Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…Legends…Talks with His Hands…

*SONG* “Stand Up Before It’s Too Late” by Steve Perry

In the dark hours…when the sun has
Set and the natural light has faded…
Even on the crest of the eve of
The Longest Day…To see, you
Must consciously choose to turn a light on…
Only cats and few other gifted animals
Can see in the dark…
Few humans have senses that are gifted…
And sometimes we learn the most…
Especially in dark times…
From those whose senses are impaired.
Because they are gifted with ways most
Take for granted…Remember that…

A shower of golden light…forms the circle…
No hesitant pause, she is there with a
Commanding presence waiting. Fiery ice blue
Eyes…even her long wavy golden hair
Seems ready for a fight…Ceres just
Gave Valerius a brief glance, then turned
To me sharply. “May we continue now?”


“With the rest of the story.” Valerius replied.

“I can do that?”

“Of course.” Ceres smiled…but it was one of
Her…plotting smiles. “The book responds
To whoever is holding it. And it is clearly
Telling a story…But first,” she held up her
Hand, “I would like to invite my sisters
To hear this…Rana, Vala…” she called to
Them, at which time they suddenly appeared
In the circle eagerly. She again
Turned to me.

“But before we begin,” she leaned over towards
Me, “There is something I have to
Say…” Again that very
Secretive smile…

“Pay close attention…Please…
Climates are a fascinating thing to study…
But even more so are its animals…
Polar bears…Moose…Reindeer…
Foxes, wolves…share one of the largest
Climates in the northern hemisphere…
Killer whales are found in EVERY
Sea.” That smile again. “They are
Very hardy animals…like the brown
And black bears. I give you this as
Just something to consider…Now please,

Valerius at once presented the book…opened it…
And the Hour Glass began to glow…

The morning hours of a long lost day
Where the story returns…
The scene…There is a meadow, alive
With animals…Birds fill the air…
Eagles, Hawks and Ravens…
Bears are active out of the Wood.
The Forest is alive with squeaking and
Chirping noises of all the local creatures…
And a White Stag stands Tall and Fearless
Boldly in the Treeline on the Farside…

A shimmering, mystical light showers
Upon a very strong White Oak Tree.
Beneath it First sat calmly a young
Beautiful copper skinned girl…but she
Was startled and stood while clinging
To the tree when suddenly she was
Struck by the sight of a strange looking
Fur clad man, tall and blond
Watching her.

Now this is not a dream…
This story was given,
By no mistake…Now the Hour Glass
Glows and continues the lost
Story with a band of Vikings…that
At first had been too busy, preoccupied
Chasing a renegade from their camp. He
Stood in shock with the boy Mika
Supporting him…Janson’s back burned from
The stab wound of the knife Rogar
Had stabbed him with. Was his
Mind lost, delusional? The signs filled
The air! The birds! The animals!
“Is that a girl?” He kept mumbling
To Mika, who clung to him to support him
As the noise of the rest of the
Vikings grew closer, until all
Of them filled the forest around
Him…There were so many
Signs all around them it was
Hard to not be mesmerized.

It was the robust Danor who declared,
“Praise Odin…For if this
Is magic…than it surely must be
A sign of the Gods!”

Mika held to him very tight, “What
Is this place?”

Janson couldn’t speak…only stood with
Awe… “I don’t know…”

The Vikings just stared numbly…Their
Warrior spirit had been stolen from
Them somehow. They were utterly
Spellbound. Mika was terrified…and
Yet somehow curious too. He studied the
Girl, who didn’t seem much older than
Him… “She doesn’t seem much older
Than me?”

“Is she a maiden of Valhalla, of
Asgard?” Danor wondered aloud about
The girl. “I’ve never seen such a girl
Before…” For it’s true, in all the lands
They plundered so far, they’d only
Seen skin so fair…none like this. “She
Commands nature.” He said staring at
The birds. Occasionally a hawk or
Raven would dive, and it kept the
Vikings still from moving.

