Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…The Ancients…And the Ancient Masters of Earth…

*SONG* “Believe” by 2002

“It was but the beginning…
From the simple nothings of a primitive
World of nature’s giants…plants, animals,
To the chance meeting turned furious
Battle of two long space held slave ships…
Or was it destiny?
The slaves of the Empire…
The Adams and the Eves of long lost
Conquered human worlds…
The men and women who had never seen
Each other’s gender before…to come together
On a virgin world…Terra formed…Earth…
Trapped, crashed upon it…to inevitably
Colonize it…reshape it…
A Garden of Eden for a new human race…”

“My Heavens,” Ceres said rolling her eyes,
Twisting a lock of her golden hair around
Her finger… “Are your words ever abbreviated?
To the point? So wordy…Just get on with
The next part please.”

“I was getting there,” Varence attested as
He sat beside her patiently…his hands
Gesturing the magnitude of his words
Dramatically… “Patience…”

“He speaks,” Ceres said pointing to the
Notebook, “Telling the story…drawing you in…
Knowing I was but utterly fascinated by
It…and yet each opening of our posts
Must be some magnificent wordy opening.
Just say it. Tell me the key points…I’ve
Spent enough years with your word games…
Just say it will you.”

I had to smile with an arched brow!

“Fine,” he said, “Ask me then…What—“

“What became of Jansen, Hollis, Sara, Jonath
And the others?” Ceres asked…She pointed
To the notebook. “They clearly can refer
Back to details where you abruptly ended
The last part…continue will you.”

“Abruptly ended?” He scowled. “Such things
Must be told carefully…The details could have
Gone forever…”

She groaned. “Varence!”

“Perhaps we should inform them of the
Immediate changes to this address and
Storytelling.” He said pointing to the notebook…
Smiling, tilting his head…

She rolled her eyes again…

He politely nodded to me, the notebook…
“There have been some changes here…since
A few…unexpected effects…shook our…

“Just tell them.” She said.

“The vote was to let Ceres speak on
Behalf of her sisters,” Varence said,
“And myself of course…Resuming our
Roles as was held with the Bell Tolls…
That we should continue as before…
As it was more…” He looked at her
For approving words… “Successful?”

She groaned at him, then turned to
Me sharply with a mischievous smile
And waved at the notebook, “Hello
Great thinkers of Earth…Yes, I shall
Be speaking from now on…”

I had to laugh…I had wondered…

“It was for your benefit mostly,” Varence
Nodded to me… “Since we are the most familiar

“He had no objections what-so-ever,” Ceres
Said tilting her head oddly at him, “In fact
His glee was quite obvious…”

Varence tilted his head similarly towards her.
“Ah and the readers should but pray
For her ever kind and cheerful words
Of praise…”

“I have said nothing rude!” She attested…

“Nor kind either.” Varence said with eyes
Wandering sarcastically…

“May we continue with the story now?”
She asked…

“Forgive me,” he nodded, “What was it
You wanted to know about your Jansen
And Hollis…or did Sara catch your mind
As well? Jonath? Nira was involved as well
You remember…”

“What are you insinuating?”

“What details do you wish to know?” He asked.
“How they managed this group? Copulation?”

Her jaw dropped so fast. “You are utterly
Revolting!” Ceres exclaimed. “I was not
Speaking in that sense…”

“Intercourse?” He sarcastically, if but
Foolishly corrected.

“You are despicable!” Ceres shouted, nearly
Losing her manner; she really appeared as
Though she would hit him. “The way your
Mind works…to have them think I
Wonder in such ways. NO! I was not
Speaking of such things! YOU are the one
Who studied that part no doubt, I was—“

“Ah yes, of course…The love.” Varence
Quickly replied. “How they loved one another…
Or managed to…in such a group…”

She sighed, staring upwards, seeming to
Pray for virtuous strength to withstand him.
“Yes.” Ceres simply agreed.

“Well,” Varence said calmly… “As the story
Goes…They all did sincerely grow to love
One another…but not as an entire
Group…it was more fragmented…But this
Happened the same way for many, many
Of the Adams and Eves…for generations…”

“Really?” Ceres was intrigued. “How?”

“Well,” he explained, “You see…As I said
Earlier…as I studied on the Adam ship…
Hollis and Jansen were the key players
I believe…Without them, I wonder if it
Would have ever worked at all…
Hollis, the former wild playboy…was in
Fact completely, deeply in love with Jansen…
That only grew…it never changed…
In fact once they were reunited their
Bond became admirably strong…even
Inspirational to the others…
I believe it even inspired many other
Unions…as the men and women really
Had no idea what to do with each other
Physically…They did however become
Completely obsessed with love…
Hollis would but hold only one in his heart,
Jansen…and would do anything for him…
In other words…Hollis never was with
Another…But he saw how his beloved
Partner was torn apart by feelings…feelings
He so deeply admired…

Jansen had feelings for Sara…Hollis accepted
It, allowed it…and though it bothered him
At times…He loved Jansen so much he
Learned to live with it for fear of losing
So it was Sara and Jansen that
Had the first children…”

“Really?” Ceres said. “That’s interesting.”

“But then Jonath was so overtaken with
Jansen also…and at times they were
Together…Again Hollis allowed it…
But then Nira and Jonath over time
Developed feelings for each other…and they
Too produced children…
So this became their family group…”

“Jansen was with them all?” Ceres was
Truly stunned.

Varence became very polite, direct. “Let me
Be clear…Because, believe me, this surprised
Me as well…It was NEVER an orgy ever…
All of it happened very slowly…very isolated
Over time…In pairs only…only in pairs…
Hollis was never with anyone else but
At times Jansen and Sara were together…
Sara was with Nira…
Jonath at times with Jansen…
Jonath then eventually with Nira…”

“So Hollis,” Ceres was amazed, “This former
Relentless playboy…never explored any of
This further at all?”

