Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…Starcrossed…

*SONG* “Let the River Run” by Carly Simon

There are moments in time
When things go wrong…and
When things align…such moments
Defy explanation…They leave us lost
And guessing until answers are found.
These moments are magic, they
Are impossible…and by only some
Faith in dreams and destiny do
Things find sense again, momentum
Regains its speed…It’s like a call comes
That you’ve been waiting for forever.

The pen forms the words and the secret
Box in the mind opens…The lines and
Light dance and spin shimmering with
Many colored flashing lights like
Christmas lights…And the Ring, the
Golden Light of the Circle takes shape
And there he is standing and watching…
“Start writing…” Varence says standing
There, his eyes low and serious, but his
Voice is calm and soothing, the magic
Charmer. He’s holding that book again,
And waves it at me. “It’s time again.”

Ceres, beautiful, calm and standing tall
And glamorous, then joins him. Her
Expression a little sarcastic, she smiles
At me. “Could I be kinder with his
Company? No.”

“It’s always about the timing,” Varence
Says with a nod, then he squeezes his eyes
Shut and shakes his head. “I could
Say it a thousand times…Timing is

Ceres eyed him sharply. “Do you ever
Grow tired of this attitude?”

He ignores her and continues. “Yes, these
Moments are…confusing, but magical.
But we are trying to offer answers at
The appropriate time.”

“You can tell by his tone and words what
He’s doing.” Ceres says, crossing her arms. “Just
Smile and write it down…stop trying to
Figure him out…Because just when you
Think you do…he will utterly shatter
Your mind.”

He stepped closer, studying me…His eyes
On me, then to the book. Back and
Forth, back and forth. She was right
I had no idea what he was doing.
“Mind boggling but fascinating, isn’t

“If you say so.”

“So tell them,” he smiles, “You know
You want to…you must.”

“My radio is working again…After I
Did the last post, after posting it…
After over 8 years…It started working
Again…The sound, that awful screeching
Sound is gone…and the music is back

He grinned real wide then turned to her.
“You see. I told you.”

“Control your ego please.” She sighed, then
Turned to me. “Oh it’s so irritating when
He is right…Though I must say he
Has spent enough time watching it’s
Not surprising that he did learn something.”

“No effort wasted.” He said with pride.

“And still the riddle and mystery of it
Plays on.” She said to him. “Will
You solve it all then? Or simply
Perpetuate the glee of Oberon?”

He grimaced then focused again on me,
On the notebook. “The music is playing,
That’s important…Remember what we’ve
Tried to teach you about quantum
Sciences…or rather how we understand
Them. Sound is a powerful force…
It is key at times like this.”

“So I found the right song then?”

He leaned his head to the right a bit.
“It’s a little more complicated than that.
There’s more than one song. More than
Chance…Many doors and windows to
Open. So many were lost over time.
Particularly over the last 8 years.”

“To speed up his speech,” Ceres gladly
Interrupted, “What he is trying to tell
You is that there are always many
Opportunities…for all things, everyone.
But all it takes is one to set things
In proper motion…At least sometimes.”

Varence nodded. “If you cripple a critical
Component the effects can be devastating
On a wide scale. Many should understand
This…But…if you can correct just
One, especially a powerful one…the
Rippling effects can be monumental.”

She sighed. “He’s referring to moving
Mountains again.”

“We’ve debated this enough.” Varence
Said for the sake of the notebook, “True
We must speak carefully. Inspiration is
As powerful as faith.”

“Spoken by the master of chance and
Riddles himself.” She laughed.

He lowered his head, eyes piercing me
Seriously. “And now we continue.” A
Brief pause…for his dramatic effect.
“I must say we have never engaged
This way for such a long time. Most
Usually we are very brief. We have to
Be or else we risk the tide of creating
The dependence of something like
Worship. But I have to say, Bill, I do
Have to say…this has been as compelling
And addicting and as fascinating for
Us with you as it has been for any
Of the eyes and ears out there.”

Ceres nodded. “Many of us here look
Forward to each interaction too, believe
It or not.”


“Yes, really.” She said sweetly and sincerely.
“And it’s been rather amazing.”

“But enough of that,” Varence said. “Again,
We move onward…And before we depart
This message we are going to share a little
Something with you as a little present…
But that’s later.” He waved the book
In front of me. “Right now it’s about

“That book makes me nervous.”

