The Darkness & the Light – Effie

“There was so much information that was shared with me the other night by our friends in the stars it’s hard to know where to begin.  I would almost liken it to an experience with LSD,  with WHOLE ideas and WHOLE thoughts that expand into infinity and you grasp them in a mere millisecond and it’s all so clear.  Like a mural of truth spread out in front of you.  And all you can do is whisper “Oh my God”….over and over.  “It IS real.”

What I understood is that darkness and light are the two dominant forces or energies in this universe that keep everything else balanced and propelled forward in time.  The act of balance actually creates the energy that we call time.  Darkness and light come in infinite forms that at times mirror or appear to be one another,  but are not.  The two eternal forces are interwoven and locked in this embrace and are constantly rearranging and adjusting and evolving,  together,  as one, yet as two individual forces of energy.

All of the fables and myths and books like the bible tell the same story but we have been told over time that it’s just lore or an idea we all share.  Instead of being told it is the truth and we are being deceived and this is a function of the darkness doing what it is here to do.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It is what it is.  Without it the light could not shine.  It is real and it is strong and it is aware of you.  Whether you acknowledge it or not.  As it is with the light as well.  The light and the darkness existed always with or without you.  Now it is with you.

You came into being out of the dance of growth and evolution between the darkness and the light.  In the light as it grew with it’s experience with the darkness,  you were created.  The darkness has also grown and created it’s own beings in it’s own likeness through it’s experience and dance with the light.   And it is time for us to understand all of this as we are participating whether we know it or not.  It is more beneficial to the darkness that we remain distracted and not aware.  It is in the lights best interest for us to acknowledge who we are and the light within at this time.  The evolution of the light and the darkness is at hand and we are all a part of it as we are all a part of this universe.  Of all that was,  is and shall be.

I was shown what appeared to be two ribbons.  One of light and one of darkness.  And I was asked to reach out and grasp which ever one I was drawn to.  I reached for the ribbon of light.  When I touched it the ribbon burst into a trillion stars that surrounded me and went through me and I knew them to be God…When God touches your soul you know it.  A warm sensation went through my body and tears fell down my cheeks.  In total silence.  It took my breath away.  It was the closest I have ever felt to “Home”.  No other way to describe it.  Home.  We all have this choice to make at this time.  Which ribbon we will reach for.  I don’t know what happens when if one should reach for the ribbon of darkness.  I assume something entirely different.

But what they showed me related to the darkness was like a sped up version of the earth over millions of centuries.  Spinning in space.  They have always been here.  The fallen ones.  The dark ones.  This is their home and their domain.  It is we who remain unaware.  Most of us.  Which is how this world is designed.  At this time the veil of deception and darkness is being lifted.  We can feel this strongly and it is what draws the light to us and us to the light.  I saw the earth as a lighter more balanced place long ago,  and as time went by darkness slowly grew and took over until today where most of the world is shrouded and enveloped in the darkness.  So much so it has created an imbalance which must be corrected for the universe to sustain life and to continue evolving.

The beings of darkness were not created in the image of the light or of God.  Those are what we know and see as the grey’s or reptilians or demonic entities.  They can appear as I said earlier as if they are the light or of God,  but it’s a trick.  That’s the main function of the darkness.  To deceive,  to cover,  to obscure,  to challenge,  the light.  It is a function of the light to reveal,  uncover,  illuminate,  and overcome,  the darkness.  Beings of light,  our family and those with whom I have been communicating appear as we do in our human form however their essence can embody anything of the light such as a flower,  an animal,  a cool breeze,  laughter,  a hug.  Or a ball of light or an orb.

We will be going through a time shortly where the darkness is as powerful as it ever has been as it has grown and evolved on it’s own,  as it also has with the light.  It is time for reintegration.  This can appear to our human senses and experience as something violent or horrifying but it is actually a dance,  poetry in the form of darkness and light having a conversation,  working some things out between them.  It is what we witness every time a season changes,  when a child is born,  when a storm comes then passes…then the rainbow.  It’s no different it’s just on a larger scale that will impact and effect everyone and everything on earth and into the universe and beyond.  As it should.

