The Alien Races Book

The Alien Races Book

184 pages of notes on alien races.


  • The Alien Races
  • The Council of 5
  • Alien Files
  • Alien Ships
  • Alien Dixit
  • The Notes and Updates
  • She
  • Final Thoughts

4 comments on “The Alien Races Book

  1. YES!!! Someone posted Dante’s book!! So glad to see this out & circulating!
    Great material & probably the only comprehensive collection out there.

  2. Some of the portraits aren’t QUITE right but it’s great info. Makes we want to expand this into its own wikipedia! For example the mummified body that Dr. Greer has would fit very nicely here.

    • Very true! oh that’d be cool… and probably would be “taken down”..i don’t know..interesting..

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