“I understand.” He nodded. “It makes
Some of us nervous too. No one ever knows
What it will say…Aside from the Star
Elder…which is why it usually remains
With his people. Though they do have
Others like it.”

“The point…Varence.” Ceres said impatiently.

“You started writing from the Box…Valiant’s
Words command the pen when we speak…
They serve as the link between us.”


“You wrote of these magic moments…These
Indefinable times of dreams and destiny
When things take shape?” He asked.


He grinned. “And here we have it…The
Words appear…Starcrossed…
There are moments in time when things
Go wrong, when lives are ruined and
Dreams are broken…Then at last a
Magical moment comes, and the windows
And doors of opportunity take shape
Again and offer bright chances…When
The stars align and these things take
Shape again…and wrongs are righted,
It is called Starcrossed.”

“Forgive me as I proceed,” he said as
He read from the book, and strolled about
Sort of like a strutting peacock. He paused
At my words and looked at me. “Peacock?”

Ceres smiled and leaned her head playfully
At me. “His head is far larger than
His tail.”

I had to laugh at that. Pause.

“Can I continue seriously now?” He
Asked her.

“I don’t know.” She teased. “Can you?
Is it painful for you?”

He rolled his eyes away from her then
Focused back on the book. “The words
Form strangely around you.” He said to
Me. “They form in progressive sentences
Then vanish after I read them. Usually
They linger.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means the future is changing each
Moment.” Ceres answered me. “When
They remain there…It is somewhat
Like being written in stone. It isn’t
Bad. It just means that the book is
Also presenting itself carefully. Most
Likely to thwart any dark opposition
That threatens what it’s attempting
To do.”

“I had no idea you studied the Hour
Glass, Ceres.” Varence said to her.

“We are all capable of reading without
Your presence, Varence.” She said sarcastically.
“Things do happen that you do not see…
If that isn’t obvious by his tailor.”

I didn’t understand her remark.
It was some secret jab they alone
Understand, but by the look on his
Face her comment had the desired effect
And she smiled.

“What is the Hour Glass going to do here?”

“It is for your benefit.” He said. “You will
Become familiar with it soon enough…
But for right now…it’s for the opportunity
You need. We told you that each time
We will be handling things a little
Differently…This will help. For now it’s
About sharing what they need to know,”
He nodded to the notebook. “The pen,
And the eyes and ears….All that curiosity…
And the commanders that seek the
Counsel from their servants that read
This to offer suggestions…The book says,
Hello David…Grab a pen now…The
Posts won’t be here forever. No cheating
Now, and honor the source…or dues
Will need to be paid.”

“Who is David?”

“Just write what the book says,”
Varence instructed, “Don’t worry about
The mysterious details…They will

“Kinder Varence,” Ceres told him, if not
Ordered. “Remember what Brishan said
About your tone.”

“Please Bill,” Varence corrected. “Please
Just listen and write it carefully…This
Is the part they are reading for.” He
Paused, eyed me then nodded…then
Proceeded again…

“When time aligns…these moments
Are written in the stars…This is
Starcrossed…Be they pathways, simple
Choices…pulls of the heart or
Passion of the spirit…These are
Moments to pay keen attention to.

“The bubble has burst…And the
Dreamers will awaken from their lost
Slumber to find their way again…

“Some will see the doors open, the
Chances reappear that were lost or
Misled before…Another chance…
These moments are pivotal for
Correction…Old friends and faces
Lost will reappear…This does not
Means it’s right or wrong…they are
Simply second chances, so choose

“Things lost will return, particularly
To the strong hearts that never lost
Faith in them.” He paused to smile at
Me. “Remember that please. Some
Things can never be taken away from
You…Especially when the bond is
Mutual…However if it is and always
Was one way…that will not change…
So consider that.”

“In other words,” Ceres explained, “If
Someone returns to you that once said
They loved you but you did not feel
The same way do not suffer the same
Choice…simply move on.”

Varence grinned at her words then went
On reading from the book. “But things
Stolen from your life will also return…
They may take different forms, but
The heart will be the same…Feel,
Don’t think…use you intuition to
Recognize these things…They will
Come suddenly and without warning…
This is like a magnet drawing what
Your heart calls for…and only your
Heart will recognize this.”

