Valiant: Knock Knock…the Watchers…Millenium…

*SONG* “Photograph” by Def Leppard

In all of history the human race has been
On this endless quest for one simple thing…
A better life.
For a time when fairness seemed easier,
That life and people were kinder…

Perhaps a silly Disney song said it best…
“In my favorite dream…everything is so delightful
No one is mean or spiteful…in my favorite dream…”

They say the middle ages were a dark age…
That people were poor and suffered and
Were ignorant…That the world was full of rulers who
Were tyrants and unjust…
So when exactly did the Dark Ages end?
When life, liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness involved the forging of a new nation
And a Declaration of Independence after
Settling a land that was already occupied
By simpler Native Americans?
It quite honestly sounds like an
Endless debate…No one will ever be
Completely happy until life is effortless
And all the answers and solutions
To every problem come freely
And every person and every nation
Becomes overtaken by one belief, one law…
Or one world order.

The stars must hold the answer…
There must be a higher power with advanced
Technology to save the world…it’s the easiest
Possible solution…Because despite the fact
That freedom exists…here and there…
The fact remains…peace is not enough
For everyone…There will always be those
That thirst for power…
And there will be no justice in this world
As long as paychecks are involved.

The only truth that will ever hold true
Is that everyone is entitled to life, liberty
And the pursuit of happiness…
Regardless of gender, race, age, religion or
Sexual orientation…
But the universal laws of justice must also
Apply here…That these liberties are absolute
As long as they respect essential laws that
All life deserves…That you pursue these
Liberties without harming life.
Maybe the only path to accomplish this
Monumental virtuous goal is that we
Learn to accept…to disagree…to respect
Others boundaries…and never allow
Religious perceptions to limit or force laws…
Maybe the only true way to achieve
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Is to simply say…to each their own,
Find your own answers…
Learn to disagree peacefully…
Give everyone safe distance…
And above all protect this world and
Its nature that we live with and on
So that there is a future for all living things
With the hope that one miraculous day
Will come that everyone can simply say
I found my peace, I hope you found yours…
And that ultimately we can all find peace
Together without hurting anyone.

These words may read and sound fine
Now…But five minutes, or an hour from now
What will they mean?
Absolutely nothing…Because boredom
Is just a click away…and with that
Anarchy…and after that the mind slips
And the memory fades away…Then
Nothing matters…And the mind becomes
Hungry for something new…
The answers are so simple.
That’s why the right choices are the hardest
To make…Restlessness never ends.
The wisest accept peace…
Chaos rules the world…
Because peace is always mistaken
For boredom or stupidity.

The pen becomes the sword that
Becomes the trumpet, the call…
Then the Circle of Light comes…
Forged, built, brilliant, shining…The Circle
Showers round…but as different this
Time…Not held to some seat on a strange
Platform bridge…but to a seat before
A great Round Table…

I see them now all sitting there…
Brishan at the head, opposite me…
The assembly, all 9 sisters scattered
Around the table…There are Lion Men…
And other strange human-looking
People with various skin colors…and a
Few nondescript humanoids I can only
Describe as aliens…All are watching me…
All are wide-eyed…with eyes and faces
Of praise and curiosity…

Ceres is on my right…Varence, the left…
Everyone seems eager to speak…
Yet shy for words…I think my opening
Shocked them a bit…
Brishan was the first to speak…A strong
Yet simply kind smile spread across his face.
“I think you are more than you realize…”
He kept smiling with a pause. “How are
You?” He asked very sincerely.

“I’m alright.”

“Are you really?” He asked more carefully
With more concern.

“Does it matter?” I asked looking around. “This
Is new…This is not the same room.”

“It matters.” Brishan stated with a firm
Expression. “It matters.”

“I’m just doing what I said I would do. I’m
Tired that’s all.”

Brishan frowned, then looked to Ceres. She was
Very calm but looked serious, they all did. “I
Know.” He simply said. “We moved the Circle here
Because…as Varence, our scheming friend,
Revealed to you…because this is where we
Discuss our positions, our strategies and our
Talks with you.”

“You plain it that much?”

“Words must be measured carefully for the
Right time.” Brishan explained. “Particularly
When so many minds are involved.”

“I still say we need to push the more
Serious subjects more.” Rana insisted as she
Sat to Brishan’s left, next to a young very
Handsome man who looked a lot like Varence;
This was Valerius. “You speak far too
Carefully for what is going on…just say it.”

“There are scales involved, Rana.” Brishan
Stated to her. “Not just time, but events.”

“When are there no matters to weigh?” She
Asked angrily. “This dialogue was begun to serve
A purpose…The stories to motivate. Have you
Achieved this, yes or no?”

“It is not that simple, Rana.” Kierista said
From across the table, she was so fair and beautiful.
Her demeanor was always soft and soothing. “You
Cannot simply just say things as when you

“You grant far too much consideration for
The risks involving the whole.” Rana again
Insisted. “Remember how quickly time moves
There…We need—“

Brishan held his hand up for silence. “I will
Direct the dialogue. There will be no questions
On that again.”

“She is right, Brishan.” Ceres agreed, but with
A very kind tone. “We are pressed with time

“Exactly.” Rana said standing up and walking
Towards me, her eyes going back and forth between
Me and all those at the table. She looked ferociously
Beautiful! “We are out of time…The fact
Remains what must be said and done…must be.”
She turned fast to me. “I in no way wish to
Harm you…more so now than ever. But you
Must understand…The purpose here was and is
To motivate…We can do more…But that would
Accomplish only temporary solutions…and then the
Beast would rear its ugly head again…and again.”

“We will proceed as I said.” Brishan ordered, his
Eyes glaring over the table. “Regardless of opinions.”
There was a pause of respectful silence before he
Went on…very, very kindly. “This is our meeting
Table.” He gestured with open hands holding out
To everyone. “Yes we are pressed for time…
And we need to move along with the topics.”

“Something is not enough?”

“It’s not your words, it is not that.” Brishan

“The reactions are favorable,” Varence added,
“Just not enough.”

“I have no control over that.” I told them.

“We know that.” Brishan nodded.

‘It’s time to discuss the Box more.” Rana
Stated flatly.

“Rana…” Damara cautioned.

“We must.” Rana simply defended. “There is
No choice now.” She turned to Brishan. “He has
To open it all the way…and become what he
Was meant to become…”

There was grumbling silence as those at the
Table looked concerned, but still determined.

Brishan hesitated but went on. “There will come
A point where it will happen…and you
Will have to open it all the way.”

The idea, their words made me nervous, they
Scared me!

“There us no reason to be alarmed.” Kierista
Interjected with her soothing voice. “I know
It scares you…But you need to face it,
You do.”

Brishan again lowered his brow, “We will

“Just what exactly are you asking?”

“In all manners and matter of what we do…
And the impatience found…” Brishan
Kindly said. “There is much to do.”


“We need to discuss the Great Hall once more.”
Brishan finally said. “It is the only way.”

“The blackouts?” I asked. “But I don’t
Remember everything from then…Only what I
Wrote before?”

“You will.” Brishan assured me. “When you start

Ceres turned to me then carefully, the concern
In her eyes, the support. “It will come to you
When you start writing…just as it always does.
The silence of your mind will allow the Box to open
And the words and memory will come.”

I was confused, but there was some sense
In their words somewhere. “There is so much
That I do not remember…The blackouts
When I was little…11 years old.”

“Focus on the dream.” Varence instructed. “The
Memory is there…to be unlocked at the right

Rana came over to me then, kinder than she
Had ever been. “There is no time anymore.
Much has to happen…You have to reach more…
With the events to come…They’re not strong
Enough…The stories must continue if
They are to move strength into being to
Fight what’s coming. You have to remember
Now…Open the Box.”

