Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Hour Glass…

*SONG* “Waiting for a Star to Fall” by Boy Meets Girl

The Hour Glass knows no reason,
The sands flow because you can’t hold back time…
It’s simple, boundless, and often more cruel
Than it is kind. But if you are lucky
There’s something in the air, in the elements,
In magical hope of the ether
That brings change…And something
Good will come…because it’s long overdue…
At some point Faith has to conquer time,
So you keep going, you always keep going.

There was a buzz-like hum and then
A whisper before the box opened…
The Circle of Light… “Start writing now,
Please, if you would.” A very familiar
Voice instructed…Oh boy, fun…

“In dreams, yes, even we dream its true.”
Varence’s voice said. “We found inspiration…
And that is where the best things come from.
Because you can’t control them, because there
Are no laws…and most of all because they
Cost nothing…”

She sighed, “Oh wonderful…Here we go
Again. The enchanted words of Father
Time’s Minstrel. Over inspired…just say it
Will you.”

He was standing there smiling, sharply dressed
In a clean new suit, black. “I thought
I might try something familiar.”

Ceres entered the light beside him, her long
Flowing red dress and creamy golden wavy hair,
The constant vision. Her arms were already
Folded over her chest, she wasn’t thrilled, okay
That’s normal. “He hasn’t been gone long
Enough. Can we proceed now?”

“I have to entertain a new tone.” He said only
Eyeing her sideways slightly.

“Entertain? No.” Ceres said. “Babble words
Uselessly…Yes. Just tell him. So how
Did things go? As expected?”

“Yes.” Varence nodded once with a strange
New expression…A sort of quirky grin and
Sarcastic joy. “Quirky? Am I quirky?”

She turned to him fast. “Yes, you are. Very
Much so. Now answer the question.”

“It was interesting.” He responded. “There were
A few…questionable moments, but overall…I
Would say it went well. As expected…although
A little drawn out…”

“Drawn out?” She laughed. “My, you do fit
In there well. Did you keep your pants
On? Or did you pose for some stone sculptor’s
Idoled rendition of martyred intelligence?”

He eyed her with a partial scowl. “I missed
You, Ceres. It was actually oddly quiet
With Rana…”

“Missed me?” She laughed. “No one saw you
Did they?”

“Only what they were supposed to see.” He

Her eyebrows raised. “No infatuated little
Boys or girls to draw your picture? To moan
Out your name in a dream? Well, maybe then
There is hope for them.”

“Will you ever regain a kinder tone to me?”
He asked, squinting his eyes.

She played with her hair and looked the other
Way. “The universe hasn’t gone black yet. And
I do not bore that easily. Can we proceed now?
Or will you riddle the tale of your trip into some
Epic of exaggeration? Let me do it for you.”
She stepped closer to me eyeing the notebook.
“He went, he saw, he did his job. How’s that?”

I had to chuckle just a little.

“Ceres, please…” Varence said with a
More serious tone.

“Let me ask you,” she said to me, gesturing
Towards him with one nod, “Did you miss

“Me?” I had to hold the pen steady, “Well, sure.”

She turned to him sharply. “He’s only
Saying that to make you happy.”

Varence smiled slyly then he too took a
Step more closely watching me write. “Ask
Me, ask me the question…”

“What were you doing? Why did they send

Ceres eyed him carefully. “Go on. You already
Reported to the assembly and to Brishan. Tell

‘It was a matter of putting the pieces
In the proper place for the most suitable
Outcome.” He said plainly as though it
Were obvious.

“No details?”

“Details would betray too much intent.” He
Answered. “Things must appear as though
They were miraculous.”

“Miraculous?” Ceres laughed. “He dances with
Words well. Just imagine if he held the pen
That wrote the words. Anyone would surely
Scratch their heads then…Dare to dream
If only by chance that he would say it
Straight and clear. No one would ever
Sleep again, they would be reading the
Lines over and over…” She turned to him
With a sarcastic grin. “As if it were a tale
Told by an idiot…rebounding with endless
Words…that to most would mean nothing.”

