Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Deliverer…Thor…

*SONG* “Carmina Burina” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Hour Glass…commands the pen
To move boldly now, no time for talking…
Ceres and Valerius can only watch now
As the pictures and story comes…
The pages of the book glow…write it,
Write it down…

This is the story of the Viking’s quest
To North America, the lost story, the one
Untold…The quest to find their deliverer…Thor…

In the high time of the Norsemen, when
The Vikings ruled the northern seas…
They became fierce warriors and spread their
Seeds across many plundered lands. They
Were fearless and insanely driven…
Isn’t it strange how all hostile invasive forces
Are so insanely driven? Madness, chaos and
Senseless reasoning is always the prelude
To such forces…What drives them?

In the stronghold of the Vikings’ land
There was a time of great stress and worry…
The weather and lands were cruel, crops were
Thin…The people were starving and
Plagued with troubles…so they turned to their
Seers, superstitious witches of age old
Traditions that read runic symbols carved
Into stones and bones…They warned that
The Norsemen would fall to invaders from
The South if they did not strengthen their
Lands, their warriors…They dreamed and
Saw visions…of the great lord Odin sitting
On a marvelous throne…Tall and pale with
A fierce handsome face and the eyes of a god…
He told the witches to send some of their
Mightiest warriors on a quest to find the
Son of the gods, the bearer of thunder
And lightning…Thor…That they must
Sail west, to go in the direction of the setting
Sun as far as they could go…to look, to search
For Thor…

But they had to move quickly before the
Seasons changed again…Time was of the
Essence, lives were short…What choice did
They have?

Chosen by the seers’ visions…13 men were
Picked…13 to stand for the 13 moons, for
The runic wisdom…and measures of the gods
Will…and 13 crystal skulls that haunted
The seers night and days with
Visions and warnings…of a dark tomorrow…
Build a powerful army and make the
Norsemen strong the skulls said to the
Witches…so this they told their people,
And the people listened…

Brahn Snowden, son of the chieftain
Gathered the people to share the news
Of the quest…The command of his
Father…that their people had been given
This warning…to send their best warriors
To seek out the land of Thor…This
Great new excitement…something they had
Long waited for, for it meant if they could
Find Thor, that if he was somewhere
On the world to find…that it meant
A promised land could await them…
The end of their troubles and starvation,
The dawn of a new age…An age of
Deliverance…of heroes, and a safe
Blessed passage to Valhalla for all the
People…So yes, the best and
Mightiest Viking warriors must be sent…

13 to represent them, and 13 to
Attend them…This would mean a
Great strongboat for 26 men must
Be sailed west as soon as possible…
There was no argument or hesitation…
The people built the boat…And the
Best men were chosen by their
Victories and reputations of conquest…

Bulvar, great son of the Horsemen
Was to go and lead them…He held the
Greatest number of victories…and
Fathered the most sons…There was no
Question; virility was a virtue to Vikings…
And with him by name would also
Go…Danor, son of the stone
And metal carver, Ivar, son of the
Highlander chieftain…fiercest and
Renown for his brute strength in
Battle…Janson, the handsome and
Noble warrior, victorious in every battle…
Ragnor the bloody…Tovar, the tower
Of men, Mor…the ox, for he was built
Like one, and the wits of one
Too; big and stupid was always a good
Thing as long as they won…Lars, the
Finest swordsman…and Rogar, the
Savage…great killer of men, and tamer
Of women; his boasts of spreading
Norseman seed in the women of the lands
They ravaged were infamous…He probably
Sired over 100 children in rape across
The north…Thus ensuring Viking blood
Would grow everywhere. Who knows
How many could trace ancestry back
To Rogar…If they’re mindless, savage
And horny well it’s probably thanks to
Him…They were the best of the best
To name…The others just filled the
Boat…But the crew was made,
The ship built and filled with supplies…
To leave by the closest full moon
As told by the witches…

All the people were eager for the quest…
They had to find Thor, they had to
Find the deliverer…for it meant the
Promised land! But on the day
That came to set sail, the men
Grew restless…as they stocked the
Cargo hold with ducks and goats for
Food to feed them…ale to ease their
Nerves at sea, and furs to warm them…
They began to scowl on one thing.
Rogar was of course the first to voice
It to Bulvar, the commander…So
Many men for a journey, no women?
No promise of women to chase on a
Journey that would take who knows how

“No women or virgins to chase?” Rogar
Bellowed, I’m editing he was much cruder
Than that. “What am I to chase, the
Goats below deck then? Or bend
Over a fool in his sleep?”

All the men laughed. Bulvar slapped him
On the back and grabbed his shoulder.
“Think man…women on a quest this
Long? With your loins? Do we want a
Voyage with babes born on the sea?”
He just laughed loudly and wickedly
Then leaned close to him, “Look there,”
He nodded to the villagers around them…
“Pick a couple of fresh boys to bring…
And we will show them how to become

Rogar was confused by this at first, but
Then grinned devilishly at the idea. Ah,
True boys don’t get pregnant…And
What pain isn’t earned to become a
Man…This was a long held tradition
Amongst warriors…during training it
Made them fight harder to become stronger
To avoid being topped by the winner
In battle games…It was a humiliation
Tactic that brutally worked among
The Vikings; and many, many other
Lands as well.

So Rogar went into the crowd and
Declared they needed two young boys,
Teenagers, to go with them to train
As men to aid them and
Serve them. This was a great honor
No one argued. So he picked two
Pretty faced boys…Mika, the
Blacksmith’s son…and Hans, son
Of the goat herder of the east hills…
Two of the best looking boys in
The village. There was applause, the
Boys were eager…It all seemed like
A great honor.

The ship was loaded, the cargo secured…
The men boarded…some went to oars,
To get it moving…And soon they were
Set off to sail the high seas…They
Laughed, they sang, they chanted…
Viking songs…Norsemen ballads, it
Was mostly cursing, songs about sex
And drinking and loose women…Of
Sexual conquests…in other words a
Lot of boasting of things that scarcely
Happened…like beautiful women falling
In love with them…adoring them, chasing
Them. These were fantasies to keep their
Minds busy and optimistic at sea,
They had to keep some delusions…
Typically it fueled their fire to raid
And rape lands…but only a few of
The men were successful at this, like
Rogar. Most were clumsy with women,
They were however extremely excellent
At getting drunk and killing and
Destroying things.

Another observation, they were definitely
Taller than most men of the age…and
Built more strongly. Hard living in the
North made them this way. Most of
Them had either golden blond or orangey-like
Blond hair…A few had brown, like
Tovar, Mor and Rogar…but other
Than that…nothing else to note.
Mor did belch a lot, he really
Was built like an ox.

At first, the days on the seas were
Fairly calm and the mood among
The men was bright. They played
Games on deck throwing stones
And bones…held wrestling matches
To stay fit…Then ate and ate
At dusk and drank ale until they
Passed out…Wherever they happened
To fall was their bed until morning.

By the second week they were far
Out to sea…The songs were more
Boring…The games were growing old.
They were restless usually they would
Have landed somewhere by now
And would have had something to do…
To fight, to steal, to destroy, to chase…
But here far out to sea there was
Nothing. And Bulvar knew there
Had to be something to keep them
Occupied and dreaming. Egos among
Warriors always needed stroking…
So that’s when he began to raise
The gambling odds of the games by
Using their two youngest crewmen
As toys to play with.

Now there were always hazing
Rituals, but never this one-sided.
There was always the chance of
Escape. Here, the boys had none,
And also no idea what being
A Viking warrior meant.

But Bulvar didn’t want to break the
Boys either, he had to make them
Last as long as possible. Who knows
How long the journey could take.
So he offered to the
Two top champions of the games each
Day one of the boys to play with.
Some of the men just laughed…They
Thought it was a joke. But after
Being at sea so long…Each time
Bulvar made the offer, eyes grew
Darker…ideas more wild, until
Eventually they were so bored and
Desperate they seriously began
Fighting for the games.

Janson, Danor and Tovar were
More noble warriors and did not
Take part in this…

It was bad enough that so many of
Them had gone from singing victory
Songs…to constant moaning and
Complaining. When people don’t see the
Results they want immediately, there’s
No reasoning with them…They just get
Louder, nastier, more impatient…Until
Moods just get downright desperate…
And things turn ugly.

So finally it came down to brawls,
Not wrestling…drunken matches. And
When the men played their previous
Playful games of tossing the bones
And stones with jokes and laughter,
Instead it became grunts and growls…
Resentment and dirty looks. The men
All wanted to take their frustrations out
On something…

That first night it seemed far too
Dark…there was no moon, the skies
Were cloudy …And when the games ended
And the mead they rationed was gone…
Tempers flared…Bulvar and Rogar
Had been the champions…and when it
Came time for sleep, each took one of
The 16 year old boys to bed with them…
Bulvar to his private cabin took Mika…
Then Rogar to another private cabin
Took Hans…then the screams began…

The crew grumbled and looked down…
The sounds were terrible, but no one
Complained. Janson took his two friends
Danor and Tovar aside covered
Heavy with bear and wolf skins in the
Bitter cold and stayed on the deck

“What is going on down there?” The blond
Janson growled to his friends with an
Angry whisper.

