Valiant: Knock Knock…The Waking…The Pulse and The Crystal Skulls..

”Where waters smoothest run, deep are the fords,
The dial stirs, yet none perceives it move:
The firmest faith is in the fewest words,
The turtles cannot sing, and yet they love,
True hearts have eyes and ears no tongues to speak:
They hear, and see, and sigh, and then they break.”
The Lowest Trees Have Tops…by Sir Edward Dyer

I would like to thank Dr. Simon Atkns
For having me as a guest on his show this week.
I had a great time.
There just never seems to be enough time
To cover what we want to say,
And frequently we just plain forget.
To amend that, I would like to take time
Here to write this for Simon,
I apologize if I repeat myself, but
Sometimes we have to in order to refresh
Our memories or cover topics again,
Be it for new people who haven’t read it
Or for the sake of it fitting very timely
With current events.

So here it goes…
Maybe it’s no coincidence that so many
People are awakening and seeking answers
As so many big events are coming this year.
The Pulse, which will effect and transform
The world on many levels…

Physically, in us and all living things…
The weather, the planet…
All forces of nature will reset to this energy.
For some it will be amazing, while
For others it will feel apocalyptic…
That’s why I keep emphasizing to be at our
Best always no matter what comes…
These changes will seem frightening
But they must happen…
There comes a point in time when
Things have to change and that time is now.
Too many forces have adversely
Affected life on Earth for far too long…
Both in the ways of manipulating people,
Nature…abusing resources…
And as we now know even trying to
Unnaturally control time itself.

As the natural order fortifies itself
Catastrophes will happen…
That means Earth Changes…
Earthquakes, volcanoes…The Ring of Fire…
And all surrounding areas are highly at risk…
That means the West Coast of the United States,
Major California quakes…The Aleutian Islands…
China and Japan…Nepal…
But the Atlantic is also at risk…
Wherever there are Crystal nerve clusters
Beneath the Earth’s core…And there are
‘Coincidently’ research bases below the
Ground and ocean near them…Dangerous Quakes,
Volcanoes and tsunamis can and will occur
If these Crystal nerve clusters are irritated.

The Best warning Signs…Watch the Birds…
No other animal will be more sensitive to
These events as Birds right now.
If you see the Birds flee…or wake up one
Day and they’ve disappeared. Get out Fast.

The reason for such radical and cataclysmic
Events isn’t just scientific, or prophetic…
A lot of it has to do with the Pulse and
Intensity of the Energy Wave affecting the Earth
And the Crystal Skulls.
The Crystal Skulls, forged in the ancient
World, biblical days…during the days of
Noah…from a time before the Great Flood…
During the Time of what we know as
Adam and Eve…the Time of Atlantis, Lemuria…
And Agartha…
These Skulls, created by the magical hands
Of the Ancient Masters from the 7 Kingdoms
Were designed to store knowledge…
Knowledge that would Protect the
Earth from being abused…
For the civilization that existed then,
Much like t does now,
Was over indulgent, gilded with technology
To make life easy…so that people could
Party all the time.
They abused resources, became blind to threats…
Both from the misuse of technology and
Damage being done to the Planet…
As well as threats from space.

These Skulls, 13 in number, are
Fused with the Power of the elements
And the senses…Earth, Air, Fire, Water…
The balance of nature…
The senses and powers of foresight, intuition…
Manifestation…Divination…Knowledge and Memory,
History and the Recording of…
They have been fooled by the manipulation of time…
For that was one thing not incorporated into
Their creation…
But with the Intensity of the energy wave
Of the Pulse coming…
The Skulls can and will react quickly
In the changes of the planet.
Storms and seasons out of tune…
The Damage done will set us back to a reset
Button…that’s what will bring the next
Ice Age so that the planet can heal.
Nothing can stop this process.
That is why you must be at your best,
It is a true test of who and what you are.
To run and hide now…does not send a good
Message to the Higher Powers.

Mr. Secret Agent Man…
These Days of Changes…That’s why
You needed to seek out the Knights Templar…
To encourage the Freedom and gift of a better
Economy…so that people will not have to
Worry about money at this time.

I’m concerned enough about what’s coming…
A few years ago in a Dream I was
Given a piece of paper with dates on it…
I’ve never mentioned this before
Because honestly I’ve tried not to think
About it…
On it was written the month of
September…with a list of dates…
September 11th was on the list.
As you may guess it was a lot of dates of
Major events…But the 11th was not the
Boldest printed date…
That’s why every year I hold my breath
Through September. It seems destined to be
A month of change…
If the magnitude of the Pulse comes then…
Then all those dates could find themselves
Coming true…Time will soon tell.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
They corrupted our world with abusive science…
With experiments…and the manipulation
Of time…
Build a bridge of faith…And Step out of Hiding
Already, would you please.

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Mother Earth, Mother Bear


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