Valiant: Knock Knock…Portals…The Tuatha…The Anasazi…And the Lion Men…

Crystals…So many varieties, colors, shapes, sizes…
Qualities…I believe I’ve discussed this before…
All their properties and lore…But I wonder even more…
If they could open a pathway, a door…a portal
To another dimension…hmm.

Now of course the thing about Portals is their location…
Then of course where they go…
Secret places and spaces…But most importantly
At Points of Power. Now is it just me, or do you
Think that would involve ley lines? Hint hint.
How much do I have to say?

OK, some more to think about.
These are days of change, and apparently turmoil.
If you read my book you’d find more clues of course.

Long ago, there was an ancient Native American
Indian Tribe in the Southwestern United States…
Who vanished mysteriously…The Anasazi…
Almost as if they went through a Portal.
I bet they knew a lot.
But…if they knew a lot then, they would
Certainly know a lot more now.

So many important legendary societies, even of
Legends and myth have vanished over time.
But you know what they say, there’s truth behind every
Myth…if you could only figure out the Riddle.
The Tuatha, the Anasazi, even the Lion Men…
The Sphinx of Ancient Egypt…
The Mayans, the Mayan Calendar…
If only there was a connection…
Hidden somewhere beneath the Smithsonian…
Or the Vatican, they do so hide a lot.

The Tuatha will unravel this…when they
Come together…as they awaken and seek
Each other out. Crystals will help that of course,
If they are brave of heart it will give them
The courage they need to do anything.
And then…when they are ready…
The Lines and Light will help them open the Door.

But first, apparently, everyone must undergo the changes.
Something strange has been going on since the moment
2015 began…People are acting strange…
Mood swings, odd, irrational behavior…Those not in
Touch with higher self will act out the most…
More spiritual people will suffer with illnesses of
The physical body…
I’m hoping these things will subside…
If they don’t, it will be up to a select group to
Open the Portal to get the help we need.
The Pulse and the Hum may be the cause of this
Warning us of what’s to come.

While there are several portals to open…to choose
From I should say. The correct doorway is the Celtic
Portal. I believe because some of the Ancient Tuatha
May be waiting on the other side to come through
To help us.

Timing is of the most importance.
Too much time has passed under the influence
Of Dark Forces and Time Manipulation.
This is evident in the Earth Changes,
Unstable weather, the coming Ice Age…
An even the crazy and hostile behavior we are

I’ve seen far too much of people feeling tormented,
Attacked…not acting like themselves, or of others
Acting just plain crazy. It’s the Dark Influence
At work…trying to take down as many as
They can. Don’t give in.
Meditate. Pray. Be at your best always.
Remember if you’re too tired to pray, meditate
For peace…then you can expect Heavenly
Powers to be too tired to remember you
In tough times.

These Portals are a strong foothold of hope.
I know there is one the Lion Men have,
But that’s a secret…
I do know they are not happy with how many
People are giving in to the torment…not finding
Their inner strength to do more good.
Unfortunately, there is nothing I can offer here.
We all make choices…and choosing to do
And be good in spite of everything is a choice.

I know I feel at the end of my rope…
But I also have a few things up my sleeve.
Keep pushing me and I will light a fuse
That you can not stop.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…The Good, The Bad,
The Grey, The Green…and you Fur Faces
As well…
We may seem like simple ordinary beings
In your eyes…
But there are some of us here who will
Make a difference.
So why don’t you get your act together and
Do the right thing for a change before it’s
Too late.

Lastly, I am sharing with you my artwork,
The Fair Lady…to remember the Tuatha.
I’m cutting prices on these future pieces to $500.00 each
To get more original artwork out there.

Peace to Everyone.

That’s all for now.



One comment

  1. I SO Very much agree with everything.. For the most part i grew up in the desert sw in the phoenix area & there are lay lines here .. but i’ve always felt drawn here..
    And being attacked & acting out-of-character i totally agree & have been going through the same things but i look for the light at the end & within myself.
    If i’m called I will do whatever it takes with a flaming light of hope & justice.!
    Your messages Valiant always resonate with me – now more than ever.
    namaste – david

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