Varence swore to it. “I tell you…truly…Hollis
Was entirely taken over by this love for Jansen…
He must have been taken so strong…he
Never ever strayed from his devotion…it
Weighed heavily on him…and it weighed very
Heavily on Jansen, so much so it nearly
Tore him apart many times…
If anything, of all of them Jansen suffered
Tremendous guilt for the weight of the
Feelings…he had for them all…even though
It was critical glue that kept them
Together…and like I said, inspired many
Others to do the same.
This entire group dynamic of how they,
The men and women, came to understand
Each other…physically, emotionally…
Took years! Through the generations, it
Was their children…and children’s children
That ultimately set up the eventual
Monogamous relationship…
But in truth, the first people…had a
Very confused, very broad, very open
Understanding of committed relationships…
As it would be throughout history…
True one on one devoted, pair monogamy
Was rare…precious…and highly, very
Highly desired, pursued and revered among
Anything else.”

“That sounds chaotic,” Ceres said, “Even

Varence laughed. “You should see the state
Of the world at present…relationships…
Commitment…I swear it mirrors the very
Days of the Adams and Eves on Earth…
The similarities are quite striking actually…
Almost as if in some way history is
Repeating itself…The constant quest they
Have for the concept of a soulmate, which
Varies so much within each of them…it
Is relentless…full of fantasy…And rarely

“But that is like that everywhere.” Ceres
Attested… “The entire soulmate ideal…
Sought after everywhere…it knows no rules…
No bounds…success is rare…”

“Perhaps that is why this particular group
Intrigued me so…” Varence said.

Ceres nodded. “I can see that…It is interesting,
But we could discuss that on and on…”

“True.” He nodded. “This one,” he said gesturing
Towards me… “I’ve watched him for years…
You should see his experiences there…Now that
Would no doubt have you entertained.”

“Why?” Ceres asked.

“Can you please leave that for another time.”
I told them. “I would rather just stick to
The topic…You know where I stand on
That…that was established YEARS

“Alright.” Varence agreed. “True, the
Matter at hand…The Adams and Eves
And how they became the Ancients…

As I’ve said before…I was taken with
This particular group more than others…
And watched their descendants for generations…
It took some time…but surprisingly
It was not very long before these groups…
Became basically complex family units…
That became towns…that shaped
Great cities…

Born through these complex ideas of
How men and women should be, shaped
By love and devotion…fueled by the need
To survive…to improve…Their descendants
Had the advantage of this technology the
Adam and Eve ships left them with so that
They could build cities quicker…
And they did…such as Atlantis, the islands
Of Attan and Avalon…of Mu and

“Yes, that’s quite fascinating, but,” Ceres
Interrupted… “I’m more interested right
Now in the Hollis, Jansen, Sara bloodline…
Which land did they build?”

“Atlantis,” Varence told her… “As well as
It’s counterparts Attan…where the Temple
Of the Great Ancient Masters began…
And its mystical sibling Avalon…which
Shrouded itself into magical legend.”

“And the Lion Men?” Ceres further
Went on… “What happened to them?”

“They continued their interactions with
Humans,” Varence explained. “But very
Limited…They became more aloof…
They built their great legendary Lion
Temple…which you know survived
The cataclysm to seed Egypt where
They built that civilization around its
Remains…reshaping its ruins into
The Sphinx…
But the Lion Men only lived so
Long…at most 500 years…There were
Some hybrid offspring produced with
Eves that dwelt with the Lion Men but—“

“What did you say?” Ceres asked raising
Her hand to stop him as her brow raised
In shock… “Hybrid offspring?”

I have to note my eyes bulged also.

“Hybrid offspring.” Varence said calmly as
Though it were nothing… “Produced with
The Eves…Remember I told you earlier
The Eves were bred to be viable breeders
With any species…that is how the Empire
Made them.”

“You never told me this!” She insisted.

“You never asked.” He replied slyly.

“What happened to them?” Ceres almost

Varence resisted the answer… “Some
Maintained the Temple…Some helped
Forge the Ancient Masters Temple…
Some were taken when the Empire came
To conquer the planet…And some
Retreated into an…underworld…where
Some forged a Hollow Earth existence.”

“What?” Ceres was shocked.

Varence nodded to the notebook. “Most
Will not believe this though…but they
Contributed to the legends of the Cat people…”

“I never sensed this before.” She
Informed him.

“You never went into the depths of
The planet…into what lay there.” He
Told her. “So few have…They were
Extremely elusive however…One
Could not find those remains or trails
Unless they knew where to look…Over
Time however…As they were able to
Mate with humans…They became
Less cat-like, or lion-like…and more
Human in appearance.”

It appeared as though Ceres would
Actually slap him. “I cannot believe
You withheld this from me…”

“What was there to tell?” He asked…
“By the time you came they appeared
Human looking…almost completely…”


“Well,” he confessed, “they did retain
Some genetic gifts…but by far they
Intermingled with the human population
By then…But anyway.” He said
Shaking his head…”We digress…I
Was to tell of the Ancients…and the
Ancient Masters.”

“Again you play mind games on me.” Ceres
Insisted impatiently… “First with Hollis and
Jansen…Now these…cat people?”

“It’s a matter of relevance.” Varence told her.

“Everything is relevant!” She declared. “Particularly
If you are saying the Lion Men had children
With human women!”

“Its not as if there were hundreds of them,
Ceres.” Varence told her. “They were a small
Part of the population.”

“That’s all you will say of this?” She was not

“The point,” Varence explained, “Is that the
Adams and Eves built these cities…These
Fantastic cities that by far surpassed
Present Earth.

