Valiant: The Thunders…The Roar…The Coming of Leo…And the Ancient Past…

*SONG* “Talk to Me” by Steve Nicks
(Please, listen to the lyrics of the song.)

The Magnificent One stood there in the light…
Tall, golden…The Lion Man in his white
Robes, eyes fierce glowing, blazing…
And she was with him this time, Ceres…
Speaking the words to be written down
For him…

“Long ago…There was a different age…
Of more than men, more than women…
And humans were still a fairly new
Race…smaller, weaker then…
The Giants were the greater races…
And the balance of the universe was in
Their hands…
The Hawkmen…or Birdmen as you would
Call them…first to fall…
The Bull Men, like that of the mythic
Minotaur…The Draconian…The Dragon,
The Reptilian Race…And my race…
The Lion Men…

Perhaps our might made us all blind…
To the smaller races craving power…
That rose to conquer the Giants…
Change and shape the universe…
Maybe it was deserving…we will never
Know…But those scales were unjustly
Tampered with…And the small races
Rose…conquered the Giants and made
Them small ones…From two legs
To four…from strong to weak…

Ceres then spoke for herself, “You know
The story…of the Lion Men…from the Bell
Tolls…of the races that once ruled
The universe, then fell…
The Mightiest and noble were the Lion Men…”

Then VIR’riel spoke…for the first time…
A voice of animal yet man…rumbling…
Wise, magical, strong…yet so humble.
“You may choose not to believe this…
It is your free will…All that I
Can ask is that you read them,
Consider them now…
The time is now…The hour is now…

The Dark Ones won…
The Sirian and Draconian alliance
Then became power…
By chance only the remote scattered
Lost human worlds were spared…
They eventually made a fragile
Alliance of their own to fight the Empire…
That is how it has remained for
Thousands of years…
The story told in echoes…whispers
Of inspiration through artists’ hands…
You, in some, call them fables…
Others…throughout the stars…call them
Facts…Unfortunately…Now, Ceres, please…”

Ceres went on for him…
“The Lion Men that survived always
Kept their story a secret…Maybe
It was to attempt…to try and allow
Themselves time to heal…

All that we know is this…
In their last days of slaves to the
Empire…before the culling…there was
One great slave rebellion of the last
Lion Men…on a slave world…
A name lost to time…mysterious…

We had thought maybe it could have
Been Earth…because of the Lion Temple
There…And Varence’s recent story
Of the Lion Men on Earth…” she rolled
Her eyes at him as he stood not far away.
“But we now know the Lion Men of
Earth were different…from the last
Surviving slave ship of the Adams…”

Varence stepped forward… “It was not
Permitted to address this then, under
Instruction of the Watchers Law…gone
Now…A fact we can NOT alter…”

Ceres then stood beside Varence…in
A strange unsettled pairing…She eyed
Him, as he did her…Then they both
Looked at me in the chair, in the circle of
Light… “Since we last spoke…There was
A vote…You will meet the assembly
Later…All that you need to know is…
The vote was…to go back to the Adam
Ship before it reached Earth…
I explained my reasons…” She said, touching
Her hand to her heart…

“I was reluctant I admit,” Varence
Then went on… “But I confess, with
Admiration…she, Ceres…had me utterly
Surprised…I was not included in
The meeting…so this trip was a mystery
To me…I appreciate greatly now…”

Ceres, tall, her blond-creamy golden hair
Cascading over her shoulder like a crown and
Veil…smiled and gestured to him… “As
We have done…now we will tell you of
This RECENT event…This trip back in time…
He will download the story telepathically
Into your subconscious so that you
Can write it down…
But before you begin…please understand
The critical factors…The Quantum
Singularity of time…imprisoning Earth…
The unstable nature of things of your
Planet…and the coming of Leo.”
She turned to Varence… “Begin please.”

Varence lowered his brow…His eyes focused,
Concentrating, piercing…The words, images…
Pictures, feelings, thoughts…Flowing
From his mind…like a river of feelings
Building some dream…That’s how he has
Done this many times before…They all
Have to me…By prying open my
Memories…or sharing theirs…This is
How the words come to the paper…That’s
Why they must be written down first,
Not typed…The Little Old Asian man knew!

“This is the story of what happened
On our recent journey back in time…
I confess the timing was in fact, quite
Perfect…Applause to Ceres…
But to my defense…it is also clear now…
She came here by no accidental clause…”

Outside of time…outside of the grip
Of the Empire…and the mortal rulers
That corrupted the time line with
Ill-acquired technology…
Through our vessel…The assembly voted…
For Ceres and I to take this one
Trip back in time…

A small remote vessel was sent,
Completely managed by the parent vessel
To ensure we would not stray…
To the ancient ship of the Adams…
Two days before it reached a prehistoric
Earth…There was no crew, just I
And Ceres alone…No uniforms required
Anymore…The Postulate dismissed that
Regard thankfully.
Speed and time is of no measure to us…
Through a vortex of light, spinning,
Twirling…cascading…This process is
Managed by the careful control of
Time, sound and light in balance
Together; that is all I am permitted to
Say scientists…your equations would
Render such things far too tediously.

The Arrival to the Adam Ship…
Our vessel clung to their hull quietly,
Secretly. Then Ceres and I used our
Astral crystals to make the proper
Visit to the ship…

I would like to say she was entirely
Far too silent along the way! Which
Made me…unnerved, but I have learned
To appreciate her candor and charm
To break the silence at the traditional
Ideal moments…She has yet to cease
To surprise with this…as you will see.

Astral crystals in hand, as we made
The entrance to the Adam Ship together
It suddenly struck me…Ceres was
The first and only woman to have
Ever visited an Adam Ship!
I should have prayed in meditative
Silence in preparation beforehand…
My mistake. Please consider this before
Continuing…Perhaps pause for personal
Meditation, thank you.

We materialized on one of the lower decks…
Invisible to their sensors, and eyes and ears…
She was close beside me in a long narrow,
Steel, darkened hallway; very primitive
And thickly constructed, by our views.

“Uh…” Ceres groaned, wincing, turning
Her head to the side and squeezing her eyes.
“What is that smell?”

Varence barely flinched… “Smell?”

She could barely breathe. “It seems to
Be of some awful blend of sweat and
Chemicals! It’s revolting!”

“I notice nothing.” He told her as his
Eyes scanned for activity…none was present.

She waved her hand before her face. “How
Can you not notice that?!” She struggled
To overcome the overwhelming odor… “Of
Course you would not…Look where you have
Walked…clearly your senses are dulled.”

He withdrew a small device from his
Pocket, a multi-purpose scanner…his favorite
Toy, that literally could perform countless
Mechanical miracles…then held it out before
Them and began leading them down the hall.
“You are overreacting…The aroma is

“Aroma?” She scowled as she walked beside
Him. “You are immune to details I think!
Where are we exactly?”

“Near the fuel processing centers of the
Ship.” He told her as he eyed a lift
At the end of the long hall beneath dim
Red lighting. “I am detecting no crew…
This section is empty…just drones and
Maintenance automatons.”

She eyed everything carefully…The
Bulky thick construction, the excessive
Panels for computer access for every
Little variable; how tedious. “So this is
The Adam Ship you visited then?”

“You doubt me?”

“No.” She laughed as they neared the
Elevator-like lift, also a narrow, dark little
Box that carried crew between levels. “I
Am just…unimpressed with its…design.”

“To them it had its advances.” He told her
As he instructed his device to retrieve the
Lift to carry them. “So are you going
To share the details of the purpose
Of this little journey back in time?
Since I was not permitted to be present
At the vote or am I but the naïve
Guide for your mysterious plan?”

Ceres eyed him sarcastically. “If you had
Shared the story earlier…You do realize
An entire era might have been spared…

“I was but the humble subordinate of the
Watchers orders, following all rules of
The Postulate then,” he told her as
The lift arrived and they stepped inside…
“We watch, do not interfere…no matter
What occurs…Only contact superiors if
The planet of subject interest falls to
Unexpected end.”

They stepped inside, the doors shut…far
Too cumbersome. She eyed him crossly. “And
The presence of Lion Men…on the ship
Failed to raise your brow, your thoughts?”

He looked at her with cautious suspicion…
“So is that your purpose then…the
Lion Men? Just what exactly was discussed?”

She nodded to his device. “Just take
Me to their command bridge.”

Immediately the lift rose…Varence was not
Happy…he did not like being absently informed.
He could not read her more advanced trained
Mind…And she was more guarded than ever.
“Why can you not tell me? Is it the Lion
Men or not?”

