Transients.Info: The break through concepts — Fifteen big truths in relation to life and spirituality, by Thomas Campbell

By Laron
Physicist, author of My Big TOE (my big theory of everything), and out of body explorer — Thomas Campbell — posts regular videos on his YouTube channel. These videos range from the recorded workshops he has conducted, interviews, and Q&A sessions in connection to his MBT online forum. I consider Tom to be a very reliable and wise source, to follow up on, for those wishing to understand the system of life and to further their own individual and spiritual development.
In the 49 minute video which I have embedded at the bottom of this article, Tom Campbell was asked a question by a member of his ‘My Big TOE’ internet forum. That question is, “What big truths have you discovered in your explorations of consciousness?” (In other words, this is asking what the main points are, which he has picked up from his astral projection (out of body) experiences)

With his response, Tom Campbell states that many people ask where he got the information from, for his book, My Big TOE. He says that many think he was told things, but explains that it is is not the case at all. He says that the system is set-up to provide an individual with opportunities to figure out the topic for themselves — you might be given a nudge, and/or an experience, so that you can then interpret out of that, an answer, based on your own state of being at the time.

He conveys that he had to figure it all out himself, based on research and analyses within his out of body experiences. He came up with a model to explain everything… and it took him about 35 years of astral projection, before he started writing his book, My Big TOE. He states that a large part of his direct experience was in the non-physical realms and locations outside of what we perceive while awake here on Earth.

“All realities are equally real. The one that you are in, is the one that is physical at the time.”

He then starts to get into his ‘break through concepts’ or ‘ah huh moments’. He says that he has fifteen key discoveries in relation to this.

1: “Let understanding and value flow to you, as a result of fixing your self. If you chase it with your intellect, you are unlikely to find it.”
In other words, if you develop your spirituality based on soul progression, many things start to then fit together and ‘growing up’ becomes faster and faster. Growing up refers to the forward momentum with soul progression. For example, from removing fear and ego helps with progression.

2: “Information about physical objects or beings, exist independently of those objects or beings, and is usually available — open source.”
He came to this understanding after he started seeing the aura around people, trees and many living things. He even started seeing an aura around power lines. He tried to then work out what the data was, emanating out from such things. He also learnt how to put in the intent to see the aura around a person without having them in front of him, or seeing their photograph. His point is, the information is there and all it takes is intent to access it. (This is an ability that can come to a person naturally, based on their spiritual / consciousness progression)

3: In non-physical reality, that is non physical virtual reality,

.. in these non-physical realities, they do not have to be foggy, nor do you have to sneak up on it, or ease into it, to process it. No transition ritual process is actually required. [this is not a direct transcription/quote as there are sound problems]
He explains that he started at the lab (with Robert Monroe), such as with a relaxation exercise, and other rituals or activities, such as the binaural beats… the concept was to go asleep and still be aware — that was the idea, he says. But he concluded that you don’t have to do it that way, you don’t need to sit in a chair, lay down, burn incense, ring a bell, etc… you don’t need anything to disconnect your awareness from this physical reality, they are not necessary, he says. They are just tools you use. There is no transition process required. It’s all in relation to intent. He learnt how to go from one state to another, from the physical, into another reality (astral projecting), all with intent. This enabled him to do it much faster (within a second or so).

I suspect that this intent ability of his was not something that could be used strait away, and it took him time to develop spiritually before he could do this. So while we have many different ways of projecting, we go with the way that works for us… and we stick with it. But eventually, if we are able to continue our soul growth here on Earth in a forward momentum, we can learn how to do what he is talking about here. This is a very advanced method that he is able to use, based on his achievements with soul growth.

4: “The history databases are populated by probabilistic models, without free will. You are a probabilist model, with the free will (that is the consciousness and awareness), to interact within an experimental VR.”
He explains how he went to the akashic records (databases) about 40-50 times, to perform experiments to work this out. So this is what most mediums connect to — they connect to the person existing in these databases, 95% of the time. Tom Campbell says mediums don’t usually like this concept, as they feel they are interacting with a real being, not a fake database being — the point is, there is very little difference between a real being and a fake database being, as they are really the same being. This realisation by Tom, is similar to what Charles Webster Leadbeater has taught within his published materiel (He was a member of the Theosophical Society. I have a recent article here in relation to astral projection).

5: “Consciousness is the only active ingredient. The rest is belief, rituals or tools.”
He says you might need these tools, but they are not necessary. You just have to see that they are tools and rituals, but they are not required to do what you need to do. He says this is true with anything that you see… whatever they are doing, consciousness is really the active ingredient.
6: “You create your own personal reality and we create our own collective reality. What you are drives what you experiences and what you do.”
Tom Campbell mentions that this is covered a lot in his book, My Big TOE. Basically, there is a reality out there which we interact with, but our interaction is very individual based on our personal interpretation of that reality. We are creating a reality, in terms of our own experience. Based on how we interact with others, that changes how they interact with us — which changes the nature of the reality we live in. With intent we can modify future probabilities, and not just for each of us, but that future probabilities we impact, affects others. So lots of people are interacting, affecting reach other, nudging probabilities up and down — out of all that mix, we create a collective reality just like we create a personal reality. If you don’t like what your life is like, then you are the one that needs to change.
The solution to our issues lies inside of us, changing what’s inside of us, not changing what’s outside of us (for the most part).