Her eyes shimmered with a golden glow, like
A cat in the dark, but more than a cat
She had the Force of a lion in her eyes…
The Lion Men’s teachings no doubt.

All at once their presence and words
Became like a chorus of bells, of stars
Flashing in rhythm…Then the room wasn’t
There…and the words weren’t words but
Became pictures in my mind…of lines and light
Flashing, twirling, spinning words into
Images and feelings that were memories.
I thought they were daydreams…like
A fantasy painted from a song on the
Radio that made no sense. I never
Understood these mysterious dreams…

The songs did answer riddles. And the
Radio always told them at the perfect time.
It was unstoppable. Nothing could stand
In the way…and those that tried…some
Invisible force pushed them out of my life.
People, friends have thrown tantrums
Because they couldn’t get into my head…

Those attempts, I wasn’t cold hearted,
The light guarded them…An angel’s shield
Was undeniable…no agenda could break it.

The dancing lines turned like a key…and
The memory opened. Eyes to see built the
Picture…and the light carried voices and
The feelings of the memory to make it real.

The Great Hall…
In a row we sat, by our middle names
With J…But in fact for some it was their
First name…Jennifer. I remember her, I
Blocked her out. The memory…It broke when
We lost her that September…

The Great Hall…the orator had commanded
They had something to show us…
There was a blinding Flash of light on
The crowds as we sat in the seats.

The light is coming. The light is coming…

Guiding voices of these star people commanded
The orientation be put into our minds. Some
Sort of subconscious programming? An
Instantaneous education, a lifetime of experiences
And teachings to be put into the depths of
The mind in a Flash of light.

The Blinding light…Awake in a bed, in a
Room I didn’t know. There were rows
Of beds…All of us were in them, in some
Sort of blue uniform? Light blue…casual,
Comfortable, airy-like pajamas. I sat up
Slowly as if from a sleep…as did others
In the room all at the same time.

We didn’t know each other, but did. I
Looked around, they looked around…Joe, the
Big black guy was beside me on the right
As always…

“Where the hell am I?” Joe grumbled. “I
Was asleep…that place…” He looked me. “You!”
He looked at his clothes. “What is this? Am I
In a hospital? Who hit me? Who are you

To my left was the red head…Long curly
Red hair, blue eyes…Such a softness about
Her, beautiful and magical. She was right there.
“You?” She said to me.

Why did they recognize me? How could they?
I didn’t know them…did I?

Jacob was across the row from me, the Native
American…tall, strong…kind of fierce looking.
“I remember you.” He said pointing at me
As he collected himself quicker than the
Others. Jacob was sharp! “You’re the artist
Guy. You did that painting.”

“What painting?” How did they know me?

“The one with the herd of animals…Those
Red dogs, the spirits.” Jacob fought to

I hadn’t done that painting yet! “How
Could you know that? I didn’t paint anything,
I just finished that angel painting in

“Oh right.” Jacob nodded. “You dropped out of
College…that’s right.”

“Huh?” How did he know that? That
Hadn’t happened yet.

“Don’t waste your time there,” Jacob said,
“You won’t learn anything.”

“Who put the blue pajamas on me?” Joe
Grumbled. “Where’s my room? I wasn’t wasted
That bad last night…I don’t remember
Any of you from any party?”

“Party?” I asked. “I don’t remember anything.”

“My head is killing me.” Jennifer said holding
Her temples. She was so sweet looking, it felt
Comforting just to have her there. “The
Light…There was a light…I remember a light…
In my bedroom…and in that place…The
Place with that city in the mountains…”

“YES!” I said. “I remember that place…The
Buildings were carved into the mountains!”

“YES! I remember that too!” Jacob said.

“I remember that too!” Julie said walking
Over…She was wearing the same blue pajamas
That we were. She grimaced at the baggy clothes.

“That place where the big talking penis
Guy took me through that garden?” Joe
Said with a bitter face. “That weird

“Talking penis guy?” Jacob asked with
A smirk.

“That guy with the big head!” Joe mumbled
As he gestured the shape of a huge head.
“The dude with the big head…He said
Follow me…The annoying guy with the bug eyes
That walked like he had a stick up his ass.”

“Oh you’re the one with the mouth!” Julie
Said of Joe. “I remember you. God, am I
Still dreaming? What is this a nightmare
For the insane, crude and perverse?”

“It’s a dream? This is a dream?” Jennifer
Wondered aloud looking about. “The last
Thing I remember is the clock said 11 o’clock.”

“My clock said 11 before I passed out.”
I said. “I never fall asleep that early.

“Me either.” Jacob agreed strangely noting
The similarities…

“Me either…” Jennifer said. “I was going to
Read this magazine article…but I passed out.”

“What is going on here?” Julie asked. “This
Is too strange…That hall…Do you remember
That hall full of people?”

“Yes!” Jacob exclaimed recalling the Great Hall.

“It was like some kind of assembly.” I said.

“That was a gathering.” Jennifer added

“Gathering?” Jacob questioned.

“I don’t know how I know that,” Jennifer
Said confused as she pulled herself to sit up.
“I just know.”

“What? Why?” Julie asked. “I don’t
Know you people…But I swear I have
To say you all look familiar.”

“You’re Jennifer.” I said pointing to her, I
Said her name and she froze wide-eyed.

‘Yes.” She stared at me intensely. “You’re
Jeff…No Bill…Jeff’s your middle name.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“I know Tonto over there,” Joe pointed,
“I remember you leaning in front of me…
I remember you, Bill…” He pointed to me,
Then nodded over to her, “And I remember
Mean Barbie over there. Miss California…
Stuck up…Wouldn’t let me pee.”

“Oh my God you are disgusting!” Julie
Said. “Who is torturing me here? Why am
I with you?” She folded her arms angrily
Then looked more calmly at me. “You…you
Look familiar…but different…It’s like you’re
The same, but you keep changing…your
Hair is different.”

“Barbie notices everything.” Joe laughed.
“She would notice your hair.”

“Who are you people?” I asked with
Frustration. “What is this?”

Everyone in the room began standing up and
Looking around. “This is more than a
Dream.” Jacob concluded. “This is more.”

A younger girl with brown hair came over to
Join our little group talk…She was pretty,
Even with the weird pajamas. “This mean’s
Something. You can feel it. Can’t you
Feel it?”

“You’re thinking too much.” Joe laughed.

“That’s a problem you’ll never have.” Julie

“Hey, watch it Barbie.” Joe responded.
“I’m not in the mood.”

“What is this place?” I had to ask…
As if someone would know…

“Someone’s coming…” Jacob said with amazing
Hearing… “Listen…”

The door to the strange dorm-like room
Opened and a woman appeared, she was
Beautiful…Flawless, with deep red hair and these
Amazing sparkling sky blue eyes. She wore this
Pale blue form fitting uniform and was
Accompanied by two powerfully built blond men
With chiseled features and fierce expressions…
That were also in pale blue uniforms; somewhat
Form fitting, shiny, like polyester or something.
“Greetings everyone,” she said politely. “If you
Would all please follow me…we will begin now.”
She waved her hand for everyone to follow then
Walked out the door…as her blond companions
Waited for everyone to follow.

“Begin what?” Joe asked. “Go where? Is
She kidding? What is this?”

Everyone eyed each other curiously sharing
The same confusion. Then one of the blond
Men nodded. “Please…come this way.”

“What is with these blue pajamas people?”
Joe grumbled. “Where’s my room?”

“We should go.” Jacob suggested.