He smiled wide, a mysterious victory. “Didn’t
I tell you her words could move

“Let me spare you the time and aching
Hand to write,” Ceres smiled, “He is
Going to impart a mysterious riddle some
Message to think about…it will be
Obvious to some, while others will grimace
With doubt and a twitching brow silently
Wondering what he means.” She met his
Gaze squarely. “Stop wasting time and
Tell him will you, that pen will run out of ink.”

His grin was cool and calm as he stared at
Me intensely trying not to look at her, he
Did though I saw it. “I did not.” He

“Oh you did so,” Ceres rolled her eyes
And shook her head. “Now tell him
Your wordy message.”

“I’ve only been modestly informed of how
Things were since I was not here, so forgive
The change I am taking now.” He
Held his hand up to her. “Now allow
Me to continue without constant

“And what do you think the eyes and
Ears that read this do?” Ceres toyed with
Him. “Applaud or laugh?” She smiled at
Me. “Just throw your pen at him.”

Varence laughed then went on deciding to
Ignore her. “To solve a puzzle you have
To lay the pieces out to see them…But
Everyone has a process to put it together…”

“This is going to take too long!” Ceres groaned.
“Oh if I could write it for you…Ten morons
And one devious scoundrel could not equal
His tactical demeanor. Don’t write his name,
Just say idiot…”

Varence scowled. “It went well…This had
To be done this way, please understand that.
Anymore obvious and they would expect it
All the time. The right players in the
Right place at the right time…that takes
Skill and genius…” He held his hand
Up to her. “I know what you’re going
To say…please let me go on.”

Ceres frowned but allowed it.

“Now listen carefully…” It was then I
Noticed he held a book in his hand. He
Opened it to a marked page and began
To read. “The Watchers take the Unseen
Road…To watch, to listen…and silently
Guide if needed. They forged a course for
The blind that could not see…for the
Dark world stricken by ageless cries of
Agony, bullied by the giants that hid amongst

“It was upon the soil and rocks of a blue
Planet, once a vacant garden Eden…called
Earth…that found a new race born to it
By slaves that escaped the Empire…
It was written that the Star Elder looked
Into the watching pool and found this
Earth among the stars…filled with
Lost tribes or humans that would one
Day bring into the universe a
Deliverer…Secret among his people,
Known only to a few but one day a legend
To the stars…and they would forever call
Him…Valiant Thor.

“He would come amidst an assembly of 144
To the Star World, Star Home…sanctuary
To the lost tribes of men…to Tellus…
With his circle, and they would bring great
Change and hope…7…always 7.
For 7 are always chosen in honor to
Respect our savior 7 sisters that found
Humanity’s new home safe in
The Pleiades…

“We do not know his identity…for it
Will be revealed to us by the light put
In his head by a great Prince of Angels…
He is one of 5 to be found in
Stars…5 to lead, 5 to heed. The
Other 7 to do their deeds…This
Is our destiny…Find the fire…And
Bring them home…”

Varence paused to point at me. “See, you
Are NOT alone…There ARE others…you
Are simply one of 5 we have been
Looking for.”

I shook my head. “I am not him,
That’s not me. I do not want to be
That person.”

Varence went on. “No one chooses this
Path…It is a gift upon them. That is
The first test…They will deny it.” He
Nodded at me. “Well done, you have already
Passed that…so onward…just accept it
And listen…or rather, just write…”

He turned to the select appropriate next
Portion of the book… “The Hour Glass…
These are the sands of time that tell
The Fortune of the Universe…”

“Stop calling me Valiant Thor.” I told
Him, “I’m just Valiant…I told you
That’s it…”

Ceres watched him closely. “What are you
Doing? Where did you get that book?”

Varence arched one brow, gave her a
Sideways smile then continued reading.
“There would be 9 planets that shared
The same Fate, all born the same way…
Unto each planet would be touched the
Hand of God…sacred births…5 children…
And 7 would be born to guide them…
Sound familiar?” He eyed me briefly
Before continuing. “These are words you
Wrote…in words and pictures…You would
Do this over and over again until the path
Is well lit…it says here.”

“Where does it say that?” Ceres asked trying
To steal the book from him. “Where did you
Get that book?”