“Your precious timing may interfere with
The mission.” Ceres told him as the lift rose…

“Then how am I to guide you?” He
Asked bitterly. “We cannot change the

“Who says we are?”

“The purpose?” He repeated.

“The command bridge.” She only said firmly.
Ceres would not break to him.

“You do realize I have the advantage?”
He asked boldly.

She laughed. “You do?”

“I know the ship, the time…that’s critical…
For your plan.”

“I am not sharing details. You had your
Chance long ago.” Ceres said coldly.

He frowned, almost angrily, but said nothing…
The lift rising in silence.
Then suddenly the confining box-like
Carriage stopped…the doors opening to a
Very active deck…Two crew men had requested
For it.

Ceres quickly studied the two tall blond
Men who could not see them…Firmly
Built, chiseled features…wavy blond hair…
Slate gray looking one-piece uniforms that
Were frayed at the cuffs and edges…
From years of re-use by prior generations
Of Adam slaves…The two men were
Quietly talking, almost shyly…of details
About their work…They were science crew,
Discussing some cultivation procedures of
Plant life from their greenhouses…

But outside the lift…the deck was very busy
With crew hustling about…Ceres noted as
Much as she could before the doors shut
With their two new companions…

It was some sort of social-retreat deck…
Where the crew are…relaxed, talked…
Engaged in calmer off duty activities…
Even a few pairs of out in the open
Carnal pleasures…She was shocked at
How brazen these Adam slaves were! She
Could sense their desperate lack of morals…
Their brains were entirely programmed by
Duty and similarly a hormonal intensity
That occupied all thoughts; they literally
Thought of nothing else but sex and

The doors shut, the lift rose. Varence watched
Ceres study the men with weak fascination…
A frown on her face intrigued him
Though… “What is it?”


“They are your people.” He politely said.
“How does this make you feel…to see them,
These Adam slaves…of the Sava…
Descendants of the Danu?”

She looked at him, squinting… “How do
You think?”

“There is nothing you can do.” He calmly
Said, suggesting she pitied their…circumstances.

“I had hoped for more cunning minds.”
She said, studying their thoughts carefully.
“But they are literally…full slaves…Their
Minds hold no protest at all to what
They are or do.”

“What do good slaves think about, Ceres?”
Varence offered. “Work…follow protocols…
Peer pressure…service…follow the herd…
Do not stray in thoughts or actions…resolve
All unsettled feeling by engaging in physical
Pleasures…That is the slave mind.”

She eyed him savagely… “I realize that.”

Again he fought to ask. “Ceres…what is
The purpose here?”

Silence…then the lift stopped, the two crew men
Exited onto a busy deck of bland faced
Blond men engaged in strict work duties…
The environment was depressing!

Then they were alone…and the lift again
Rose for the command bridge… “I will tell
You when it happens…”

Varence was annoyed and fell to silence, he
Hated being left out of details…Then finally
The lift rose to its highest level…
Where they exited upon a somewhat
Busy command bridge…

The level was very numbly busy with blond
Men busy with dutiful work…there was
No fooling around here; it wasn’t tolerated.
The uniforms were tattered from generations
Of overuse…Everywhere they looked…fit-looking
Blond men of similar handsome features…
And very controlled limited minds; absent
Of any complex emotional minds…

Varence led her the way that he
Recalled…to the command center…

She was the only woman in sight, and
None of the crew could sense her presence
At all! All men…but oh she could sense
Their minds…highly controlled…limited…
Obedient…every spare thought obsessed
With sexual ideas…relief…How disappointing
To her.

And then Varence led her to the command
Center…where he stopped them with
A gesture and a nod. “There you see them…
That is the commander…There is Cain…
And there…on the right is…Hollis.”

Ceres’s manner turned…from wit to wonder,
Then very serious. Her mind vexed from
Senses scanning the men…she stepped
Closer…Eyeing the subjects carefully…

First Cain, the closest…She studied him,
His expressions…then went deep into his
Mind. “What a scoundrel!” She
Exclaimed, scanning his mind. “Such a
Brooding little boy inside! He was bullied…
Then became one…How disappointing…
And typical!” She shook her head… “So this
Is, was…Cain…What a myth he could

Then turned her attention next,
Completely to Hollis…She moved closer
Carefully…studying every detail. “You
Never mentioned his facial hair,” she said
Of the fuzzy shadow to his jaw line and
Upper lip… “He is very handsome looking,
Apart from the rest…Clearly a favorite to
The crew.”

“So is that it then?” He asked her.
“Your mission was to study Hollis and
This Jansen?” He could see how utterly
Fascinated she was with him as he
Stood at the strategy table…unaware
Of her…blind to her presence…

She only scowled at Varence. “Just bide
Your time and try to control yourself…”
She laughed. “And try to keep
Your clothes on.” Then she returned to
Studying Hollis…Yes, he was a matter
Of keen interest…Her eyes met his,
But he never saw…as she reached far
Into his mind…scanning, studying…
Searching…Then she was struck hard…
As if by some invisible lightning…so
Hard that she withdrew a step back…
Yet held her eyes upon him strong…

Varence tensed. “What is it?” He asked
Of her shocked manner.

Ceres tensed, tilted her head…her
Eyes locked upon Hollis… “His mind…
Is so…it’s not like the others.”

“What then?” Varence asked…As the
Crew around them went about their
Work oblivious to their presence.

Ceres studied Hollis, his face, his expression
So different than the other men…
He was truly in another state…apart
From slave, apart from men…lost, a
Prisoner to an emotion he had never felt
Before…sad, hopeful…alone, yet…not.
“He is truly…absolutely in love…and it
Frightens him…” She confessed to Varence…
“A rare soul…captivated by intense
Emotion…How moving…I have never seen
It so utterly intense before though! This
State of love in his mind is so over-
Whelming to him…Magnificent…Powerful.
So rare. It scares him. He is afraid,
So afraid anyone will see…”
Ceres held her jaw tenderly… “A rare
Soul…he is literally seeing his true self
For what he was…is…and hopes to be…
They call it…a blessing when this
Happens…Powerfully transforming…
It’s changing him.” As she studied him
In this state, he was a prisoner too…
She felt so powerfully moved by the
Depths of his sincerity…It was
Magical to her…Not what she

Varence watched her closely, she seemed
Almost nervous. “What is it?”

“You said in his life…he remained to
This love for this Jansen?” She asked.

“Yes.” Varence answered.

“And he never fathered children, not
Ever?” She asked…sadly.

“No.” Varence told her… “He was…

Ceres nodded quietly…then withdrew
A small syringe-like vial from her
Pocket…Then gently raised it to the
Back of Hollis’s neck…pressed it to
The base of his skull and took the
Sample intended.

“What are you doing?” Varence asked
In shock.

Hollis flinched, touched the back of his

Ceres then slowly held the syringe-like
Vial up, studying it carefully with a
Smile. “What am I doing?” She smiled.
“Bursting a Quantum Singularity
In time…” She smiled widely.

Varence’s eyes went wild, wide…His mind
Raced…then he saw it. “That’s Brilliant!”

She nodded… “Truly a powerful, unique idea.”

“That’s what this was about?” Varence asked
With awe.

Ceres smiled, then put the vial in her pocket…
Still watching Hollis as she moved beside
Varence… “In part.” She truly was mesmerized
By Hollis, his emotions… “Such a rare thing…
To be transformed…by a reflection of
The true self…by love…it is a rare

Varence watched her, then Hollis. “But surely
Others have been changed this way…
Why him?”

Ceres sighed a laugh as she looked at Varence…
“Because he was the beginning…Can’t you
See? As I told you before…to see it…
He was the beginning…of the Adams.”

“Ah.” Varence nodded, seeing the masterful
Formula the assembly must have strategized.
“To burst the bubble…Something from
The start must be…re-introduced…But
How will you do this?”

Ceres only smiled silently. “I…we, need to
Review some other things…”

Varence was catching on… “Jansen then?”
He briefly eyed the others. “But what of
Them, the other men…The commander?”

Ceres quickly scanned the man… “He is a
Scoundrel in disguise. I don’t need to look
In his eyes.” She did briefly turn to a
Nearby crewman at his station, the com
System. She peered into his eyes without
Him seeing. “And this one…as I suspected
Is like the others…Full of programming…
Duty…Protocol…and personal satisfaction
Only…He lacks depth, and the will to
Think beyond it…in many ways a drone…
He will never break the chains of slavery…
Like so many…” She turned to Varence. “Now,
Do you see? The limits…They work…and
They fantasize of self satisfaction…
The slave mind.”