“What are you,” Joe cackled, “the boss?”

“Aren’t you curious?” Jacob asked as
He led the way.

“Do we have a choice?” Julie doubted.

So everyone followed…We were led to a room
Full of tables in rows like a classroom…
Tables with two seats each, for pairs.
There were about 2 dozen of us that
Filed into the room. Everyone appeared to be
About the same age…ranging in ages from
About 18 to 25. There was a moderate mix
Of races…white, black, Asian, Native American
And Latino. I could not tell for sure if they
Were all from the Great Hall…I hadn’t seen
Every face…but the general feeling was that they
Were, they must have been. Everyone was
Mild mannered and quiet…aside for Joe. He
Was by far the biggest, and seemed to
Constantly comment on everything, I thought
It was funny.

The woman immediately went to the front of
The room as a teacher would and stood there
Smiling pleasantly. “Please take a seat

We did as she asked. I sat at the very back…
“I’m sitting with you.” Joe said fast as he
Sat beside me. “There’s too many short people
In here. It feels like I’m surrounded by
Smurfs, everyone’s in blue. I swear the short
People are taking over man.”

I just laughed, he was funny! “OK.”

Julie and Jennifer sat at the table in
Front of us…Jacob was at the table to
My left…He sat with the same pretty girl that
Appeared Latino…No one spoke aside from

“Is this a classroom?” He bellowed then
Whispered to me. “I’m having a nightmare…
I cut class to go to a bar and I’m feeling
Guilty. I hate this.”

‘Yes.” The woman answered taking a
Step towards the middle of the room…She
Focused on us in the back…my table with
Joe…Jennifer and Julie…and Jacob. You
Could feel it…She was keenly focusing to
Gain our attention. “This is the best way to
Reach you.”

“Reach me?” Joe repeated. “You’re standing
Right there, what do you want to touch
Me for, what did I do?”

“Would you just listen,” Julie said to him
With a half whisper. “She doesn’t mean that.
How dumb are you?”

“Hey, Barbie’s talking out of turn!” Joe
Snapped. “She didn’t raise her hand!”

“UGH!” Julie groaned.

“What are you people?” Jacob asked her. He
Spoke the questions on everyone’s minds.
“This is more than a dream.”

“Yes, it is.” She explained, always smiling.
“You all remember now…You are recalling
The Great Hall?” She looked around sensing
Our thoughts…She knew everyone this way.
She was telepathic…You could feel it, I did.
Your head tingled when she looked at you,
Like a smile filled your mind, and you
Simply knew. It was a very comforting feeling.
“We brought you here to learn…as we do.
What you see…right here…is what you
Would call a classroom as you know, but
This is how we learn.”

“I don’t see any blackboards?” Joe asked.

She stepped closer to our table, still smiling.
Boy she seemed like a very happy person.
Balanced, content, highly focused. “We don’t
Use those. We don’t need them. When you
Need to write, you will write on the table…
It will appear for you, and we will see it.”

“Huh?” Joe wondered with a scowl.

“This is a classroom?” Jacob asked. “You
Are giving us a class?”

“An education, in part yes.” She answered.
“To share as we learn…so you will understand
Us.” She nodded to Jacob. “It’s alright you
Will learn very quickly…This is a more
Advanced process…we are putting the
Knowledge directly into your mind…There will
Be less confusion this way.”

“Why are you doing this?” Jennifer asked
Her. “Why us? Why?”

“I realize you have a lot of questions, Jennifer.”
She said very politely to her. “And yes I know
Your name, we know all of your names.”

“I remember,” Jacob said recalling the
Orator’s speech from the Great Hall. “He said
Something about your greatest hope?”

“We’re running out of time.” She explained.
“We had to find the best possible candidates
To reach out to…to help us.”

“To help you with what?” Julie asked.

“To understand you.” The woman answered.
“To understand what and who you are…In the
Hopes that you can help us fight a great
Enemy. One that threatens all life…that seeks
To conquer and destroy…This universe and
Others…as well as higher dimensions.”

“What in the hell is she talking about?”
Joe barked. “This is some freaky dream crap.”

“But you are…human?” Jacob asked.

“Yes.” She answered. “Does that surprise you?”

“But you’re saying you people are aliens, right?”
Jacob asked.

“If that’s what you want to call us,” she
Answered. “Yes…We come from other worlds…
There are other humans on other worlds.
There are many races.”

“I don’t understand why.” Jacob shook his
Head. “Why this way…Us? Why us? Why
Not contact others openly…leaders? Nations?”

“You represent your world.” She smiled kindly.
“Who better to represent your world honestly
Than its people…”

“Us?” Jennifer asked.

“You were, are, part of a program we
Have been watching,” she explained, “Overseers
Began long ago…an experiment on bloodlines
And evolving humans into something else.”

“What?” Jacob asked with a scowl. “What, like
An experiment?”

“Yes.” She said carefully. “And if we are right…
It could change everything…for us, for
Other worlds and yours…”

“But how?” Jennifer asked.

“All of you share something, a bond, unlike
Others…this makes you…different…” She said.
“We want to help that.”

“This is weird!” I said. “How to believe—“

She stepped up to me slowly, patiently,
Her eyes soft and caring. “Bill…listen…
It will take time…but it will happen…
We know this much…You,” she gestured
Around to everyone, “All are important in
This…that’s all I can say…

“They teach you wrong on your world…You
Learn the wrong way…this only makes
Things more confusing. What we are sharing
Here will help you learn more correctly…
Process more correctly…grow better…react

“So when the time comes you will know
What to do…How to change, how to grow…
How to react…and fix things…how
To reach higher aspects of your potential…

“When you are isolated you are weak…
When you connect you will be stronger…
We will show you here how to help
Conquer those limitations…To keep going…
Go farther. Don’t give up…To reach out
To others and inspire the same…
And with any hope the right ones will
Mimic it and continue the process…

“Now listen…your nature is to be
Restless…To roam, to unconsciously make
And find mischief…
There is a greater wisdom and learning
In standing still…It attracts less harmful
Think of a tree, as it grows…
When you feel trapped and have nowhere
To go…or grow…Look at a tree…
It rises…It grows upward, taller,
Stronger, mightier…it sees farther
Than those wandering around…
There is great wisdom there.”

“Yeah until someone has an ax to grind
And chops your ass down.” Joe bellowed.

“That’s why you also have to be ready to
Run when the time comes.” The woman
Said mysteriously. “Be fit in mind, body
And spirit…Be tall, and strong and
Rooted like the towering tree…But…
It must be ready to run when the time
Comes…When they come For you…
When you come together…And when
We come For you.

“This is about more than just you,
Than just the Earth…
This is about the coming millennium…
And you must be ready…
You must inspire others to be ready…

“The light is coming…
And you have to be ready to run.”

The Box turned, the lines and light
Flared, glowed and danced…
There were sounds of gears turning
Of locks opening and moving…
The music played…
I remember now.





  1. Yes, 8 is such a significant number, as it looks like our ancient script of 5, and it sounds like “fortunate” in Cantonese, hence is so loved. 88 is in fact the Father’s day in my mother island. the Double Eight is not only Robin’s birthday, but also Ray’s that I won’t forget either. We in fact have another Aries, also super POWERFUL & ELEGANT ARIES. This weekend along with the DOUBLE FOUR is going to be one of our most important festivals in the year, as well as the Children’s day in my mother island. Today, for many reason, I miss a sister whose birthday is on the DOUBLE NIGHT so badly…

    As Dreamwalker (Troy), owing to the Sun activity and two planets’ retrograte, or even more other effects, I should feel so tired, sleepy and panic, even have heart aches.

