A Sip At The Apple And Snake

Ben Naga


Drawn to that old tavern by the harbour
By the whimsy of its swinging sign
A round or two … and then

A well honed long-sword
Sweetened with honey
Slips into a tasty place
Without a tasteful name

Unsure whose deserts though
And lightless, we stroll a while
Down by the river’s cracked mouth

Where it lies, drained and heedless
As if long exhausted of truths
Bleeding its leavings and residues
Back into a dried up and deserted sea

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  1. Brilliant! As in both clever and excellent. 😀 I agree with Leslee, this has many layers. I can see that this particular layer (the finale) we’re still (in part) waiting for.

    It’s funny, but I was wondering the day before I read this what a multidimensional poem would look like. Not that I hadn’t seen them before, but this was right on cue.

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