Knock Knock…The Doomsday Pact…The Tuatha’s Mission…The Current Storm of Things…

Welcome to the Magical Month of May…
The Month that should fortell how
The 12 months will go…
Let’s hope we make an impact this time…
It seems we will find out soon enough…

If anyone has been sensing disturbances,
In the air, in the nature of things…
Making you feel sick, dizzy, unable to focus…
It’s because Big Brother, or those on their
Power trip rather, in their stubborn refusal
To let go of power and stall for more time have
Initiated ceremonies with very old Dark Powers,
Ancient Demons of Old and other worlds to
Maintain control until they can find new
Ways to invent a new age to reshape the Earth.

Because they’ve accumulated technology
And wealth, they just think they can do anything
Without Cause and Effect.
And by the way they’ve manipulated the
World so far you can see why.
People can hardly put down their cell phones…
Can you see why Big Brother won’t
Surrender their thirst for Power and Control?

The Facts are simple however, and the rules
Have not changed. It’s the same battle
Good versus Evil, Heaven versus a very
Egotistical Mortal Hell.

They can not manipulate time anymore,
Which is why the Dark Side can’t do anything
More than delay the inevitable.
With the Earth’s growing instability, Nature
Will grow increasingly hostile and unpredictable
Until the Ice Age takes over.
That means Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods…
Particularly in the Ring of Fire…
The Big One…will be inevitable for California
Within the next 2 years…
These catastrophes while entirely natural,
Will ultimately reduce the Earth’s population…
As said before…The planet in its current state
Can not support such numbers.
The World Powers plan to reduce the numbers
By 60% within 2 years…
And what nature doesn’t swallow…
Biological attacks will.
Mysterious illnesses, plagues, interpret them as
You will…they will make them look like
Accidents…and believe me, people will be
Too scared to question anything.

In the event things get out of control, beyond
Their control that is…
That’s a joke of course, as if they know
What they’re doing…
There is a chance the culling could exceed that
Well past 90%.
In that event, they plan on taking the
Children as a precaution in a seemingly
Generous way of saving us.
Using grammar schools as a process of selection
They plan to take children between the ages
Of 5 and 10 years old, and hide them
Away in one of their facilities.
Be wary of this, and pay attention
To any unusual testing going on
That your kids tell you about.

I’m sorry. I’m sick of this endless cycle
Of postponing the inevitable…
First they play with time, now they use
Dark Magic.

That’s why I’ve shared my Meditation Grids
With you. I’m not asking for money for this
Either. They helped me, I sincerely hope they
Help you too. The more you use them, the
Stronger the effects will get.
I was going to design a Pink Diamond
For the grids for healing, but I was unable
To due to the stress on my hands.
You can still use the grids for Healing…
As well as…
And many have asked me about this…
Activating your Higher DNA…
There is a supplement you can buy
That can assist you with this also.
It’s called Etherium Gold, the 2 oz Sprays
Work best. The come in a variety of choices
Such as Etherium Pink, Red and Black.
As well as Aulterra for past life regression.
Etherium Gold can be used with Etherium
Black to polarize your essence, thus purging
Your body of negative forces.
Please check it out for yourself and see, you
Will be pleasantly surprised with the results.
I’ve used it for years and love it.

If I can find any other ways to help I will.
In these difficult days and hours it’s hard
To sort through things…The information keeps
Changing, but basically the outcome is still the
Same…Things will be corrected, rest assured.
However because of this belated Doomsday Pact
World Leaders have made with the Dark Forces
What we’re looking at is a Big Purge.

The Back Up Plan for the descendants of
The Tuatha may no longer be possible.
Instead of them saving us, they may instead
Have to use the Portal to evacuate people
To another world.

There was a time once before when this
Happened, when a time of Giants poisoned
The World…It was the main reason the Tuatha
Left, both to return home, and through the Portal
To escape them…
The Time of the Giants may also be known
As the age when the Nephilim were back on
The Earth. The Nephilim have repeatedly
Surfaced throughout history…One way or another
They are defeated…But they always infect
The age they appear in with some sort of
Poison…much like the Toxic Age we currently
Live in…They aren’t walking around in
The public if that’s what you’re worried about,
But still…yes they are here.

The way things are going…it’s shaping up
Towards the Dream I had that I never
Told anyone about…
A dream that still scares me, but I
Can’t talk about yet.
It involves the gathering…
The Portals…a mass migration…
I will explain when I feel up to it.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
As I’ve said many times before…
You’ve had more than enough chances
To step up…
Well like I’ve said, we all share
The Same Fate…
So if the Earth Falls…
So will the Federation…
And it will be replaced with a much needed
Better ruling Force.
And I’m not talking about Democrats
Or Republicans…
No one will have the time to change your diapers.
No, I’m talking about something very different.

That’s all for now.



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