Varence nodded. “Yes, well…that is common
Everywhere…on the ship…the world we
Watch…among other places.”

“Let us go…” She pointed… “It’s disappointing
Seeing so much…lesser graces…”

Varence led her back to the lift where
They descended to the deck where he remembered
Finding the greenhouses and the science
Teams; his memory was fantastic for the
Ages. Soon they had come to the lower level…
But when the doors opened they were struck
By the powerful aroma of greenery…Ceres
Sighed with relief. “Finally a more pleasing
Scent! More appealing than that of sweat,
Grease and chemicals…it’s almost a drug
To the senses.”

But as they walked on they passed a
Commons area…of open space, tables, chairs…
Recreation…some form of cafeteria. There,
They found quite a number of men of
All types…ages, builds—from lean and
Fit to thickly muscled. They laughed loud
And seemed to be at some nasty game
Of teasing…The bigger ones, brute miners…
Pawing and knocking down the smaller
Men for fun…

Ceres watched the bullying and cringed. “These
Giant idiots…are they like the ones that
Managed by some miracle to survive to
The ground…before the Lion Men finally,
Justly bit their empty heads off?”

Varence nodded. “Yes…That is them…Some
Of them…I witnessed this before as well.”

She watched as the teasing turned uglier…
Building to some form of carnal game.
“Do they have any brains at all?”

Varence smirked. “They are but a product
Of their programming.”

She insisted they move on before she
Was tempted to break the rules and
Snap their beastly necks…And so they
Walked onward, unseen… “In all the years
You watched the beginning of Earth’s
Colonization, habitation of these Adams and
Eves…how long did it take them to change
And break this behavior?”

“Honestly…I cannot pin point a time.” He
Confessed. “In truth sometimes I think this
Hazing behavior of the strong dominating
The weak never left their programming…
Bullying was inherent throughout the ages…
From the time of the Ancients…as well
As after the Cataclysm and the reshaping
Of the new race into Metahumans.”

“So tell me then,” she asked, “Do you think
This behavior is a modified trait in all of
Our descendants? Did the humans that
Fell to the Empire fall influence to bullying
And self satisfaction…or do you think it
Was always there?”

“You are asking me to judge the human
Race entirely?” He laughed.

“Just tell me.”

“All that I can is this…” Varence
Confessed as they walked calmly on… “From
What I’ve seen…The Eves of Earth, in
The beginning were formidable…strong, they
Were not bullied…in fact they were highly
Trained in combat and if anything bullied
These men…”

“Such is the way of the Draconian Matriarch
Society…” She added… “Strong females…cold,
Aggressive…But the human race?”

“You know as well as I do,” Varence said,
“That the beginning of all pitfalls of any
Race…starts when prejudice is born…
Single sex environments encourage this…
Once a race separates the sexes and treats
Them differently it is doomed for endless
Further prejudices…Early human worlds
Such as the Sava, were NOT like that…
Slavery did that…separated the sexes…
Then condemned humanities causes
And virtue…Was it in our nature? It’s
Everywhere…Once poisonous thinking is
Introduced…it is difficult to overcome.”

Ceres laughed. “Which is why so many
Avoid the Earth! Poison spreads too easily.”

Varence laughed… “You have been following
The current Pleidian caste system…That’s
Why non-intervention practices spare them…”

She rolled her eyes. “Tellus would shock
So many worlds!” She laughed.

They reached the larger greenhouse bays…
This area was much quieter…The
Ceilings rose higher to accommodate an
Abundance of plant life in the arboretums;
No doubt to enrich the ship’s oxygen supply.
They paused as they reached a screened
Platform that overlooked a vast area of
Vigorously controlled tree and plant life…
A time-space garden world for such a cold
Steel heartless looking ship.

“Marvelous.” Ceres complimented of the
Sight. “Finally something of note.”

Varence scanned the arena…gardened rows
Of vegetation spread left and right. There
Men in over-worn aged uniforms
Scattered in small teams tending the plants
With water and fertilizers…He scanned for
Familiar faces… “There!” He pointed to a
Small cluster of men to the far right. “Do
You see the taller curly-haired blond, broader
Built man? The one who stands out
Among them? THAT one is Jonath…” Then
He nodded to the two beside him… “And
That one to the right beside him is
Jansen…do you see how he stays so
Close to him? Janeth is to the left.”

Ceres nodded as they headed for the
Small distant group, all the while studying
The men. “Jansen does have a sweet face…
As does Jonath…Something about them
Though…so alike…like brothers…”

As they neared the men, Jonath startled
Them by suddenly walking straight
For them carrying a flat of seedlings…
Ceres eagerly raced to meet the man’s
Face…It was always about looking
Deeply into their eyes, this manner of
Eye contact told so much to them; even
To this day…Eye contact betrayed all
Secrets to the prudent seer…After all
It is one of the powerful senses; one easily
Manipulated and tempted as well.

Jonath stopped at a readied space
For planting, Ceres immediately lunged to
Stare into his eyes like a predator…
As Varence casually scanned the arena
With his pocket device.

“I don’t understand.” She said. “You said…
Clearly he has strong feelings for this Jansen,
But…his mind?”

“What is it?” Varence asked.

“It is not like Hollis.” She informed him
As she withdrew her examination of
His eyes. “There is something else…A
Desire…almost programmed…a yearning
To love…I don’t know…There is devotion,
But it’s different…Almost like a
Family bond…Scan his DNA please?”

Varence immediately took readings on his pocket

Ceres theorized ideas. “Can you scan Jansen
There from this distance?”

Varence followed her request…and
Was shocked at what he found. “They
Are in fact…related…I believe shared
Parent hosts were used.”

Ceres nodded. “I suspected.”

Ceres began to aim her mind to
Jansen when suddenly a very loud
Gentle alarm sounded…Then all the
Men kindly settled whatever they
Were working on down, and immediately
Filed out of the greenhouse area,
Including Jansen and Jonath.

“Now what is this?” She asked.

“Work shifts are over.” He told her as
They stood still watching. “They are no
Doubt heading for their quarters…”

“I need to study him.” Ceres nodded.

“Just wait…give them a moment.” He
Said calmly. “I know where they are
Going…Follow me.”

They then followed Jansen like two silent
Stalking predators. He walked kindly,
Jansen’s entire manner was so humble…
“They all move so strangely to the
Sound of the alarm…You can sense the

“The slave day ends.” Varence laughed. “You
Really are not familiar with this?”

She paused to his question as the men
Around them filed quickly out…
“What do you mean?”

“Their work day ends…They are eager
To retire to recreation.” He told her,
Amused by her lack of knowing.
“That’s how it is…was…and is still…They
Know nothing different.”

“That’s awful!” She said.

Varence smiled. “One day they will…And
Believe me…massive changes will occur…
And the wheels will turn in an entirely
New direction!”

She struggled to see his point. “Hurry now,
Take me to Jansen’s quarters…I need
To see something.”

Varence took his time guiding her…deliberately,
Knowing full well what they would
Encounter…and he wanted to avoid her

They passed more crew areas…All the men
Were eagerly retreating from stations, there
Was no hesitation. They found a new
Secondary lift…Then Varence slowly
Took her to the crews’ living quarters…a
Deck of rows and rows of modestly
Sized rooms…where off duty living was
Barely tolerable…The ship was designed
That way…To encourage off duty
Activities to be as boring as possible…

At the far end were the Officer’s quarters…
Where there were larger rooms…and
More rewarding accommodations…The
Benefits of superiority!
It hadn’t taken long…but when they arrived
There was a strange silence in the air…
Hollis’s door…

Ceres pointed, “Is this the one?”

He gestured for her to wait, “Allow me to
Go first.”


“Just allow me, please.” He said.

She eyed him curiously, he clearly knew
Something…he even seemed to laugh…

They moved through the door, phasing
Through it like ghosts; a concentrated
Skill of the astral crystals…Inside the
Doorway he held out his hand for her
To stay behind him as he saw what he
Thought he would…
Hollis and Jansen were lying in the bed
Together talking…
Ceres studied the two…sensing how they
Must have eagerly wanted to be together
This way. She was taken aback. “They
Just got off duty…and they’re in bed
So soon?”

Varence laughed to her. “Ah, it is but
The love you so admired.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She scoffed. “So fast?
Look at them,” she said of the two, “They
Are just lying there talking…they could
Not have done anything.”

Varence laughed. “You really need to watch
Something other than animals, Ceres…if
Only for a little while.”