“They are making men out of them.”
Danor joked scratching his grayish golden

“It never was this way,” Janson said
Biting his teeth, “These are men not
Boys playing games with boys…”

“What are you going to do about it?” Tovar
Laughed. “Have them sail a second ship
To save themselves? I see only the sea…
They will do what they want.”

Janson just stood angrily in the wind
Listening to the awful echoes of the screams.
“I don’t like this. This is not what we

“What are we then?” Danor asked. “This
Is a quest, not a pleasure trip…Did
You not see Bulvar’s face? You can’t
Find reason with someone with their
Mind set…if he plans to do it he will.”

The night was long…with painful sounds,
First there were screams and yelling…
And then the crying. It was awful. The
Three friends stayed top deck to sleep
Away from it with the nighthands…But
Janson hardly slept at all.

By morning the crew was groggy with
Hangovers…They turned blind eyes to
The boys, no one would look at them. But
Bulvar and Rogar boasted of the fun
They had to entice laughter
From the other men…And in time
They were all laughing…They were
Norsemen on a quest for Thor, the
Rules were different for them…
They were just excuses to do what
They wanted…anything to get the
Guilt out, guilt was for weak men…

But for some reason there were no
Games that second day…No it took
Time for the dark nature to take
Over, but not long…Within a week
The men started their games again,
First only a few played, then more
And more…

And again at night came the yelling,
The cursing and the screams…Horrible
Abusive sounds that always ended in
Crying…crying that at first hurt the
Men’s ears…then they turned deaf
And decided to hear nothing at all.

It became a true test of their
Nature…For the Norsemen had
Conquered many villages…taken many
Lives…and several of the men had taken
Many women against their will…They
Were dark times without rules…For
War had no rules…they refused to
See right or wrong, it was all a
Matter of want, take, have…
That’s how the beasts are born…

But by that week’s end Janson
Could not take it anymore. He came across
One of the boys at mid-day meal, as
The boys were forced to work and serve them
By day…It was young Mika, he was
Such a good looking boy…how bruised
And beaten. He used to smile all the
Time, but now was too afraid to look at
Him. The boy’s eyes never left the ground.

So Janson ate then turned to his
Friends. “So tell me Danor, how do you
Feel about playing sports today?”

Danor just laughed. “My feet hurt.
I don’t want to play. Besides, I
Don’t want one of the boys.”

“What changed your mind?” Tovar
Asked strangely. “You wish to play now
For them?”

“Bulvar wins all the time.” Janson
Scowled. “And if not him, then Rogar
Or Ragnor…It’s always the same. I’m
Bored. Can you beat them?”

“What for?” Danor grumbled. “Let them
Play. My feet hurt.”

Janson laughed to tease him. “Great baby
Of a man…my feet hurt,” he mocked
Him, “So you can’t best Bulvar then?
Between us both one of us could at

“I could lay down that cow of a man
Any time!” Danor was offended. “He’s
As skilled as Mor moving like an ox
And falls like one too.”

“What about you, Tovar?” Janson asked.

“No games for me.” Tovar laughed.
“I would rather drink and sleep on
Deck. I hate the noise…And prefer
The cold to sleep anyway.”

Janson rolled his eyes. “Well I want
To play.” He slapped Danor on the
Chest. “Help me beat Bulvar.”

“My feet hurt.” Danor whined.

“Too old for you old man?” Janson
Laughed. “Old hurting feet?”

“Who’s old?” Danor spat. “Alright
Then, I need my blood to flow…I will
Show you who’s old. Bulvar will eat
The deck when I’m done.”

Janson grinned…He and his friend
Played the games…challenged Bulvar…
And by the end of the day, they won.
Bulvar actually seemed pleased with
This. He wanted to see the men take part.
Then he offered a boy to choose
To Janson and Danor…But Danor
By then was done and only wanted
To sleep. So Janson claimed the prize.
“I will take Mika…”

Bulvar was so happy he offered him
His cabin…Then Janson took the boy
Amidst some calls of taunts and wild
Ideas…went to Bulvar’s cabin and
Shut it tight.

Mika backed away towards the crude
Furskin bed…Nervous, shaking…like
A frightened animal. He started to cry,
Scared of what to expect. “What
Do you want me to do?” He cried.

Janson leaned back hard against the
Door with all his weight. “What do I
Want?” He sighed with relief. “I want
You to lay down, Mika…go to sleep…
And rest…no one is going to touch
You. I’m not going to touch you. I
Want you just to go lay down
And sleep.”

Mika froze and stopped shaking and
Stared at him confused. “What?”

“Go to sleep Mika.” Janson said. “Go

“But where will you sleep?” Mika
Asked in shock.

“Over here on the floor by the door.”
Janson said sliding to sit on the floor
And rest.

“Why?” Mika asked still confused.

“I have my reasons.” Janson said.

“I don’t understand.” Mika swallowed
Unsure. “Is this a game?”

“No.” Janson only said. “Now go to sleep
Mika…go rest. I’m tired.”

“But the others…” Mika said sitting
On the bed as he started to relax…

“Sometimes you have to make choices,”
Janson said, “No matter how hard they
Are…even if everyone is against you…
To do what’s right…Now go to sleep Mika.”

Mika smiled and laid down…
“Your friends?”

“I don’t know if I can do this all the
Time, but I will try.” Janson told him.
“If I can I will. Now go to sleep.
I’m really tired.”

And for the first time the night
Passed quietly…Mika slept, and Janson
Slept…a peace seemed to fill the air.
In the morning Janson woke with a
Shock, Mika as tapping his shoulder awake.
“The day is starting.”

Janson sat up blinking, a blurry
Vision clouding his eyes. “Did you rest?”

“Yes.” Mika told him. “I don’t understand

“Good.” Janson yawned standing up and
Stretching. Oh how he ached from sleeping on
The floor. “Another day…”

“But why?” Mika smiled at him…the
First real smile he had seen on his face
In ages… “How do I thank you?”

Janson grinned secretly. “That smile is
Good enough.” He put his arm on his shoulder.
“Now come, don’t tell anyone about this
Understand? I will do my best to keep this
Up…but you have to be strong for me. Understand?”

“Yes.” Mika nodded with a smile.

“And don’t smile to them out there.” Janson
Held up his finger. “Our secret…”

They left the cabin and went above
Deck joining the clumsy waking crew
As they grumbled and complained. They
Really were a ship of whiners for such
Brave Norsemen. Mika went to do his
Chores and duties and Janson joined his

Tovar strolled over to him, with an oafish
Yawning Danor belching beside him. “And
How was your night?” He taunted. “Did
You enjoy the boy?”

Janson leaned into him quietly. “I didn’t
Touch him.”

Tovar squinted strangely. “Then why did you—“

“I had enough of this,” Janson said to
Him angrily. “I don’t want them touching

Tovar’s eyes widened. So noble. Janson was
Always so noble. He had to admire that, though
He thought it crazy to fool Bulvar. He
Shook his head. “You will have your
Hands full then…”

“What, why?” Janson scowled.

“The other boy,” Tovar whispered, “The
One Rogar’s been taking…Hans. He took his
Life in the night. He had enough…You’re
Going to have your hands full now if you
Plan to protect him with this bunch of
Fools that boy won’t last long.”

Janson’s eyes went wild. What was he going
To do? He promised to protect him. He could
Not break his word. The odds were impossible,
Yet somehow he felt even stronger. “I will…”

“How?” Tovar asked. “You’ve seen that devil
Rogar. You know Bulvar. How?”

“Help me.” Janson urged him. “If you believe
We will find Valhalla…Asgard…To honor
Thor…You will.”

That caught Tovar’s mind fast. Nobility
May have not impressed him much, but
Pleasing the gods did. “I will try…But
You ask a lot…”

“We will do it.” Janson said confidently.
“We—“ he said, though inside he strongly
Said ‘I’, “will do it. I know it.” He
Had to protect Mika…And he would no
Matter what it took…The odds were
Heavily stacked against him…But if
There’s one thing all Vikings held strongly,
It was in pleasing the gods and winning
Favor in their eyes…That was the greatest
Glory to win…if only they knew the
Legend they were on a quest to find…
Perhaps Thor was already on the boat.