“Do not let anyone push their way into
Your life.” Ceres said holding up her
Finger, “Those sorts of connections are
Magical…You will know…as will those
Of proper mind, how to recognize this…
It will be magical and effortless…”

Varence grinned and nodded once again.
“Excellent Ceres, thank you.” Then
He went on reading… “Deny the False
Hearts and Tragedy and victory of
What you love will come…”

“The past is often destined to repeat itself…
That is the way of things…be they of
The mind, the heart, the soul…All
Things bare lessons this way…And
For the universal traveler who constantly
Quests for everything, who questions
Everything…The true reward of his answers
Will also come…Simply remember this,
You will know the answers, you were
Born knowing what you need to know…
Life simply teaches you how to understand
It. This is the wisdom of things…
That you already know what is
Right and what is wrong…The
Struggle you have is accepting what
Needs to be…

“If you want to be, then be it.
You have only yourself to blame
For holding you back…

“Because if the heart is true, there
Is nothing you cannot do…”

He paused then stood to reflect. “Do
Many really need to hear that? It’s
Common knowledge…that we learn.”
He thought out loud for the sake of
The notebook… “I suppose some things
Must be said plainly…and even repeated,
Especially in times of disorder.”

“He’s attempting reason.” Ceres
Groaned with a witty smile at me. “Would
You like me to say something ridiculous
About him? It isn’t hard to do you
Know.” She laughed.

Varence ignored her then returned to
Study the words appearing in the book
Then read them, “Ah…And here
They come.” He paused to look at
Me quick. “This is the part I was
Waiting for, the prophetic verses.”
He pointed to the pages as he eyed
Them wildly then read…

“Starcrossed…The path that was
Broken and malformed by dark
Minds to twist fate shall come
Undone and reassembled….

“In this hour that which was lost
And erased shall come to pass…
Events repeated, but once twisted
Will reoccur until the outcome
Suits the harmony history was
Meant to sew…

“The land cries…and so where the
Land cries, so will those that dwell
There until they fix it and nourish
Nature to sing again…Or plagues
Of ceaseless torment will cleanse the
Problems there

“The Earth will shake and break where
It was meant to…

“The seas and rivers and streams will
Rage where they were meant to…no
Barrier or dam will hold back the
Waters…Where it floods, warn them…
Take note to leave…These hours
Will bring warnings where the waters
Rage…For where they rise…no man
Should be…The Waters of Intuition
Are telling them to get out…

“And the life of the sea will also cry
This way…watch the dolphins…
They will be messengers of the waters
This way too. They always have

“As for the Air…The Wind, the
Mighty Breath of the Ether, where
Heaven dwells and carries voices
Of spirits where the wind blows…
Feel the wind, the air…Watch…
For there are FOUR elements…
Earth, Wind, Water, Fire…And this
Is the Age of AIR, of wind…And
The wind knows things nothing else
Does…and it will tell it in the voices
Of its gusts and blasts…
The seasons will make no sense…

“As mighty as the Earth can shake
And break…when and as it wills…
So shall the AIR match the Earth…
Beware of passage on the wind…
The Spring season you know
Will not be kind on machines of men…
Another plane will shock them…
Pay attention will you…

“These are the elements you need to
Heed…at least right now…The
Air…and the Waters…and all
Things that dwell there or near
There…Spring is the time of
These Forces and will Forever be…
So note them. Watch them.

“Constantly tell them these words…
Will they ever listen? Will they
Ever learn? If they will continue
To ignore or deny nature’s power
And essence…then nature will remind
Them that the game they play is
On ITS grounds, in ITS seas, in
ITS air and with ITS fire. Nothing
Can tame these things…And for those
Who have misbehaved or betrayed
Or used her, the Earth…she will
Remind them of how Free and large
She can be.”

Varence paused to let his eyes wander
Around. “This truly is a gift for those
With the respect to read it.” He pointed
Hard to the pages. “No words like this
Need to be written down…not unless
There were enough eyes and ears
That it knew would listen…This
Is a true revelation…I only hope
It isn’t wasted with a question.”