Bulvar, the leader even seemed in fear
Of all of this. “A witch of the gods
Maybe?” No one could argue with him.

Janson thought fast as he and the
Girl locked eyes. She was a mortal
Girl, this he knew somehow…But
Something beyond their power was at
Work here…you could feel it in the air.
The girl seemed too terrified to be from
The gods…Why was she so scared? How
Was this all happening?

Suddenly more of the girl’s people
Began to appear…The noise must have
Gained their attention…As more and
More of these copper skinned people
Appeared to join her…All wore the
Same deer skin garments, they had
Longish hair…They did not appear
To be built like warriors, they seemed
Small compared to Vikings…and yet
They possessed some regalness somehow…

“Can you speak?” Bulvar yelled to them.
“Is this Asgard? We have come from
Far to look for Thor…”

The Tribe of copper skinned natives
Looked about each other with stern faces…
They were concerned but not nervous
And stood strong. Who were these tall
Strangers? They had never seen such a
Tribe…so pale skinned, fair haired…
Those bulking clothes. They all seemed
Built so strong. No one could speak.
But the young White Oak Woman
Found the first nerve to stand in the
Center of her people to study these
Men…For now they knew and recognized
Her as a shaman of the tribe, wise
Beyond her years. She pointed for them
All to look around…to see the sky full
Of birds…to see the animals, how they all
Behaved…this was far from natural…Higher
Forces were at work here.

From the Vikings’ side the warriors forgot
Their reason to chase Janson and the boy,
And could now only stand in wonder
Staring at the natives…Bulvar held the
Voice for the men. “Are you Odin’s people?
Do you hold the gates to Asgard?
To Valhalla?” He called to them. But
None answered. Then he turned to his men.
“They don’t speak our language.”

“But the signs…” Tovar said gesturing
To the sky, to the animals. “The signs
Are all around.”

The men began making faces of confusion
And continued quietly gesturing to each
Other with their hands, pointing, fingers
And hands making shapes to mimic
Things…A habit of warriors, to quietly
Make these silent hand signals to
Communicate with each other without
Talking; a battle tactic.

And the White Oak Woman studied the
Vikings’ behavior carefully this way…
Their body language…She turned to her
Father Standing Bear. “Look at how
They talk, do you see? With their
Hands?” Then the idea struck her…
There was a young boy in the
Village who had been born deaf. The
Tribe had learned to communicate with
The boy as he spoke making
Signs and gestures with his hands…He
Was known as Talks with His Hands.
Maybe he could help them talk to
The strangers? She immediately went
To retrieve him then brought him
To the front of the crowd of her people
Near the Great White Oak Tree.

She urged Talks with His Hands to
Study the strangers…and spoke with him
Using the sign language the tribe developed
With him to explain her thoughts…

This caught the Vikings’ attention.
“What are they doing?” Tovar asked with
A frown as everyone watched the girl with
What appeared to be roughly an 11 year
Old boy as they made this…hand
Language with each other.

“Are they speaking?” Janson asked
Out loud.

“Do they have no voices here?” Bulvar
Bellowed. “What is this place then?”

It was Mika who caught on fast
As they watched the girl and the boy. “I’ve
Seen this before…I had a cousin who was
Deaf that spoke with his hands…” Then
He turned to Janson. “Aren’t there hand
Signals you warriors use in battle to
Communicate this way?”

“They do not appear to be readying
Themselves for battle?” Danor replied.
“What do we make of this?”

Then White Oak Woman took Talks
With His Hands to them…The boy immediately began
Talking to the strangers with his hands…
With this sign language.
On and on this went, and the
Languages that once separated them
Went away. All the simple words came
First, like the elements Earth, Air, Fire
And Water. Very quickly it also
Eased their nerves to speak
This way. This simple
Language broke the barriers and intrigued them.

Suddenly the brutal warriors
Known as Norsemen became quite
Eager students and teachers using this
Language with these natives of the land.
What a strange sight to see. There was
No fighting, no conquest…and no
Name calling…The communication
Was resolved with basic words and
Phrases and there was laughter and
Smiles. All of this came from one
Innocent simple deaf boy…and Mika.