But the problem was always the dynamic,
The nature of the Adams and Eves…
The structured society…Their ideas of
True love…free love…of complex family
Units…multiple husbands…multiple wives…
Greatly contributed to the weakness of the
Civilizations of the Ancients…

They were too free in their relationships…
Too hormonal…Too corrupt…The romantic
Notions of soulmates was seriously
Misunderstood…They were too eager to love…
Or rather, copulate…what they called
Love…some would consider…an indulgent
Way of life…full of excuses…lack of
Commitment…and it was their weakness,
Their downfall…And it made them
Susceptible to all forms of impressionistic

I had to laugh. “Boy…that sounds
Strangely familiar.”

“Why?” Ceres asked.

“Because,” Varence laughed, “He knows…
He hears it in my words…how history
Is repeating itself…And
When that happens…do does its

“There must be some positive aspect
To this though.” I said to him. “You
Say these Ancients built these fantastic
Cities…but were corrupt in their personal
Lives, in their multiple complex relationships…
So what good came of it then?”

“Ah,” Varence said, holding up his finger
Like some miraculous idea swept through
Him… “But that is it…That’s where
I explain how the story of origins
Did have its benefits…”

“Go on then.” Ceres said, waiting for his
Riddle-some revelation…

“As I said,” Varence went on… “It was their
Children and children’s children that made
The breakthroughs…for truly, as it has
Always been parents learn through their
Children in those…reflections of youth
And themselves of what they were, weren’t
And what to be…

Over time, the generations produced these
Marvelous children…prodigies…in their
Sciences…arts…and spirituality…children
With gifts of wisdom and discipline their
Parents lacked…

Now each of the great cities born had their
Own belief systems…but the one
Thing they shared in common was
Their child prodigies…
And this is where the Ancient Masters
Came from…over time, refining itself
Through generations…a powerful wisdom
Of accumulated knowledge grew…

Think of it as an enduring religion that
Embraced many things…science and
Spirituality…magic and logic…
Those with special gifts gathered in
These special schools that brought
All this knowledge together…First,
Each into the great cities separately.
But then, as these schools saw
They had each unique expertise
They then saw it best to come together
And make one great almighty
School…of the Masters…whose
Understanding surpassed all others…

Kings and Queens sought their counsel.
Science grew from their breakthroughs…
Very quickly what was once a concoction
Of many ideas became one formidable
Power…not to be taken lightly…
And the world grew this way…progressed…

Laws and morality became understood…
Concepts of virtue…
The Masters embraced the graces of
Humility with wisdom in pathways to
Pursue spiritual enlightenment…the
Understanding and appreciation of nature…

The school of the Masters became a
Very powerful academy…for only the best
Of the best…
Which allowed the rest of the world
The advantages of harvesting the miracles
Of this knowledge…

The cities of the ancient world then
Became more lazy, indulgent…superficial…
All the while the Masters became
Increasingly more disciplined and wise…

There was a conflict of superiority here…
As the mighty kings of
The lands proclaimed their…ruler-ship,
Or rather dictatorship…demanding
All that the Masters knew be shared
To make the world…easier…

Now this frustrated the Masters, so
They became more secretative…their
Schools more isolated from the world
That was corrupt…it was a conflict
That proved never-ending, however they
Did get along…for the sake of the
People…of the planet…

But the Masters became greater…
Not only gaining insight into higher
Spirituality…of things like ascension,
Psychic gifts…and magic…but also
The complex understanding of nature
And its complete workings…and even
More so…the great harmony of things…

It was quite a world…magnificent, majestic
The people were not filthy or slobs
Roaming in rags…Everything was
Refined…elegant…regal in culture,
Clothing…their arts…

There was no poverty or slums…no
Starving lands…All the people were
Always taken care of…and healthy…The
Masters managed this…more so than the
Politics of the age…Kings and Queens
Were but superficial icons, orators…
Technically…tools, symbols for the people
To believe in…while the Masters secretly
And truly held the power…

But the amazing thing was the Masters did
Not abuse this…if anything they truly
Wanted to protect the well-being of
The planet of nature…
It was a fascinating civilization to
Study really…perfect in many ways…

But, despite all the tremendous advancements
Of the time…There was only one thing, one
Huge mystery that always remained…
Where did they come from?
Where had these ancestral Adams and
Eves, human slaves of some elusive empire
Truly originate from?

For all their psychic gifts and divination…
None could agree on origins…

The more they sought these answers, the
More confusing it became…

In the great Temples of the Masters,
There were always those of greater
Skill…Elders…elected by their skills
Above others, chosen by the cycles of
The moon…There were always 13
Held high above the others…

And they led the way for answers, each in
Their own way…each with their own
As with all religions…One person’s views,
Or rather visions…saw different answers…
Some communed with the entities of
Different dimensions who gave answers,
Puzzling pieces and fanciful names
Describing human origins…

But you must remember entities from
Other dimensions understand things
Differently than the physical world…
Names, events…details, stories…are but
Many things to them…They will weave
Some magical lore to entice the one
Who calls them…appealing to their ego…
To grant them a story to build them
Up rather than tell a truth…
Or rather stretch the truth into
An outlandish story so complex…
It fascinates, captivates and thus…
This way creates belief…

Now I’m not telling you this to imitate
Those things…Ceres and I, our people are
Not inter-dimensional beings. We are not
Trying to weave some new religion…
Let me make it clear…I’m telling you this
Because the Ancients…like the Adams
And Eves…The Ancient Masters…
Were just…people…that’s all, people…
And when seeking answers…please
Consider things simply this way…

In time the Masters realized they
Were being played with by these
Entities…with magical-like tales of
Human creation…
And so they resorted to science…
To find the answers…
Where did their ancestors come from?