“You ask a lot,” Ceres said, nodding at
The book in his hands, “Your hopes are too
High…Remember what Brishan told you to say…”

Varence glanced at her then to me, then his
Eyes fell back on the pages of the Hour Glass.
“A False Spring came…to which winter
Would return on early blooms…The seasons
Will make no sense…and spring will
Follow this course…as will summer…The
Summer that never came…and never
Ended…These things will cause men to
Shed secrets…until the pages of time are
Correctly written again…

“Know his spirit and his words…and tell them
If you block his destiny again…The Fates
Will turn upon you…The Good Spirit was
And is a messenger to carry through
Time…the lines in the language of the Angels
To tell the future how to move…it was
A gift…And if they deny it or hold it back,
It will knock them down ten times more.
It was meant to be set free years
Ago…as it will now. It will inspire ages
OF Earth to come and spread to the stars
And be a messenger there as well. Now
Is the time…Now is the time…The will,
Will be done…
Now close the book Watcher and
Continue with the next step.” Varence’s
Eyes widened upon saying the words. Then
He closed the book and stood calmly to
Take a breath.

“What are you doing?” Ceres asked a bit

He turned slowly with a calm demeanor
And smiled at me. “And now, my
Friend…This part is done…The message
Of the book delivered. We will say our
Polite farewell for this message…” He
Paused strangely, then smiled more slyly.
“And leave you with a little surprise…”

Ceres stepped to his side also smiling
Strangely… “You are serious?” She asked

“Now, Bill…” He said. “Hold the pen, pause…
And write…until next time.”

I think, yes it appeared that he winked.
It seemed time to finish…The words
Came more slowly…The Circle of Light
Began to fade and withdraw…I was
About to sign off…And then something
Different came.

The Circle of Light vanished…But the
Pen continued to move, continues to move…
Did they leave? No. His voice was still in
My head. “Now here comes the surprise.”

Apart…Away from the Circle of Light,
This time it was simply the pen
And the notebook. But more information
Was coming. Without the Circle?

“The Bridge is strong now.” Varence
Said. “Just follow the usual course and
Pay attention…This is something you
Have always wanted to know…What
Happens when we leave you, when you’re
Not writing…This is in part, how we
Watch you away from the pen and

Once the Circle of Light faded…Varence
Smiled to Ceres, then looked about the
Empty space of the bridge.

“You are really doing this?” Ceres asked
Him cautiously. “You are going to show
Him without telling them?”

“Now Ceres, pay attention,” he directed,
“He wanted to know…so have others…
Why not shed a little light for the sake
Of chance.”

“You risk too much,” Ceres whispered harshly,
“The rules…and you do not tell me what
To do.”

“The way of the Watchers has changed,
Ceres,” he whispered to her. “I want to
Let him have a little peek…Whatever
He sees through the words…happens. Oh well.”

She gasped. “We discussed this already!”

But he was already walking away leaving
The bridge, ignoring her words. “Let’s see
What happens.”

“That discussion with him was planned
Carefully.” She whispered, following him off
The bridge. “If you do this all manners of
What we are trying to do here could crumble.”

“Do you want to help him or not?” He asked her.

“Don’t pretend you don’t care, Ceres. Anyone
Who reads this by now knows you do…”
He said as they entered the hallway and
Turned left…heading for somewhere. “Let’s
Add some new variables…”

“By letting him glimpse past the Circle?”
She asked fighting him. “This is one of
Your bold risks again…Just to see what
Will happen…The others don’t know…If
He writes down something they randomly

“Then what?” He laughed. “Some eyes
And ears might pop? Oh well.”

“Oh well?” Her eyes bulged. “Tell him to
Stop writing. Tell him to stop writing now
Or I will.”

“You can’t.” He laughed, “I have the link
Open regardless of what you do for a
Little while…There is nothing you can

There were voices ahead, from a room?
Familiar voices. Damara appeared, very
Calmly…Ceres went silent with subtle
Nervousness as her sister approached. “How
Did it do, well?” Damara asked them. “His
Readings are stable…but the signals
From mind are still quite high. Was he
Excited over what you said?”

“No more than usual.” Varence answered
Her calmly, completely ignoring Ceres.

“Why are his readings so high?” Damara
Asked. “How long did you read from the
Book? Brishan told you to limit exposure.”

“I closed the book when the words
Stopped.” He told her.

Damara nodded as she read her scanner.
“Did you notice anything about his eyes
Yet? Did you tell him?”

“No, of course not.” Varence answered then
Smiled at Ceres.