And Janson had quickly pointed out
To his fellow warriors. “Had it not been
For this boy, they would have never
Made this peaceful exchange.” A
Truly new concept for the Vikings, who
Had never known patience at all…
The complaints vanished, and instead
Became eager quests to learn more in
This new way…To speak silently
With sign language. To make more
Words, more phrases.

And the natives also responded this way.
Very quickly they began to learn
Each other’s languages of the tongue
This way…peacefully. What a gift it

The Vikings made a camp in
This meadow…And the Indians
Remained there as well for these
New ‘friends.’ It was a turning
Point for both peoples…and they
Continued to share knowledge.

The Norsemen showed the Indians how
They built things, more sturdy and
Solid to endure the weather. And the
Indians in turn showed the Vikings
How they survived off the land…how
They found sustenance and made
The most of every little thing never
Wasting anything…forever changing
Both of them…
And suddenly the quest for Thor
In fact became an age of discovery.

White Oak Woman and Talks with
His Hands became key role players
Here for the people. She, the kind
And patient voice who charmed them
With her beauty and gentleness…And
He, transformed from awkward
Outcast with no voice became the
Greatest speaker of them all. They
Saw how bright he was, and sharp
To see, to notice things and find ways
To express it and thus find solutions.
They were invaluable. As everyone
Is in some way…when they truly
Find their skill. It may not have
Been what they expected but it
Worked…and it worked peacefully.

Sign language…became a mediator
Of peace in a dark and primitive
Time. If only all people could recognize
Such things so peacefully.

On a quiet evening in Janson’s
Shelter…A tent like structure made
Of wood and woven branches of evergreen
To fight off wind and rain that he
Shared with his friends Danor and Tovar.
Mika came to them as he usually did.
He had become very clingy to Janson
As he acted as his savior and
Protector on the ship from the other
Men. They teased him about it of
Course, but somehow a kind mood
Had settled over the Vikings, one they
Never knew before. Mika went to
Janson’s shelter to sleep…and as
He rested himself close by
Janson watched the boy with
Fascination…Mika was smiling all
The time now, which was so good
To see, he had such a charming smile.

“It’s good to see you this way.” Janson
Said to him.

Mika kept smiling as he laid down
Near him. “I have not felt this
Good in a long time.”

“The journey on the boat was long
And hard.” Janson said with a sigh
As he glanced at the sleepy Danor
And Tovar, listening and watching them.

“Longer than that.” Mika said.

“What do you mean?” Janson asked.

“It was bad at home.” Mika
Explained. “It was worse on the
Boat. But it was bad at home.”

“It’s a hard life…” Janson said…

“That’s not what I mean,” Mika
Slowly replied, reluctant to explain.
“It was just…bad at home.”

Then Janson understood, saw it in
His eyes as his opened wide…This had
Happened to Mika before. Of course
These things weren’t new…Abuse
In various forms was a way of life
For families…each in their own way.
“Others have done this to you?”
Janson asked carefully.

“Yes.” Mika answered simply without
Looking at him.

Then Janson understood…somehow,
Something inside him from some
Mysterious part of him he did not
Know…recognized this in Mika, all
Of it. And he couldn’t speak.

“What is your family name, boy?”
Danor asked him half falling asleep.

“Hollisden.” Mika answered him.

“Your father and his father worked
With metals for many years?” Danor
Asked. “Swordmakers? All metal

Mika nodded. “And chains.” He
Said avoiding their eyes. “They made
Many chains.”

“Chains?” Janson asked surprised. But
Of course, that made sense. Still the
Words struck him deep somehow…

The mind wanders…The Hour Glass
Has served its purpose now. The
Light of the book faded, then
Valerius closed it, as he watched
Me. They were all studying me.

“This is too much, my head feels
Like it is splitting open. What point
Exactly are these stories serving?”