Hollis lay beneath a blanket…The bed
But a few feet away to his invisible guests…
His mind lost to a world of smiles and
Contentment…he truly just loved being
With Jansen…Truth be told they had not
Done anything, despite Varence’s suggestion…
It had become common practice for
Hollis and Jansen…After work, to simply
Undress and lay in bed and talk…and
Jansen was beside him…content with
His companion…But Hollis was silent, he’
Just laid there smiling, stroking Jansen’s
“You have the biggest smile on your face.”
Jansen laughed as he watched Hollis. “You
Keep doing that…Every day now…You say
Less and less and only smile more…
Talk to me…Tell me what you are thinking.”

Hollis only laughed. “No.”


“I want to make you guess.” Hollis
Laughed and smiled.

“Is this some new game of yours?” Jansen
Laughed as he climbed out of bed to get
A drink…adjusting his shorts…

“Where are you going?” Hollis tried to grab

“I’m thirsty.” Jansen said as he laughed and
Pulled away…started to walk across the
Room…And then…froze…turned and looked
At the doorway…directly at the
Invisible guests…he saw nothing…and
Yet…silence…His mind moved mysteriously…
“Ceres?” He asked. “Is there a Ceres
In the crew?”

“What?” Hollis laughed.

Ceres jaw dropped. Varence’s eyes went wide.
“He said my name!” She exclaimed.

“That’s impossible!” Varence immediately
Scanned Jansen with his device.

“How could he know my name?” Ceres panicked.

“There is no psychic activity.” Varence panicked.
“Do not move at all!”

“The crew,” Jansen asked, puzzled, “Is
There a Ceres?”

“Cres?” Hollis struggled with the name.

“Ceres.” Jansen corrected.

Hollis thought for a second, he knew almost
All the names…yet it was a crew of 10,000…
“That’s a strange name…I don’t think so?”

“How could he know my name?” Ceres asked,
Stepping back closer to Varence’s side… “I’ve
Never been here before…this ship was ages
Before me…even two days before you arrived?
I’ve never said my name to anyone…other
Than you?”

Varence continued scanning him… “Nothing…
Nothing but the standard brain activity…
The programming should block all psychic

Jansen remained fixated at the doorway…staring
At the empty space…He could swear
Something…was there?

“What are you looking at?” Hollis asked,
Sitting up in bed with concern watching him…

“Nothing.” Jansen said. “Something. I don’t know?”

“What?” Hollis was confused.

“This makes no sense.” Varence fell to intense
Thinking…he saw, understood no reason to it…

“Talk to him…” Ceres suggested Varence try…

“Talk to him?” Jansen repeated the mysterious

Ceres gasped…Varence’s eyes bulged.

“Talk to who?” Hollis asked. “Talk to me?”

“Talk to him.” Jansen only said with
Strained confusion… “A voice said…Talk to him…”

“What?” Hollis struggled with his words.

Varence pulled Ceres by the wrist closer to
His side. “I don’t like this.”

“How could he hear me?” Ceres asked, growing

“Hear you?” Jansen again grabbed the words.

“Who…Me?” Hollis asked…

Silence…tension filled the air…Varence slid
His hand over Ceres’s mouth, quite a joy to cover
It for him honestly, then whispered, “Don’t
Speak!” They watched the two men
Desperately…watching…sensing for a clue
As to what was happening…

Jansen said nothing but stared hard at
The doorway.

Hollis stood and went to his partner’s side…
Studying his face… “What is it?”

Jansen shook his head… “Something…
I don’t know.” He grew scared.

Hollis touched his shoulder… “You’re cold…”

Jansen took a step towards the doorway…
Varence immediately pulled himself and Ceres
A step back…then Jansen took another
Step…And Varence did the same…

Finally Ceres yanked Varence’s hand from her
Face and snapped, “Will you please stop covering
My mouth!”

“Covering your mouth?” Jansen asked.

“Covering my mouth?” Hollis asked confused.

Varence and Ceres simultaneously eyed Jansen
With wild wide eyes. “He hears you!” Varence’
Had to confess, “He clearly hears your voice!”

“But how could he?” Ceres fought the obvious…
“He can’t see us…I haven’t looked into
His eyes…”

“Looked into my eyes?” Jansen said the
Words seriously… “See…us?”

“Who are you talking to?” Hollis asked as
He followed his eyes to the doorway…then
They both stared…

“This is too much,” Varence insisted, “We have
To go…we have to go now!”

Jansen furiously studied the doorway…There
Was nothing there! “I heard no words…But
I said the words…My ears didn’t hear the
Words…something else did.”

Hollis was completely lost. “What?”

Ceres held the moment…suspended in time…
Watched Jansen’s face…then struggled to see
Into his eyes from where she stood…a depth…
A clue…reasons…What was inside him? He was
Different…but why? How? His face echoed
Some clue…his voice echoed some clue…
In all that he was, as he stood there…echoed
Some clue…Then she dared speak again.
“Say my name…”

A drawn out pause…Jansen struggled
Hard with words…thinking he never knew.

“Ceres, who?” Hollis asked.

It was too much, Varence grabbed her hand
And pulled them backwards into the hallway…
Where, seemingly safe outside…they could
Speak… “Have you lost your mind? Risking
Some alteration to his thinking?! He never
Uttered your name in all the time, the ages
That I watched the Earth!”

“It is impossible!” Ceres insisted.

Varence frowned. “Is your wit and reason
Suffering some loss?” He laughed. “He said it!”

“But I’ve done nothing!” Ceres could not
Understand… “It makes no sense!” She
Struggled to think… “Time…has it begun?
I’ve but only taken the sample of Hollis to
Take back…Your memories…have they changed?”

Varence wondered on her question… “No…
Everything remains the same?”

Then the door opened and Jansen charged
Out into the hallway…urgently searching
For an explanation… “Is someone there?”

Varence pulled Ceres away… “We are leaving!
Try to control your mouth for the sake of
Time and reason until we are from his ears!”

Furiously she gave in and then followed
Varence to the end of the hallway…turning
Back once…to see Jansen’s face. What
Was happening? Then they turned the
Corner and vanished away from the
Scene…where she found her anger
In return for Varence’s abrupt hands on her mouth.
“You enjoyed that far too much!” She

“What?” He asked, guiding them
In the direction of the lift…

“Covering my mouth shut!” She said.

“A long overdue moment,” he mumbled,
“A rare opportunity for necessity and desire.”

“What?” She nearly screamed…

Suddenly they were startled by two crewmen
That appeared…exiting the lift right in
Front of them…They were pawing at
Each other with such a craze…it shocked
Them both…
Varence maneuvered to guide around
The hormonal couple…but Ceres halted
With a groan. “Oh, I just can’t see this now!
It’s too much!” She froze, focused her
Thoughts upon the two men…then suddenly
They fell to the ground…asleep.

“How magnificent!” Varence was appalled.
“We just fought the risk of a time line
Violation…and you…from faulted impatience
Seize yet another chance to push chances…
To render a pairing couple…asleep?!”

Ceres froze, scowled and arched her brow
Sarcastically… “They will hardly know the
Difference…a fantasy in sleep or awake…
Either way the climax would have
Brought the same end…If anything
Sleep and a brief indulgent dream would
Have rewarded their satisfaction more.”

Varence shook his head. “You really amaze
Me sometimes…with your conclusions!”

“I merely act more quickly.” She insisted,
Gesturing for them to move on. “And there
Is nothing wrong with my deductions…
You’re the one who draws things out
More…in riddles…endless wordy tales…
Like those two men right there…too
Much time spent for a moment…granted
For the ego…”

“Must you ridicule everything?” He asked
As they entered the lift, the doors shut and
He eyed her with a smirk.

“Ridicule?” Ceres laughed. “Must you judge
Everything I say or do? Spare the time to
Say your words more silently…and I will
Greatly respect your mind more.”

He shook his head. “Forgive me for speaking…
Oh enchanted one…My grace, my guide,
My lady…Where to now…The decks
Of an orgy? Would you like to put the
Whole crew asleep…or rather return to
Hollis and Jansen to corrupt their future
Lives with a few vague words?”

She grew angry and hit a button randomly
To move the lift… “Stop criticizing my actions.
We have purpose here.”

“Oh indeed we do.” Varence spat, standing tall
And flexing wide… “A wayward journey
Back in time…for a view of a pair of
Lovers that caught your interest from
My story…my work…my experience…
My position…without a choice mind you.”

“My, my, my…” She said sarcastically…
“Of course the great thinker it’s all
About you and what things your eyes
Put their stamp on…You are just so
Bitter you have no say in what
Happens here…put your hands on my
Mouth again…and trust me I will give
You a memory you won’t forget.”

