(Dreamwalker) Dream Log: 13JAN2015: Viking Womens’ Journey

I found myself in a longhouse in the early morning hours. It may have been somewhere in Scandinavia/Norway/Sweden. I was there with my wife, and another family shared the longhouse with us. The lighting was dim, it might have been slightly “blue” for some reason (early morning light?). It was a medium-sized building, one part of the longhouse was for one family, the other end was for the other family, and there were “shared” parts of the longhouse as well in the middle section. We were fairly young (mid-20s?), and my wife was just preparing to leave the village with the other women and children. I couldn’t see what I looked like, but she had sandy-brown hair that had recently been cut very short. I was pleasantly surprised by this since she looked great. (I should mention that I do not know what she looked like with her hair long, only that in the dream I was not used to seeing it short).

She was an attractive young woman, a bit shorter height for a woman in our area, a healthy slim weight (but not overly skinny), and dressed in earth-tone and white clothing, mostly light brown.  She wore some fabric and fur. It was apparently the custom that before the women left the men for the season, they would make themselves look sexy, so that the men wouldn’t forget them. This was of course a form of minor torture for the men.

The wife of the other family was dressed up in a similar way. She had short black hair, heavier-set and taller and was very happy / bemused, but also seriously concentrating on the task at hand. She wore a red dress, in a way that one might call “Sunday best” here in the west.  She had a child somewhere in a part of the house I couldn’t see. Her husband was tall and lanky, long brown hair with braids, clothing and fur cape. They were also in their mid to late 20s.

As we were packing things for her trip (there were not a lot of possessions), I was trying to think of reasons for my wife to stay, or ways to convince her to stay, but I couldn’t think of any. I said to her – wow, you look great. Maybe you could stay here, hmm? But we both knew that this was impossible. She smiled at my comment and gave me a coy look, and carried on with the task at hand. She said that she would be back soon enough.

In the photo above, rather than shields along the ceiling, there were furs. Also the layout of the building was different – as I mentioned the two ends of the longhouse were used as separate “rooms” – there were no beds or tables along the wall in the middle of the building; this was a storage/ work area.

The words spoken seemed to be in English to me.


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