She eyed him fiercely but said nothing.
She knows I’m wondering what they mean?

Damara noticed Ceres looking unsettled. “What
Is it? Did you tell him yet?”

Ceres eyes went wide. “Damara don’t say

“Why?” Damara asked. “Why do you
Look so—“

“She is just excited from talking with
Him,” Varence dismissed it. “Nothing more.”

Ceres’s jaw fell open as she watched Varence’s
Face and deliberate expressions. She refused
To say anything random.

“Oh.” Damara said. “Well, they are
Waiting in the briefing room…to discuss
Your next meeting with him. Hurry, you
Know how quickly time moves there. I
Have to report these new readings to
The Postulate. They want constant updates
On the Light Transfiguration.” Damara
Moved on down the hallway.

“What are you doing?” Ceres growled at him.
“Tell him to stop. Tell him to stop right
Now. Stop!”

“Just a little more.” Varence laughed.

“What will he think?” Ceres whispered

“Hopefully quite a lot.” Varence smiled.

As they stood arguing more voices came
From up the hallway…One new, one I
Recognized…It was Rana.

Then Rana was walking fast up to them,
Accompanied by a handsome young looking
Man with creamy hair and complexion
Much like Varence’s. She walked up to
Them fast, clearly unhappy. “What
Happened, what did you say to him?
We were watching those readings when
You opened the book…”

Ceres rolled her eyes then looked away…
Her thoughts, of all of them to speak
Now by chance…Rana?

“Only what I was told to.” Varence

“You play games with him and you
Won’t have the teeth of the Lion Men to
Concern you…” Rana growled. “I will break

“Now Rana tell me how you really feel.”
Varence teased.

“What?” Rana snapped, her eyes were wild.
“Do not play games with me little man.”

Then she slapped him hard across the
Face, this startled her companion. “He
Is not your toy, are we clear?”

“She said that,” Varence said to Ceres,
“You heard her.”

Ceres winced but held her lips tightly

“What are you doing?” Rana sensed
Something off.

“Now Rana, be calm…You will make
Nervous our young Valerius here.” He
Said playfully. “Valerius how are you,
Our young friend?”

“I’m fine.” The young man answered a little

“I thought you were going to ask him to
Write down the part about the mass of
Idiots ignoring the climates before you
Opened the Hour Glass?” Rana asked him.
“Why did you leave that part out? We
Clearly set out the dialog you were to
Have with him.”

Ceres growled but still said nothing.

“What idiots?” Varence smiled.

Rana folded her arms studying his
Face, her eyes sharp and piercing.
“What are you up to? What idiots?
The mass of fools filling those broadcasts
With ridiculous tantrums. It’s revolting
How we have to be saturated with this.
That planet is falling apart on all levels
With its atmosphere, climate and tectonic
Movements and the sheer epidemic of
Stupidity…They whine about politics
And name calling? They can’t even
Notice obvious warning signs…They
Call each other idiots over politics? I am
Amazed after being forced to witness how
They live, how they even have the notion
To understand what stupid is. I am
Amazed they can even speak words!” She
Turned to Valerius. “Did you see, did you
See how they sit glued staring at those
Screens devouring whatever those screens
Feed them? Dare they walk outside and
Sense what the planet is screaming?
No they worry over name calling and
Idle notions of what they call civil rights.”

“Now Rana, remember we agreed to kinder
Words.” Varence smiled.

“Kinder words for what?” Rana snapped.
“When they scream what happened
And why for the endless lack of
Reasoning they do not possess? Why
Must we sit here debating this? How
Long? Remove him before we lose this
Chance…If they harm him in any way
Any more…I swear I will sing when
They finally press the button.”

“Now Rana…” Varence attempted to say.

Rana slapped him hard again across the
Face. “Do not play with him Master Fool.
If those readings go irregular—“

“Stop.” Ceres told her. “Don’t say
Anymore to him.”

“Why?” Rana asked watching her curiously.
“What is going on between the two
Of you?”

Suddenly Brishan appeared walking
Fast and strong towards them. He scowled
Intensely at Varence. “We are waiting…
What is going on? Why are you taking
So long to report? Readings are still
Active. Why are they still active?”

Rana turned to Brishan concerned. “They
Were decreasing when I left?”