    Here, I would like to share somethings which have ever crossed to my mind this whole day, and not only today….Lots of things, precious ones who have not only enlightened me, but also helped me grow up so much in many aspects were met here. There are some who become more silent. Here, I want to say…HOW MUCH I MISS YOU ALL!!!

    I cannot know why today…all feel so eccentric. Something worth sharing here, my very personal senses… either I just typed the things which were totally opposite to what I was thinking to say, or I was completely misled to an even opposite orientation to make sense of what I read, particularly by the important ones. Robin, I guess you have ever suffered this kind of situation as well. I’m sure there do exist this kind of interfering waves which are set to restrain, even mislead our mind and our sense when we write or read. So, sometimes, I even cannot be sure which sense is my authentic intuition or instinct, which are rather the sense which are implanted. I had ever occurred to me many times that reviewing the letters or SMS that I might rush to send, I should realize subsequently that it should look exactly opposite to what I really thought to say, vice versa when I read the messages.

    It feels like that when my mind was dominated by some kind of waves, it would just be led to some very wrong orientation. That kind of waves were so sticky to get rid of. In that kind of circumstances, I in fact could not be recollected enough to review, but just insist to think towards the very wrong, even opposite orientation. I might just think make wrong and false sense, and even get pissed, then didn’t realize that I was so wrong until days, weeks after. This is causing the very harm, either I harm or I was harmed by the ones who suffered the similar mind-control effects. The ones who suffer the depression of his/her own or the ones in his/her entourage would not be able to understand this more !!! In my cases, I even not only once felt that on some pages of web, it’s not the problem of author, but the pages were so targeted to be covered with some layer(s) of something like black magic or veil which is to deform the sense of anyone who reads that it. It can be like some virus, as we reblog it, it just keep spreading. So, if I have ever made any harm, please forgive my very silliness.

    Being a non-native speaker of English, here, I want to address again my highest appreciation and gratitude to all the ones who have taken time writing with super patience, love and incredible writing skills, fascinating knowledge to share here. You don’t know how happy I feel I’m to be able to read and to be read this way from you, with you. Why we are so concerned to think to check if there is any new sharing here? Because we do see the very resonating beauty and comfort, even light here from the very precious ones. There are in fact things that I’m incapable to express in English, but you either can just understand me, or so kindly renounce it with super delicate way, helping me getting progressed in a very very MAGICAL way. So, Barb, you are so kind to make this, too. You don’t know how much this one am just benefiting from!!! It feels like some kind of MORPH mechanism. I can say a text of this length, if it’s written two or three years ago, it would take me about 4 or 5 times of time to make, without saying the lack of vocabulary and more awkward expression. With this regard, how can I skip over my very gratitude to Dreamwalker !!!

    Something about Dave….I cannot forget how impressive his 1st presence here to me….it’s more than déjà vu and I know he knows me or even more than I do?!!! So, just like what Dreamwalker said yesterday? It seems that…lots of magical thing are just occurring, though I honestly don’t really know what there things are and what’s going on.

    Robin, you are the very magical priestess who make this impossible one to speak in this once awful day with your super loving wit and magical hands.

    Dear Sister P, still want to thank you….it’s always my best moment of a day when reading your posts. For I my connection with you is used to be interfered, if there any possibility that you get my email in your email updating?!

    Terraseed, my blessing to you…Nando, reviewing my footprints here, your light just keep beaming. Suzane, Brianna, Stefan, Mary, Mildalove, thathastu, Leonid, R.C., Tomaz, David, kailarae…..this garden, till this spring…..

    Here are the pictures that thanks to Robin, I know to pay more attention when crossing by…

    Krushna playing flute amongst cows.
    Modern painting on an every popular theme of Krushna as Gopal.

    Shri Krushna and a gopi (Radha) by Ramesh Gorjala
    Thanks to

    May all the beloved ones have a wonderful Thursday !!! Thanks also to the Griffith’s magical dedication !!!

  2. Barb… I am Leo sun, (8-8…oh the challenge of that number!) Mars in Leo (Temper, temper! Lol!)…Moon and Venus in Libra…White Wind/High Priestess on the Dreamspell

    Too funny those synchronicities! New England even, where I live! AA Gabriel…he was really INTENSE! I’ve been trying to figure out who THE BELOVED WOMAN is/was? Guess now I know 😉

    “I AM MY BELOVED’S…AND HE HIS MINE…”-Song of Solomon

    “…AND SHE WILL CALL HIM HER ‘BELOVED’…” The Son of the Evening-Song of Hiawatha XII

    “DEEP CALLETH UNTO DEEP…” Psalm 42… 😉

    Remember …GOOOBERZ… You do get around…just like those Saturn RINGS.



    (Those of you who read GOOOBERZ…you'll understand… ❤ Thanks Linda and Robert 😉 )

    • Oh boy, an 8-8 b-day, ayup, you signed up for some MAJOR stuff, eh Robin? I had a friend years ago who was also born on 8-8. She’s also psychic, she did readings too. She actually gave me several spontaneous readings (she’s from Scotland but lives in Australia, her online name was Starseeker)….which were quite interesting for both of us. We had lives together. One was on the Trail of Tears, our friend Broken Arrow was our grandmother, then. Another life, the 3 of us were shapeshifting shamans, medicine women, we merged our 3 tribes into 1. She said she could see me shapeshifting into a wolf. When I first came to the forum where I found her, Angel Haven’s Nick Bunick 444 Forum, this was around January 2003 right after I had began channeling for the first time, she exclaimed to me that she had just had a dream where she saw herself on a mountain with a wolf walking towards her. Well about 2 weeks later I walked into the forum she and Broken Arrow had been at for several years, the 444 forum, and my online name (I used this in many forums and my email address), was Mountain Wolf. hehe I kid you not. That began a wonderful friendship. She was very gifted, obviously, and clearly we were supposed to meet up, that’s why she had the dream of the wolf appearing next to her on the mountain, then I showed up in the forum! hehe

      So 8-8…! Only a High Priestess would say bring it on! How close are you to ‘downeast’ Maine, Robin? We try go there once a year, I love going to Long Sands, York, just sit there and watch the ocean for hours if I could. We normally just go for a day trip, with Layna in the back seat. I can’t afford to go on vacations, but daytrips are awesome, and the ocean is my absolute favorite place to be….well other than my mountain. I live in southeast Vermont.

      You made my lips vibrate, a sign of some pretty deep truth that I need to pay attention here. And did your reading Star Signs play any part in revealing who she was/is? Who gets around like Saturn’s rings? I am going to order Gooberz, that does it! hehe

      • Hi Barb. 🙂 8:8 and 444 oh my! 4:44 comes up on my clock a lot! Linda Goodman said 8’s attract 8’s and 4’s. I had a friend shared the same birthday with me as a child…her name was Jessica (I found out that Jessica was the name my mother was going to give me, but by the hands of the Fates it was changed at the last moment!) her and I were born in different time zones about 10 minutes apart…I was born CST time zone she was born PST time zone. We both had blond hair and green eyes, but mine were blue just prior to meeting Jessica, then they gradually turned from blue to green. When I go into intense trance/visions my right eye reverts to blue while the left remains green, weird! I had a friend in Montana who was very psychic that also shared the same birthday. Even my current apt. number totals to 8! My name…Robin…also 8! I give up! I’m just going to have to live with the vibration…Saturn…argh!!!! I also have a Capricorn Ascendant. 444 has something to do with the arch angels…AA Michael in particular. Glad you are ordering GOOBERZ…when you get to Canto Eleven…be ready to get your socks blown off!