7: “You must take full responsibility for your present quality of consciousness. It is precisely what you have made it.
You need to own it the way you are, because of all the choices you have made, through all the experiences you have had, you are you, you have created you, and if you want to create a different you, then you have to change your intent — change the way you make choices. In other words you can’t blame anyone else for your issues or unhappiness. You are where you are right now, because that is where all your choices have lead you, basically.

8: “There are very few free hand outs given by the larger consciousness system. One must earn ones way to produce change at the being level. Doing, wishing, wanting and expecting, are marginal value — you cannot convert them into change at the being level.”
This was a big lesson for him. There is a big difference to acting and being. From doing an action from the intellect, is very different from being it. For example, you help an old lady across the street because that’s how you are, not being it’s the ‘right thing to do’.

9: “For the most part, you get what you need and what you deserve.”
This means you get the challenges you require to grow in a form you have earned, in a form that is appropriate to you, and you get it just as you need it and just as you deserve it. You are part of the larger systems process for its own evolution, so it wants you to succeed, just like the system is growing as well and lowering it’s entropy (increasing spirituality). If you are getting a lot of crap in life, it’s because that’s what you deserve… that’s what you have created for your self and that is where you have put your self.
But, there are random events that go on, sometimes. For example, someone hits you with their car… it can be random, based on being in a reality with a lot of other freewill individuals which affect each other. From dealing with what you experience, in an a good way, then what will come will be more pleasant. Many people however, can only grow through pain.

10: “Control is an illusion.”
You have the most control over your life and events when you give up trying to control or manipulate anything. Life unfolds perfectly for you, if you stop letting your fear, ego and belief, interfere with the natural unfolding process. Harmony is the natural state, just get out of the way with your fear, ego and expectations and belief, and let it happen. If you try and control your life, and if you put all your energy into doing something, you are putting the emphasis at the wrong end of the process called experience — that’s like manipulating the experience instead of learning from it.

11: “Almost everyone is doing the best that they can. “
(He means that practically, not theoretically). Theoretically we could all do a whole lot better, but practically we are doing the best that we can with the tools and the abilities that we have. We are pretty much all in the same boat struggling with our respective challenges, and accordingly, we should treat each other with love and compassion, rather than anger, frustration and condescension.
Each of us have a desire within to grow up, to become love… that is why there are so many seekers. They have an urge to find out all that they can be. That is a fundamental thing for all of humanity — not just humans, but conscious beings.
12: “Growing up is not about doing, it’s about being.”
Growth — consciousness evolution — must take place at the being level, rather than the intellectual level. He said this was a major ‘ah huh’ moment for him, as he started off being very left brained back in the 1970’s. He explains that those that take home the big pay checks, the intellectual ones, are left brain, and those are the ones that get to the top of the careers, as that is what our culture values. But when you realise that doing — the intellectual control is not where growth is. Growth is about who you are, getting rid of your fear… but not in relation to control, you have to let that control be, and just be who you are. Intellect can get you started, but you need to move beyond that — you need to be. In other words, we need to loose our egoic reactions and actions We need to loose our fear, which I have found is a byproduct of spiritual progression and overcoming obstacles. Through the growth of our soul, we start to respond from consciousness with everything we do in life.

13: “The way the consciousness evolution game works is that stuff happens — we get to choose how we deal with it. We evolve or de-evolve, according to that choice.”
Each of us makes hundreds, probably thousands of small choices every day. Everything we do is a choice and everything we do is done because of an intent that motivates — that intention is the key, not the doing. When you begin to let go of controlling what happens, and focus on how you deal with it, your whole life will take a dramatic change, and things will get easier.

14: “Physical reality is an illusion. [sound cut out} …all is consciousness.”
What we call PMR (Physical reality) is an evolving digital simulation that produces the constraints and interactions, that free will awareness units (like us) must follow. Free will awareness units is just a subset of another entity we we call an individuated unit of consciousness. That’s us. He says this is an idea that came later on, about 35 years into his experiences, out of body.

15: “Physics and metaphysics, ethics and morality, mind and matter, normal and paranormal, ontology and theology, all follow the same rules and are derived from the same basic understanding.”
They are all derived from first principals, and these first principals are basically the first principals of what consciousness is and how consciousness works. Once you understand the fundamentals of consciousness, those same fundamentals will derive all those things. He says this is probably one of the last things he worked out. – The home page for the book trilogy ‘My Big TOE’ – Tom’s past and future events – Thomas Campbell’s YouTube Channel
About the Author
Editor of, Laron is a writer, healer, and consciousness development based spiritual teacher from New Zealand. One passion of Laron’s is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader. You can find Laron on Facebook.
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