If you are reading this then this message was meant to reach you.  What I was shown is that because of the physics of this dimension when we are born into this place it’s impossible to come with a conscious record of who we are and where we come from.  As infants with such limited comprehension we are unable to retain that information consciously when we arrive.  That is why we have DNA.  Our DNA and our blood have all of the information I was given and more that we will ever need to know.  All that was,  is and shall always be is inside of us.  The parts of our DNA the darkness refers to as “junk” is actually our connection to God and the light and who we are.  The darkness wants us to ignore it and not recognize it as truth or to remember who we are.  But the darkness cannot keep the light from being activated within us as God wove the light into the very fabric of our humanness.  It is inseparable because it is in our DNA.  Cells have memories that the darkness cannot erase,  only hide from us temporarily.  Which it is supremely good at as can be seen in our world all around us today.

When you start to see truth in these words and you feel as if it’s not new information but in fact a memory,  trust that feeling.  This is the light within you,  within your cells and DNA,  being activated.  It is God calling to you from within and when you feel it you will know.  You are NOT forsaken.  Just as you may have felt like all has been lost and where is your God and where is your home?  So will you feel comforted and joyful in knowing God is real and God is not only with you but a part of you and you are a part of God,  you are of the light.  This can never be taken from you if you are truly of the light.  This awakening is happening to you for a reason.  God needs you.  The light needs you to help recover an equal balance again,  between the darkness and the light.  You have a mission that you were chosen for and accepted long ago and now you are being called to serve.  Amen.

Something that I felt was very important for them to share with you and me is an awareness of how the darkness is working in our world and in our lives in it’s final struggle to maintain power over the light and those of the light.  It will do whatever it can to cover and obscure and even extinguish the light if it can.  Whenever you have an argument or misunderstanding with someone you love and who loves you or a friend or coworker,  that is the darkness.  Where there is war and violence erupting or famine or greed,  that is the darkness.  The lines are being drawn and it is important for those of us who are of the light to be vigilant and aware of the darkness so as not to engage or perpetuate it at this time.  Counter darkness with light.  Love each other.  That is the MOST important part of their message.  “Strength in numbers” I heard very clearly many times.  With emphasis on numbers.

Look for number streams…222…1111…123456…444…33.  Look for light, you will see lights,  flashes,  balls of light,  light where there shouldn’t be light,  in the shadows and in corners.  Listen for chimes,  bells,  horns,  whistles…laughter.  Our family in the stars is here with us even when we cannot see them in the sky.  We will be shown more of them,  fleets,  and we will also see the darkness in the sky as well,  trying to appear as the light but you will know the difference.  Look for them and listen for them they want our full attention and understanding.

Do not be afraid for fear is the only weapon the darkness has left to use and it will be used to full effect.  Those who are not reaching for the light and who are not acknowledging their own awakening will be afraid.  Those who choose to hide in the darkness.  They will hide in fear from the light and will not be able to be saved from the darkness and it will be a choice.  It will ultimately be the fear that separates them from us and from the light.  They have come to tell me and you that we should not and will not be afraid because they are here with us and sharing this with us to help us understand as so to be able to resist fear and reach out for the light in those times the darkness uses fear and tries to take us.  The opposite of love is not hate it is fear.  Love equals light.  Fear equals darkness.

Pray and talk to them.  They will respond.  You will have many more coincidences occur in your daily life and moments of profound awe and realizations coming from the most unexpected places.  Believe what you are experiencing because at first it will be hard to process as we are so attuned to our human existence and senses.  The more you engage with the light in an open and complete way,  in total faith and acceptance of what was, is and shall always be,  the better you will feel and closer to home you will be.  It’s a transition and evolution of your own energy along with the light and the darkness. When you feel it try not to resist.  That resistance is the darkness’ last grasp at control utilizing it’s favorite weapon…Fear.  To which you are now immune.

The light is the most powerful of all energies in this universe and is what keeps the darkness from dominating and extinguishing the light completely.  Without light there is only nothing,  and all we associate with nothing.  Loneliness,  pain,  fear and eternal darkness.  You are that light and the light needs you to shine now.  Shine.  And share their message far and wide as the time is upon us to make that choice.  What we will reach out for when the changes come.

Many blessings ALL.



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