He stepped away from her to continue
Reading. “Just listen, and you,” he nodded
To me, “write it down…As the little
Old Asian Man told you…This is how it
Comes…From the mind, down the arm,
Through the hand, through the Fingers,
Through the pen…to the paper. You
Write it down…

“And if anyone has been learning…They
Too will learn this way…Write it down,
Not type…write…This is the pure way
To have it come. Your world is impatient,
The old ways have been lost through
The convenience of machines. It was done
Deliberately this way. Do you see now?
The senses are eclipsed by computers…
The right ones know this. Now listen
Without further interruption…This is a
Course of instruction, I will not say it again.”

“I am no deliverer.” I told him. “The
Only thing I want delivered is a fresh
Cinnabon…I’m craving cinnamon lately.”

Varence laughed, but held a serious face.
“Just listen…and write…

“The test of time will reveal itself this way
To 9 worlds…down to 7…and then to
5…” He paused looking to Ceres. “The
Numbers Ceres, do you see the significance
Here…You are the 5th daughter…He
Is one of 5…This is no accident.”

“I see you only playing games with
Riddles,” she snapped, moving her hands to
Hold her hips. “You thick headed court
Jester of a man. And quit smiling at me
As though some handsome smile would
Charm me.”

He leaned to me. “She thinks I’m handsome,
You heard her. Write that down.”

Ceres groaned then gave me a shocked look.
“Please throw your pen at him.”

“These are the seeds of hope…The 5…” He
Went on relentlessly reading from that book.
“One will rise from each world higher
Than the rest…A prince, a pauper,
A king’s daughter…A soldier of fortune…
And one of Many Talents…skilled with
The Arts…to bring them Together…

“He will write, he will sing…he will do many
Things…paint pictures and epics with words…
Draw faces from the stars…The talent
And technique he brings can enchant
Anything…Turn lead to Gold…Unlock
A Forever Sealed box…Inspire legends
This way…Heroes will rise and old ways
Die…That is the gift of the Light…

“They call it the Light of Truth, the Light
Of Hope…The Guiding Light…That is the
Gift the Angel, the Crowned Prince of Angels
Gives…that only few will ever know…But
Many will try to break it from you…

“You know this deceit these games they
Play upon you…Come this way, stay with
Me…let me be the one to stand with
You among all others…we were meant
To be…Lies. That is the trick of the
Serpent’s tongue to silence you, to steal
The Path of the Light from you. The
Chosen know to ignore it. Goodbye
Silly tricksters…Telling the Light to
Be quiet?” Varence slammed the book shut,
Stood tall and stared at me.

“I swear your behavior is getting stranger!”
Ceres said turning in a circle of disbelief.
“Did I miss his absence? No? Why
Because I treasure peace and sanity!”

Varence ignored her, and instead only held
His eyes on me. Boy was that uncomfortable!
“Now…as we have said, this time we
Are telling things more seriously…” He
Paused to encourage an intense moment.

“The state of your world…Marvelous attitudes
Frothing with tantrums…Perfect distractions.
The Forces of Nature are wilder than ever…
The Earth has had enough of rough handling…No science
Can tame her…You urged them to
Sing her lullabies…If they were shrewd
They would learn a lot from that. But
They aren’t shrewd are they? And yes,
My friend here, I’m talking to you…Valiant.”

“What?” I asked him.

“And now I ask you questions…” He said
Mysteriously… “And as I speak you
Will write From the Light…Open the Box
Valiant and speak to us, to them…
Tell me for them what is happening
And why.”


“Concentrate,” Varence said, “Hear my words
But feel the tone in my voice…And open
The Box…And write it down.”

“The Earth wants to move Again.”

“What are you doing?” Ceres asked.

Varence held up his hand. “Let him speak
To write it down…”

“If you break him…” She started to say.

“Play your part or don’t speak at all.”
He suddenly ordered harshly to her, then
Turned to me again. “Talk to me Valiant…
Write it down.”