“You know why.” Valerius answered

“They were connected before…Mika
And Janson…That’s Hollis and Jansen
From the other story. From the earlier

“Yes.” Ceres nodded, she was as
Fascinated with this information as
I was, as were her sisters.

“Did you know this? Did you
See it?”

“I saw the pattern, yes.” Ceres
Said. “Patterns often repeat themselves.
Especially…until they find their

“I don’t understand. They were
Together. They came together again?
Hollis was abused again? That’s
Awful, why?”

She nodded once kindly. “You know
Why. That’s the point here. That’s the
Point for them as well. The ones who
Read this.”

“What is?”

“That patterns repeat themselves over
And over through time…” Ceres explained.
“Until they find their peace.”

“But Hollis and Jansen were together
In the beginning…didn’t they have
A happy ending?”

“Obviously not.” Ceres frowned sadly.
“At least it doesn’t appear that
Way…something was left undone…
And so the cycle keeps repeating

“But you’re talking about life times…
Constantly re-occurring traumas? That’s

“It’s horrible, yes it is.” She said.

“My God you have to stop it.”

“Yes, it has to stop.” She said carefully.
“Think about it…write what you
Must, but don’t write everything.”

“So is that the meaning here?” I
Mean ultimately…life times repeating
Patterns…Will people see that
Or understand it?”

Ceres laughed as she looked to her
Sisters. “Understanding is up to

“The sign language thing…Is that
The solution then to this problem?”

“I think the book is telling you
How to find peaceful solutions,”
Ceres smiled. “But not necessarily
With sign language. Remember most
People still do not think what they
Are reading here is real at all. For
Them it is some story to analyze…
The point is to make them think.”

“My head feels like it is going
To split open.”

“I know.” She said. “You need to
Slow down. You delivered a wonderful
Message to them…And to us as
Well…We understand it. If they
Don’t that is their problem. That
Solution can help a lot of people…
And inspires ideas in many more.”

“But that really happened? The
Boy, Talks with His Hands? He
Really did that with the Vikings?”

“Yes.” Ceres nodded. “It wouldn’t
Show you otherwise.”

“But who will believe it?”

“Do you believe it?” She asked me.

“I’m sacred to answer that question.”

“I see that. That’s why you need
To slow down.” Ceres said.

“Tell me something to write
Down…to change the subject…to end
On a different note…to give
Me, them, anyone…something
Else to think about.”

“July is coming…” She said.

“What about it?”

“It’s a big turning point for the
Year…so is 2019…so is the
Number 19. That’s a good number
To remember.” She smiled.

That mysterious tone! “Have you
Been talking to Varence, is he hiding
Somewhere watching?”

Ceres laughed loudly. “Varence is a
Watcher. And he is watching something
Good right now.” She smiled softly.
“You need to slow down now…put
The pen down.”






  1. Wow Tribe! We are busy, busy, busy! Thanks for posting the owl video again Feilla. I was watching it and thinking of the movie and that the owls are like us…maneuvering through the unknown and the dangerous storms that blow, to get to an island of legend and find the truth! I loved the preview of your review Barb…you are such a poet! Those few lines sure had me hooked. I’m still waiting on my copy of “Higher Forces” to come in. I did put in a request for the book via my local library so…we will see. I am viewing the video link you posted now Troy. Sounds like it will be quite an eye opener.

  2. Minoan Civilization by
    by Mark Cartwright
    published on 02 September 2009

    The Minoan civilization flourished in the middle Bronze Age on the Mediterranean island of Crete from ca. 2000 BCE until ca. 1500 BCE and, with their unique art and architecture, the Minoans made a significant contribution to the development of Western European civilization as it is known today.

    The archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans was first alerted to the possible presence of an ancient civilization on Crete by surviving carved seal stones worn as charms by native Cretans in the early 20th century CE. Excavating at Knossos from 1900 to 1905 CE, Evans discovered extensive ruins which confirmed the ancient accounts, both literary and mythological, of a sophisticated Cretan culture and possible site of the legendary labyrinth and palace of King Minos. It was Evans who coined the term Minoan in reference to this legendary Bronze Age King.
    The four principAl Minoan palace sites were at Knossos, Phaistos, Malia and Zakros.

