Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…Conversation with the Man in Black…

*SONG* “Eyes Without a Face” by Billy Idol

It’s a series of never-ending signs…warnings…
One after another for years…
But who wants bad things to happen…?
I sure don’t…
I only want the happy ending,
One that each and everyone deserves.
Is it possible? Can’t it happen?
But the more you search, the more
You find…and the more scary things become.

People will always doubt and question…
That’s their job. Don’t blame them. In fact
In their points of view you can often find the
Answers you…seek…

The clues and answers are there…
What they (Big Brother) don’t want is for anyone
To connect to seek out and find others of
Like mind to solve things…
To connect with the right people…

Mysteries…everywhere you turn…
No one trusts information anymore
Because history has been so distorted and
Edited. We all sense it. Go with your gut…
Now more than ever…because it’s those future
Generations that will pay the price…
We have to change things…
The world has to change…because it sucks.

There was a shimmering of light, a warm
Feeling…then a pull…Then there were
The fractal reflections on lights on crystals all
Around…And I was sitting on this large rock…
One very familiar…
Then he was standing there in front of me…
That clean crisp white dress shirt…The chiseled
Features of his face as he casually smiled…
“Hello, my friend.” Varence said as he took a
Seat on the giant rock in front of me…
He turned to nod, as Ceres stepped into view,
With that magical smile of hers…then she too sat
Down calmly, elegantly. “We,” he said, “wanted
To have a more private conversation with you
This time…”

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, no,” Varence answered fast, “Everyone was
Quite impressed last week…In fact they are
Eager to talk with you again very soon.”

Ceres rolled her eyes. “Politics…the relentless craving
To know as much as possible, as fast as possible…
Is it ever any different anywhere?”

“They were impressed.” Varence replied smiling
With his eyes.

“Of course they were,” Ceres snapped.
“Regardless of the effect on him…” She leaned
Forward very kindly… “You did a great job…I am
So sorry it made you so sick…That’s why I
Insisted Damara be there.”

“Thank you.” I said to her. “I’m sorry it made
Me sick too.”

“That’s how these things work,” Ceres
Explained. “Traumatic experiences…reliving
The memory of them brings with them anything
You felt or experienced at the time…including

“But they insisted,” Varence responded plainly,
“Including Rana.”

“She is too harsh sometimes, too
Pushy.” Ceres sighed. “Though I rather enjoyed
Her slapping you a few weeks ago.”

“A few weeks ago?” I nearly laughed. “How could
That be…that happened months ago.”

“We are not in your time line, remember?”
Varence said.

“For us,” Ceres added as she smiled
Mysteriously. “It was not that long ago at all.”

“Are you ever going to explain this to me?” I

“Someday…to you…” He answered with that
Secretive smile. “But not now, not for them…”

“As if they would understand it?” Ceres said,
Shaking her head. “Play them some vulgar
Music or toss them a ball…THAT, they will

“Ceres…” He sighed. “Must you?”

“Just who exactly was watching last time…”
I asked… “In that room…past the circle of golden

“You really want to know?” He asked.

“Oh just tell him, please.” Ceres interrupted
Sharply, having our eyes lock… “Elders of
The senate, like my brother Brishan…”

My eyes went wide. “Why?”

“Because they wanted to see for themselves.” Varence
Explained. “You realize that
Motto seeing is believing…is not limited to
Just the Earth.”

“Oh joy.” I could only say.

“Which is why many of us believe politics does
Not share a seat with wisdom…or faith.” She laughed.

“Ceres…” Varence rolled his eyes. “Say something
Nice if only once, please?”

“Why was it so important?” I asked… “This
Questioning about what I knew about

“Please try to understand,” Varence asked…
“In some ways Nibiru is not like others…
They have time manipulation technology…
But they misuse it.”

“So they are unaware of you?” I

“Mostly,” Varence said as he reached out to
Put his hand on mine. “They know some
But not all…not by any means…”

“They make wonderful little dessert dishes.”
Ceres said. “Quite elaborate. Desserts are
An obsession on many worlds.”

Varence looked at her curiously. “What?”

“You said say something nice.” She smiled.
“There, I did.”

He made a quirky expression, then almost
Laughed, but instead just smiled. “The point
Is that they now realize we have
Something special here. Something we have
Been working carefully on.”

“They knew that before.” Ceres snapped.

“But to witness it is an entirely different
Story.” He said.

“Oh please.” Ceres sighed loudly.

“Don’t look at me that way.” I told them.
“It’s not like I’m going to part the Red Sea…
Shoot lightning bolts out of my eyes.”

They laughed quietly. “You have not reached
Your full potential yet…No one knows what
To expect with you…not even us.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing…” Varence
Instructed. “Whatever this is it’s evolving on its

“You scare me when you talk like that.” I said.

“Every little thing right now is so
Important…” He said.

“Which is why we asked Rana for a
More calm, less urgent meeting with you
This time.” Ceres added.

“We realize the impact it has on you,” Varence
Said, “We know you…much longer than

“Thank you.”