“The Earth wants to Move…It was only
Temporary…It’s instinct is to clean
The surface of torment…It does not
Know nor care of the nuclear threat,
Nor of the sub atomic particle dissent…
It wants it gone. It’s only doing what
It knows how to do.

“They must shut down sub atomic research.
Or the threat will become more than
Real…This Universe will tear, split and
Collapse. And also affect the collapse
Of nearby Universes with unstable
Dark matter…

“This is the plot of the Dark Forces…
To manipulate the Physical Mortal World
Of Fools…For if they can’t have their
Way and gain a path to Heaven…
Then they want to rip the Universe apart
And so…Tear a hole into Heaven
To show God they have Power too…

“Mortals and all Physical Life are toys
To the Dark Forces…They play games
With them, lie and make promises…
Just as long as they get their way they
Will say anything…

“And now they have awoken something
Old and Evil from the Ancient World…
The Nephilim all were not slain by
The Flood…Some Survived in Caves and
Tombed Cities beneath a Frozen wasteland…
But now the Giants Wake and Walk
Again…Seeking out Answers in the
Sands of Blood…The Dragon’s Den
And Lair…Lost Secrets and Treasures
Buried there…to regain and rejuvenate
Themselves…so that they can seek
Claims to rule the Earth again…
And continue with their poison plan…
The Sleepers Wake…Giants walk the
Earth again…”

Varence held the book tight and crouched
Down in front of me with an earnest
Expression. “What are they looking for?
Talk to me…”

Ceres stood behind him watching and listening
Closely, scowling silently at the top of his
Head as though she wanted to smack him.

“It’s where they used to walk…They can feel
It there…beneath the sands. But it’s buried
Now…but once there were shrines and temples
There beneath the Middle East…Shrines…
They want their power back.”

“But those cities were buried by the
Ancient cataclysm.” Varence said. “They
Are gone now.”

“No, just buried…The Earth swallowed the
Ancient cities…They were built on places of
Power aligned by the stars…The Four Corners
Of the Earth…Sacrificial altars…Beneath
The Stone Circle of Britain, beneath the Sands
Of Blood…In South America…The old Jungles
That hide the entrances to the secret caves…
And the Southwest of North America…
The Four Corners…
A Crystal Cave, Cavern…where the Skulls
Were made by the Ancient Masters…
The City of Gold beneath the barren Sands…
Entrances to the Underworld…
Where Serpents dwell now…
Diamond deposits and catacombs…
Buried, gone, but not Forgotten. These are
Places of power…They’ve been kept secret
But the Giants will sense them and know
Where they are.”

“But the Nephilim were killed during
The cataclysm,” Varence said, “How could
They survive?”

“They must be killed by nature’s fury…
Burn the, or drown them…Some survived
In a flash Freeze as they slept…suspended
Animation…The Finders woke them
When trying to excavate a city buried
Beneath the Ice…They thawed monsters.”

“Nothing mortal could survive that.” Varence

“They aren’t mortal or natural, that’s how
They walk…These were the first…The
Ancient Nephilim…They were around a long
Time…They prepared.”

“What is this?” Ceres asked, folding her arms
Across her chest. “You told me all traces
Of the ancient world were consumed during
The cataclysm…How could they exist still?”

“My eyes cannot exist everywhere, Ceres.”
Varence said partially looking back to her
Over his shoulder. “Some must have
Lay hidden in a Temple somewhere. They
Were worshipped long ago…in the days
Of Noah…I did not count their number
Or survey every one…I merely cataloged
The general existence as much as I could.”

She stood behind him, gesturing her hands
In a circle over his head…mocking him.
“Well obviously you missed something.”

“What will happen?” Varence asked, staring
Intently at me. “What will happen now?”

“The variables keep changing as the timelines
Expand…The waking of the giants changes
Things, complicates things…Yet the Earth
Still wants to Move…The weather will grow
Unstable…To induce climate change…
Unseasonable weather…harsher winters
Until the ice storms come to build a new
Ice Age…The Earth will move…at least
10 degrees…nothing can stop that.”

“We will have to neutralize nuclear
And sub atomic research before that.”
Varence said. “Before that occurs…to
Avoid any further Quantum Singularities.
Our mission is to prevent any threats
To the universe first and foremost…as
Well as the Empire…Priorities will have
To be adjusted now.”