“NO.” Brishan said. “They slowed but
They did not stop…Readings are
Still coming in.” He was angry. “Why?
Tell me now. Tell me now!”

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Varence

“He hasn’t broken the link yet.” Ceres
Said to them fast.

“What?” Rana was angry.

“What does she mean?” Brishan was

“I told him to stop.” Ceres said.

Varence only smiled.

Brishan grabbed Varence by the neck and
Near his shoulder…This made a telepathic
Bridge somehow. “He is writing right now!”
Brishan immediately said, biting his
Teeth. “What have you done? How are
You doing this without the Circle?”

“Damara said that form of link is
Dangerous. Unstable.” Valerius informed

“What?” Ceres was angry.

Brishan squeezed Varence’s shoulder and
Neck. The words from his mind far
Overpowered Varence’s command. “Bill,
Relax…slow down…you are getting
Tired…I apologize for this. Slow down
Now…slow…now put down the pen
With these words I say. Rest. And
Goodnight.” There was a very strong
Sensation of warmth and compassion,
Overwhelming support and concern.
Power. Strength. Kindness…Relaxing now.






  1. Amazing video by Cliff High, Dreamwalker. I had dreams about flooding as far inland as my area, and it was up to the third floor. I was watching people walk across the rooftops, from my fifth floor apt.

    There are many Native American legends about lovers being separated during these changes predicted. Yes, the male seems to struggle most to be reunited with his love.

    I just got a copy of “Return of the Bird Tribes” yesterday, Spiritwalker. If I’m understanding things correctly, then the Songs of Hiawatha would in fact be the Songs of the Bird Tribes??? I also heard that the name Hiawatha means “little owlet”. There is also a legend that in a very trying time forthcoming…to go to the edge of the marshes and call the Peacemaker’s name three times and he will return.

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    Did it have to hurt so much??? How will my children ever understand what happened? Will they EVER forgive me for things that were so absolutely beyond my control???

  7. God….so great to have your precious guide again, dear Dave. Strange that my email didn’t get this updating message. Worse that the access again…I shall practicing again the very alchemy?!!!

    Dear Robin, how much I appreciate reading your super beautiful even magical sharing. I used to read Suzanne? [Suzuki] & Dreamwalker [Troy] talking about GOOBERZ, and was once trying looking for even getting one when I was still in the other side of earth.

    Dear Nando, as always, so beautiful, magical you and your words, works are !!!

    I regret so for being unable to share, update in time here with you. So many, even more and more synchronicity are occurring, such as the latest messages given by Judith Kusel about MUSIC. I’m sure there are more in syn, but I really have difficulty to keep up with them all. There are so many KEY words occurring again and again in various occasions, texts. Strange that I cannot get the their sources now.

    I’ve been quite hindered in lots of things, hence get so frustrated, even drained, even too drained to be mad. I thank you all here with me, giving me courage and more to sustain.

    Please take care and have a GREAT EQUINOX CONNECTION!!!
    source :

  8. Spiritwalker…I love GOOBERZ! Really helped me get on track and release a lot of anger and unforgiveness. It also explained, to me, what a “Walk-in” really is. Every Seven years of our lives…Saturn presents us with incredible opportunities. Explains SO MUCH of what happened to me in 2012…I was turning 42, entering a new 7 year cycle. Speaking of synchronicity…I am just starting that chapter on Lexigrams today! I discovered other synchronicities of words as I was reading in the book last night, of a personal nature. Have a great weekend…Love to all!

  9. Oh! Before I get busy and forget… was that song by Carly Simon that gave me the inspiration…..along with the words of Rana…..that led me to ask for that *word* relationship Bill has with Christ! Varence is right, a little inspiration can be quite useful… perfect timing, of course.

    Look at some more synchronicity, and good news, the new GaiaPortal message:

    Patriarchals balance with the Cosmic Feminine.

    Self-indulgents dissolve rapidly.

    Communities of Light assemble for Higher Purpose.

    Federations come together.

  10. hehe I DO love synchronicity, don’t you? For me it has always been the sign that THIS….is the right track! Boy does that take on even greater meaning now….timelines! Robin, that was one of my all-time favorite books! No, I never read Gooberz but now I want to. You’ll be amazed by the chapter on Lexigrams. The word druids…..which clearly Bill is absolutely in tune with….of course….given his ancestral connections.