        Star Signs helped me with lexigrammng THE BELOVED WOMAN.I had other clues, via other sources, as to who she might be over the past 6 years. Truthfully, I thought her name was what the Cherokee people called White Buffalo Woman. I thought she was MOTHER Mary…not Mary the Magdalene. Perhaps they are an interchangeable archetype? Much like Isis? High Priestess/Empress???

        Broken Arrow eh? Well…that explains…A LOT! I shouted that phrase/name while under a terrible attack from dark forces! I knew it meant something…just wasn’t sure what! The attack stopped. My grandmother walked the Trail of Tears when she was 10 years old. I was “told” her name was Goldfinch…but that wasn’t the name she was known by. I really don’t know what her name was.

        Fella…I UNDERSTAND about the confusion and targeting…but remember the battle cry of the Lord Teiwaz/Trye…the Norse Creator God…who, in time, was superseded by Thor…

        “Our cause is JUST! We will prevail!”

        Where as the battle cry of Thor is…

        “Smash them to pieces!!!”


        Love ya, Valiant. 🙂 ❤ Forgive the family rivalry? It's just my nature… (shrugs) 😉 ❤

  3. Oh! hehe Greg and the Mornin’ Buzz (radio show in New England) are going to have John Oates as a guest this week? LOL Gotta love synchronicity. Robin, I’m sorry, I should’ve said spoiler alert, wasn’t thinking! I haven’t seen that chapter in ages, at least 13 years, so I’ve forgotten a lot of it. It was the ancient megalithic site tie-ins, with ancient people I won’t mention, that I was especially intrigued by. I’ve chased many things Dave posts, and sometimes it just opens up doors I never even expected, which was really cool. I once bought the book “The Urantia Book” and ONLY read the chapter The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Michael.

    I wish I didn’t have to work a full time job, I’d be able to spend time relishing, savoring and emitting and absorbing and merging with all of you.

    Robin, that’s pretty awesome about AAGabriel visiting you. I love him.

  4. Oh my Barb! I keep getting sidetracked in the Lexigram chapter. Lol! I’m glad I didn’t get to the one about EMIT/TIME…so much more fun hearing it first from you! ❤ I had a visit from the AA Gabriel once…he said something to me about THE BELOVED WOMAN…Lexigram that one… "THE DOVE HE LOVED"…"THE BEE HE WED"…"TWO MET AT THE TOMB"… 😉 …That first Easter morning comes to mind 😉

    Don't worry if you don't get mine and Dave's word "PLAY"… Now JUST HOW DID YOU KNOW, Dave, that when I got that clue I was going to think to myself, "I ought to kick you in your KNEE CAPS!" No I don't suppose that's lifting my LOVE VIBRATIONS…I love you anyway…you know that…but WOOF!…you can be SO FRUSTRATING! Infuriating even! And for EVERY ANSWER you give me, you leave me with MORE QUESTIONS! Lol!

    Now…about all those brown trench-coats…that corny detective archetype…a fan of "SIMON AND SIMON" were we??? 😀

  5. There you are Feilla, leaving such wonderful delightful gifts, as always! Thank you, and everyone, for helping me feel a little less awkward for baring so much.

    Happy birthday Troy dreamwalker444!!! I hope your day has been enjoyable. I’m so happy you drew us all together like this….having this very special place to come to, after every very special Valiant post… just the icing on the cake….for me! Thank you for being here…..and for being here, on earth. My walker444 kin….the star birthday kid today!

    Happy belated birthday to both Dave and Stefman! Also wonderful star kids, that I’m glad I get to hang out with, while we’ve parked our butts on earth for awhile! Stefman, I have a little German blood, my mother’s mother family came from Germany (the Ott family). Dave, I appreciate all of your personal stories, as well as the little clues you like to leave…you and Robin regularly stump me! Much just goes right over my head, so I’ll just admit that right now, while I’m in my honesty is the best policy transparency mode.

    Feilla, now you are doing it to me, you just know so much of what is in my mind and heart, and even that the One is guiding each One…of Us….perfectly. I wish I had time to write back more often, more quickly. Please forgive me? Oh I love Celia Fenn….and Rumi! I read Rumi’s book of poems last year. I laughed when I realized he started the whole whirling dervishes, the book had beautiful images of them, like dancing in trance, in love with God~Creator.

    Hey, Emet is Emit, is Time backwards! I learned that one through Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, some interesting Lexigrams eh Robin? hehe Emit~time….Father Time…Saturn.

    I have to get off this computer for tonight, but will catch up with everyone tomorrow. Have sweet dreams.

    Happy birthday to all the Aries Rams! I have an Aries Moon. My emotions can be a bit volatile sometimes! My Scorpio Sun loves Mysteries & Mysticalities. I’m a White Planetary World Bridger. What are all of your signs, you guys?




  6. So much Aries energy! Also Solar…9 is the Solar Tone of Intention…This is the Solar (9) Jaguar Moon…today is Yellow Solar (9) Seed…guided by Universal Fire…(Sun)! I immediately went to Suspicious 0bservers channel today…and all kinds of Solar activity!

    Happy Birthday to all of our RAMS!

  7. Thanks to Celia Fenn…

    The sun is very active at the moment.

    Apart from geomagnetic storms, new and potentially powerful sunspots are forming after a long period of solar inactivity.
    Together with the sun moving into Aries and the New Moon in Aries ….it seems that we are preparing for some shifts and changes on the Earth.
    The activity of the Sun is always an indicator that Energy is shifting and changes are getting ready to manifest.
    Stand by!
    You may be feeling energy symptoms such as insomnia, dizziness and generally feeling “under the weather” at the moment. Be good to yourself and take it easy. Remember to stay in your center and keep your Energy Signature radiant and powerful!

    Dear ARIES STARS, you made today further more powerful, significant and unforgettable !!!

    • Hey Feilla thanks for posting the sun info – I tend to forget that the REASON I’m feeling terrible and can’t sleep is very often because of solar activity. Time to invest in a tinfoil umbrella!

      And THANK YOU for being our Master birthday keeper – and so many other special skills and talents… bringing us incredible energy and inspiration… thank you!

  8. I’ve been quite anxious the last days, and wondering…..a date I’m supposed to know, to have taken down. However, I still missed it. How could I….Here, though right a whole week apart from, I still want to have this honor to invite to CELEBRATE OUR PRECIOUS STAR, DAVE / DAVID’s birthday on March 21. God, all are multiple 7 !!!

    I’m looking for a cake….once, Celtic Knot cake, Rainbow cake, a cake crowned with plenty blossoms….Then, these blossoms just led me to find some having to do with Alice’s wonderland cake along with the legend in French. So I keep exploring….In contrast to last year, this time, there are more ones on this subject popping up !!! Difficulty….which one would please my/our super beloved ELDER most ???

    credit :
    Thanks to this cake of blossom which led me towards to the cake of Alice in Wonderland !!! Not a coincidence ???

    thanks to

    Dear DAVE, not this cake is still not fascinating enough to express my highest respect, appreciation and gratitude. Wow, how POWERFUL the ARIES that we have here, since it’s beginning. May these TWO super weighed STARS, our sweet younger Stefan (March 22) as well have A GREAT DAY full of joy, warmth, pleasure, health, HUGS !!!



  9. Being so beaten by the long lasting emotional billows, sorry for that I feel almost lose the last strength to speak. It’s you who wake me back. My mind went totally nuts yesterday, and then before falling into sleep, taking some meditation, two reptiles pressing on my head were seen. However, I didn’t come back to my relative own senses until now, after being finally able to be relatively recollected to read all above this panel.

