out to the Stars, for help…
And I believe they were reaching out to us, primarily.
For contact…and to help them.
How? I have no idea.
But they seemed to be in an identical situation as us.
Manipulated, brainwashed…by their World Powers.
Only they seemed more aware of it…Breaking Free…
Who knows, maybe they were trying to reach out
To our world to wake us up…Snap us out of it…
So we could work together…
In any case…I know now for sure that we are
NOT alone…there are other worlds suffering
Just as we are…and at least one is willing to fight
For their Freedom.

Promises, Promises…That’s all we seem to get.
Yet still we seem to be running in circles…
Not by our choice.
If you’ve been feeling sick and tired…that’s why…
Because they, Big Brother, are fighting the changes
To maintain control.
Ever dangling hopes of wealth and technology, blah, blah
To keep us on a leash…
When they don’t intend on releasing us at all.
It’s time we join our Brothers and Sisters out there
And start waking up and fighting for our destiny like they are.
But it must be done peacefully, with nobility and
A sincere true nature of the Heart.

That’s why right now I’m sharing a Prosperity
Piece of Artwork with you…Prosperity Buffalo.
I’m hoping it helps bring people the Magic of Prosperity
Everyone has been waiting for.
This piece is not available for sale, but you can still
Print up copies to use, it sure can’t hurt.
Many people still attest that my artwork brings
Magical Powers into their lives, especially the
Prosperity and Protection pieces. May you have
Good Fortune with it too.

In case you’re curious about the Alien world I saw
All I can tell you is they were human…
They looked just like us. But everything else was so
Different, unlike anything I’ve ever seen…
The clothes, the buildings…the vehicles…
The buildings seemed like white concrete, not a lot of windows.
Their clothes had lots of buttons and clasps…
From what they wore, that is. Some were almost naked.
Their skin types varied just like ours…eye color too.
What I saw was in a city…So I don’t know
What their nature looked like, and I couldn’t see
Any animals aside from strange looking song birds.
The point seemed to be that they were reaching
Out to us, to the Universe.
Others are waking up, not just here but everywhere.
Believe it.
We are not alone…And I believe we will be joined soon.

Dear Mr. Spaceman, Changes need to happen.
The more they are avoided…the more suffering
Will come.
For every detour there is a direct repercussion.
Punishments will be swift…and harsh now.
As you will see when winter comes.
When everything seems calm…
That’s when the unexpected comes…with the snow.
Care to come down and join us yet?

That’s all for now.


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