And so…with all their knowledge…
Of science, sorcery and spirituality…
They built monuments…
Using techniques of sacred-like
Geometry…The understanding and
The power of magical lines, symbols
And shapes…combined with nature’s
Astronomy…The positions of the stars,
The alignments of planets…
And erected these monolithic fantastic
Structures across the planet…
Pyramids…obelisks…circles of stones…
Powerful geometric shapes specifically
Placed and built at key locations over
Potent mineral and gem deposits
Deep within the Earth to harness
The planet’s power like a beacon…
To fortify these structures as these
Great devices…with communication,
But on a very magnificent scale…
Using the planet, entirely, itself…to
Broadcast far into space…calling out
To distant worlds…In an attempt
To find their lost human ancestors…

In effect, they were sending out a call
To the stars…Please…come find us…
Tell us who we are…Take us home…
Share your knowledge with us…
Desperately, earnestly pleading to the
Stars far away for others worlds
To answer…

That is what your present day Earth
Sciences remotely find…these ancient
Remains of structures that were in
Fact monumental communication
Devices…because the Ancients were
Calling, crying out to the stars for
Their ancestors to find them…

They even built such things on other
Planets and moons in this solar system
To aid in this distant cry, this reach…
The monuments, as you call them, on Mars?
They are remnants of this ancient
Cry to the stars…
One your people have failed to grasp…
But need to…urgently…and soon…

Because you see…there were those that
Did answer this…cry to the stars…
But the first, and most devious to
Answer…was the closest…worst…
And darkest…the Empire, which had
Enslaved their own Adams and Eves Ancestors
In the first place…One which descended
Upon and plundered this ancient
Earth cruelly and quickly…conquered it…
Harvested it…and once again reshaped
It…for it to become what you are now…

Now we have explained it to you in the
Past…The fall…The conquering of the
Ancient world that you knew…The one
Which your Bible tells as the chastisement
Cleansing to rid the Earth of the Nephilim…

There is truth to that also…but so much
Was edited out…
For at that time there was divine
Intervention taking place also…
Rebel angelic forces trying to intervene
In this conquest…Thus in the process
Falling from grace to interfere…
As the Dark Empire descended…
Fooling the ancient world with promises
Of fake treaties…pretending to be
Their friends…lost relatives from the
Stars…deceiving them with an era
Of peace and love…an era of decadent
Descent during which wild, reckless
Ways tempted the youth…and
Enticed the world, its leaders with
Deceptive tricks of technology…a
Gradual process…one they could not
Recognize because it happened
Slowly…so that none saw it as
Deceitful or dangerous…

For the threat was disguised…
As just common natural disorder…
Disobedient youth…natural disasters
Of the weather…
While in truth the planet was
Warning the people through the weather
That something was wrong…

The Ancient Masters saw this…
Tried to warn the leaders, but no
One would listen!
That the alien visitors were in fact
Diabolic…and treacherous…
That the supernatural activity was
A warning sign that Heaven was
Not happy…fallen angels…
Strange pregnancies…The Dark Kind’s
Seed implanted to prepare for the
Take over…the harvest…deceiving
The people…lying to them…
Telling them anything they wanted
To hear…
Relax, peace and love…everything
Is normal…trust the leaders to save
You…don’t worry about the weather…
Embrace all space visitors…for they
Were friends come to save them…
Take them home…Why would they
Want to hurt them? Why?

Because the people were desperate for
A new age…for answers…and blindly
Embraced any alien contact as

Meanwhile a war in Heaven raged
Over this, and angels fell to Earth
As demons…Why? Because Heaven
Was not to interfere in the affairs of
Mortals…The good angels tried to
Do this peacefully…while the more
Aggressive angels tried to do this by
Directly influencing this change…

Several battles on many levels were
Being fought at the time…

“It is said,” Ceres added, “that
On many worlds…conquered by
The Empire…caused this…fury in
Heaven…wars in higher dimensions
Fight over these matters…because those
That love these worlds…fight to
Save them…in the end…angels always
Fall alongside the conquering of worlds…
Thus creating new demons
With every fall…Which is why
Heavenly matters are so mysterious…
And why cataclysms attract all
Sorts of spectators from space…
In a chance to glimpse Heavenly
Intervention…and understand the
Complex aspects of super reality.”

“But,” Varence went on… “Rest
Knowing that the Dark Kind…
Dark Spirits possess…host bodies…
They don’t help…they corrupt…
The good ones as we have found…
Never speak…they offer aid in
Mysterious ways…such as gifts…like
These…lines and light that were
Placed in your head.” He pointed
To me… “You understand what
I’m telling you?”

“Why don’t they speak?” I asked…
“The one I saw, that put this in
My head…never spoke…”

“Free will, Bill.” Ceres said simply.
“They want you to figure it out
For yourself…feel it…sense it…
Understand it…not push their own
Agendas…That is the difference
Between the forces of good and dark…
See the difference?”

“This is all so complicated.” I said.

“I know,” Varence went on… “But
Listen…You see the Ancient Masters
Understood this too…They saw what
They were up against…such a
Multi-level complicated plot…
Heavenly wars to interfere?
Dark space visitors deceiving their
World…slowly corrupting it…
The lies…The confusion…The madness
It brought…No one would listen…
Because few could see the sense in
It all!