    Robin, god, what a very syn that the very expression in it look exactly like the very mine in my mind. Nice music are the very remedies to mend this cracked one.

    That 9, brought by Dave is so significant…thanks to Robin for reminding as always of the very keys, such as “emet.” Seeing this term, what occurred to me first is the French verb, émettre :
    1. [son, lumière] “to give out”, “to emit”
    2. (radio) [signal, message] “to transmit”
    3. (= mettre en circulation) [billet, timbre, emprunt, chèque] “to issue”
    4. (= formuler)
    1. [hypothèse, avis] “to voice”, “to put forward”
    2. [vœu] “to express”

    Something which might be relevant is the repeating number 4 that I’m used to see the last days, like 4444, 444, 44, and 446. I saw it in what Dave just presented, and the ones on this board, Dreamwalker, Spiritwalker, and our new precious one, kailarae who all are named with in their gravatar.

    Writing this comment, I’m still too emotional to cry, even to scream. However, I in fact have no strength to scream. The truth is I became so willingness to speak. I’m so tired that I even cannot imagine how much sleep would be sufficient to get rid of the very dense and heavy exhaution.

    Like Barb (Spiritwalker), I realize the very pressure of time. So how much I appreciate that anyone of you would like to take time writing or reading, being just gathered here. Here, I have to thank the Griffith’s again for this permanently unconditional dedication. Here, I want to tell Barb, please don’t delete so easily what you just wrote. We all read every day, we read various kinds of stuffs, but why literature, letters have always been so precious, for all the detailed sharing are the very medium for us to reach another soul even to be merged with each other. How can we know each other so well, via the common interests, mutual concerns. Like me, I really have difficulty to keep up with all the explosive news, knowledge. Nevertheless, as as we are ONE, I’m so willing even expect so to be led by you, via keeping up with what you all have shared here.

    Here, I cannot wait to share with you…thanks to a very closed spiritual younger one, I have chance to know this Russian TV show. I feel having learned so much just watching the first 5 episodes of its 17th season. I could not imagine that not only in Russia, but in US, UK….there are as well the similar TV shows.
    Bitva extrasensov  (Битва экстрасенсов)

    I could not find the link to this show with English caption…I guess the ones of various levels of psychic ability would have diverse senses when watching all them all along. In these shows I saw humanity, family love, friendship, personal philosophy, art of surviving, specialty, limits, bias, etc. It’s so interesting to observe how they make sense of what they were confronting with, and how they chose to deal with it/them. One bigger question is why they would like to expose themselves that way ? Quite obviously, each one has his/her own purpose or intention. On the other side, among all these contestants, we see how one see and deal with the problems which they were confronting with, according to their own levels of psychic ability, spirituality and self-mastery. I saw some who even did something with some black magic? for preventing the next contestants from prevailing over. There are undoubtedly stars who come out thanks to the shows. Honestly, I’m not only touched but fascinated by some of them.

    Obviously, here we are having our own very STARS, too !!! I anyhow have no way to skip over my super appreciation to Dreamwalker (Troy) for this extremely shocking picture that HE just made for US. God, I cannot recall when, someday in spring or summer in 2015? when doing crystal connection, some image occurred to me just looks so similar to…It seemed to happened in the first month or the next one when I started to write to Bill. I’m sure I wrote this down and sent an-mail to you, Dreamwalker, noting this, however, I just cannot find it any more, when typing the key words, the color of the uniform and that of hair.

    As you, I also have realized the very malevolent interference in my/our searching for more data, knowledge, links, etc. So, it’s really so, just like what Bill said, we just have to take thing down on papers. My computer is used to act up, even that the key word searching just doesn’t work no matter where.

    Not even only so…just like what Barb said, not only the ones that I know, but also myself are full of resentment, impatience. We all are affected by some waves which just misled our mind, kindle the fire of our temper, fear, anxiety, suspicion, via waves, lights, sounds, etc.. Without saying the very astronomical effects!!! Pity that the more spiritual and sensitive ones would be the more vulnerable ones to be affected by. So, it’s so hard to maintain in stable or calm state.

    So, sweet Mary, so great to be able to see your presence here again, with these super soothing words. Suzanne, your courage and sharing are as always encouraging me, us. If I can say, it feels like that when you look at the mirror, I’m sure what you see are much much more than what I can.

    So, all the precious ones…It’s quite certain that when there are more and more seeds sown here, and being watered, this garden is so beautifully flourishing.

    Today, how insufficient I’m, I should not be silent any more for it’s the birthday of one very super STAR in this tribe….our super loving Dreamwalker [Troy]!!! In fact, in CN, we call the one on his/her birthday the very STAR OF BIRTHDAY. How pathetic I’m to have such difficulty to find a cake which would not look too bad to weigh insufficiently for this day & this ONE !!! These fruits may look not bad for this day and season?!!!

    Credit :

    Another picture which once caught my attention while I was having my adventure, looking for…cake and some other treasures…


    Worth referring here, a plus synchronicity occurring, resonating with what Dave then Robin just shared lately…

    Then…a poem of Rumi….for ALL THE PRECIOUS ONES IN THIS TRIBE !!!

    Thanks to :




  11. Thanks Lida. 🙂 You too Dreamwalker…

    From Linda Goodman’s “Star Signs”…

    17…the Star of the Magi, 8-pointed star of Venus the image of Love and Peace…promises the person or entity it represents will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life, with the ability to conquer former failure in personal relationships and the career.

    I just found this and immediately thought of you, and the Bird Tribes, Barb. ❤

    I hear a bird chirping up in the sky,
    I'd like to be free like that, spread my wings so high.
    I see the river flowing, water running by,
    I'd like to be that river, see what I might find.
    I feel the wind a-blowing, slowly changing time,
    I'd like to be that wind, I'd swirl and shape the sky.
    I smell the flowers blooming, opening for spring,
    I'd like to be those flowers, open to everything.
    *Instrumental Interlude*
    I feel the seasons change: the leaves, the snow and sun.
    I'd like to be those seasons, made up and undone.
    I taste the living earth, the seeds that grow within,
    I'd like to be that earth, a home where life begins.
    I see the moon a-rising, reaching into night,
    I'd like to be that moon, a knowing, glowing light.
    I know the silence as the world begins to wake,
    I'd like to be that silence as the morning breaks.
    *Instrumental Interlude*
    Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. O

    Read more: Wailin' Jennys – Bird Song Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    • Thank you Lida. Just between you and me 😉 it brought me to tears. That’s an ideal in this world… but really, how hard could it be to achieve? Thank you all for this gift. Now let’s make it happen!

  12. The character in the middle with the star over her head is how I imagine the blue uniforms to look.

    Thanks Bill – your first few paragraphs were EXACTLY what I needed to hear – because this is how I also feel – word for word. Nicely done. (-_-)

  13. I will share just some brief thoughts, because when I try to write all of it….it becomes this torrent of words….for what purpose? I am prone to write pages and pages, just for one post, or one email…..and invariably (almost always) I delete it all. I just am unable to really share that much, or I question if anyone cares. But if I have this attitude, then what if Valiant, our beloved friend and advisor Bill, had that same attitude? Then where would we be? None of us would have found one another, for one thing. That sure would be a shame. I like being here, I like reading all of your thoughts and hearing about your experiences. I especially like to hear of the thoughts and experiences of all those who visit us, and impart their wisdom and their concern, through Bill/Valiant. It is their impressions on me, along with Bill’s own personal thoughts and sharing of what he’s gone through, and is going through…..that really touch me deeply. He, and they, make me want to care enough to share, and to hope, and to have faith. It’s been so hard!!! Damn it. I just wish they knew how very hard it is, and I try, we try, it’s so easy to be overcome by the negative stuff, including within us. I had a hard day yesterday, dealing with emotions of others who have been bitten by the hands that feed, and although I understand, it still hurts to be caught up in that, where you just don’t feel very safe, especially around others with huge anger. It makes the anger rise in me, too, and I do not like or feel safe with anger. That is one huge reason why I go silent in here sometimes, when others are getting angry, it just plain scares me. It doesn’t matter what the anger is about, it’s just that energy is so disturbing. I really like what Bill had to say in the beginning of this week’s message, about finding peace, and also I do really really hope that others find their peace, too.

