Valiant: Knock Knock…Birthright…Alien Disclosure…The Call…

“Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”
…Lewis Carroll…Jabberwocky.

How timely are those words
As the Hour of June approaches…
For slaying Monsters of Metaphor and Myth…
For overcoming obstacles and distractions…
As the craziness and violence of the world escalates…
And the sanity of some departs…
Just remember when the going gets tough
That’s not the time to give in.
Stand true with what and who you are…
It’s the Hour when Faith is your greatest test
And greatest weapon…

This is as it was before…
Before the timeline was corrupted…
While Nature will seem as though it’s turning
On every living thing…Storms off Season…
Volcanoes bursting…the Earth’s patience erupting…
The ground constantly shaking…
It won’t be pretty…Watch the Ring of Fire now!
Yet at the same time…There will be quiet miracles…
You’ll feel powerfully drawn to new things,
New pathways and people…
Again, that’s as it was meant to be.

You can’t achieve the Good without struggling
Through the bad…It’s the Bigger Picture at
Work…Tempus Flares…find your Good Spirit,
Your Root of Strength…Make the Right Choices…
At the Right Moment, with Magic’s Muse and
Hope’s Angel to Guide you…with a Mindstorm
Of strength and virtue, embrace The Winds of Change,
The Fires of Feeling…The Waters of Intuition…
To achieve your Promise of Light.

The Artwork Grids will help you…
In meditation, purest form…Eyes of the
Rainbow Bridge stream Forth and Open Any Door…
The Lines and Light your Key, unlock your Magic Box
And Find your Birthright…Your Destiny.

So many questions…So many odds and ends…
Loose Ends, Secrets to tell and unravel.
Let’s get on with it…

For too long now people have been waiting and
Talking about Alien Disclosure…About the
Governments involvements with and knowledge of
Since they’ve been dragging their feet…
I figure it’s time to give them the right
The Truth is it’s so complicated even they
Don’t know all the facts, putting the story together
Would take an insider on all levels…
First, let’s be clear…All the major players,
The major governments of the World
Have had their contacts with various races…
Contact began before Roswell, as the
World Wars of the 20th Century grew more
Intense, so did Alien interest. Attracting more and more
Races to all parts of the world.
From Disks, to cigar shaped craft, and almost
Any shaped ship you could imagine races came
To observe the Dilemmas and rapidly evolving
Human race of Earth.
But the Reptilian Race were here first, secret
Overseers, chameleons hiding in society
Manipulating people, countries, powers to their
Own end…They saw it, the Planet, as their
Territory…and sought to intimidate intruders
By organized UFO crashes…
They took down observing Extraterrestrial
Craft to tease world powers and get them to
Use whatever knowledge and technology they
Could take from these crashes to advance
Earth Sciences.
I mean, come on…you must have seen
Through the flaws…not only the deception of
The Cover Ups…but the entire concept itself…
Alien crashes…Accidents?
Advanced races…Advanced Technology
Crashing here and there…Allowing these races
To have their ships crash, their people and tech
Taken, stripped and studied? No.
It was all carefully organized, behind
Human leaders’ knowing it…
Creating the opportunities for fake deals
To be struck…Alien prisoners to be taken
To scare off further races from coming.
Plausible deniability…Alien accidental
Crashes? No, never happened…because
They technically were not accidents.

Alien prisoners could be interrogated for
Multi purposes…Human research, and Reptilian
Agendas…Ultimately this backfired though,
Attracting more Alien races, The Federation
Or Allegiance of races in space to what was
Going on with this Planet Earth.
As far as I know there are no other
Primitive type planets such as Earth with as
Many Alien Races observing it as we have.
We truly are special and unique that way…
And have been studied under an Alien microscope
Intently for ages now.
They know something rare, magical and divine
Is going on here…And they all want a piece
Of it. The only thing holding them back
Is the poisoned atmosphere and mind enslaved
Nature of its people…
The Good Aliens feel obligated or trapped
Into holding our hands forever if they step in
To help…
While the Bad Aliens could care less…All
They want is to take what they want and leave
The rest.

The Bigger Picture, encompassing the conflicts
And other catastrophes suffering of other worlds
Only widens the situation.
What matters most is we must make it clear,
That not only do we know…But we are not
Lesser among our Space Relatives…
That we deserve the respect of equals…
That we are entitled to the Birthright
That endows us with the ability to grow,
To be free and Achieve our Highest Potential
Without being manipulated by outside sources
Or having our planet used, for the sake of such
Overly analytical and resource stealing
Alien Explorers.

That’s why we must make a stand, and
Make it clear we have the Power to do it…
And have something to bargain with,
Something they respect and want…
The Magical Ability to make anything we want
Happen…And have Guidance and Redemption
By Divine Intervention.

So much to think about…
So much more to tell…in time…
Mr. Secret Agent Man…the World Powers have
Made their bargains and secret dealings with
Powers beyond their control…all for the sake of
Greed…wagered secret health experiments on
The public…for that Immortal Quest…
Just what do you think of your bosses now?
Are you sure you know what side you’re on?

Bog Brother…All those negotiations…The
Rise and fall of control…And who will get the
Drivers seat when all is said and done?
It could have been so much simpler…
All that and you’re still 30 years away from
Understanding how the human brain
Really works…We’ll get to that…
After all there’s lots more for me to help you
Spill your guts on…

I just wanted to be a farmer…
To have my horses and a nice quiet life…
When I was on that Quest to contact
The Higher Forces…it wasn’t for Power…
It was to find a lost love, a lost soulmate…
To find answers…I never expected that
Angel to be on the receiving end of the Call…
I didn’t expect the gifts…
But I’m pledged to a mission, one I can’t
Let down.

“And hast tho slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
He chortled in his joy.

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.”

Dear Mr. Spacemen…The Good, The Bad…
The Green, The Grey…The Fat Heads…
The Empty Heads too…
Leaders will fall…Heads will roll…
As above, so below…who’s going to trip first?
The Call came…The rules changed…
It’s time to become what we were meant to be.
If you don’t like it…maybe you should invest
In some old board games…
Monopoly, anyone?

That’s all for now.

PS: my artwork: Lady of the Future


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