Arcturus based craft recorded in close proximity to International Space Station. – Tolec

January 15, 2015

Arcturus based craft recorded in close proximity to International Space Station.

The ‘delta’ shaped space craft recorded in space as flying in somewhat close proximity to the International Space Station [regardless of when the image was released] is described in detail as the following:

a.) it is from the star system: Arcturus, the most senior member of the Andromeda Council.

b.) their craft comes from their senior representative home world: Pitolla.

c.) their craft is delta shaped; if you were to see it from a top down view as I/Tolec have – you would see a round/cone shaped/radius edge nose, a long sweeping body with two (2) upright ‘tail fins’ toward the far back of the craft, one not quite flush to the far left side & another one not quite flush on the far right side; you would also see a bold, dark stripe running from the front to the back on each side almost the full length of the craft, both left & right sides, toward the inside of each fin; you would also see their emblem [what we might call something akin to an ‘ace of spades’, see my crude drawing below] next to each tail fin.

d.) there are total of three (3) races of people from the planet Pitolla each living at a different vibratory/density rate: 5D, 10D & 12D

e.) the race of people from Pitolla who have manifested this craft are the: Diesliesetiplex [pronounced: Die-slie-seti-plex]; the Dieliesetiplex are: 12D people.

As 12 D beings – they are much, much closer to ‘Creation’/’Source’ – which means these beings vibrate at a very high rate & have a very unique composition of sacred geometry in their vibratory make up, and therefore it will be very easy for them to help Earth people with their transformation & evolution into becoming higher density/dimensional humans. The Dieliesetiplex will step in to help in the education process only once people from the first four (4) Andromeda Council member planets [Ventra, Nikotae, Toleka & Ritol] have had some considerable physical contact visiting & educating the people of Earth [see: “Contact”].

These 12D beings, the Diesliesetiplex, will be an important part of the long term evolution & teaching process as Earth people become higher dimensional humans and begin to adjust to their new skills of telepathy, teleportation, telekenisis, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience… all higher dimensional human traits.

f.) the size these beings feel comfortable manifesting/creating, when they need to manifest/create a ‘human’ form, based on their natural energetic vibratory rate is for men: 12 feet tall & for women 10 feet tall; their skin color you would perceive as: pale white translucent, hair color as: mostly white with streaks of gold, eye color: bright sea/ocean blue.

g.) the Diesliesetiplex people are very gentle, highly evolved, highly intelligent sentient beings who manifest/create 3D organic bodies to communicate with people of 3D worlds and simply return to their original energy forms when their 3D bodies are no longer needed. Think of one of the last scenes in the 2009 major motion picture/movie “The Knowing” just before the higher ‘dimensional’ ‘ETs’ entered their crystalline craft with the 2 Earth children accompanying them to be transported another 3D earth like world. Just before departure these higher dimensional ‘ETs’ shed their temporary organic bodies & lifted the children into their craft. Same situation here: think temporary organic bodies.

h.) the formal name of their native language is: Nxataexeratae [pronounced: Zahtae-zeratae] [the “N” is silent]

In closing, their ‘mission’ was simply: to be seen;

the Andromeda Council is progressively giving permission to certain Andromeda Council members so that various sizes & shapes of ships can be witnessed by the people of Earth. It makes sense that the people of Arcturus, as ‘the’ senior most member of the Council, would be the first to be ‘seen’.

It is also another way to send a ‘message’ to the ‘Breakaway Civilization’/’Powers that Be/Were’/power mongering, manipulative, abusive – elitists – on Earth, and off planet as well –

that Earth people are truly not alone, and that assigned Andromeda Council ships will no longer to be invisible to the people of Earth. A time of great change is upon us.

This information was provided to me/Tolec in tandem by: Andromene, the Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communication – Observation & Advisory Board, and the Commander of the Primary Andromeda Council biosphere.


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