    To just be getting glimpses of how those who have often been thought of as Gods and Goddesses, view things, and especially how they see Bill, and interact with him, and are now, thank Goodness, being so much kinder to him… truly amazing and humbling and insightful.

    I just want to say a couple of things, not get so sidetracked and longwinded, sorry! It’s the beginning of this week’s Valiant post I am thinking about, because I am re-reading and trying to digest it all.

    The whole boredom and restlessness thing, whether 5 minutes, an hour, days, months and years……that has been me. Just the other day I was listening to my guidance team and they suggested I let everything else go to the wayside, and focus here, on what calls most to my mind, heart and soul…..on Valiant, his mother Lida, his sister Lida/Valkryie, on Feilla, on my friend Broken Arrow who I sorely need to write back to her also, and haven’t been making the time…..rather than reading all these other places online. Trying to find out the news and what is going on, soooooo many blogs I tend to flock to, just absorbing as much as I can so I will KNOW, KNOW, KNOW…..and look at what I miss out on? All my friends, all who want to connect with me and I’m not making the effort enough, not like I really want to do, it’s always a struggle to find time…..where does all the time go? It’s behind me, here now, and in front of me, but so elusive when you try to grasp and hold on, and actually get things done you’d prefer to get done, instead of what simply must be done. It’s what Bill said, it shouldn’t be about just getting a paycheck! That isn’t the purpose of life, the dream of life, it should be about having our other needs met too, what about our social needs, our emotional needs, our spiritual needs too? It’s so imbalanced now, can’t we get some help here, please? Those with technology, that are advanced, could help us along so we have more free time for more noble pursuits, than mere existence and survival, please? Teach us too, so we become wiser, more kind. That, my friends, is what Valiant is and has been doing for me. Revealing things I long to know, have longed for for decades really…..and also understanding and caring about how we all are doing on the soul level too, at our core we are all the same and basically want the same basic things. When my guides told me I am diverting my energy too much trying to read and know, when I would feel so much better just connecting with people who I find comforting, inspiring, kind and uplifting….just made me want to try and stop with the mind stuff….get back to the heart stuff. If I could, I would return to all my friends I ever had and parted ways with, and just say how sorry I am…..that I wasn’t a good friend… least have some closure in a good way rather than breaking down and running away from it all. In truth I can’t run away from any of it….it’s still in my mind, and my heart too, and a lot weighs heavily on me. I would like to clear all that up, and at least be free without so much guilt and remorse, for what could have been, that never will be.

    I appreciate hearing more of what happened to you, Bill, and to them, all of them, the 144 and the Great Hall dream. I feel grateful that you have endured and persisted, and how hard you try….to make life a little easier and better…..for all. Not just here on earth, but also for them that are visiting and watching earth too. I would like to be part of that team, be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Day by day I carefully consider and moment by moment, I have opportunities to act with my heart, rather than my head.

    I have gobs of written stuff that I’ve been waiting to share, and feeling pretty uncomfortable, even private emails. I write it all out, then I just hesitate and get stuck in a judgment vibe. I’m sorry for not being stronger, for not managing my time better. It scared me to hear, was it Rana, that we are almost out of time. Time for what? Time to make a change….before change is made for us? Time for tipping those scales back to light, to sound used to benefit all rather than the few who want to enslave us and everyone? What can we do to help the greater good cause?

    The light is coming…..that was written what, about 20 years ago? Yes, indeed, the light is coming and is HERE. It is also….within us. It is us.

    I wonder what he heard, when that music started playing?

    Have a wonderful day, you guys.


    p.s. just going to share it….as is…

    • Thank you for speaking from the heart Barb – I think this is actually all we need to do at this time. Don’t worry about being judged… just let the words flow. Throw out the conventions. As with Bill – it will come…

      In myself, I noticed the “information junky” feeling… it’s so bizarre… like I’m looking for something and never find it. But I keep looking hoping I will… to put it another way I feel like I’m addicted to climbing a mountain. I can’t stop walking even though I’m exhausted.

      The image I posted about the blue uniform illustrates something else too. There is a lot of “noise” and things going on in that picture. But all I can do is look at the character with the star over her head. Nothing else seems to matter. It’s hard to describe… but this is how I feel when I focus on my “star family”. You guys are of course a part of that family. ❤

      • dreamwalker, it’s nice to have some reassurance, always, that it’s okay to let it all flow. I’m going to keep on trying…..let not the heart be troubled…..our minds will be transformed…into “putting on”….the mind of Christ. To me it means peace, passing understanding, which comes from going beyond understanding….mind…..and reaching into the peace within our heart….our true center. I’m glad you are saying it, Troy….that we sure can get into being information junky-ish! I feel like I’ve seen the mountain top, then sank again into the valley? It kind of sucks, actually, to have a taste….then not maintain it! But at least when you have soared…you remember how it feels…..and we have a wind….a STRONG SPIRIT WIND….that blows for us, always, waiting to lift us up above the currents of life….physical….first the earthy man….then comes the spiritual man. It is the same man…or woman….child….just as they each progress….they….we…..go from walking, seeking, searching….to finding, resting, rejuvenating. I liked that girl with the star, bringing our focus of attention to that light, that’s shining for all of us….through each one of us. It’s good to be part of the family of light….incarnated on earth.

    • Thank you for sharing your words are important never feel less for you are a ⭐️ as are all who visit and communicate here. I have been deep in my centre as I walked away from my marriage and all that I had known because it did not serve who I am inside my soul cries loudly now and the numbers I see have altered to 717,616,414,919 I listen to inner wisdom I am forging a new way to be as I begin the steps to bring what is inside me out through creating through art that flows in line with the stories I wish to illustrate that help our children see life is joy it is us in love. I can still see the auditorium I sat in the two men one either side of me. I was in a blue dress 👗 dark hair I was younger than I am now. I was given a book and told it holds Earths history so now I am changing my life up beginning again as I want to pull the stories from where they have been hidden. It is time to fly. Xx thank you Bill Lida and everyone here for sharing all you do.

      • Suzanne, I can’t stop thinking about what you shared….thank you. It is re~minding me of so much, just having read through the first years of Valiant’s messages….and now I’m remembering those other stories, which are still fresh in my mind. You really are making some major changes in your life, and you are really brave! It’s remarkable to know you have been releasing and letting go of what no longer works for you, for your soul, to honor your soul crying out loud! The numbers, I see the ‘1’….the ‘One”… the center!!! That is so beautiful. Precious inner wisdom, it does help, always showing us those ways to forge ahead! It’s so awesome hearing about your art flowing in line with stories….of your soul….pouring out and for others of a more tender young age to see the joy in life! Life is Love….in Motion. Can you see it?!!! You can see it?!!!! Yes, you rock, Suzanne, you were there?!!! How cool is this. I have been reading about all of them, in that Great Hall, in so many times Bill came to recollect those times. Each time, it’s like this is one huge piece of the puzzle, I feel it, just a deep feeling of intensity, like oh wow, we get to GO BACK….I love it. I don’t know how to even describe it, but for those who were actually there…..just a huge WOW. I remember reading Valiant saying something about the girl with the dark hair, that was you? Is that what you are saying? That book you were given, it sounds like how they describe the Akashic Records, but I never knew until reading Valiant’s stories, that they actually have a book with future events, or things being revealed prophetically in the moment, when certain ones are present and able to receive….just some sort of magical interactive book. It reminds me a lot of Thoth Hermes. I believe his Emerald Tablets are just like that, they may only be seen “energetically” and it’s a magnetic spiritual resonance kind of opening key? Suzanne, I’m happy for you in making a change up in your life, beginning again, time to fly!!! I would love to hear anything you may want to share, for what you may pull up, for hidden stories. The hidden storehouse within you. Open Sesame says-a-me!