The days passed wearily at sea…Bulvar,
With one boy left was forced to hold the
Games to two or three times a week
To make the boy last. As a joke to
Tease the men…he offered the losers
The choice to screw the goats. None
Favored that, but it gave good laughs
To them. There was one occasion when
A drunken Mor did take the offer…
And it set the men in such a roar of
Laughter that it broke the dark mood
Of the ship…He was forever teased after
That…Mor the goat lover…But as dumb
And as big of an ox he was…he could not
Understand why they teased him. It
Was a sober Lars that reminded him,
“You were not supposed to screw the
Goat you idiot. It was a joke!”

But when the games were held, Janson,
Tovar and Danor worked as a team…
Which impressed Bulvar who also saw
Great sense in this…Teams made it more
Interesting…And wore them out even more.
But Bulvar’s teams were drunks and lost
A lot…which left Janson’s group the
Winners most often…

And always Janson took Mika to the
Cabin and told him to sleep in the bed while
He slept pushed against the door
On the floor guarding him, keeping his
Promise. He couldn’t do it all the time…
But most of the time he did…it kept him
Alive at least…And Mika always wondered
And asked him why. But Janson only
Ever answered… “Go rest, go to sleep
Mika…You’re safe tonight.”

Then at last one day a crewman eyeing
The far seas shouted, “Land!”
And then they found Iceland…A
Barren landscape…No trees, no human
Souls…no promised land. Still, they
Left 6 men to scout the land and
Build a post there to mark it for their
Return…to claim the land at least, and
Then they journeyed onward.

Again, long days at sea…full of grumbles,
Groans…complaints, complaints. Faith is
Always tested during the wait…that’s
Why they complain so much. Perhaps that’s
Why the Higher Forces test with wait to
See who complains and betrays their
Natures first…so the gods can see who
They truly are.

And the longer journey, somehow…the
Lazier the men got for the games…which
Made it easier for Janson to win.

But Bulvar would question him, “It’s
Always so quiet in there…Are you a
Man? Make some noise!”

Then Janson would tell him, “I like it
Quiet…I hate the screaming…”

And Ivar would ring in, “Praise Odin
For that! I like it quiet when I

The men would laugh, then Bulvar
Would dismiss it…So Janson won, and
Won…Tovar was proud, Danor’s pride
Grew, he loved beating Bulvar. Mika was
Safe…and things worked out somehow…

Then again the day came, a crewman
Shouted, “Land!” And yet again they
Found a barren grassy landscape they
Would call Greenland…Again six men
Were left to build a post…and on the
Journey went…

But supplies were growing thin…They
Had drunk all the mead…eaten the
Last of the livestock for food, and started
Fishing…Tempers were short, faith was
Dim and the complaints were constant.
How far were they to go? As they began
To feel more like fishermen than warriors
Again at last another day came…

There was a mist that rolled into a fog…
“Land!” a crewman shouted. But
This time it was different…Through the
Thick wet air they clung to the railing
To see…Trees! They saw trees! At last
Something to explore. Where there were
Trees…that meant there could be other
Things…animals, game for hunting…and
Then possibly people, villages. And
Who knows maybe Asgard…

They guided the ship into what seemed
Like a great bay. The fog lifted and
As daylight came…it stretched on
And on, a waterway, a passage. They
Followed it eagerly scouting both sides
For anything to catch their eyes…
A day inward they went before
Touching ground. One of the men had
Eagerly cried, “Elk!” for that’s what
They called moose…The elk were
Here so far from home? Maybe it
Was Asgard…

They set foot on shore and built camp…
Eager to get off the water, and eager
To celebrate the discovery. They built
A bonfire, they hunted…caught game,
And gorged themselves on rabbit, deer…
And anything with fur that bled. It
Was hard to tell who were the animals.

By nightfall Bulvar was wild, boasting
They had found something magical in
This land…It was in the air, “You can
Feel it!” He cried. It filled him with
Such pride that he declared victory…
Then pointed at the boy and decided
It was time Janson surrender his
Prize to please them…or else.

“Or else what?” Janson argued.

“This is not your choice.” Bulvar
Argued. “The boy is a sacrifice to Odin,
To the land.”

This filled Janson with rage. “He is not
Your prize. He has the right to live as
We do.”

“Janson loves the boy.” Rogar teased.
“All this time at sea has made him

“You are not touching him.” Janson
Yelled over the bonfire. “Get over

Then the fearful slip…Tovar broke and
Teased his friend. “He is not in love, he
Only protects the boy from you animals.
He hasn’t touched him. He has fooled
You all.” He laughed.

Bulvar went wild eyed, full of a dark
Spirit, then drew his sword and pointed
It at him. “You deceived me? You made
Me a fool?”

“You don’t fool me!” Janson shouted.
“You are no Norseman Odin would
Prize! You are a wild animal with
A sword…That’s why Odin does not
Reward you!”

“I will kill you!” Bulvar roared. “And
Bend that boy over and split him open
While you watch with your last breath!”

“You’re too big and fat to move
That fast!” Janson yelled at him.
He withdrew his sword, grabbed Mika…
And backed into the woods…

The men were shocked…but loved it. A
Real fight! No games! They cheered and
Roared. But Tovar immediately regretted
His words…And Danor grew angry too,
For at last he confessed he hated
Bulvar. “You big idiot! Leave him alone!
He’s right! There’s no honor in you but
What comes out of your ass!”

A brawl ensued…Janson turned to
Mika, “Run!” He shouted as he
Held his sword at Bulvar, “Run! Go
Into the woods! Go!”

But Mika was terrified…the men were
Charging everywhere surrounding him.
Janson panicked, saw no other option, he
Had to protect him…He kicked the logs
Of the bonfire so that they exploded
And blinded the men…Then grabbed
Mika and ran into the woods…
Never seeing the knife that had
Stabbed him in the back…

Into the night they ran, first fast
And hard…then slower, until Janson
Desperately collapsed…The wound in
His shoulder had weakened him. He
Was out of breath, out of a plan…
In a strange land…it was dark and
Cold, then he passed out.

At dawn he awoke to Mika
Shaking him desperately crying.
“Please don’t leave me. Please don’t
Leave me here all alone.” The words
Snapped him wide awake…no wound
Would stop him or hold him down. They
Heard echoes of the men coming…
What to do?

“We have to go,” Janson struggled to
Stand, but did, and they staggered on…
Mika hold him up… “Where?”

Mika looked around quick then saw
The bird…he pointed, “My father
And uncles always said…FOLLOW

And so they did…nothing else to do…
They ran, they fumbled…echoes of
The men chasing them, forcing them

They came to a meadow…And there
Across the meadow was this great
Oak…A great white oak tree…
Shimmering with a light raining down
Upon it…And there beneath, this
Beautiful copper skinned girl with long
Braids dressed in tan buckskin…

Janson fought to see through
Blurry eyes… “Is that a girl?”

Soon the other Vikings emerged
Behind them…and froze still…

The sky was full of birds! Ravens!
Hawks! Eagles! There were animals…
Bears…A white stag in the tree line
On the other side…These signs
Paralyzed them…They had never seen
Such a thing before! And the light
Shimmering down…
Janson gasped… “What is this?”

The Hour Glass closed…

Ceres stood in the light…strong, her
Icy blue eyes on fire. She tossed a
Gold coin before me on the floor…
“They want to know if I’m real?” She
Said. “Mother Bear is angry.”

In other words she’s in the game now…

artwork: 13 Crystal Skulls, from the Ancient Prophecies




  1. Love your posts tribe. ❤ Wow, Barb. I worked with a large crystal in either Lumuria or Atlantis…looked like the one in the "Dark Crystal". I have no recollection of working with crystal skulls. I believe you must have to house a certain frequency to do so…that's awesome that you were able to work with them in such a capacity. Troy…you know…I just had an EPIPHANY…the crystal skulls bathing in feminine energies? I read that STONE and BONE hold MEMORY…I thought about all of the depictions of Mary Magdelene with a skull…perhaps the skull with her should be one of crystal??? I wonder if the skull the Templars were purported to have worshiped, was in fact a crystal skull? Food for thought. Love your telling from the Raven's perspective. 🙂 One once told me that after the Great Flood, Noah released first the Raven because Raven sang to the winds and started them blowing over the surface of the planet to turn water to ice and to dry the waters so the land could reappear. Frogs from the rain forest (I was in a museum with live ones) told me they knew about the Great Flood as well, and that they tell the story and pass it down to each of their generations. That is why they sing before the rains come to the Amazon. Great videos everyone. Where are you Dave? I miss you. Hope you are doing well. ❤

  2. Okay… so Valiant left out a fairly important detail here… which makes sense given the perspective….

    There was a small hitchhiker on that ship… an important one…

    If you recall, Ravens were welcomed along for the ride… considered to be a blessing from Odin…

    High up on the sails he perched… enjoying the frequent meals of raw fish and other tidbits left by clumsy sailors….

    And from what perspective does the book come from? The raven’s.