That is why they created the crystal
Skulls…13 crystal skulls…to mirror
The masters…The cycles of nature, of
The moon…crystal…forged into the
Shape of the human skull…The
Shape of the Masters’ minds! Crystal
To contain…download, store all the
Knowledge and understanding that
Only the Masters knew…so that…these
Skulls could over time…accumulate
All the knowledge they could…until
A time would come when…
The skulls gained enough information
To fight the darkness…
To protect the planet…
To rise…and deliver upon the
World something new…
And powerful enough to defeat
Any enemy…”

We believe…that time has come now…
That is why we watched the Earth…
For if the skulls…something no
Other world ever had.
Could awaken, and rise and defeat
The universe’s greatest enemy…
Can’t you see how important that
Would be? To the Watchers…to Tellus…
To all allied worlds!”

“It’s invaluable.” Ceres praised. “Our
Greatest hope…”

“The soul ships,” I said to them,
“That’s why they…studied certain
Bloodlines…certain families…waiting
For the generation that would come…
That could activate…This massed
Knowledge within the crystal skulls?”

Varence and Ceres looked at each
Other, quietly, humbly…then to me. “Yes.”

“The 5?” I asked. “The Great Hall…
The project…The 9 worlds…all those
People…The other groups?”

“Yes.” Varence said.

“You’re scaring the hell out of me you know.”
I told them. “That’s too much…”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of when
We work together.” Ceres said.

“Just remember what I said.” Varence
Said. “About what to watch for…who
To trust…When to keep your mouth
Shut…and what directions to follow.”

Ceres appeared irked and turned to him.
“Oh yes, appear to have all the answers…
The Great Thinker…it’s more than that…
After telling that story…from before…
And the ancient monuments the Masters
Built,” she pointed fast to me, “And I’m
Not talking about modern ruins like
Rome or Egypt…I’m talking about
The lost ones…the ones he’s not telling
You about…The ones your world keeps

“Ceres!” Varence exclaimed.

She shook her head. “Great Watcher!
I cannot believe you don’t see it!”

Varence was honestly confused. “See it?”

Vexed, she sighed then turned to me… “Can
I have your notebook a moment…I would
Like to smack him with it.”

I nearly laughed in shock.

“What?” He asked. “Why?”

“You don’t see it, do you?” Ceres asked.

“See what?” He insisted…

“And here I’ve watched the animals,
And only briefly watched, heard the
Affairs of the people of this world.” She
Shook her head, rolled her eyes.


“What we have to do.” She said.

“What we have to do?” He repeated.

“Now he’s a parrot.” Ceres laughed. “A raven’s
Teasing words repeating the voice of but
One with the sense to see!”

Varence was confused. “What are you saying?”

She paused briefly, composed herself…
“The planet is talking…has been for
Years…The crop circles…The weather…”
She pointed to me… “And now…this?”

“I am utterly at a loss for words?” He said.

“We have to go back…” Ceres told him…
“The clues are there….I have to see this…
You clearly overlooked something…”

“What?” He appeared annoyed. “Go back

“To the Adam ship.” Ceres firmly insisted…
“The missing piece…is there…”

“You, we cannot!” Varence argued. “Ceres,
You cannot influence the past!”

She rolled her eyes. “I am not talking about
That.” She told him. “The clue we
Are missing…is on that ship! I know
It is, I can feel it!”

“What?” Varence was shocked.

“You are taking me back to that Adam
Ship,” Ceres said, pointing at him strongly,
Nothing would break her… “And you, we,
Are going back right now.”

“What?” Varence now seemed completely
Stunned, confused…almost panicked. He
Turned to me. “We need do discuss this…
We will resume this again shortly…
For now…stop writing…briefly. Please?”

Pausing per request.






  1. Happy “Thors” day everyone….

    some fairly big opposition out there at the moment so somebody must be doing something right… 😉

    Battles wage above us… and somehow we’re above the fight…

    Stay strong, stand in your heart, and know that you are loved… and appreciated… ❤ ❤ ❤

    I don't believe in "God"…. I believe in YOU.

  2. This is a beautiful video about healing. Here, it’s about a wolf, but it works for all of us. Humans, animals … everything.
    For those of you embracing healing as a practice, always remember to have the person’s consent. One is willing to give, the other must be allowing to receive.


  4. Thank you, all the loving, beloved even wise ones. Pity that I’m so unavailable to put more into words, but so eager to charge this picture with my best blessing to you all.

    We are all that well watched, accompanied, loved. I believe all those pains, sorrows and regrets are getting the very time to be cleansed.

    Rest well, be safe, even well. Biggest Hugs to you all, my sweet tribe !!!


  6. “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)

    (Emphasis here being on “to each other”) ❤

    • Thank you Robin – precisely what I’ve been thinking. I’m never good with getting that kind of conversation going… how to start??? Am I being too nosy? But I guess that’s what friends are for!

      Here we’re going through a process of healing with Max (the dog) after his run-in with the pit bulls – there are physical wounds, but there is also psychological damage that needs to be worked through. This can last a lot longer than the physical wounds. In humans I know it can last a lot longer… if not dealt with…

      Oddly enough, I also saw a crow yesterday with a broken wing. I felt sorry for him – but I’m not sure what I could have done for him. I know enough about wildlife to know that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s usually better to leave the wildlife alone. I still wish I could have helped him.

      Valiant once said “watch the wildlife”… this wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

  7. Great link Dreamwalker. Feilla…so glad you enjoyed the video. It had the same impact on me when I first found it in 2013. Opened up my naval, solar plexus and heart chakras…felt like fiery blast of heat. Combined with the sacred geometry and the cymatics contained in the crop circles…WOW! Great videos all…and those pics Feilla. Wishing you a safe journey and transition. It’s so funny….Dave seems to be the Masculine housing the Feminine, and I seem to be the Feminine housing the Masculine…I keep thinking of that album cover for Zymosis “Between Two Points”…She is the Solar Female, and He is the Lunar Male. Weird…

  8. Dear ones, I know it may sound strange to say so, but I do feel so and would like to say goodbye here, for that I will be inevitably much less available in the coming days, or even not merely days, though how much I hope to be able to keep sharing as much I can. This is rather a farewell to my own past which I’m sure quite different from my next new page of life and my very old shell that Insist to take off. So this is definitely not stating that I’m leaving you, but my past / old section of life.