        I’m sorry for not posting this last night, but just as I started to finish up my husband came home with the pizza. I had to get offline for the rest of the evening. I really want to get back on my computer later, after the housework and laundry are done, and catch up on those emails I’ve been working on. There really aren’t enough hours in a day, or the week even. Someday I’m sure we’ll have the ability to do what needs to be done AND do some of what we just plain want to do, too.

        I’m going to add here that I’m sorry for sounding like I’m so impatient, and I want this and that and the other thing, and that we should have all kinds of technology to lead lives of leisure. I’m sorry. I should not ask for anything, and just work on myself, keep try to be my highest self, and be glad for what I already have for gifts and blessings. I know that being given things that made life very easy, the self-aggrandizement is the very thing that brought down worlds before, and civilizations on this world. People got lacksadaisical, taking things for granted, not questioning and pursuing greater good but having it all brought apathy, lack of concern, lack of questioning. I’m learning still, about what is the downfall of worlds, and that is the precious knowledge Valiant brings to our lives. To be wary of those who want to do it all for you, taking away your ability to do for yourself. Be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be wary of those who want to take you away from this world, unless you truly know in your heart they are safe. We are born in this world for a good reason! I’m going to stay here and keep trying to make it a better, safer, more loving, more peaceful, more kind place to be. If God wanted us to go to some other place, we would have been born there. Earth is apparently a very special place to be, right about now!

        It’s time to turn over a new leaf….I think it’s time for the new chapter to begin. It’s also the first week of….Spring!

        Have a beautiful day you guys….inside…..and out! Onward and Upward!

    • Hi Barb and everyone!

      I’ve miss you all so much!

      Barb, thank you for your brave and heart centered words…ever since the election…I’ve been telling everyone: the world is good because I am here.

      The world is good because YOU are here.

      Get back into your body and ground yourself in nature…tai chi maybe?

      I haven’t been reading some of valiants posts for a while…after the bells had tolled…my alarm clock rang it’s alarm…

      I just knew I needed to do something for others…for myself. I was inspired to do bodywork and to learn more about healing…I had my cards read in 2014 and my reader said I needed to go back to school to learn a modality…any modality…just master it.

      She said that the world would be in pain and that indigos…lightworkers…souls…were sent to earth to assist.

      I never thought it would be this. But surprise! We are now living in this time and the best we can do is find the love within ourselves…the inherent good….and SPREAD IT. Simplicity. A smile to a stranger…that’s love. An honest listening ear….that’s love. Love will overcome.

      We must stay rooted in love and have faith! We’re good because YOU’RE good.

      This song is from IYA TERRA’s new album…SACRED SOUND

      I love you guys


      • You are such a sweetheart, Mary, and so *in tune*. It’s a sweet song, having our bells rung, by the One. I believe you’re right. About earth being in pain and you….we…..were called here to assist. For me it’s been about birthing a new direction for earth to go in, to keep dreaming big. When I put a lot of focus and energy, it does seem like I’m seeing more of it “on the outside”, but maybe it’s because I’m looking, too? I keep being amazed at all the changes I see happening. That’s the cool part, with the surprise factor, and I think God loves ironic, twisty endings….and every ending… also a new beginning! Yes, it sure seems like spreading love is like fertilizer for the better things in life. It’s rewarding, those little moments like you mentioned, just sharing a smile with a stranger, hearing someone when they’re sharing, being present in the moment with whatever it is, just not denying it, but opening it. It’s sometimes good to have wounds be out in the open, get fresh air, and light, they don’t sit and fester that way. I see Varence’s idea, a few weeks ago, with the seeking of the Oasis, revisit things we’ve gone through along the way, get past that comfortable point, where the ego was just sitting back and taking it easy…..and really get to the AWEsome points, that are our true destiny. We are shaping Earth…..the experience of being on Earth… just US being here! You and me……and All of Us…..and what a long, strange trip it’s been! I do believe that is the truth, that some souls were really sent here to assist, and some absolutely did volunteer *brilliantly* as the *stars* they are… such a *star-crossed* way……to come here, to contribute all that is possible for us. To help all of Us….including the whole Universe! We absolutely are Universal citizens, denizens of the Universe…..and if it is true that what we do to our strand in the web of Life affects the whole web…..then each single one of us is actually affecting the whole web, right here, right now. It makes me want to make every moment count that much more, and be sweeter, and really sow a lot of betterness, not a lot of bitterness. I’m going to be growing…..better….and we all will. That is also the beauty of it, is once I began to admit what an awful (and awe-full) work in progress I really am, it helped me have more compassion for the others with me, here on this ride through Life. hehe

        Lots and lots of love….for you guys. Thank you for being so open and willing to share. It helps to hear what other Ones go through, and think of, and how you put those puzzle pieces together. I just am glad to not be alone. Even if I can’t do all that I really want to do, and am confronted daily by outer and inner obstacles…I know that with their help, help from our friends (one another and also Bill’s friends in “high places”)…..we will turn this thing around and make it a real Joy Ride…..through the Universe.

        I say all who don’t want what is best for anyone….should just go somewhere else, entirely. Let them have their dramas elsewhere, with others that also want to deprive others of basic human rights and dignity. I don’t want them to eternally be punished, just try learning from what they wished on others, for a change. That way we all get the same thing…..what we want for others…..if it’s not the same as what we want for ourselves…..well we should get to experience whatever it is we are wishing and imposing and manipulating….to bring into Creation. It would be swift justice, if all of what you had in your mind to do unto others…..was done unto you….instead. Those who are loving, peaceful, kind……have absolutely ZERO to fear. It would only be those who are all about hurting and wounding and destroying others….including earth….should have to also harvest and reap from the seeds they have sown. I believe Valiant has made every effort to ensure that those who caused havoc and chaos and darkness on this Earth…..and well beyond……have been fully and clearly informed. Their are prices to pay…..for being princes and hosts to darkness. It is when the light shines…..that they have to vanish….get vanquished. Let us each one turn on the inner lights, full force. See them scurrying, for the dark corners of the Universe.

        I believe…..that our Lights….our inner Ones…..are shining and radiating and having some super effects….on Earth…..and…..on the Crystal Skulls!!!!


  14. I’m certainly glad Valiant’s box was a nice one…the dream I had about a music box…Yeck! It was full of demons and the music was hideous…but I was lifted up to hover over clouds through which sharp mountains peaked. I was looking at a full moon…the light reflected on the tops of the clouds below me was so serene…so peaceful…and I knew I was out of harm’s reach. 🙂

    • And that… a very good thing to know! I think knowing that way, is itself a form of great protection…..a power and tool for manifestation. Very empowering, Robin! It’s also helpful to see that even though your dream of the music box was the opposite of Valiant (can’t wait to hear more!)…..that you handled it by uplifting above the clouds obscuring the mountain….to see the full moon….Light Reflected…..brings serenity….peace….knowing we are safe. Awesome.

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