“Do as you must…Just know the Earth
Will move…I cannot say when. The
Current Science of Man is still attempting
To control this to sustain their system
Of things…The Nephilim will interfere here…
As they will not gain control of this world
So they will want to restart a new one
By removing current world powers when they
Don’t get what they want.”

“We have been moving to establish more
Appropriate powers in the world to encourage
The changes the council has promised.” Varence
Said. “That should aid us for some time.”

“America, Asia and Russia will remain
The lead powers for some time now…
With the collapse of the Original End of
Days Prophecies…This is the new Fate
Of things…Yet…the Future remains
The same…All those British accents in
The Future…”

“The United Kingdom of Earth?” Varence
Asked… “But if the planet shifts, their
Northern territories…”

“South Africa, New Zealand and Australia
Will take the lead eventually…Britain
Will migrate to the Americas.”

“This is a lot of new information to
Consider.” Varence said, leaning on his knees,
Speaking very kindly. “Can you tell me
Anymore at all?”

“These scenarios are constantly changing…
No immediate path is clear, only
The Long Road. The Box will close. You
Are asking too many questions…Watcher.”

“We are not without flaws,” Varence
Said. “We need to work together.”

“I have my instruction set in…I act
When I have to, and speak when I
Have to. I cannot tell you more
Then you need to know…Watcher. The
Box will close.”

“You are pushing him.” Ceres snapped.
“You push too hard too fast, he will
Break and he will tell you nothing.”

Varence stood to face her. “There is too
Much at risk now. The future is too
Uncertain…We must eliminate the threat
To the universe…They have created a
Potentially deadly weapon with the
Entire planet! They should have voted
To subdue the threat before atomic research
Began on this world.”

“You were in charge of watching this
World’s civilization…” Ceres said sharply.
“You should have reported the threat
More clearly.”

“I did.” He told her, pointing his finger.
“But the assembly voted to trust
Prophecy and the Star Elder…That’s
Why they ordered to conduct the mission
With these people…To see what they
Were doing more closely…through their
Eyes by monitoring 144 subjects.”

“Wonderful.” Ceres said bitterly. “So now
We have an even worse situation…The
Threat of a universal holocaust…If just
A few of their atomic particles destabilize
And a cascade of quantum singularities
Begin…There will be nowhere to go…
Nothing left.”

“One world will survive.”

“What did you say?” Varence
Turned fast to ask.

“The world Outside of Time…out of
Reach…on the Fringes of Galaxies…
Your world…Watcher…They alone
May survive…You have hope there. Plan
Carefully. I am closing the Box now.”

“Did you hear what he said?” Varence
Turned to ask her.

“Do I appear deaf? I heard him.” She
Said. “Did walking on the Earth make
Your senses dim?”

“I am only Following orders.” He told

“And you are blessed with gifts beyond
Compare.” She said, shaking her head.
“You will tread carefully with him now,
Do you understand? If you break him…
You gamble too much.”

“I do know what I am doing.” He

“Do you?” She argued. “And how long
Did it take for you to notice him?”

“The point is now, not then.” He defended.

“So busy wasting time chasing little
Girls with wishes and visions.” Ceres

“I only tried. They never saw me though.”
He said with a wondering pause.

“Never say you?” Ceres laughed. “Smart
Girls. Perhaps there is more hope on Earth
After all. Smart girls. Brilliant girls!”

“Very funny.” He said. “Can we move
Past that now?”

“Of course.” She scowled. “Since I must
Endure your reasons…anything impossible
Has new meaning now.” She raised her
Arm with a playful gesture. “Shall I
Toss a ball now to gain your attentive

“You two must have missed each other.”
I had to laugh.

“We have some issues to discuss.” He
Apologized. “We need to address the
Assembly now…May we continue next time?”

“Since I have no idea what we’ve
Been talking about…I will have to wait
To read this when I’m done. Fine.”

“Stop writing now…Go rest.” Varence

“Oberon bids it…obey.” Ceres said

Time to change the locks.