    Messengers of the gods indeed…

    Well that’s one perspective, anyways… 😀

  3. Thank you Barb….Again owing to the huge energy impact from both sides, I feel so restless & emotional. In meditation, some stuffs very very nasty were seen…Then Max occurred to my mind, I hence get up for looking for this video that I cannot recall when I had posted once. Dave a very impressive guide in that thread….Thanks to Valiant for this story, the precious prophetic picture. I really cannot stand the old 3D patterns any more.

    There are lots of nice memories around Max with the precious ones, all whom I cannot thank enough. I miss you all…..May this video comfort you all, the Tribe !!!

  4. Oh, whoa….I’m so in awe right now. I was reading a little bit of Valiant’s last message, the top part before the story of the Norse Vikings. I know I have to play my part too, as a messenger, especially with all the synchronicity and words, that reveal so much to me, of my connection with this path, that Bill valiantly leads us on. The crystal skulls….I have long had a connection with. In this lifetime and in other previous ones, I have often been a seer, and a priestess. My friend Little Bird just jumped onto the air conditioner in the window I’m looking at, beyond my computer, just exactly as I wrote that….my little Prophet~Messenger. I once was a caretaker (a priestess in Atlantis) of a crystal skull… the very early days of Atlantis. I am only saying this now to help those reading understand these connections are strong, and guiding me still. That was the part of the story I was absorbing more this morning, that the crystal skulls were guiding the Norse witches, with Odin (Varence/Apollo), to go on the journey to the new land, to free their people from the conditions they were then in. The crystal skulls….again. I decided to ask for a *word* this time from the crystal skulls…..for every one in this group reading here at Spirit Train Chronicles. What they gave….blew me away. This is the word I was led to, through stichomancy, and my finger was on the exact definition at the end of the word which gives additional related words:


    More precisely, at the end, my finger was resting on the small line with the related word:


    Thank you Valiant Thor…..Bill….. I believe you really are…..The Deliverer. May God bless and keep you safe, and assist you with all the power of His Spirit, to deliver us, from evil. May we all work together in unity and unison… the Rainbow Tribe. May God bless each one of you reading here, and reading and believing in Valiant, including all you Watchers, to make your most heartfelt dreams become reality.





  7. Standing Pictish Stones in Scotland….

    The carvings on early medieval/protohistoric stones are endlessly fascinating and they are, or should be, assured of a bright future in the art historical field. The time is now ripe to make more attempts to relate protohistoric and prehistoric images, rather than assume that every aspect of the iconography has its origins in the Levant, and in the Bible in particular. There should also be an expectation that communities have been able to articulate the ambiguity that allowed both interpretations to be possible in a certain circumstances. It should not be a surprise if missionaries related what local communities knew to what stories were in the Bible so as to persuade more readily. A recent inspiring work on Gallic images was that of Natalia Venclova (2002), who studied descriptions of the so-called Celtic tonsure and found its resemblance on Iron Age and late Bronze Age statuary. Another line of inquiry might be to compare the sequence in the Pictish forms of standing stones and their iconography with the remarkably similar sequence on the Baltic island of Gotland, where a transition from symbol, to picture, to cross and from incised to relief carving can be observed, but which mostly took place before there was a Christian church on the island. The forces powering these transitions do not depend on Christianity, though they do depend on the intellectual concerns of the day. Questions should be directed at finding the balance between indigenous motifs and stories, and Christian introduced and appropriated ones.

    At the same time a greater emphasis on archaeological approaches and prehistoric contexts will bear fruit in a different area. Initial work has been undertaken in locating the stone used for carving in both Tarbat and Strathmore, for example (Miller and Ruckley 2005; Miller 2008, 289-94). The procurement of stone and the control of quarries no doubt had, or came to have, significance. Extraordinary as it may seem there is scarcely a single Pictish stone which has a known context, for example it is not known in what kind of place the great monuments of Moray or Angus stand or even if they are still in situ. One of the few exceptions is Portmahomack where there is an excellent ecclesiastical context for the site’s early medieval sculpture. The association of the so-called Class I stones with burial grounds, while likely, has never been confirmed in a primary context.

    It would be a reasonable working assumption that all Pictish stones belong in a ritual context of some kind: i.e. they mark an enclosure, a burial or a feature in the landscape (Carver 2005). To explore their immediate context would seem a key priority. In heritage management there is a need to be sure that in conserving a stone in situ, one is not simply conserving the tip of an iceberg. And in research terms the investigation of the immediate context of the only artefacts that are ipso facto Pictish has the capacity to unlock the whole period. Among the candidates for major research investment, including evaluation, project design, excavation and area survey are Aberlemno and Shandwick – but there are dozens of others. The best conjuncture would be achieved where an unencumbered standing stone lay in an area well served by RCHAMS – so Rhynie.

    The tactile links between the written word and monumental expression can be seen in a Scandinavian parallel that is of relevance to understanding Pictish stone sculpture and the Viking presence in Scotland. At the tenth-century royal seat of Jelling in Jutland, Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth erected the country’s archetypal rune stone in the form of a massive three-sided block with complex inscriptions recording his rise to power, land claims and religious proclamations. In this sculpted document announcing Denmark’s conversion to Christianity, the rows of runes are laid out horizontally instead of using the more usual vertical scheme, with illustrative panels at the beginning, and it is clear that the overall design of the monument is mimicking the pages of an illuminated manuscript – literally a book in stone (Roesdahl 1999).

  8. Some supplement of the Pictish Stones

    Pictish standing stone at Aberlemno, dating to around the 7th century AD. ©RCAHMS
    The Aberlemno Serpent Stone, Carved with the unique symbols of the Picts one of the 2 peoples that dominated Scotland in the Iron age. Images here include the snake, bent spear, roman mirror and the two disc’s. Scotland

    Aberlemno 1 is the central roadside stone. It is an unshaped standing stone, bearing incised Pictish symbols, defining it under J Romilly Allen and Joseph Anderson’s classification system as a Class I stone.[4] The symbols on one face: the serpent, the double disc and Z-rod and the mirror and comb. The meaning of these symbols is unknown. They are deeply incised in a bold, confident line, and this stone is considered to be one of the finest and best-preserved Pictish symbol stones still standing in or near its original position. The other face of the stone exhibits prehistoric cup marks, showing that it has been re-used.[5]

    Maiden Stone. Drumdurno, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Circa 9th Century. A Pictish & Christian Standing Stone
    Honestly, this iconographic interpretation given here is not convincing to me at all.

    The Chapel of Templars ~ Rosslyn, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Photo by LeszekZadlo on Flickr
    This is shown in the same page along with all the other pictures of Pictish Stones. Coincidence or not ?

    For responding Barb’s question as above, though I’m not qualified at all to give an literal answer, I can only share what’s occurring to me when staring at the two dragons-like being with wolves-like heads carved in the superior section of the slab….the ancient Vedic TWIN Deities, ASHVINS in the Indo-Iranian mythology.

    The Ashvins are derived from the Proto-Indo-European horse twins. Their cognates in other Indo-European mythologies include the Baltic Ašvieniai, the Greek Castor and Polydeuces, the Roman Castor and Pollux, the English Hengist and Horsa, and the Welsh Bran and Manawydan.[1]

  9. Dear lovely sister P, though you are so psychic to read me telepathically, I still want to address my highest appreciation and gratitude to you here. Reviewing what you posted the last days, I still cannot restrain my tears for you have not only just rescued, but healed, comfort, guided….with the magical poems along with the pictures. Yes, you changed my life, turning it into a much lighter path of possibility !!! Thanks to you, I (we) didn’t miss some important day; thanks to you, I can extricate myself from the entangling negative emotional cords. I shouldn’t be silent for such mighty thoughtfulness, wisdom, and love from you. I could never imagine I should be able to experience this incredible understanding and teaching in this way!!! HUGS….my super magical lady P !!!

  10. Moon Mother of Oak

    by Katherine Torres, Ph.D., 1998
    thanks to the links given by

    The Oak tree is considered the most powerful and most sacred of the trees to the Celtic peoples. It holds the true alignment of balance, purpose and strength. In the cycle of the year, the Moon of Oak also poses the essence of power and balance. In truth, She is androgynous. Being integrated, this moon essence provides the greatest alignment for manifesting our goal.

    Oak Mother’s Celtic name is Duir. It means door and is derived from the word Druid or Druidess, the Celtic person who has mastered memory, intuition, healing, knowing and magic.

    The Oak Mother provides the essence of assuredness, love, and care for her offspring. She is pro-nurturing and calls you to understand how you use this energy at the time when you have given birth to your potential. Like the mother who has just delivered her child to the world, you are called to watch the growth, care for the needs of your child, and love the child no matter what course s/he has to walk to develop, mature, and express in whole-ness. Let this be so as you nurture your goal in the world.

