So excited to drop some hints that ALL ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT will go to press soon!

It’s been a while in the collecting and editing, but the printed book will include MANY more images and new material, especially threading together Native, Star Being, and Inner Earth connections with the Buddhas.


The Illusion of Inactivity has ended.

All About Enlightenment will go to press soon; we’ve been busy gathering and editing. Please let us know if you need help finding an article – we’ve hidden some while we’re updating.

Thank you!

lhamo dorje floating in space

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      • Yes thank you, although always finding insufficient time to accomplish everything I have in mind, Such as replying to your last e-mail for one. 😳 Often think of you none the less. If only you lived just down the road or at least round the corner.An insufficiency of directly available dimensions, perhaps? 🙂

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