    I can never forget how humble I was in the beginning of being present here, who gave me the very courage to leave my 1st footprints here (Dreamwalker, Konstaninos), releasing me from the very toxic circumstances (Dreamwalker), teaching me drawing with PS (Dreamwalker), who invited me to take part of the amazing works with crystal and taught how to apply for minerals (Tauno), who rescued me not only once, even walked along with me, fulfilling the very significant pilgrim, acquiring the very 1st activation (Lisa), and then who has ever took time, drawing the very explicit pictures, sharing and showing me the ethereal, mythical or future sites for helping me following and reaching (Leslee & Lisa), who has been so patiently teaching me how to make Faraday cage own my own, even when I myself not only once thought to give up (Leslee), who recognized me that I’m rather blue ray, than indigo (Suzanne), who can just read me, know me, dragon, Taoism (BenNaga). Then thanks to Dreamwalker, I could not have missed Bill and Lida’s posts, then even get far beyond inspired. I not only realize how much these amazing mom and son have dedicated to, suffered from and sacrificed for not only this tribe, but have also benefited so much from. Then till this year, this series of magic brings more and more the super precious ONES here and to me. Now it feels just like such a magical TRIBE.

    There are still some very precious ones in the other side on earth that I’ve never forgotten. Though we cannot have so many literal communication, but just have known, trusted even accompanied each other in some way.

    I can tell what’s the difference before and after being more and more present in this marvelous garden, particularly my sense when reading and writing in this foreign language. It inevitably takes me much more time to read, digest, or write English. For my mother-tongue is such a non-alphabetical language, my brain just runs in a very different way. Then thanks to David, Brianna, Stefan, Robin and Dave, Nando, you all are so untiring to share, to comfort, to heal, to guide, etc…now I do feel that this SPONGE can finally distinctly absorb, even contain more Western waters, than being so withered as the earlier years.

    MildaLove, Mechee, tathastu7, Suzuki333 (Suzanne), Mary, though you seem to be less present here, you have been kept in my mind as well. There are some precious ones, rather Messieurs who helped that interviews possible are as well so appreciated.

    Something remarkable which is worth referring is something reminded by Valiant in the post in April or May 2015, The Last Unicorn, the the skull (also thanks to the crucial prior teachings by Leslee, Tauno, Lisa, Dreamwalker )…I did my meditation with a concerned connection, then somethings miracle could be experienced…Sorry for that I cannot get the very address at this moment no matter how I tried.

    For this is the very threshold my my life, as well as my last few chance to be so wordy here, it’s worth sharing somethings resonating with this post by Valiant, the links that Robin just shared upstairs…About LOVE, relationship, karma, learning, …

    In the last two months, I somehow have such an impression that lots of people that I’m concerned with, just moved or are going to move to a new residence. Something unusual in my life is my very sweet neighbor is so eager to move elsewhere, too, though how much she loves this present residence. She is used to believe it’s the very fate which brought us together. The numbers, 13 or 31 are used to be her very lucky numbers and it’s also thanks to these numbers which brought us together. Besides, we both are so connected with Mother Mary, and her luck bringers generally are called Mary [This also reminds me of our Mary who has ever left footprints here]. However, we didn’t exchange that much until the last two months.

    I had never known she has ever been so traumatized and has to rely so much on psychological therapies. It’s in fact also her very specialty. So doing exchange with her, I in fact feel it’s she who is playing the role, as a psychologist, treating my trauma. Something eccentric and frightening occurring in the course lies in we both realize that when we are doing conversation in person, her face is used to be shifting. She said it only happens when I’m present with her. How terrified she is to ask for my help to make out why and how to deal with it. Honestly, since I’m not that psychic, I could not help getting so awkward and guilty for I really didn’t know what’s going on, without saying making out the very causes, but just asked her to tell me more about her senses when it occurs.

    She said at that kind of moment, she on one hand feels like that there is one man who wants to get out from her body, on the other hand which occurred to her is her younger sister. I somehow saw the face of that man as well, a Semite looking man with tensed, even angry expression. That’s why she got so panic for this. What I can imagine is that that man might be one of her past incarnation when her younger sister in the present life time had had some intimate relationship with her [rather him in that life time]. They both need to realize something to have some reconciliation at this very timing, to release them both from that emotional-traumatizing tie, even curse owing to the very regret caused in that past life time, and to be able to see each other embracing each one’s happiness and success in relationship and other aspects of life. I was not sure if this is such a case, but can only guess so.

    Then today, we happened to have more conversation…about relationship and careers. Though I won’t refer to her name for the sake of privacy, I still have to keep much the most parts confidential. The part which interests me so much is that she somehow said….she feels like that we both might have been a couple in love in some other life time wherein I had been her husband. Honestly, I would not doubt it, but was so happy to tell her…”If I had ever been that one, now I insist so much to see you meet your very Mr. Right, embracing, owning this very happiness with him in this life time. Oddly and honestly to say…this was in fact the very words said by a girl to me about more than one and a half years ago.

    In the aspect of career, this sweet neighbor just brought me her latest great news on passing successful a very important exam. Here, thanks again for the super encouraging and resonating astrological links given by Robin. How pessimist I had ever been, this time, I’m so lifted up thanks to a series of warmth, guidance by Valiant, Lida and you all the super precious ones. May this story bring our sweet angelic Terraseed some plus strength to be lifted up, embracing the totally new life!