    Look about you during this month. What creative aspects of yourself have you birthed? Are you nurturing them? And are you integrating your potential into all aspects of yourself: spiritually, mentally, physically, through your ego, by listening to the voice of your soul? Use a journal to express the answers to these questions. If you find that you are not doing anything, then ask yourself what you want to birth, how you will nurture your creativity and integrate it into all of your aspects? Be strong, wise and willing.

    Doors of opportunity are here and now in your world. Duir, Moon Mother of Oak, provides you with the strength to open the doors and utilize the openings to step into the experiences that will bring fulfillment, purpose, and your creative pleasure. As you look at the doors before you, adjust any energy that would stop you from walking through those doors without your strength and purpose. This is your opportunity to use the Universal energies present in the world to bring you to the moment of balance and direction for manifesting your heart’s desires.

    The people you meet during this month will be supportive. But are they supporting your empowerment or are they supporting your old patterns? Notice how they assist you. Do you feel they help you in the way you need? If so, give gratitude. If not, tell the truth and let them know what you really require, for in that way they can give useful assistance. Oak Moon Mother provides you with the strength to tell the truth, live in your personal power, and share life with others through that strength of your genuine self.

    Through the essence of your genuine self, you will also assist others without the need to “make them” what they “should” be. You will simply be able to listen, communicate, and express your care and encouragement as they manifest their potential. It is important that you honor their position of creative expression. In that way, the true empowerment of appreciation occurs in all peoples, and the knowing that we all are here for the purpose to help each other can occur.

    The gift of Oak Moon Mother is that of revealing the talents of each child of the Universe and having them share their talents so not a single person is burdened, not a single person is without.

    Oak Moon Mother provides great affluence as she reigns in our night sky. She provides abundance, strength, empowerment, nurturing, companionship and rewards. She presents the world with the essence of fertility, the power to manifest, and the capacity to create the world that one needs for success. She provides the essence of balance: work and play, action and rest, speaking and silence.

    What do you need at this time? Let The Oak Moon Mother assist you in manifesting exactly what you need. The time for realizing your potential is now.

  11. Quercus

    Seventh month of the Celtic Tree calendar, June 10th – July 7th
    Seventh consonant of the Ogham alphabet – Duir

    Oak in the forest towers with might,
    In the fire brings the Gods in sight.

    Planet: Jupiter and Mars
    Element: Water
    Symbolism: Sovereignty, rulership, power,
    Strength & Endurance, Generosity & Protection, Justice & Nobility, Honesty & Bravery
    Stone: Diamond, Aventuring
    Metal: Gold
    Birds: Oriole, Wren
    Color: Gold
    Deity: The Dagda, The Green Man, Janus, Diana, Cybele, Hecate, Pan
    Sabbat: Summer Solstice (Litha)
    Folk Names: Jove’s Nuts, Juglans

    Medicinal properties: The medicinal park of the Oak is its bark, because of the strong astringent properties. Internally as a tea it helps fight diarrhea and dysentery. Externally it can be used to treat hemorrhoids, inflamed gums, wounds, and eczema. The tannin found in oak can help reduce minor blistering by boiling a piece of the bark in a small amount of water until a strong solution is reached, and applying to the affected area. To cure frostbite, American folk medicine called for collecting oak leaves that had remained on the tree all through the winter. These leaves were boiled to obtain a solution in which the frostbitten extremities would soak for an hour each day for a week.

    Magickal properties: Dreaming of resting under an oak tree means you will have a long life and wealth. Climbing the tree in your dream means a relative will have a hard time of it in the near future. Dreaming of a fallen oak means the loss of love. If you catch a falling oak leaf you shall have no colds all winter. If someone does get sick, warm the house with an oakwood fire to shoo away the illness. Carry an acorn against illnesses and pains, for immortality and youthfulness, and to increase fertility and sexual potency.

    Carrying any piece of the oak draws good luck to you (remember to ask permission and show gratitude.)

    It is tradition for the Litha fire to be oak wood representing the God, since this is the time of year when oak reaches its Zenith power.

    The Oak trees essence helps boost energy levels and the ability to manifest our goals.

    The tree’s roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below ground as the branches do above..

    King Arthur’s round table was made from a single cross section of a large Oak.

  12. Wow…so nice to have this super soothing sharing from you, dear Barb. I was looking for some picture for thanking Troy for help deleting the drafts of the pictures that I had failed posting, and happened to find some which look so…..remarkable in synchronicity. Your stories, particularly the last one about that Buffy Kitty is just remind me of my last? dream, or at least one of my dreams occurring in the last days. It’s about cats or dogs that one might have been thought dying and was discussed if being taken euthanasia in vet hospital. It seems that that plot went just like what had happened to your dad, you and the kitties. It feels so strange that I seem to experience something similar right a little bit prior to reading your narration of the similar stories???

    In regards to BIRDS, wow….this is what I’ve been dreaming of, the world in which it’s unnecessary for animals to be afraid of human’s approaching or vice versa, approaching human beings. How beautiful this mutual reliance can be. Obviously, your nice vibration has not only attracted them.

    I might have read some stuffs that I honestly didn’t make much sense. Now, thanks to your sharing, all those pieces seem to be relatively pieced up as a bigger picture. Let me see if there will be a nice timing to share this thread.

    Here the picture as below are just found in the thread of thinking to thank Troy (Dreamwalker)….

    Tree of Life
    thanks to

    “Yggdrasil – The Tree of Life” in Norse mythology, a huge ash tree whose roots…
    Knotty-inks Custom Celtic Tattoo Design Drawing based on a carving by Paul Borda- Dryad Designs

    Then, I could not but think to inquire into the symbolic meanings of OAK TREE….I got the ones as follows…

    Celtic Meaning of the Oak Tree
    Symbolic Celtic Oak Tree Meanings

    The oak is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied within its towering strength.

    Ancient Celts observed the oak’s massive growth and impressive expanse. They took this as a clear sign that the oak was to be honored for its endurance, and noble presence.

    Indeed, wearing oak leaves was a sign of special status among the Celts (as well as ancient Greeks and Romans). Today we see artistic renditions of the “Leafman” in which a man’s face is covered in leaves. This is an evolution of lore that dates back to earth-based spirituality in which the regal power of the oak was recognized and honored.

    There are accounts that trace the name “druid” to duir, the Celtic term for the oak. More interestingly, the actual translation of duir is “door” and lore indicates the spiritually advanced Celts would access the ethereal planes of higher thought (psychic vision or soul-thought) by “opening the oak door.”

    The Celtic meaning of the oak tree deals with symbolic themes of durability, purity and constancy. Here are a few other meanings associated with the oak…
    Symbolic Meaning of the Oak Tree


    The oak’s status was (and still is) undeniable. Further merit to its regal presence is its tendency to attract lightning. This was considered hugely powerful among the ancients and is associated with one of their foremost gods, Dagda.

    Its attraction for lightning, its size and longevity (oaks are known to easily surpass 200 years of age) all make the oak a powerful, life-affirming symbol.

    The oak is a living legend representing all that is true, wholesome, stable, and noble. When you are in need of stability and strength in your life – envision the oak in your minds eye. Picture yourself drawing into its endless energy waves. Soon, you will find yourself sharing in its power.

    There is a reason the oak is considered the king of green realm. The oak is generous with its gifts – just as any good ruler shares its bounty amongst the kingdom.

    In regards to the Oak Sign of the Celtic Zodiac, the interpretation by the same author…

    Oak – The Stabilizer
    June 10 – July 7
    Those born under the Celtic tree astrology sign of the Oak have a special gift of strength. They are protective people and often become a champion for those who do not have a voice. In other words, the Oak is the crusader and the spokesperson for the underdog. Nurturing, generous and helpful, you are a gentle giant among the Celtic zodiac signs. You exude an easy confidence and naturally assume everything will work out to a positive outcome. You have a deep respect for history and ancestry, and many people with this sign become teachers. You love to impart your knowledge of the past to others. Oak signs have a need for structure, and will often go to great lengths to gain the feeling of control in their lives. Healthy Oak signs live long, full, happy lives and enjoy large family settings and are likely to be involved with large social/community networks. Oak signs pair off well with the Ash and Reed, and are known to harmoniously join with Ivy signs too.

    There are still lots of interesting stuffs given by that precious author, it’s worth visiting her site for some further exploration.

