Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 26SEP2015

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (26 September 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.



  1. I was playing some kind of online card game. There are a lot of these now, after web browser technology became advanced enough. It was some kind of Magic clone. For those who do not know what it is, here is a pic from wikimedia:

    It can be described as a tactical military card game, where the cards represent armies and resources. In the computer version of these games, playing a card will be followed by an animation of the army’s advancement.

    This dream took the card game a lot further, playing the cards made real 3-dimensional fantasy creatures appear in an arena in front of me. I was fighting an unknown opponent, and I was winning all the time. The arena was outside, in my yard, it was completely dark, black in all directions like a black fog, except for the arena and my hand of cards that was lit up. Winning all the time was boring and I used the computer game function to auto-play the matches.

    Of course, as soon as I did this, I suddenly faced a strong and clever opponent, and my armies were defeated. XP
    The monsters now went towards me as if they were going to attack me. Suddenly a ghostly figure appeared behind one large beast-like creature. It looked a bit like the japanses ghost girl they use to scare people in those candid camera videos from asia. She brought out two long needles – one in each hand – and stabbed the enemy creature in the neck from both sides. The creature collapsed, and the ghostly shape jumped straight up into the air and was gone. The large creature had a ward, who was looking nervously around, and then suddenly was stabbed in the forehead by another needle. It happened so fast that I never really saw the shape pass by.

    I was now alone in the lit up circle, sourronded by total darkness and silence. Suddenly the ghost girl puts her small, cold hands on each side of my neck, and says in my ear: “it’s very cold, isn’t it?”
    It sounds like a horror movie scene but there was something strangely sensual about her touch.

    At this moment I woke up.

  2. Another dream experience

    dreamwalker444, this one is a continuation of our long discussion from before.

    It’s not a dreamflight but it was certainly a dream experience. At first I didn’t think it was appropriate to tell this one, but now I feel that it is alright. It has to do with those supposedly old, somewhat “dark” forces that have been trying to connect, but not in a negative way. Like what I described before, the feeling is of someone who realizes their need to negotiate and are retraining themselves becasue it is in their interest… This was the resume, the dream will follow in next comment box…

  3. Forgive my ignorance if you are Leslee – Dreamwalker…..if so check your inbox(the one supplied on this site) please.
    (Sunday just gone, Maybe Saturday your time if you’re in the States)
    I hope I do not sound impolite but my ”instincts” tell me to hurry.

    Rich x

    • Hi Rich, please check your email – I sent you a response based on the address you have in wordpress. Sounds like we may have some time zones to deal with but all is otherwise well. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for your reply.
    I meant private contact with you guys.

    I have also been in contact with entities including a negative one specifically related to the New Dawn, Earth changes and Solar entities….I may have useful info as I have some knowledge about what you guys and girls are doing. Tried contacting by other methods without success.

    I’ve had GR for years. It was around the beginning of August that the events I need to communicate with you folks began to occur….

    Please can someone contact me privately… (Eg Site Mod? Dream Walker?)

    I tried to contact Leslee at the weekend.

    Peace,love and light


  5. I found myself in a large, well lit place with lots of ppl, maybe a mall? There were sounds and movement and I followed the crowd until I found myself outside a room where there were computers set up inside, I had the impression of a classroom. A young man, presumably the teacher, approached me , and said: Please Madam, turn your computer off! I looked in front of me, a pc was there on a table. I had no memory of turning it on to begin with, but looked for a likely button, depressed the button with a small green light shining on it. With small click the computer stopped and I woke up.

  6. Thanks Nils – I think this dream is very relevant to “right now” although I guess there are a few different ways things could go. I’ve heard we are in “good hands” though there still may be a few eggs broken in the process of making their omelette.

    In the french movie “the green beautiful” they talk about how their society experienced a global economic collapse which then led to a need for improved social programs and less greed. I assumed it featured people from another planet… but maybe they were simply time travellers. I guess it’s hard to know how things will happen until they happen. 🙂

  7. I had a clear dream, but retelling it, it doesn’t sound like much.

    I somehow found some money in paper bills, and it seemed noone wanted them. I was going through some things at a place with a “public” feel to it. It seemed like a house were someone had died or a bancrupt business had rented and then just left things the way they were.

    Some paper bills were danish and some from eastern Europe or Africa, they had really large sums on them as if the inflation was high there. I kept the danish bills and was thinking about where I could exchange them into a useful currency.

    • Hi Rich, you might like to play with Ghost Radar, which is an app for your phone or tablet. It takes a bit of getting used to… it’s a similar idea to how people contacted the “Black Knight” satellite.

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