    Being trained almost more than half of my life in Buddhism and Taoism, I don’t deny that in my sense, no matter becoming monk/nun or not, the ultimate level is just that neutral, like zero. Though how difficult that level can be reached, it’s something so undoubted at all, at least, I’ve never doubted it. Teaching is one thing, how I understand, even practice is another thing. Something relevant in what I’ve been taught and have accepted is that how much I love, I should be able to put my desire to own, to occupy aside. So…if I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH, I WOULD TRY HARD TO BE ABLE TO JUST SEE YOU ARE IN HAPPINESS, no matter with whom you choose to be !!! Being such a human being, I of course know how uneasy it is.

    The ultimate ONE, in my sense it the very SOURCE, and where we will return ultimately. However, in the course or after being generated from that very ultimate ONE, aka Taiyi, we all are to experience and explore in various kinds of the tests or experiments/experiences in geometry of the various proportion and combination of Yin and Yang. So, as a very period to mark here, I would like to leave these words as my very appreciation to all the precious ones who have ever walked along with me in such spiritually intimate way, giving me hands, drawing me up from the hell, healing me, teaching me, REVIVing me, charged me with LOVE, the very precious knowledge, wisdom, etc.

    Though I won’t be able to be that present here with my words in the coming days, weeks, even months, I’ll try hard to keep up with you!!! May the following pictures bring you a series of magical effects as well !!!

    (thanks to MelusineH)

    Lovely song dedicated to the very precious LADIES, also thanks to Robin’s starting this extremely beautiful thread…

  9. Thank you Bill, Lida!! Thank you Troy for removing my email from comments.
    This feels so true all that I read today on this post just sat right with me.. I know it is true! Just need to follow Briannas advice as you are very right! Thank you hugs and love to everyone.❤

    • My super cherished Terraseed. I/We keep sending our best blessings to you and your family. Be safe, my beautiful sweety and embrace the best potential and NEW FUTURE. My heart is with you ❤

  10. More on Albion:

    “The principal point of their doctrine, is that the soul does not die and that after death it passes from one body into another. With regard to their actual course of studies, the main object of all education is, in their opinion, to imbue their scholars with a firm belief in the indestructability of the human soul, which, according to their belief, merely passes at death from one tenement to another; for by such doctrine alone, they say, which robs death of all its terrors, can the highest form of human courage be developed.”

    – Julius Caeser on the Druids

    • There seems a comment disappeared…but still insist to leave a response for it…

      Yes, how amazing and precious all Judi, you, Tauno, and all the lovely ones, and these works which have been achieved are ; how lucky I’ve ever been able to be guided by you all to reach Max !!!

      • Thank you Feilla – I didn’t want to cause undue stress with my comment… as an Aries I do have the tendency to charge into things without thinking – so I appreciate any nudges and guidance I can receive. ❤

        And Lida and Bill should know how much courage and hope they give us all – it really is a great gift to have them here at this time! And let me tell you that I also appreciate how we all "step up" in our own special ways…. as a team and individually… it's just an awesome thing to witness. Your summary (below) was perfect (WOW!)- and I'm honored to be a part of this. (-_-)

        Tauno added this video on the dreamflight but I think it belongs here as well…

        I hope you all have a lovely weekend ❤

  11. Hello Tribe 🙂
    all I wish to say is.. read… and read again.
    There is SO much in this post, all at once. Don’t get caught by only one thing, or another. Read with an open mind, free of any beliefs you may have.
    Then let it sit too.
    Then, let us talk

    • Thanks Brianna – this story is right up there with LOTR 😀 so well-written and very EPIC…

      It’s nice to FINALLY be getting some good information… and the dis-info situation has me frustrated all to hell… as I’m sure it does for others…

      Lots of “food for thought” here and great minds to share it with ❤


    • Dear Brianna, you just can always reach, see and point out the very core, no matter when reading the words or looking at the pictures, I/we hence can have less missed some very important pieces thanks to your reminding. Just like where you are, have been, and dedicated to, you are just so capable to be the very BRIDGE, communicate the difference sides. What a precious diamond, generated on the very geographical, cultural and energetically node !!!


    • Dear Dave, as always, what an incredible duet shown again by you and Robin (like which on Crop Circles was just posted prior, upstairs), for this video is as well pouring the very flows of energy in in a very remarkable way!!!Quite interestingly, the vibration of this one feels rather feminine whereas that on Crop Circles by Robin rather masculine !!!

      Here, I want to take this advantage to address my appreciation to every thoughtful hand, message, guide, comfort that you have so enthusiastically and delicately given. How magical they are, either thanks to divine traction, or via your delicate selections, I’m / we are just so lucky to be able to have them here via /by/ from PRECIOUS YOU !!!

      • Quote [

        Family Evolution
        Families are the cells of a nation. The health of a nation can be measured by the condition of its families. The new Cancer currents come to bless and improve both for the sake of human destiny and national redemption. Expect relationship dynamics within families to change rapidly over the next six moons. The changes will be guided by instinctual urges, life necessities, environmental transformations, spiritual karma, and powerful blessings of justice. Families will soon be reordered, disconnected, reunited, and relocated. Blood is not always thicker than water. Love the spirit family that finds you.