    • Hi Feilla! I am loving the sharing you did last night! I haven’t yet read all of it, and looking forward to Robin’s post too. I just wanted to drop this here though, since I just visited that lovely Celtic tree sign site, so awesome, thanks! I love all things mysterious, I’m a Scorpio and it’s all true that we dig deep, and simply have to get to the heart of the matter, to discover the truth. I love the spin with the angle being on trees/plants. My sign’s description is right on. In 7th and 8th grade I wanted badly to become an archaeologist, and go to Egypt, still a dream, and to Stonehenge and Avebury and Glastonbury Tor and oh all those lovely mysterious ancient places in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and of course all the places like Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, anywhere there are ancient standing stones and pyramids, is where I dream of someday being. My heart though….belongs to Ireland. Feilla, thank you so much for all the lovely sharings on the celts lately. They are my ancestors, my father was named Kerry for County Kerry, Ireland, they came from the village of Tralee. A great grandmother was a Sheehan. I’m absolutely loving reading Gooberz still, although at around 500 pages in I’m still only halfway through, but I’ve long appreciated Linda Goodman. What an amazing story. It’s also true I love good stories, and Valiant is amongst the greatest I’ve ever read, and trust me in 51 years I have read a LOT of very good storytellers. What he’s got though, seems like it’s the ol’ truth is stranger than fiction thing. So here’s my tree sign description, the reed:

      Celtic Tree Astrology: The Reed
      Reed – The Inquisitor
      October 28 – November 24
      Reed signs among the Celtic tree astrology signs are the secret keepers. You dig deep inside to the real meaning of things and discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. When there is a need to get to the heart of the matter, most certainly the Reed sign will find the core. You love a good story, and can be easily drawn in by gossip, scandals, legend and lore. These tendencies also make you an excellent historian, journalist, detective or archeologist. You love people because they represent a diversity of meanings for you to interpret. You are adept at coaxing people to talking to you, and sometimes you can be a bit manipulative. However, you have a strong sense of truth and honor so most of your scheming is harmless. Reed people join well with other Reeds, Ash or Oak signs.

      Years ago in my favorite metaphysical new age bookstore, where gatherings were held monthly on informative discussions and participation in group experiences, they had a beautiful leather checkbook cover that I decided had to be mine, even though it cost an outrageous amount of money compared to the free plastic covers the bank gives you. It is embossed with a beautiful Tree of Life, with many celtic knots all over it. I love it so much. It helps when you have something beautiful to look at, while you are “shelling out” some hard-earned moolah. hehe I wonder if shelling out arrived because it was a form of money years ago, to trade in shells? I bet!!! The book on the cover-up of the giant bodies found in America (Smithsonian!) was full of graves in mounds with lots of artifacts like shells from the coast which were found inland. I did love reading that book, I mean it was obvious by the newspaper clippings the author/researcher had found, there definitely IS a cover-up…..all those giants…..with red hair, too, some of them.


  13. Blessings for you, dear Feilla, with much affection and gratitude towards you.

    ((((((((((( Feilla )))))))))))

    11 feathers on each side, for the power of numerology to amplify these blessing filled hugs for you, dear one

    I was so happy to see all these pictures and read the information about them. Thank you for sharing the wonderful images, full of mystery for me, I do love to explore anything mysterious, cryptic, mystic and ancient. I also thank you for thinking of me.

    When I was a young child, my younger sister and brother and I found an old carved stone in the short stone wall that divided our two small cow pastures. It had strange markings on it, we showed it to our parents but they didn’t know what the marks were, they weren’t very interested in finding out either. We kids called it the Indian Stone. Years later while reading online and seeing the Ogham language, going on dim memories (from about 20-25 years earlier) trying to recall what the stone’s engraved markings looked like, it rang a bell and I thought maybe it was either runic or Ogham writing. All I can remember is they were lines arranged in a geometrical kind of fashion, not recognizable English letters, no obvious pictographic symbols either. It definitely seemed to us kids that it was actually writing of some sort. When I asked my sister about it several years ago she thought she may have taken that stone with her when she moved into her first apartment, but she had no idea what happened to it or where it is now.

    We have a legendary sea monster in Lake Champlain (border between northern Vermont and upstate New York) called Champ. It resembles the Loch Ness monster. Many credible sightings and at least two good pictures I’ve seen. It looks like a horse’s head with an undulating wavy body. Some say it’s a sturgeon but I don’t believe it, not with the undulating waviness to it, that’s no fish.

    My Little Bird friend comes regularly to say hello at my window I look at just beyond my computer, which has a convenient resting place for him/her with the air conditioner now installed, she’s made it a handy perch. My camera is here now, ready to try to get her on film for you guys, but every time I’ve tried to get a picture, she’s taken off by the time my camera is ready and poised! LOL She’s started to “knock” on the bedroom window weekend mornings. Once this weekend she “knocked” at 6:30 a.m……and I just telepathed to her hey, we want to sleep in, stop that! And she did stop! My husband, thankfully, thinks she’s funny. She can’t wait for us to get up in the morning, it is kind of cute. She’ll come hang out at the porch window until I open the door to take our recycling out in the mornings, and she sings until I greet her, then she flies away. She tries over and over to get in, either at 1 or 2 porch windows, or the porch storm door, or the kitchen window, usually. The kitchen window she will hang off and sing until we turn our heads where she can see us sitting down in the living room, and once we acknowledge her she’ll fly off, but she’ll go “bang, bang, bang” making fly-by wing beatings of the kitchen window until we do take notice of her trying to get our attention! LOL I’m a little bit deaf so I don’t always hear her, but when I do my husband will respond to my inquisitive look, “Yup, that’s the Little Wackadoo Bird out there at the kitchen window”. She finds our car and truck mirrors totally irresistible, so she has a little bit of a narcissistic streak. I cleaned my car mirrors a few times this last week, and the last time only stayed clean about 10 minutes before she was landing on them and making her messes. My sister and I went flower shopping, I showed her the mess on my car windows, doors, and mirror, and what it was caused by. My sister thinks it’s quite weird. Well of course, it IS weird! This morning Little Bird was hanging off my right side passenger mirror of my car when I got in and started the car, we both got startled by one another! I really don’t know why she’s coming, or wants so badly to come in and live with us, but that’s the impression I get. She thinks our house indoors would be a nice place for a nest, I guess…..but my husband and I both told her yesterday morning that she needs to go find a nice tree to live in! LOL I am 51 years old, and have NEVER in my life had a wild bird want so badly to make contact with me, and come inside, for weeks on end, every single day, she’s trying multiple times. I’m getting so used to it, but truly it’s more than a little bizarre. She will fly up on the upper window here in my home office, and bang against it trying to get inside, and she gives up after 2 or 3 times, so thankful she’s not hurting herself but really she could hurt her beak, all these efforts. It’s been about 3 or 4 weeks I think? She takes off from the air conditioner, flies straight up first, and then straight into the window, then back down and does it all over again a few times before she flies off. So it’s not like she’s mistakenly flying into the window, like most birds I’ve seen in all the years, who make contact with the windows, and it can be dreadful! She won’t fly/knock at the window to our guest/spare room, or the living room big picture window which is odd because we have the most birds congregating out there, because that’s where our two big bird feeders are, plus the hummingbird feeders mounted to that window too. That is our typical bird watching window, so she picks any window but that one, so odd!!!

    I can’t tell you how many little birds I’ve gone and picked up from that window, or the end of the porch windows. I have always given them a little prayer and a final resting place. If they survived the impact then I just held them in my hands and kept them warm and loved until they got their strength back or got over their being in shock….until they fly off. Those ones have made me cry so many tears of joy, when they are able to get up and fly away. Many, many, many little birds…..have been “befriended” by me…..over the years. But to have one want to befriend me, that wasn’t injured…’s a first for me. I could tell you so many stories of me and my little birds, maybe it’s some type of group bird soul thing, that this one just knows how much I love them all? Once I stopped my car in the middle of the state highway 2 miles west of home, on my way home from work, and picked up an injured robin in the road, and drove home with it in one hand resting on my lap. I sat with it for half an hour, until it passed away, on my front lawn sitting on my basement bulkhead. I cried so hard because I couldn’t save it, but I hoped it knew it was loved in its last minutes. Another time I was on my way to work on the back road, a dirt road, and stopped in the middle of the road for a small bird that had obviously been struck by another vehicle and was just stunned, not moving but it was conscious, sitting in the road. I carried it carefully to the side of the road, where I held it low to the ground by the road sign for a few minutes. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when it flew off into the underbrush of the woods! So many injured birds I have picked up that flew into our windows, and many that had survived (almost all!) would eventually warm up from the shock and start to look around, then fly off. Some took longer than others. Some I sat out there in the rain, holding them in my hands, on my lap. Some of them just needed some warmth and TLC to recover, I think. It is SUCH a blessing to hold a wild creature in your hands, not freaking out, but trusting you, your heart conveying that you mean it no harm. It’s amazing. One time my father and I watched a little bird fly into his garage window, I was a young woman and just visiting him on either his birthday or Father’s Day. I got the bird and sat with it in my hands on his front steps, while we chatted, and about 1/2 hour later the bird just flew off, into the meadow. He had this beautiful happy smile on his face, watching me caring for that little bird. He said I was always like that, even as a little kid I had to save every animal that was injured or stray. It made me happy that my Dad was proud of me just for being kind. One time he had started his truck and one of the two twin kitties got stuck in the alternator belt, which is usually lethal but “Buffy” didn’t die, she was crying in pain though, and mangled awful. My father came in the house and got his gun, and me being me, was absolutely horrified. I screamed at him, and stood in his way, blocking him from approaching her, he’d laid her down in the driveway once he got her untangled from the engine. I wailed at him, no you are not going to kill her! He was just trying to do the humane thing and “put her down” because she truly was in awful pain, blood all over the place. I was around 14 years old and no way was I going to let him “put her out of her misery”. Nope, not in front of me, not if I could help it! I made him drive to the vets with me holding Buffy on my lap and praying all the way, and I said I would pay the bill myself, I was working doing babysitting. I really had no idea if the vet could help her or not, but I knew we HAD to try. Well, they saved Buffy! Not her tail, though, it had to be amputated. Well….Buffy was my Father’s cat forever after that……she would NOT leave his side if he was at home…..had to be right in his lap constantly. She lived for many, many happy years, into rightful old age. She knew that he had allowed her that chance, and she made sure he knew how loved and grateful she was to him, the rest of her life. He always misted up when he talked about Buffy for years after that, and how he almost shot her that day, but I wouldn’t let him.