  11. So this is weird…KEYwords tying into a message? SEWing up a gap in the timelines?

    I just got a copy of Linda Goodman’s “STAR SIGNS” today, and was reading page xxix of the INTRODUCTION…

    “…he was late for an appointment at the GRIFFITH State Observatory.

    “But before we part,” he added, “I have a message to relay to you from the Masters of Karma, channeled through me by the HIGHER FORCES.”



  12. I asked my spirit friends to give me a word about Valiant’s relationship with Christ. This is the word they led me to, exactly. This is stichomancy, not channeling, that I am doing. They just give me a letter that I generally turn to in my dictionary, with my eyes closed, and then they say left or right (page), then I hear top middle or bottom, inside or outside (column). In this case it was the right page, middle. Right where my finger landed (eyes closed) is where they wanted it. Usually, 99% of the time, they have to further guide me by saying up up up or down down down until they say to stop, right there. This time, however, my finger landed on the exact word they intended.

    Huge significance of this word chosen by Peter & Gabriel, considering my question. I have heard of some of the Norse myths, but not all of the ‘Gods’ are as familiar to me as others, like Odin, Loki, Thor, Freyja. This one named as the one word “message” I could not have told you his name off the top of my head, had no idea of his story, until just now when I read the wiki page…..and received quite a shock as to the role he plays….in the end times. His relationship in the poems as a god with 9 mothers (sisters) made me gasp, as well as learning of the role he plays for the gods, at the rainbow bridge, with his horn.

    This is the word P&G gave me, for what is Valiant/Bill’s relationship with Christ:


    {{{{{{{******* Valiant *******}}}}}}}

    That’s an angel hug for you, Bill, our beloved Valiant. Thank you.


    • Okay I could not resist…. reading that description I noticed that Heimdallr “went to battle in the shape of a seal…”

      How does that work exactly?

      With the power of CUTENESS!!!!

      😀 😀 😀

      • Wow, thank you Barb for bringing this…and to Dreamwalker [Troy] for this super significant hint and thread in synergy. I cannot forget where I was right one year ago, and something that I could not do, owing to my location. Tomorrow is going to be a very anniversary for a very precious one, but I cannot wait to say something here right now.

        Last Friday, in conversation with a friend, this occurred to me. Then now when seeing that super adorable seal who is melting my icy rigid heart, it’s such an echo of what’s just occurring to my mind. I guess this is much more than significant to post the concerned pictures here again, particularly for Barb and the precious one that I just referred above.

        I in fact cannot get the very one that I had about one year ago, and could barely find the following as below. Then before finishing the search, my web is again fenced. I’m sad, too sad to cry for many many reasons. Without the disappointing conditions, the story, the legend, myth, the iconographic elements, the songs all look or sound so MELANCHOLIC. I thank you all for bringing all these, and making the picture looking bigger and clearer.

        Somethings are just occurring just like the WATCHERS said. Sorry for again, I have difficulty to distinguish whose words. Something I want to beg Rana and Ceres, please don’t be so stern to Varence. Brishan, Darmara, Vala, every time when reading that about you, I feel so warm, so encouraged. Here, thanks again to Valiant, Lida and Valkyerie for bringing these to us.

        Dear sister P, I left something in your garden, but they were all filtered. How strange that I even didn’t attach any picture, neither video, but they are just filtered. Would you please check them up?! How much I’m eager for reaching you.

        May these bring all of us some comfort, even magical power, miracles….


    Carl Jung was of the opinion that we’d be a lot less neurotic and self-defeating if we brought our Shadows into the light of consciousness and acknowledged them. Sometimes, in fact, we’d find that our Shadows were like missing pieces of a puzzle — that once they found their proper places, we’d be rewarded with a sense of wholeness and completion that had been previously lacking.




    THE TRUE GOLDEN SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  14. Varenceeeee what are you doing!!! hahaha he really enjoys goofing around! but I am thankful for the gift of taking us behind the scenes! We got to understand a lot, and quite a lot more than expected… poor Varence might be paying the price right about now, but I know he already knew the consequences. I hope his shenanigans prove fruitful in the end… and boy, can he take a beating! Take care everyone, Bill and Lida and Valkyrie, and the local team here, DW, Feilla, y todos nuestros amigos.

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