“We had to leave…” Varence insisted AGAIN…
“Jansen heard YOUR voice…”

“And now I will never know why or how!”
She spat. “Has your memory changed?”

“No.” He said.

“Oh to put better things there I dare to dream!”
She told him flat. “Then history might
Be more forgiving.”

The lift stopped short…upon a deck where
A crewman requested it…They froze…
As if afraid to be heard now…when a
Strange scent filled the air…Ceres caught
The scent and quickly raced outside the
Lift…Varence followed…before the doors shut.

“What are doing now?” He asked with

Her eyes mad with new notions…resuming her
Minded mission, she ignored him and
Walked down the long, tall dimly lit hall.

“Well?” Varence asked. “Are you going
To tell me…or shall I—“
He froze, looked around…Then realized
Where they were… “This is the deck of
The Lion Men!”

She stopped…then turned to him and smiled.

“I knew it!” Varence shouted and
Pointed. “This was your intended plan
All along!”

She only smiled silently.

He raced up to her, standing closely to her
Face. “Ceres, you cannot do this…
Those Lion Men…It will change the
Course of events! You cannot change
The past!”

“I am not here to change the past.”
She very calmly told him. “I am here
To send a message to a distant future…
That’s part of the plan to burst the
Time bubble…hidden in time…
Like a clock they cannot see or deny…
It is the only way…it must be…”

Varence became hesitant, cold…abrasive.
“What exactly are we heading into? What
Aren’t you telling me?”

Ceres held her stance strongly… “He that
Knows time so well is asking me now…
About time? About chances? About
Why I’m here…About what’s
To come? FINE…I will tell you then
Master storyteller…The clues have
Been but so obviously, carefully placed
Everywhere…In this Leo that comes…
For those that so boldly wait…or badly
Rather…Things are going to explode…
It’s not a good time to get angry…
But for those patient and true of
Heart…pleasant surprises will keep
Coming…They were chosen…
Those that didn’t make the cut will
Fall off…And the rest will show their
True colors…How’s that?”

He swallowed…As they stared each other
Down…Now it was a matter of who knew
More…Wasn’t it always?






  1. EXACTLY! Read this somewhere before… good to read it again. Thanks Dreamwalker…I was diagnosed in 2007 as “Bi-Polar Disorder”. In 2008 I quit taking all the medications and the illness went off the charts! Worst attacks I ever had…worse than before the meds. It took me until the summer of 2012 to finally begin to integrate it all better. I was homeless and read every book I could find at my library about Shamanism. Mostly Incan, Mayan, and Yaqui. 🙂 ❤ BIG HUGS!

  2. (from RMN)

    The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

    In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

    What those in the West view as mental illness, the Dagara people regard as “good news from the other world.” The person going through the crisis has been chosen as a medium for a message to the community that needs to be communicated from the spirit realm. “Mental disorder, behavioral disorder of all kinds, signal the fact that two obviously incompatible energies have merged into the same field,” says Dr. Somé. These disturbances result when the person does not get assistance in dealing with the presence of the energy from the spirit realm.

    One of the things Dr. Somé encountered when he first came to the United States in 1980 for graduate study was how this country deals with mental illness. When a fellow student was sent to a mental institute due to “nervous depression,” Dr. Somé went to visit him.

    “I was so shocked. That was the first time I was brought face to face with what is done here to people exhibiting the same symptoms I’ve seen in my village.” What struck Dr. Somé was that the attention given to such symptoms was based on pathology, on the idea that the condition is something that needs to stop. This was in complete opposition to the way his culture views such a situation. As he looked around the stark ward at the patients, some in straitjackets, some zoned out on medications, others screaming, he observed to himself, “So this is how the healers who are attempting to be born are treated in this culture. What a loss! What a loss that a person who is finally being aligned with a power from the other world is just being wasted.”

    Another way to say this, which may make more sense to the Western mind, is that we in the West are not trained in how to deal or even taught to acknowledge the existence of psychic phenomena, the spiritual world. In fact, psychic abilities are denigrated. When energies from the spiritual world emerge in a Western psyche, that individual is completely unequipped to integrate them or even recognize what is happening. The result can be terrifying. Without the proper context for and assistance in dealing with the breakthrough from another level of reality, for all practical purposes, the person is insane. Heavy dosing with anti-psychotic drugs compounds the problem and prevents the integration that could lead to soul development and growth in the individual who has received these energies. MORE:

  3. Great article Stefman! Very innovative, good old fashioned common sense prevails!

    Love the video Dreamwalker. ❤

    Poor Coyote… 😦 he get's such a bad reputation…While I admit he can be very disruptive…chaotic even…he is also a wonderful teacher if given the proper respect. Most of my encounters with him, either in visions or as a "human" have been positive. In some Native American cultures along the North Western United States…he is seen as a co-creator with the Great Spirit. One of the things I learned from my visionary encounters with him…he will test you to see if you are really paying attention to what he shows you…did I see what was really there…to my delight…the answer was yes! He tested me to see if I could see through "that wicked woman's" disguise. 🙂

    • Yes, this story is not typical of coyote stories – usually they are pretty funny. Coyote usually teaches with laughter. Tries to teach us to look past our own illusions in a funny way. These two share a lot of the same characteristics. I liked this video because it illustrated how coyote and raven are similar… and sometimes I think they wish they were more like Rabbit. And also, where did the dark ones come from? Well now we know! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Nice crop circle video Feilla…thanks. I LOVE the whale pic. ❤ I will add the pyramids video to my list of things to watch later…awful headache this morning. Apologies to you Dave…I don't process coded messages very well, obviously. Universe seems hell bent on turning me upside down and inside out…or maybe you have a Coyote totem? LOL! 🙂

    I just popped in to deliver this link from Galactic Wizard 34…he has some very fascinating stuff. Stay safe everyone.


  5. Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    Full Moon Phase: clarity, enlightenment

    Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius 11:12 pm ET/3:12 am UT

    Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows; Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart

    Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will and Desire): Kathe, God of the South

    Skill: invoking or aligning with the feeling of (true) home

    True Alignments: closing in on something or learning something, transcending the superficial/mundane/monotonous/unexceptional, adjustment and acclimation, achieving, fellowship and teams, end of a struggle, relaxation, childlike wonderment

    Catalysts for Change: evasive, avoidant, deceptive, escapism, putting up with something when one should instead move on, irresponsible and putting all of the responsibility on others, confusion, upsets, denial, political correctness run amok, gossip

    Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a very old man facing a vast space to the northeast” (facing forward, facing the past, facing the truth, facing the self, facing off)

    Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending the control paradigm, transcending difficulties; receptivity and openness to new experiences, finding true value, weaving a new story/narrative)

    The Moon builds toward Full today, building the speed and intensity of things and building them to full light or visibility.

    This Full Moon phase occurs at the energetic of 28 Capricorn and the Sabian symbol description of “a large aviary.” What does this symbol say to you? It is a good idea to give this some thought, as this frequency of energy will be with us the 3+ days of the phase.

    Typically, the “large aviary” brings a certain amount of mental confusion, flitting to and fro, and making a lot of noise about really nothing at all. “Mental chatter” can be hard to turn off with this, and it can also bring insomnia (especially when it is in effect during a Full Moon phase because it is naturally harder to sleep during Full Moons). Agitation and frustration with others easily occurs, as we attempt to sort through everything that is “coming in.” Too much (superfluous) information can be overwhelming. This energetic heavily activates the brain, so if you feel like smoke is coming from your head from the rate of processing all of the information, turn down the noise. Turn off the source of overstimulation. Turn away from deceptions of the heart and mind that are attempting to burn you out emotionally, mentally, and physically. Don’t engage the hype.

    Definitively, a “large aviary” is also a home for birds, even owls. It is “large,” so there is room to move, spread your wings, or maybe even go “out through the in door” of the cage, if one finds oneself in this type of “aviary.”

    Other energetic themes in effect today include:

    1 – FINDING ALTERNATIVES – The Sun is discharging “an Indian girl introduces her college boyfriend to the assembled tribe.” This can challenge us and offer strength during trying or challenging situations. We tend to be more judgmental when this Sabian is present, but it does “bridge” people, places, and things. Things come back together/reassemble or they offer other direction. The “same old same old” does not fare well when the Sun is at this location. The proof is in the pudding. Truth will always show through with this energetic.

    Endings, changes, and adjustments may be the sources that prompt the need for finding alternatives. Venus follows up what Mercury started yesterday at the degree of “early morning dew,” an energetic that symbolizes the end of a dark night and the fertility of a new experience.