        Cycle Secrets
        Every cycle has its secrets. The secrets of this Cancer cycle have to do with four primary things, as follows: the crossroads of marriage and security; the crossroads of justice and prosperity; the balance between family relationships and romantic relationships; and the balance between masculine and feminine energies. If you are about wisdom, alchemy, and ascension I encourage you to study these subjects closely as the months pass. Cycle secrets will spring into your mind if you are attuned to the subject matter. May all your lives be blessed with new life! And may we all remember the very best of our ancient past! ]

        • Dearest Feilla,

          It has taken me a while to reply for I have been contemplating this post, and your comment…This is what really stuck with me for a few days…

          “Families are the cells of a nation. The health of a nation can be measured by the condition of its families. The new Cancer currents come to bless and improve both for the sake of human destiny and national redemption. Expect relationship dynamics within families to change rapidly over the next six moons. The changes will be guided by instinctual urges, life necessities, environmental transformations, spiritual karma, and powerful blessings of justice. Families will soon be reordered, disconnected, reunited, and relocated. Blood is not always thicker than water. Love the spirit family that finds you.”

          I live in the United States, and much like the rest of the world there is a violence and mourning…confusion…scared…I needed to collect my thoughts. But that quote above, speaks to me personally. For a while, I have wanted to find a profession where I can help others…create a meaningful life for myself and everyone I meet..

          That has been a struggle.

          My biological family is driven by their idea of success…must be a doctor, engineer, or nurse…must be at the top of the class…not #2 but #1. I did a guided meditation where I was asked to visualize the first time I felt loved…I started to cry because I couldn’t think of the first time I felt loved…Not even growing up at home. My parents showed their love by buying me things and not by simply loving me. I grew up entitled with an attitude. (I’m an aries, leo rising, capricorn moon–yikes!)

          I realized the first time I felt loved was when I first met my current boyfriend. Before I met him…I sought love from lustful relationships…I tried to fill a void in me that my parents and family couldn’t fill. It was always “business” with my parents. I am grateful for the upbringing I had, but now feel indebted to my dad and his expectations. My boyfriend is my best friend and I have never felt this way ever. Calm and sure. Strong and steady.

          I realized that I want to pursue massage therapy, herbology, and reiki healing. It is unheard of in my family but accepted enthusiastically. It is a field they are unfamiliar with…but it is what I WANT TO DO. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my life, and it is time to share it with others.

          So…I feel that I need to break away from my family…not emotionally but I need to break away and forge my path…I need to become my higher self. They will not understand it right away…but that is okay…in time they will.

          I have always wanted to end my life early…especially as a child. For reasons I do not know. I have always felt like there was something latched on to me…Telling me things I shouldn’t be thinking. Still up to this day, I hear “you’re not good enough. Without you, your parents wouldn’t have such a burden on their hands…” But I don’t listen to that voice anymore. I know better than that now. I’m here to make a difference and people love me..just as much as I love them.

          Thank you EVERYONE for all your posts. I read each week and at times I don’t know what to say…I’m still learning…still young. But my heart is filled with soooo much love for each and everyone of you. Thank you for being so welcoming and loving…especially your guiding words.

          Sending my unconditional love to you all

          • its good to hear that ur trying to find ur way in this world and found someone that loves u the way u are =)

            i know parents can be tough some times wanting their children to become this or that…
            people tend to forget that they dont have to live some ones elses life…

            i mean it is u that has to get up in the morning and earn a living… so why not find a job that makes u happy and because of that u can make others happy… sounds to me like a win win 😉

            where i come from there is a saying… u dont live ur life for others… (its meant that u should live ur own life and not a life to satisfy the expectation some one else)

            oh and dont beat ur self up there is a time to listen and there is a time to talk 😉

            i wish u and all others a great week… well whats left of it

            much love and positive energy !!!! =)

          • Dear Mary, thanks for putting your heart out here, so honestly. I’m sure other silent readers will feel the similarities with their own experience, and … think, or re-think some situations.
            I truly believe there is a butterfly effect when someone speaks from the heart 🙂

            What you describe is -sadly- what a lot of people are going thru, or went thru while growing up (and way beyond actually). It’s the basic form of (insert any name that you are familiar with) archon – dark empire – negs. way to “subdue” people’s true soul from early childhood. And insert the false notions. (One MUST be successful, one must be an achiever ..), and at the same time, inserting notions such as “you’re not good enough”, “you’re a burden to your parents” , “all you do is create problems” … and so on .
            It’s a trauma that is being pushed on us since we’re born. One to make you think you are “nothing” and must “earn” everything, and most of all you must “earn” love !!! And must “adapt” your behavior to (so-called) fit in.

            Love is not something to be earned. It just IS. Being your true self, speaking from the heart. That is love.
            You touched a very good point… looking for love thru all kind of lustful relationships ! A typical trauma based reaction. Exactly what “they” want from us.
            If someone reading now has never done this, go ahead, throw a pebble at both Mary and myself (stones, not ! ) 🙂

            Yes, sometimes it is a good thing to spread your wings, and take some (physical at least) distance from your family. Get away from the noise, and let your heart speak to you. That being said, don’t fall into the blame game. They are just as traumatized as all of us. Been going on for eons, you know that.

            Oh, I love that you’re attracted to herbology, because there is some real healing with herbs. As opposed to mainstream meds. Follow your heart !

            … and don’t mind my babble 🙂

            Hugs to you ! ❤

            And hugs Stefman, always there for any of us calling out ! ❤

    • Wow….What a precious priestess you are…[ Mental magic and illumination are promised to all on their path now that the twins have their time in Heaven. The magic number is “555”, with new knowledge we shall thrive.]

  13. “Pausing per request”…LMAO! Great Video, Bill. I would post more comments…but will have to WAIT…for now…I just want to SEE…what do the rest of you have to say Tribe?


    • God, this is the best morning gift that I’ve ever had. This video with that alchemical chant, is powerful that even SHOCK my heart so. It feels like that MY HEART gets charged with SUPER HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTIRCITY !!! Thank you, our super precious Robin….I cannot thank, neither praise you enough for your GUTS, LOVE, VARIOUS KINDS OF TALENTS AND ABILITIES !!!

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