    Minoan settlements, tombs and cemeteries have been found all over Crete but the four principal palace sites (in order of size) were at Knossos, Phaistos, Malia and Zakros. At each of these sites, large, complex palace structures of two or three stories and covering several thousand square metres seem to have acted as local administrative, trade, religious and possibly political centres. The relationship between the palaces and the power structure within them or over the island as a whole is not clear due to a lack of archaeological and literary evidence. It is clear, however, that the palaces exerted some kind of localised control, in particular, in the gathering and storage of materials – wine, oil, grain, precious metals and ceramics. The absence of fortifications in the settlements suggests a relatively peaceful co-existence between the different communities. However, the presence of weapons such as swords, daggers and arrow-heads and defensive equipment such as armour and helmets would also suggest that peace may not always have been enjoyed.

    The palaces themselves covered two periods: The first were constructed around 2000 BC and following destructive earthquakes and fires, re-built again ca. 1700 BCE. These second palaces survived until their final destruction between 1500 BCE and 1450 BCE, once again by either earthquake, fire, or possibly invasion (or a combination of all three). The palaces were well-appointed, monumental structures with large courts, colonnades, staircases, religious crypts, light-wells, drainage systems, extensive storage magazines and even ‘theatre’ areas for public spectacles. The complexity of these palaces, the sport of bull-leaping, the worship of bulls as indicated by the presence throughout of sacred bulls’ horns and depictions of double axes (or labrys) in stone and fresco may all have combined to give birth to the legend of Theseus and the labyrinth-dwelling Minotaur so popular in classical Greek mythology.

    The partially reconstructed wing of the palace of Knossos c. 1500 BCE.

    The sophistication of the Minoan culture and its trading capacity is evidenced by the presence of writing – firstly hieroglyphic and then Linear A scripts (both, as yet, undeciphered), predominantly found on various types of administrative clay tablets. A further example of the culture’s high degree of development is the variety and quality of the art forms practised by the Minoans. Pottery finds reveal a wide range of vessels from wafer-thin cups to large storage jars (pithoi). Ceramics were initially hand-turned but then increasingly made on the potter’s wheel. In decoration, there was a progression from flowing geometric designs in Kamares ware to vibrant naturalistic depictions of flowers, plants and sea life in the later Floral and Marine styles. Magnificent frescoes from the walls and floors of the palaces also reveal the Minoans’ love of the sea and nature and give insights into religious, communal and funeral practices. Metal, stone, ivory and faience work also reveal a high degree of craftsmanship, examples range from fine alabaster jars to dynamic ivory sculpture in the round to minutely carved gold rings and seals.

    The Minoans, as a sea-faring culture, were also in contact with foreign peoples throughout the Aegean, as is evidenced by the Near East and Egyptian influences in their early art but also in later export trade, notably the exchange of pottery and foodstuffs such as oil and wine in return for precious objects and materials such as copper from Cyprus and ivory from Egypt.

    The reasons for the demise of the Minoan civilization continue to be debated. The rise of the Mycenaean civilization in the mid-2nd millennium BC on the Greek mainland and the evidence of their cultural influence on Minoan art and trade make them the most likely cause. However, other suggestions include earthquakes and volcanic activity with consequent tsunami. The eruption of Thera (the present day island of Santorini) may have been particularly significant, although, the exact date of this cataclysmic eruption is disputed and therefore its connection with the end of the Minoan period remains unclear.