    2 – INNER FORTITUDE AND RESOLVE – Mercury is located at the degree of “children on a swing in a huge oak tree.” The oak tree symbolizes strength and wisdom gained through experiences. The image of the swing reinforces the “flitting to and fro” theme and can exacerbate mood swings. Indecision and going back and forth with something (especially in our minds) comes with this. However, the image reminds us that innocence and play balance, revitalize, and relieve. Rocking in a rocking chair can simulate the experience, and is a good way to process and smooth out the sheer amount of light and information that is upon us.

    In advance of the Full Moon at 6:57 pm ET/10:57 pm UT, the Moon will prepare the way by making aspects to other planets. Here is the breakdown, but please keep in mind that energy moves in waves and the following dynamics are in effect for a few hours before and after the time of exact aspect, so these are “guidelines in the timelines”:

    1:06 pm ET/5:06 pm UT – MOON SQUARE URANUS – Potential for changes, surprises, shocks, and accidents increases. The Moon will be located at 25 Capricorn (“a leader of men wrapped in an invisible mantle of power”) and Uranus at 25 Aries (“a double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings”). Double trouble, double crossing, two timing, and two facing comes with these. At the highest octave, deception is revealed, and strength to maintain integrity is given. We will want to be extra vigilant during this time. If a trauma event occurs (as they being inflicted in rapid-fire succession now), there is likely a second side to it and most likely a false flag.

    If driving during this timeframe, make sure you are focused and “in body,” as the energetics cause a natural degree of dissociation or feeling of disconnect from our bodies or ourselves. We want to make extra effort to pay attention.

    2:08 pm ET/6:08 pm UT – MOON SEXTILE CHIRON – Diversifying, moving on, and applying energy in other ways in order to facilitate healing comes with this set. Chiron is discharging the last vestiges of “the New Moon reveals it is time for people to go ahead with their different projects.” What was intended, happening, or wished for at the New Moon phase (July 4-7) comes to fruition or fullest potential or is revisited now at the Full Moon phase. The Moon will be at 26 Capricorn (“fairies dancing in the mist of a waterfall”), bringing a tendency toward denial and escapism, which actually shows us what needs diversification, moving on, and application in new ways.

    3:12 pm ET/7:12 pm UT – MOON SEXTILE MARS – While the Moon still has “fairies dancing in the mist of a waterfall,” Mars has “Indians making camp in new territory.” Since it is Mars, the advance into new “spaces” may be aggressive. People will be drawing and crossing lines all over the place. “Divide and conquer” is in full effect. Let us not be caught off guard or caught wallowing in emotions, as the Full Moon of the Cancer lunar cycle is wont to have us do. Emotions always run higher during the Full Moon of the Cancer lunar cycle because Cancer is a water sign (emotions), and, well, the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. Dancing in the mist is much better than being caught in the undertow. “Contain and maintain” is the mantra, as we lean toward the “bearable lightness of being” that accompanies the energetic of “fairies dancing in the mist of a waterfall.” Mars wants us to move our bodies, so dancing and other forms of movement will be very effective to mitigate all of the mental chatter, emotional waves, and generalized confusion. Let’s move out of the fugue.

    Like the Moon and the tides, parasitic activity in the body increases during Full Moons. Since it is the Full Moon of the Cancer (water) cycle and we are made up mostly of water, parasites have a field day. We are not powerless victims. We are becoming empowered thrivers. It is a process, however, and patience with ourselves and circumstances is needed.

    I think that is enough for one day, how about you? This report is certainly an example of this Full Moon’s “large aviary” with a lot of chatter and mental activity. Winnow through and find what works for you. Find the one voice – the one that resides inside and speaks to you from “home.”

  6. I’ve tried not to name the precious ones, for preventing from more targeted attacks. Neither this time, though how much I want to thank you for this syn,…which tells all, all about our mutual silent knowing in some sense….or someone(s) would just do what I’ve been thinking, but could not do in time. It’s so nice that we the ones who gather here are attracted by some energy signature we feel even beyond the so-called “familiar” with. We the ones who leave our footprints here, to help the others know where to find, to gather.

    I’m still racing with time, and have to be off line for the most of time today, but still want to leave something here, if this can bring some more comfort. Since we are already in the very hot summer, I guess something different would be nice.

    This is coming for Robin…

    Still want to share something about WATER, for unless being frozen, it just has no shape. We recognize the ones, no matter what new shape he/she is in, but we just know. Love doesn’t aim to make shape, but just appreciate that present being, whatever that shape looks like. Growing up in Assia, I’ve suffered so from the shape that the collective minds expect me to be in. Even I myself had ever behaved that way. So water is used to be such a good teacher for me !!!

    This picture gives me the very sense of HOPE, HOME, SAFETY…pls taking a look at the sky…

    May it bring all the beloved ones some super comfort and peace, the very sense of being home, just like what it brings to me.

  7. To Robin and all the beloved ones, the sweet tribe….

    Night Meeting by Ferdy Remijn

    Moth Power Animal Symbol Of Transformation
    source :

    By Ina Woolcott

    Moth’s gifts include the power of the whirlwind, ease of movement in darkness/shadow, transformation/metamorphosis, ability to confuse enemies, ability to find light in darkness, hearing spoken and unspoken messages.

    Moths reside in all but polar regions. Their bodies, legs and wings are covered with numerous touch hairs that come off if the moth is touched – they are highly sensitive to touch. They can feel, smell, taste and tell the temperature with their feathery antennae, with the tiny pegs on them acting as receptors. The moth views everything clearly. Moth people usually have strong psychic and healing abilities and must watch out not to pick up others problems and carry them around in their energy fields, or confusion or irritability may occur.

    Metamorphosis is part of moths magic – the egg stage is symbolic of the birth of an idea, the larvae stage is the foundation, the chrysalis stage is symbolic of the manifestation, and the growing of wings symbolises taking flight and exploring uncharted territory.

    An interesting trait of the moth is how they use their wings. A resting moth either wraps its wings around itself, holds them extended to the side or folds the wings up. This implies a basic nurturing property and moth people may find themselves in the role of care giver.

    With their acute hearing – their hearing organs are located on their legs, giving them the ability to sense vibrations around them – the moth is able to detect ultra sound. Pay attention to what is being spoken and also the unspoken, underlying messages in what is heard. Observe the body language of those around you and those you come in contact with if this is yoru power animal. Also pay attention to your sensitivity to others, the lacking side of it or the over side of it. Perhaps you are in a situation that needs to be rethought. Are you being honest to yourself and others?

    The moth is an optimist and opportunist with countless transformative properties. From them we learn how to expand and perfect our inherent psychic abilities, and how to let go of negative energies and unwelcome influences, helping us move into our personal power and happiness.

  8. Hey all whats been happening? Has someone been rude to feila here? How can someone think that of her? She is one of the most loving souls. Hope it stops as we join here together to share our path with each other and all we all want is peace. Love for all of you guys xx

  9. TIME to clarify some things. I DO NOT personally KNOW nor have I EVER KNOWN ANYONE named “DAVE JONES”. I do not know who or even what “Dave Jones” is. Who ever or what ever “he” is, led me to believe that I might have known him as someone else years ago. Very clever…but no cigar. The only reason I fell for this “scam” is because I miss someone TERRIBLY, whom I will not name, in order to protect his privacy and that of his loved ones. I WANTED to believe that Dave Jones was him. I’m NOT perfect. I have hurts and heartaches, disappointments and weaknesses just like any one else. To you Tribe and to you especially Feilla…I apologize for the name calling. I do not appreciate being blamed(?), accused(?), of holding up “the gathering” whatever that is…or being told that I have hurt someone who loves and has always loved me…how can I hurt someone who doesn’t exist??? Come on…how many people in the world have the name Dave Jones…I can think of a few actors, singers, etc. It’s a pretty common name. Sheesh people! Don’t you see how serious this all is??? I tell you my name is Robin Merrill…it is. I tell you I live in Lewiston, Maine…I do. Whatever happened to HONESTY being the best policy? I understand that some of us have to use aliases to protect ourselves…I do…but let’s not forget to be real. So…let’s start being adults. Admit our wrongs to one another, be at peace with one another and stay unified.

  10. The Coors – “Dreams”

    And thunder…

    Not directed at anyone in particular – I just loved the sound 🙂

    (Looking out the window…) Certainly some parallels but also lots of ❤ ❤ ❤

    Feilla – knocked it out of the park! 😀

  11. My super beloved ones….as I know we all are so targeted and affected by somethings quite provoking, particularly in this very chaotic node caused not only by the very astronomical effects, just like what Robin has reminded, I originally thought that silence would be a better means to let the darkness get slacked. However, now…thanks to that the very magic effect brought by this video ONE via dreamwalker, I feel that we are given this key to open the door, just entering into a totally new realm.