“You see my tactics are not so bad, are they?”
Varence asked… “Some say my riddlesome ways
Are like torture…but I always get my point out
To who I wish…Now that,” he said, pointing his
Finger at the notebook, “That’s called timing.”

Ceres rolled her eyes and tilted her head…
“You just can not omit the opportunity to
Stroke your ego…can you? Player of words?
Master of timing? Shall I take notes too
Then…Follow you around writing down all
Your precious quotes and reasoned timing?
I wouldn’t have to wait long since sheer
Brilliance rolls right off your tongue
Perfectly…The everlasting genius.”

“Why thank you for the compliment, Ceres.”
Varence smiled at her. “I like that…Everlasting

She pinched her eyes, staring at him. “I am
Resisting the urge to slap you, you should know.”

He took a breath and smiled, “I think we
Should begin now?”

“Yes, I think we should.” She agreed sarcastically.

“What else could I tell you?” I asked. “You know
Everything about me.”

“It’s not about that.” Varence said plainly. “It’s
About sharing things you know in your writing
At the right time.”

“Part of his process.” Ceres teased.

“Remember those 13 men? The heads of the most
Powerful families that rule your world…” He
Lowered his eyes… “The first to question you about
The Angel.”

“Yes.” I was shocked.

“Ah, those Black Stealth helicopters…” He laughed.
“Of course only the most advanced are sent
Out on such missions…And they are completely

“They are still revolting.” Ceres snapped.

“No, I was thinking it’s time to share
That little visit you had with the man
In black?”

“Oh OK.” I said. “Yes I remember that…It was
In February 2013…Actually that’s when a lot
Of the visits started increasing…I thought I
Was losing my mind…”

“Not at all.” Varence said calmly with a
Smile… “Please tell it…Please?”

“Well…” I said… “It was a normal night…
Normal day nothing special…But then what
Is normal anymore?
It was before my birthday…
I had woken up really early…to go to the
Bathroom….Which was very normal…
And there he was…a man sitting in the corner
Of my room in the shadows safe from being seen.
I could tell though he wore a black suit, and sunglasses?
Despite being in the shadows that was odd…

He was calm, well composed… “Relax,” in a deep
Voice he said. “I am not here to harm you at all…
I read and follow your posts…They’re very informative.”

Varence smiled. “You see…And?”

“He said there is something I want to tell you,
Share with you, and I would like you to put
It into your posts for people to know.”

“OK?” I weakly said still half asleep…

“Now it’s not important who I am or who
I work for…Just know I work for those
In power…Just one of many non-existing
Agencies that do jobs that do not exist.”


“But there are those of us who are tired of
Things…sick of what is going on…But even
More sick that no one notices or pays attention
To do anything…So we are, in a sense, privately
Taking matters into our own hands.”


“It is good to meet you…Mr. Valiant.” I couldn’t
See his face, but I knew he was smiling…a really,
Really wide smile. “The point is I am here
Because there are things you need to know…
Do you remember when you did those
First radio shows about your book…and then
You talked about having dreams of meteors…
Giant asteroids hitting the planet?”

“Yes, of course.” I told him.

“They were not just dreams…They were
Supposed to have happened…but you know how
They fixed that, don’t you?”

I was stunned. “I think so.”

“You need to know…You need to tell people…
This meteor threat is far from over…It’s very
Real…And more will keep coming…
They have defensive systems that they assume
Can handle it.”


“We’re not sure who is sending them,” he went
On; “But I think you do…Whoever they are
They have this power…We know more are coming,
That more will be sent until the desired effect
Is achieved. And that would be the destruction
And annihilation of certain capital cities…
Please tell them in your posts that more
Asteroid threats are coming…Enough of the
Right people will believe…And do not trust the news.”


“They will do anything to stay in power…
To do things their way. And it has to stop.” He
Said. “You say that in your posts…I
Guarantee people will listen…they will.”

“That’s all he said to me, honest.” I told
Them. “That was enough.”

“Hmmm…” Varence smiled.

“And who, say a prayer,” Ceres added, “Could
He possibly be talking about? Who could have
That kind of power?” She smiled, crossed
Her legs, then crossed her hands over her knee,
Playing with her fingers.

“Oh I am not so sure,” Varence responded
Innocently, “There are races out there that specialize
In such things…destroying their enemies with
Asteroids…It appears quite natural, these
Threats from space…considering the variable…A
Form of innocent annihilation.”

“That’s awful.” I told them, “As if life wasn’t
Scary enough.”

“There are worse things…” Varence said, looking

“I don’t even want to know.” I said numbly.

“Stop playing with him and just tell him.” Ceres
Said in a rebellious tone.

“There were others who asked you things,” he leaned
Forward resting his forearms on his knees. “How

“I really couldn’t say,” I told him.
“After a while it happened so often I lost track,
I stopped counting. But I do remember
More of those blue uniformed people.”

“Really?” He asked curiously.

“Were they your people?” I asked.

“Bill, until recently…and by recently I am
Referring to your time…there have only been
Three of us here on this outpost. And we could not
Leave the ship…Again, not until recently.”