  3. Minoan Civilization

    The Minoan civilization was an Aegean Bronze Age civilization on the island of Crete and other Aegean islands which flourished from about 2600 to 1100 BC. It preceded the Mycenaean civilization of Ancient Greece.[1] The civilization was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century through the work of British archaeologist Arthur Evans. It has been described as the earliest of its kind in Europe,[2] with historian Will Durant calling the Minoans “the first link in the European chain”.[3]

    The term “Minoan”, which refers to the mythical King Minos, originally described the pottery of the period. Minos was associated in Greek mythology with the labyrinth and the Minotaur, which Evans identified with the site at Knossos (the largest Minoan site). According to Homer, Crete once had 90 cities.[4]

    The Minoan period saw trade between Crete and Aegean and Mediterranean settlements, particularly the Near East. Traders and artists, the Minoan cultural influence reached beyond Crete to the Cyclades, Egypt’s Old Kingdom, copper-bearing Cyprus, Canaan and the Levantine coast, and Anatolia. Some of its best art is preserved in the city of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini, which was destroyed by the Thera eruption.

    Although the Minoan language and writing systems (Linear A) remain undecipherable and are subjects of academic dispute, they apparently conveyed a language entirely different from the later Greek. The reason for the end of the Minoan period (around 1,400 BC) is unclear; theories include Mycenaean invasions from mainland Greece and a volcanic eruption of Thera.

  4. Extremely AWESOME, you all as above !!! Sorry for my very linguistic dysfunction, I cannot but just share the pictures.

    The With of Trelleborg in Denmark by Jean-Claude Golvin

    This is a 1000 year old Viking fortress, at Trelleborg near Slagelse on Zealand. In a scenic area located here remains of one of the Vikings’ big ring castles, built around the year 980 CE

    Viking Fort 950-1000 AD

  5. recent David Icke interview
    -there’s a much larger picture than trump or obama
    -the small ruling class is having a harder time selling their snakeoil because people’s perceptions are changing

  6. Dear Sweetie, not go to sleep yet?! I’m overwhelmed by your wit & amazement !!! A plus synchronicity occurs when I read this comment ! I just popped up itself at that very same time. I might have once posted a concerned or even identical video…An echo of what Troy (Dreamwalker) just posted as above ?!!!

    • heh, the pieces are really fitting together much better now 😉
      “See and hear what others try to hide; new vision is opening; a unique ability for seeing into the eyes and souls of others; keep silent and go about your business; sense of timing and prophetic instinct; accomplish tasks with timing and skill, not through intimidation; ability to be non-threatening in spite of its power and ability – true strength is gentle; power of prophecy and spirit; how to get more attention without being arrogant and irritating; how to deal with those people in our life who are outrageously irritating; balance the ability to draw and repel people – there are times best for drawing people and there are times best to avoid people, and finding the correct balance is what can ensure prosperity; self-image — remember that people are going to notice you and how they notice and remember can be controlled by you; how the winds are going to blow into your life and how to adjust your own life flights; ability to hear the inner voice; look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life; pay attention to details, or an indication that you cannot see the forest for the trees — you may be getting so locked into details that you forget the big picture.”

      • Those are true words of wisdom….wise as an owl, definitely. Thank you for sharing that Troy. I liked it so much I saved it to a Word file for reading as often as I need a reminder of how to conduct myself! I’ll have to wait until the weekend to check out that whole site, just haven’t got enough time to devote to reading at the moment, but between you, Robin and Feilla….I am looking forward to devouring all of the fine morsels you’ve all been giving!

        Have an awesome day, my walker444 brother!

        Today is Thursday…..Thor’s day….yippee!!!!!

        Lida, if you are reading, I have been writing and writing and writing, days on end, for a book review for Bill’s book The Bell Tolls! Yesterday I got my email from Amazon as a buyer, asking if I’d like to write a review…..YES….I absolutely would and will do that! I’m drafting and figuring out what I want to say and how to say it. Troy’s post helped me a lot, in that regard, with the words above. I just want it to be “just right”. I really want the whole world to be drawn into a true happy state, which we ALL so sorely deserve!!!!! If we could all get that original timeline going in full swing, I’m sure we will be able to overcome those who try to overpower and subdue and suppress and oppress us.

        Valiant has led the way with thundering
        it’s high time for me to stop wondering
        to take magic steps with a spring
        in them to make my soul and spirit will sing

  7. Duh…am I slow…Thanks for posting this pic again for us Feilla! The ship is a DRAGON HEADED SHIP! With two red crosses…the double barred Cross of Loraine?