    This moment to me is the very timing to decide which kind of image I want to see myself in the mirror. The last months, I’ve asked myself so much why I’m used to behave in some same patterns and some entourage seem to treat me in some specific ways, why I empowered others to treat me in the same way, particularly the ones who bully ? I can no longer deny that it’s all I who chose what I look like, and this depends rather on how I regard(ed) myself. This self-inspection could not be sensed in such a lucid way until watching the series of video around this super angel, professional dog whisperor, Cesar Millan (

    He is so awesome at teaching how to observe, read dogs’ minds. Dogs really behave/react according to heir owners’ moods and temper. The problem lies in if the owners realize this and get the very rhythm to walk/live along with their beloved dogs. So dogs are the very angels to help us realize how tensed and fearful we are !!!My most intimate dogs used to be quite violent. However adorable, charming, and sweet they were, they just bit us, even not merely us. I know it’s owing to our own fear, our insufficient confidence of all my family. All have to do with “fear, ” our own fear of human beings.

    It’s so incredible that Cesar is so good at not only his insight of both dogs and human beings, but also his excellent linguistic capability of interpretation. The way in which he inspires to sense the emotion or the generally less realized mutual exchange between dogs and their owners is so impressive that it even helps me to know how to raise my psychic ability, as well as my guts and sense to do social exchange, etc. with the concerned practices, though I just began to realize the very tricks.

    I hence highly recommend this series of videos to you, for what we can learn from them are much more than we could /can imagine.

    There is one point which is so interesting as he interpreted how the “mini” dogs generally get rather “dominant,” whereas the big dogs on the contrary are much more timid, even nervous. He even took Napoleon as an example. All the concerned stories around dogs and the relationship between dogs and human beings, to me are teaching me how to TRUST, not only TRUST MYSELF, BUT ALSO MY OWN BEING, AND ALL MY ENTOURAGE’S BEING.

    After talking about dogs, it’s worth sharing my some possibly very different Easterner’s perspectives when I read English, particularly when confronting with some new or less well known terms. So…super hot, even rocking Robin is just again, not only rocking me. How awesome and brave she is making to shake off the very old shells. So, though this dramatical effect might once have felt like agitating, now it’s my turn to put the threads together, if I can. I first want to thank the very sweet ones’ sweet words…this trust and deep understanding are in fact much beyond what friendship can….YOU ARE literally MY FAMILY who just keep overwhelming me in super hot tears !!! Here also thanks to a super wise lady’s inspiring…if this is what the darkness wants to see, we just don’t run the plot which had been set by. If no side to be picked among us, for we are ONE, they just failed to get what they want to. Just like what I was enlightened by the very crop circle attached upstairs, in my sense, we are here to contribute each one’s pieces to make a bigger picture of the puzzles, whatever that piece might once feel strange, hard to find the right place to set. We are here working together and making this knowledge convergence and carrying out both individual and collective upgrading as soon as great as possible.

    In regards to the very precious codes that Robin just brought in, as she is used to, fueled by the super precious capability and incredible knowledge, such as peach and peach tree…they in Chinese culture are both so significant in metaphysical realm. Peach is used to be taken as one kind of the very elixir which helps reach the immortality, despite of its irotic meaning in some other context. Wood of peach tree is even not less precious than its fruits, thanks to its very EXORCIST power. As to some term which is inevitably new or at least that I still have to consult dictionary, I guess my sense would be quite different. Here, just want to hug all the loving and suffered ones, and let you know, I know, and I just want all the beloved ones in love, in happiness and be OK. Even each of us might have the time being less OK, let that TRUST and HUG of the whole tribe dissolve the pain, the solitude, regret of each individual of us.

    Obviously not coincidence that the very subject of this week here is around the BIRTHDAY !!! The very thread first started by our preciously wise and gentile Dave So…Robin, how much you are loved, resonated with and how significant your being and your birthday both are that it is even taken as the very tattoo pattern on some super precious one’s wrist. Dear tathastu7, god….yours is also one of my very intimate sisters/college friend’s birthday. How much she weigh in my life that I can never forget this date. Besides, according to CN zodiac, so you are a hare, too….that one with super long and awesome ears ?!!!

    Here, I’m willing to speak of something about Dave. I think I’m not the only one who not only witnessed but have sensed this super gentile, thoughtful inspiration, guidance, comforts, even teachings to me personally from him. Even just few words, or without words, those uncountable synchronicity, accuracy, very timing just prove all.

    As to lie, I’ve asked myself why Suzanne Lie chose this name? What a courageous lady who is already released herself from the mundane ideological frame. Me, if I can make people feel better, I still lie, just like what Améllie is used to do…Honestly, in my life, there are so many things that I cannot tell between real or illusion, true or lie. I only know when I sense that kindness, whatever is being said, made, it would be realized as rather beautiful, even sweet !!! At least, to me such a vulnerable one, I know what the different effect, even outcome would be led to, when a doctor is trying to help a patient to realize well his situation. Quite interestingly, magic always can occur beyond both doctors’s professional measurement and patient’s own sense. This might not be a good example to be put here, but just some thought streams which have ever flew in my mind.

    My very course that I’m alerted to pass, learning well in time right now, in this week is TRUST. How honored and I’m to have your company here to take it !!! So…my dear Robin, I know you just as you know me, pls allow me, allow us to give you a super big BEAR HUG, dissolving your very pain !!! Pls trust how much you are LOVED !!!

    Being a vegan, though so dislike to see chicken being eaten…here we see the BOX…

    There are a lot of times, Robin is in fact helping me/us just like this with super sweet passion…

    Wow….just saw Dave’s latest comment, just like the freshest hot bread from the oven, as to JONES, you don’t know how hot, even envious this name is to the archaeologist apprentices !!!



    OF INTEREST__marmarth north dakota schools shiloh

  13. “One” – this has been bugging me for some days so that I may share it here…

    Sometimes a team goes through a period of tension before the “real” work begins… once the tension is hashed out the team can focus on their work 🙂

    Remember guys that all is not as it may seem – and sometimes you need to dig deeper into the words to understand their true meaning… ❤

    A shaman might use masks to accomplish healing… to the one being healed those masks might appear scary or unfamiliar… but the underlying purpose is to confuse the dark spirits into leaving the body they inhabit, as well as offering protection to the shaman. Once extracted, the spirit is taken into a container and released into the ocean, where it may symbolically merge with the greater energies and trouble the host no more…

  14. Good Morning Tribe. Let’s play a game…it’s called “TO TELL THE TRUTH”.

    DAVE sent me a personal e-mail two months ago claiming that his wife passed away a little over a year ago, and that she was 36 when she died. Yesterday he told the group that she passed away in 2011 and that she was 47 years old…DAVE also stated to me in a personal e-mail that his birthday was March 6, 1969…yesterday he told the group that his birthday was March 21…

    Answer me this…people…how many men forget their own birthday and can’t remember the age of their wives when they died??? You don’t even know the name of the man you want me to “believe” you are …you may want to take your Bullshit else where…DAVE!

    Sigh…I remember what the Mayan elders teach…”Count your enemies as angels and your mistakes as lessons.”


  16. Just read the post of Tauno’s observations from 2012 I believe and found them fascinating

    Have decided to share this tiny bit about what happened with me a short few months after my wife of 47 PLUS years passed. this would make it in April of 2012 AS SHE PASSED ON 12/10/11 [A BLOOD MOON–FULL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON AND OF COURSE A FULL MOON}. URANUS WAS STATIONED DIRECT AT 0 degrees Aires OF WHICH MY DOB was 3/21.

    While wide awake after taking a short nap felt the presence of an entity directly above my face about 2 PM in the afternoon and have not ever seen what is talking to me. SAID ___YOUR PERSONAL FRAN IS DEAD.___ My first response was NS–Don’t you think I am well aware of that?? WELL it went into more detail which I shall not talk about here because I REALIZE it is about everyone else and not me, But one other important fact is her birth date of 10/28.
    Saturday, 12/10/11, divine choreography? Full Moon/Eclipse at 18° Gemini/Sagittarius exactly as Uranus turns to go direct
    Posted on December 6, 2011 by Ann Kreilkamp

    26 July 2016
    Planetary New Year and Lion’s Gate

    This is the time of the Planetary New Year.