    I just love animals so much. It pains me to see them suffering. I wonder if Little Bird just knows and if that’s why she makes such intense efforts to come in?

    Oh WOW…I finally asked Peter & Gabriel for a *word* to answer why is Little Bird coming and trying so hard to come in our house? I never heard of this word for the books called “the Prophets”…..Wow…..

    *Nebim* (Hebrew) (noun) The books of the Hebrew Bible placed between the Torah and the Haggiographa, and generally called the Prophets.

    Wow, wow, wow. Little Bird is a Prophet!!!! She really is God’s Messenger. That brings tears to my eyes. Especially considering the Valiant post before last, has The Messengers in its title. I will listen to what a little bird told me….and will find ways to share his book The Bell Tolls….leave it for posterity…..lead others to it. No wonder she hasn’t been giving up, incessantly inquiring. It seems to me that she first appeared around the same time that Bill’s book came out. hehe


  14. Thanks to the sister….Though I thought I just finished and have anyhow to just finish, these look so important as they again show the very synchronicity. My dear ones, I do need your blessing as well !!!

    • Symbols on the reverse of a Pictish cross slab, known as ‘Rodney’s Stone’, from Dyke Parish Church, Brodie, Moray in Scotland

  15. Thread on June 4th, 2017
    Picture rather

    St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
    Honestly, I don’t know what biblical story? This stained glass art is depicting about. However, it should remind me of the very story that Valiant was just talking about….

  16. Thread given in the end of May or June 1st, 2017

    Masterpieces of Art Nouveau Stained Glass Design: 91 Motifs in Full Color

    Honestly, I could not digest well all those I just posted as above and have to apologize for the possible wrong, since I didn’t discern in advance….These are overloaded data for me. I guess there are still lots of interesting points that you may find and help me to make more sense.

    May the blessing and healing energy keep powering upon our lovely Barb (Spiritualwalker444) & all of our Tribe along with the powerful protective energy shield !!! Many many thanks to all the loving and beloved ones!!!

  17. Thread on June 4th, 2017

    St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
    Honestly, I don’t know what biblical story? This stained glass art is depicting about. However, it should remind me of the very story that Valiant was just talking about….

    Thread given on June 1st or 2nd, 2017…

    Assumption of our Blessed Virgin Mary – Assomption de la Vierge Marie
    Photo by maxkolbemedia on Flickr
    Synchronicity with some messages on Violet Flame

    Two Angels, St. Johns Church, Franklin, PA

  18. Z-Rods, Combs, and Double Discs: Pictish Stones by Tartan

    The Picts lived in the east of Scotland, north of the Firth of Forth, from around the 4th to the 9th century. Archaeology continues to gradually uncover more information about how the Picts lived, but we do know for certain that they were master craftsmen, and in this day and age they’re probably best known as skilled stone masons. Approximately three hundred and fifty Pictish stones have been found throughout Scotland, mostly in the north east of the country in lowland areas, and they continue to intrigue researchers who are still speculating about their exact purpose. Some scholars suggest that the symbols carved into the stones represent the names of significant people or families, and these stones, like Ogham stones, may have been territorial or memorial markers. 

    Around fifty unique Pictish symbols have been identified to date. Abstract geometric shapes can be found on the oldest of the stones and are perhaps the most identifiably Pictish of all the carvings. Some of these symbols have been named after everyday objects and are usually found in pairs, like the mirror and comb, anvil and hammer, and tongs and shears, whilst others have been given descriptive names, such as z-rods, double discs, and crescents. 

    Carvings of both real and mythical creatures were a common occurrence. The shapes of the carved animal figures, with their simple lines and scroll markings, are reminiscent of those found in the Book of Kells, leading to speculation that the Picts were involved in its creation. The most commonly carved animal symbol depicts an odd creature resembling a seahorse. Known as the Pictish Beast, it has been suggested that this is the Each Uisge of Scottish myth. 

    It’s thought that all of these carved symbols pre-date the Pictish stones and were originally designs for body decoration, used by the Picts to impart the symbol’s properties on the bearer. The symbols have also been found on silver objects, like the jewellery found in the Norrie’s Law hoard, and on small stone discs and bones. Examples of the early geometric Pictish symbols can be found carved on the walls of coastal caves in Fife and Moray. 

    There have been countless meanings applied to the symbols and you’ll find a different explanation for each one depending on which book you read. For example, with regards to the z-rod:

    “It is possible that it represents a sudden loud noise produced by the banging together of two discs: the clashing of cymbals. It is also possible that it represents a flash of lightning between two thunderclouds.”

    —from The Picts And Their Symbols, by W.A. Cummins
    “Perhaps it represents the two worlds: the here-and-now and the otherworld; life and death.”

    —from A Wee Guide To The Picts, by Duncan Jones 
    “Often associated with the Druidic duality of the sun which lights this world by day and the Otherworld by night. The sun’s two faces, benign in summer, malevolent in winter.”

    —from A Guide To The Pictish Stones, by Elizabeth Sutherland
    If the Pictish symbols were ever completely deciphered they would give a unique view into early Scottish history, but Paul Bouissac, one of the world’s leading experts on signs and symbols, has said that to decode them, “….we will have to wait for the discovery of what would be the Pictish equivalent of the Rosetta Stone.” Unlikely though it seems, new stones are still being found, the most recent being the Dandaleith Stone, discovered in a field on Moray in 2013. 

    Cross Slab (Pictish), Pictish Symbol Stone (Pictish), Canmore ID 73071
    Archaeology Notes
    NO23SE 4.01 2915 3080
    One of the most impressive Early Christian monuments of south-east Perth, this cross-slab is in the former church of Rossie (NO23SE 4.01) which is now the mausoleum of the Kinnaird family. Decorated in relief on both faces, it measures 1.67m in height, 1.16m in width at the base and up to 0.3m in thickness.

    The front is decorated with a cross in high relief, lacking the left arm; the cross is ringed and has rounded hollow armpits and a central roundel of interlace.

    The top arm and shaft are decorated with panels of interlace, while the surviving arm bears key pattern. The panels on either side of the head contain, on the left, a beast with a human head and curling tail; on the other side, a beaked figure holding an axe with both hands attacks a claw-footed bird.

    On the left side of the shaft are carved a beast with its tail curled over its back; a naked man under attack from a beast and a fish-tailed monster; and a pair of confronted beasts, each swallowing a bird.

    On the right-hand side of the shaft there is a beast swallowing a serpent; below this there is an animal with a bovine head and large eyes.

    At the bottom of the slab there is a pair of monsters with human heads, the fins of a fish and beast-headed tails, bodies intertwined, facing in opposite directions, one astride the other; their beards and flowing hair are very clearly shown.

    On the back of the slab, a second cross, set within an interlaced border, is the dominant feature. There is an animal head just below the left arm of the cross where the interlace begins, with the pattern ending in a fish-like tail below the right arm.

    The almost equal-armed cross has rounded hollow armpits and a central roundel of key pattern and interlace decoration in the arms, which merges into that of the border. The short shaft and its stepped base are outlined by beading and contain figural decoration: three horsemen ranged vertically form a hunting scene with two further horsemen and a pair of hunting dogs on the right-hand side of the shaft.

    In the spaces above the side-arms of the cross are carved an angel and a figure holding a pair of birds by the necks. Finally, on the left-hand side of the shaft and pedestal there are a crescent and V-rod, a ‘Pictish beast’, and a kneeling animal looking back at the head which forms the termination of its tail.

    Visited by RCAHMS (JRS) 18 December 1992.
    Class II symbol stone.The cross face has three mounted figures with an angel, a further figure running with birds and two hounds.Below are a crescent and V-rod above an elephant.

    A Mack 1997.