“So if anyone tries to tell you different,
That’s how you’ll know, they’re misleading in the
Wrong direction.” Ceres explained.

“So who were they?” I asked.

“Any number of them wear the blue uniform…”
Varence said. “Their names aren’t as important
As are, were, their actions…What happened with them?”

“One appeared right after the man in black
With his meteor/asteroid warning.” I told them… “Only
He was very different…he took me
On this platform and showed me things,
This huge hologram of the Earth and the vast
Changes of virtually all coastlines on the Earth.
Nothing looked the same or recognizable
In any way shape of form…It was as if
The whole planet had moved or shifted…
Florida and Mexico I remember most because
They were farther north…I didn’t even recognize
The United States…Everything just looked so
Different…The man explained that some were
Slow surprising changes…While others were the
Cause of a sudden dramatic shift. He
Explained it in a very calm open manner…He said
I should tell people not to trust the weather,
Because that was a big part of it…”

“If this man that showed him this hologram
Of the Earth…” Ceres said sharply to Varence,
“A progressive Earth changing hologram…That
Would mean he had access to time technology…
And we know who that is limited to.”

“Someone appeared to him without my
Knowledge?” He scowled. “How is that possible?”
I see everything that goes on…”

“Someone slipped past the all-seeing Apollo?”
Ceres said sarcastically, wide-eyed with
Dramatic shock. “Who could imagine?
That’s just impossible…It couldn’t have happened!”

Varence made a sour expression, curled his lip
With his eyes upward. “I did not mean that.”

“The universe would perish first before the
Mighty Oberon missed something.” She said,
Holding her chest.

“Please…” He moaned…

“His eyes behold all things…nothing gets past
Him.” She somewhat growled.

“Ceres…” He pinched his eyes shut. “Must you?”

“Must I, what?” She asked. “Mock your
All seeing power? Doubt that you could have
Overlooked something? Please…I thought that
Was the point here…because there is so much
Going on…because there are so many
Involved in this whole diabolic scheme…It’s
Impossible to determine absolutely all variables
Until you look more carefully and deeply into
Each subject of interest?”

“Thank you for that insight from our
Leaders, Ceres.” He said sarcastically. “What is
Next, will you be quoting protocol?”

“No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous,” she
Snapped. “My point is that even you, believe it
Or not…miss things…my dear.”

“My dear?” He laughed. “I know how it sounds,
But we specialize in these things…we are trained
For it…especially to notice time travelers.”

“And is it so hard to believe you could miss one?
That one slipped by your eyes, or dare I say it 2?”
She asked.

He scowled. “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
What else do we do here but study, study…to
Watch for those sorts of anomalies…It’s just
Doesn’t happen…” He said.

Her jaw dropped. “I cannot believe that you
Would just confess to being so blatantly
Arrogant? That nothing could get past you?”

“I did not.” He said.

“Of course you did!” She said, laughing, her eyes
Spinning about. “As if this position has gone
To your head granting some idea of being
Some all seeing power because you are able
To witness changes in ways others cannot.”

“But that’s the point.” He defended. “It’s our
Job…The only way another Watcher could get
Past me was if they were from our same

“So you’re suggesting other Watchers were
Watching us?” Ceres asked.

Varence’s eyes nearly burst. “Ceres, you’re brilliant…
Of course others would be watching us…Him…
This post…especially if headquarters knew
It was significant…Many would have their eyes
Fixed on us…on him, our friend.” He said
With wide-eyed revelation. “Ceres, you are

She smiled cautiously at the compliment. “Why
Would others be necessary?”

Varence laughed hard. “Why were you not de-posed
For interfering with the bears? Because they knew
Something special was happening here…and would
Keep happening…and that even you and I
Played significant roles.”

“Oh please.” She rolled her eyes.

“The things you’ve done with the animals…The
Strange friendships between different species you’ve
Encouraged…especially with your love of saving babies
Of all kinds.”

“I can’t save all of them,” she defended, “I’ve but
Barely saved any compared to those that
Were lost. Of course you know I try to encourage
Those things…”

“Exactly…” He held up his finger.

“What are you talking about?” She scowled…

“Because our superiors…know my nature, as they
Know yours…” Varence said, gesturing with a smile
Between them…

“What are you talking about?” She insisted.

“Our superiors know the situation.” Varence
Smiled. “They know the variables…but most
Of all…They know you will interfere
At pinnacle moments…that’s priceless…as you
Have inspired me to interfere at key moments,
Which is invaluable.”

She rolled her eyes. “Your ego…It’s like watching
A supernova…”

“My point is they know how we compliment
Each other…and that’s what they’re counting on.”
He gestured to me with open hands… “They even
Just sent me a message through one of his dreams.
Think about it.”

“I don’t want to start thinking like you, that
Truly scares me.” She said carefully. “So what
Does that mean then…What comes next?”

“Exactly!” He exclaimed pointing his finger. “What
Comes next?”

“This is why cats run from him.” Ceres said sarcastically.
“Huge egos terrify them.”

He scowled, rolled his eyes then resolved his
Thinking in a wordless laugh…Then pointed… “You
Can stop writing for now…rest…this is getting