    This is according to the Ancient Egyptian (Sirian) Calendar and the Mayan (Pleiadian) Galactic Calendars. This is the time when the Earth begins a New Cycle of Evolution and Creation, and a New Spiral of time. This coincides with the opening of the powerful Lion’s Gate portal that allows for a massive inflow of Light Codes from the Galactic Center. These Codes guide and determine the path of Planetary and Personal Evolution for the next year 2016/2017. The Lion’s Gate Portal culminates on the 8th of August at the 8/8. A powerful two weeks of transformative energy that will shape the nature of the year to come. Take advantage of these energies by being conscious and aware, or join our Webinar Class where we will work with Archangel Michael to integrate the powerful incoming energies into our lives.

    • ooo I’m rather excited about this. My birthday is the 12th of August, and I was born right before the harmonic convergence of 87 so I’ve got all those fast planets and ascendant in Leo, and all those other planets in fire signs, along with moon at 0 degrees aries. Seems like this solar return will be a potential ultimate power up for me. The energies lately have been astonishingly powerful enough, that my meditations are just becoming sooo much more effortless and profound than ever before. So much light and good things on the horizon ❤

  18. The time is very close at hand for Divinity to bridge the gap so to speak between all. The religious even though has been used to control the masses and the new age_science, science fiction etc. The true religion of Jesus is not of the MAN MADE TYPE. Can relate to all people as is difficult to say the least and to let your mind or intellect open and to view things in a different way ALWAYS trusting on or in the “ANGEL” that is within each and every person. IT is the time to bring the feminine back into the mix as an equal to the masculine as ALL house both right within their own body.

  19. Some partials from a Q and A series that have been reading for years


    Do you have something you want to share with us without us asking questions?

    A: Clear vibrations. There is much interference at this time.

    Q: (T) What is the source of that interference?

    A: Many and varied.

    Q: (L) Is it our tenseness or expectation about getting those words that created static?

    A: Partly. But remember, the primary point of this communication is to bring information to all that is of universal importance as opposed to personal exercises and data. We want to clarify and expand upon previous statement. It is alright if you would prefer to use this forum for personal data and gain, because that is of free will. However, if you would like this connection to retain its strength and, in fact, increase, then it would be wise to limit personal inquiries because that is of the service to self realm and that realm is limiting and will eventually lead to contamination by forces that are oriented toward service to self, unlike this one.

    Q: (L) But you say it is a natural thing or part of a natural grand cycle. Is this natural grand cycle just part of the interaction between light and darkness which just simply must be?

    A: Yes. We are at “front line” of universe’s natural system of balance. That is where one rises to before reaching total union of “The One”. 6th level.


    • Leo? I guess Linda Goodman had it right after all 🙂 You do remember who ruled during the age..of Leo…right??? Very appropriate that their present incarnations should be Leo and Pisces…The Age of Leo is when they dismembered Osiris and began to suppress the honor given to Isis…During the age of Pisces it was the violent suppression of the Feminine/ Magdalene and the dismemberment and distortion of the teachings of the Masculine/Yeshua. Great video Dave.

  20. And to you…PinChu…A friendly reminder from Grandmother Spider 😉 How many times have you changed your name…and YOUR shape???

    “Belief in justice will return as we observe profound orchestrations of success and FAILURE within the ranks of the world’s most prominent women.”

    “the clear identification of female adversaries and competitors”!New-Moon-In-Cancer-Turning-Of-The-Tide/c1i8f/5776cf250cf231749dccdc9e

    Don’t like my peaches? Don’t shake my tree…Succubus!

        • As short and clear as I can …
          Feilla is my friend. She earned my friendship, as I hope I have earned hers.
          Never has she -here or in our private mails- shared anything that felt off. Never has she shared or said anything to push us in any way, shape or form.
          I will stand up for her anytime.

          As for whomever the other person you mention is .. I don’t engage in “games”.

          Out of respect for other people sharing here, let us not engage in these … games.
          Some people reading this are very vulnerable, or are in fragile moments in their life path. We should respectfully keep the noise level a notch down.

          • this is for all of u folks…

            i actually wanted to say yesterday something… to this childish things…
            but i have learned to not do such things when the blood is still hot… because some things that have been said cant be taken back so easy !!!

            as far as im concerned feilla is a dear friend of mine i dont know her for too long as maybe some of u do… but what i know is that she is such a kind spirit that is on the same journey as most of u are !!! for the people that have english as mother language… of course there might be contradictions or things that get lost in translation when one tries to put concepts and thoughts that originate in a different language into another language….

            what i can only tell u people is… u shouldnt be concerned if some one sold u a lie… but u should be concerned about if YOU BOUGHT THE LIE !!!

            as far as im concerned… the dark ones just won a battle because if one falls so easy for the oldest trick in the book… divide and conquer… can u hear them laughing ? shhh just listen carefully and u hear their dirty laugh !!!

            remember united we stand and divided we fall!!!

            i mean of course are we all different and see the world thru so many different eyes and minds… but yet dont we all have the same flipping goal ? there should be more that unites us than dividing us…

            remember these dark ones play this game for sooooooo long not only here but anywhere else… they mastered the game dividing people… playing tricks and games…

            and yet it is so easy to make the monkeys ripping each apart…

            how can u folks not see this ?

            so here i am asking u to put these pity things aside and work for the goal that unites us all !!! can u maybe do this ? im not asking anyone here to become bffs… im only asking to work together for the sake of all of us that came before us that are now here and the ones that will inherit this place… after we all are long gone…

            do u folks wanna continue playing the games that keep us all in that hamster wheel and being a slave…. or do we wanna jump over the shadow and come together and see how much unites us ?

            so what is it ? the universe is urs and u have any given right to change it !!!

            so for gods sake come together will ya ?

            anyway im still kind of disappointed… because from all the idiots out there i thought well maybe here is a place where people can talk to each other without the need of games and masks…

            so what is it… ?

            and i have to totally agree with brianna !!!

            so cut the crap or leave because time is way to precious !!! u all saw what this week happened!!! how easy the situation in turkey could have escalated and spun out of control… there are up to 90 nukes… as far as im concerned its still a miracle that we can write today and not sitting in a nuclear desert !!!

            so please let this be the last battle the dark ones have won… because im planing on winning the war… with u folks or without u its ur choice… so use ur free will and give them a big middle finger or maybe two =)

            remember what we do in life echos in eternity !!!

          • To all here….
            I have spoken with Bill about this issue going on….I don’t know whose identity is at question any more, but I do appreciate a certain degree of anonymity these days.
            It is why Bill/as Valiant, does not have his own web page….sometimes the personal attacks become ridiculous and childish, and neither of us like those high school games. So let’s give each of us the benefit of the doubt…since not one of us knows ALL the details of anything.

            As for Feilla…Bill and I are with Brianna on this one….we both love her, appreciate her gentleness and kindness, and feel nothing ‘odd’ about her need for her ‘pen name’, or whatever you wish to call it. She is our good friend and will continue to be held in high regard. That is our perspective. You are of course free to have yours. Free will, all that stuff!

            Bill is pretty good at these things…his intuition has been spot, so far, with everyone who has crossed our paths in this unusual journey of his. It is his gift. The questionable ones have already fallen way and are doing their own thing…as they should. Who are we to question things. Let’s just wish them well on their journeys, and be kind to each other.
            Why would we want to be any other way!

  21. I invite you all to watch this video tranquilly, and it has effectively some magical power on bringing that tranquility.

    Everyone in this tribe is just like one of the PETALS. When we realize how we are being together as a BIG ONE, just like this very FLOWER OF LIFE, then despite of any kinds of malevolent interferences, our exchange of LOVE, AFFECTION, EMPATHY, COMFORT, COMPANY, KNOWLEDGE, etc. would just OCCUR, as each of the energy even essence of LOVE, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, HEALING POWER from each individual (petal) gets converging into this very energy whirl, even energy pool of the very FLOWER.

    When seeing this video, this crop circle with this melody, I realized this is one of the melodies which has ever touched my very heart chord, but I was not sure its very title. When finding my answer, I just did a comparison and invite you to do so…. to distinguish what the difference is when watching this very video on Crop Circle and listening merely to the melody or some other video on this melody.

    How precious EACH OF YOU ARE to me, and definitely not merely to me!!! BE FINE, my beloved ones !!!

  22. As i read this more seems to open within me. The pressure on the left side of my head intensifies it is strange but as i read it was as if another was within in me reading this also and i sensed my head leaning first from one side then to the other side. The feeling of half lion half human coming to the fore once more. DNA changes the right the wrong all seem to be strange yet real somehow. I am at times lost in the story as if i am there somehow. Thank you Valiant and Ceres.

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