  20. Meigle No.2 (RCAHMS) , Queen Vanora’s Stone, UK
    Archaeology Notes
    NO24SE 25.02 2872 4459.
    No. 2 The small projections on sides and top are of unknown purpose. The ‘ring of glory’ contains an equal-armed cross: both are embellished with raised bosses, possibly inspired by the rivet heads of metal work. The surfaces of cross and wheel have been covered with a diagonal key pattern. The long shaft has three pairs of facing beasts. On the left of the shaft are three climbing figures, the top kneels and hauls that below it. On the right of the shaft, are three beasts with large heads and long coiled bodies.

    The central subject on the other side is Daniel in the Lion’s Den, symbolising the delivery of the faithful from the power of evil. Daniel’s arms are raised in the ‘orans’ or ancient attitude of prayer as he stands appealingly in the midst of fierce lions.
    Above Daniel is an equestrian group. The top figure is cloaked, bearded, carries a spear and is girt with a sword. He sits upon a saddle-cloth; his horse is bridled. In front of him are two hounds with an angel above, probably representing the Soul. Beneath him a cavalcade is suggested by three riders abreast, followed by a single rider.

    Below Daniel, a centaur with two axes and a branch of a tree. At the bottom, a man with a club, and a dragon grasping a horned beast by the nose.
    S Cruden 1964.

    This imposing cross-slab, which formerly stood on the left-hand side of the gateway into the burial-ground (NO24SE 33.01), measures 2.55m in height, 1m in width and 0.15m in thickness. Erected in its original socket-stone, a sandstone block some 2.05m by 0.95m and at least 0.22m in thickness, this slab dominates the collection. The ringed cross-potent is now worn, as is the decoration on either side of the shaft. The ring and the cross-head are ornamented with raised bosses, four in each arm and a rather larger boss in an encircling rosette of eight at the centre. The surface of the cross and the ring have been decorated with key-pattern.

    On the shaft, which has projecting volutes at top and base, there are three pairs of facing beasts, and on the left of the shaft there appear to be three figures, the uppermost kneeling in the angle of the cross and pulling up his companion by the wrist, while on the right side there are three beasts, the uppermost with its chin resting on the voluted angle of the cross-shaft. The back of the shaft contains four images: the uppermost is a hunting scene with two single horsemen, three others riding abreast, a pair of hounds and an angel. Below this there is a representation of Daniel in the den of lions, the prophet wearing a flaring robe, with two lions and a smaller animal, a lion-cub, perhaps, on each side. Below Daniel there is a centaur with an axe in each hand and a leafy branch under his arm; at the bottom of this face of the slab, a man with a club over his shoulder watches a dragon biting the nose of a horned beast. The top and both edges of the slab bear tenon-like projections of unknown purpose.

    Information from RCAHMS (JNGR) 1990.

  21. Meigle No.1 (RCAHMS) , Queen Vanora’s Stone, UK
    Archaeology Notes
    NO24SE 25.01 2872 4459.
    No. 1 The cross is enriched by seven linked panels of interlace, the arms are hollowed at the intersections and each hollow is spanned by a raised quarter circle, recalling the ‘ring of glory’ of No 2.
    The background to the cross contains beasts only, real and fabulous. At the top, two snouted boar-like animals; on the left, a beast with goat’s horns, a snouted beast with long spiral body, and a sea-horse and hippocamp facing one another; on the right, a pair of interlaced sea-horses and a horned animal with a long tail ending in open jaws which bite a snouted serpent.
    The back of the slab is treated as a single field for sculpture. The upper half has six symbols – fish, beast-head, triquetra, ‘elephant’, serpent and Z-rod, mirror-and-comb; the lower half, a kneeling camel, five horsemen and a hound, an angel and a beast with coiled body. This seems to be a re-used prehistoric monument.
    The base or socket bears ‘cup-marks’ such as are found upon Standing Stones of the Bronze Age (approximately 2000 BC-approximately 500 BC). As these are invisible a plaster cast of the cup-marked area has been made; it stands against the wall nearby (No.A4).
    S Cruden 1964.
    This cross-slab (1.9m in height, 1.05m in width and 0.2m in thickness) formerly stood at the right-hand side of the entrance into the burial-ground. The front is dominated by a cross with a beaded margin and rounded sunken armpits whose moulded outer arcs combine visually to give the impression of a quadrilobate ring; the cross is decorated with interlace (including two roundels in the shaft, above a tangled base) but the central roundel of the crosshead bears worn spiral ornament.
    The background is ornamented with beasts in lower relief, including two boar-like animals with large ears above the arms of the cross, intertwined sea-horses on the right, a spirited sea-horse on the left, as well as further animals, one with coiled hindquarters, on either side of the shaft. Both faces of the stone, but particularly the centre of the cross, are pitted by its use as a target for rifle practice. The back displays several symbols above a hunting scene. The symbols include a fish, a ‘Pictish beast’, an animal head, a triquetra, a serpent and Z-rod, and a mirror and comb. There are five horsemen in the hunt, accompanied by one hound, an angel-like figure (identified by Stevenson as the Persian god Ahura-mazda), and three fabulous beasts, including what appears to be a camel. Lower down the stone there are several cup-like markings and two cup-and-ring markings; these are now partly hidden by the concrete base, but a cast of the area of decoration is displayed nearby and this evidence has been incorporated into the present illustration.
    Information from RCAHMS (JNGR) 1990.

  22. Pictish stones are monumental stelae found in Scotland, mostly north of the Clyde-Forth line. The ancestors of modern Scottish people left behind mysterious, carved stones that new research has just determined contain the written language of the Picts, an Iron Age society that existed in Scotland from 300 to 843
    The Hilton of Cadboll Stone is a Class II Pictish stone discovered at Hilton of Cadboll, on the Tarbat Peninsula in Easter Ross, Scotland. It is one of the most magnificent of all Pictish cross-slabs. On the seaward-facing side is a Christian cross, and on the landward facing side are secular depictions

    The Front Page of The online catalogue to Scotland’s archaeology, buildings, industrial and maritime heritage

  23. Norse & Iceland Runic symbols….sorry for the obscurity of the source. There are still some other concerned symbols which look instructing, however, when doing the related research, I’m too impacted by the concerned energy. As I’m unable to discern if they are all auspicious or genuine talismans, I would rather skip them over here.


  24. Gotland. A ship barrow on Gotland. A ship barrow is a stone circle shaped like a ship. It was used during Viking times to mark a grave or a place of ceremony. There are about ten different ship barrows on Gotland.

    Thor is one of the most prominent figures in Norse mythology. He was a major god of all branches of the Germanic peoples before their conversion to Christianity, although he reached the height of his popularity among the Scandinavians of the late Viking Age. Thor, the brawny thunder god, is the archetype of a loyal and honorable warrior, the ideal toward which the average human warrior aspired. He’s the indefatigable defender of the Aesir gods and their fortress, Asgard.

    The pinnacles of the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Sky, Scotland

    Knights gravestone, St Columba’s Isle, Isle of Skye, Scotland

    Celtic: Men-an-Tol, a small formation of standing stones near the Madron-Morvah road in Cornwall, England. Archaeologists suggest that the three stones are the remains of a Neolithic tomb.
    Thanks to

  26. The Quiraing Walk on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

    Incredible for the coincidence of “the pronunciation” so similar to the Qilian Mountains in the other semisphere, besides of the same? signification of the name share by both these Mounts in the East and the Isle in the West.
    Quote :
    The Shiji mentions the “Qilian mountains” together with Dunhuang in relation to the homeland of the Yuezhi. This Qilian however has been suggested to be the mountains now known as Tian Shan, 1,500 km to the west.[6] Dunhuang has also been argued to b the Dunhong mountain.[7] Qilian (祁连) is said to be as a Hunnic word meaning “sky” (Chinese: 天) according to Yan Shigu, a Tang Dynasty commentator on the Hanshu.[8]

    The Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland

    source :

  27. How much you as above are just the very masters of making things FUN !!! The last days, as usual, I’ve to get the fresh air or extricate myself via the pictures. There are a series of those which are so intriguing. Though I don’t make much sense of them, I think it’s worth sharing them here now…I cannot hoard them till some other time to share, as there are too many….

    I just display them from today backwards…

    Isle of Sky, Scotland….though the story that Valiant was talking this week is about Vikings…

    The Quiraing, Skye / Scotland by: Robert White
    thanks to

    thanks so

    thanks to

    • I saw that ship once…in NORWAY…(NORWAY, MAINE…that is… OXford county 😉 Seems there is a PORTAL there… Can you say ‘BANANAS IN PAJAMAS!”? How about those SPIRIT WOLVES…Weren’t they something?! Mopped that campsite with you “Boy’s” face…real good! Thank you CERES…now I know who it was on that riverbank.


      Good one, Dreamwalker…LMAO!

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