    The Eye is in the sky, and the Ear is below in the water…


    Is that a pink crystal that holds the key?


    I will share now a dream that I had…in my dream I was shown that many of the Vikings, the Berserkers, at one time back in history brought many of the Grail objects here to New England for safe keeping, they are not here now, as they are always being moved. The sword, Excaliber does indeed sing…I’ve heard it 😉

  8. Wow….as always, I cannot thank you all enough !!!
    Thanks also for Robin’s reminding, I knew to consult the table of Valiant’s Ancient Prophecies….then happened to be caught by this one, as I’ve been so haunted by the SHIPS OR BOATS the last couple of months….

  9. Sigh…no Barb, I haven’t seen him lately…but I always recognize his voice! 🙂 ❤

    "A god known only to the Red Man…" He's from Montana, by "THE WAY";)


  10. Oh Robin, I know how happy I am that puzzle pieces are really fitting together much better now, thank you for the validation! I’m writing you a long email which may take a few days to get it all together. I love that you actually have the poster of MIDSUMMER EVE right there above your computer! LOL Aphrodite….Hermaphrodite a blending of both….equality….balance…just like a pair of wings is required for light flight. Wind Beneath Her Wings does fit. Yes, quite contrary, mostly, how does your Garden grow? Have you seen…..the Gardener? He sure wears a lot of different hats, sometimes can be a little difficult to recognize him, unless you know…..his voice.

  11. Oh my gosh! Barb! Love your readings…those all fit us SO WELL! “Wing Back” eh? Is that why Hiawatha called me “The Girl With The Wind Beneath Her Wings”…AIR/Wind…get it? Lol!

    Yo! VARENCE…find any good walnut trees lately, or was it a rock maple? 😉 And are you so sure I am going to thank you someday? I may just act CONTRARY as it seems to be my “nature”. 🙂 To you CERES…the globe with the cross…it’s perfect! ❤

  12. Hi Amber. Good to hear your thoughts on those words and also how you do stichomancy with books or music you want to learn. That’s how I learned originally, with books, I still do that….once in here last summer, when I first started posting, I shared a stichomancy with the book by Ken Carey’s Return of the Bird Tribes….which turned out to be from the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman. I love her story. It was pretty cool hearing about Miracle the white buffalo calf born some years ago in Janesville, Wisconsin. Her coat turned from white to tan to brown to black, I think….kind of like symbolizing a variety….as in a rainbow or a shifting of frequency type thing maybe. Amber, on your word being *law* I did wonder about that, as I don’t get a legal lawyer type feeling regarding you! That’s awesome about it becoming more clear as you pondered and the balance aspect makes perfect sense, especially with the little baby tree bird depicting it in real life out your window!

    • Law also to me is a topic of interest… Cosmic law. We are pretty aware now of attraction and some…of what I opionatedly (lol) would say are “dualistic worldly” laws…and I want to know beyond that..the sea cosmic law that the rivers of duality reality laws spring from.. getting to, understanding the Source. I know I can’t understand THE SOURCE..unknowable.. but what I can know..I want to lol

      • Me too, with wanting to know more about the “higher forces”. It’s good to have an understanding of the sea….cosmic law…..where do those rivers of duality reality come from? It’s a great life’s journey when you are seeking more understanding of the Source….the Forces…governors on the motor of Life. Yeah, I totally get that Amber. It drives me too, wanting to know as much as possible about the really big picture stuff, all the esoteric things the mainstream would have us ignorant of (divide and conquer). I’m on the fringe stream, not the main stream. I loved reading the gnostic texts of Nag Hammadi. I love Valiant’s stories. I just want to know as much as possible about spirit aspect of life. My husband says he wants to live a totally physical life, the afterlife, stuff of spirit….is for when you are spirit…live in and enjoy the flesh life while you’ve got it. But I care very little for the mundane, ordinary side of life….I want to ask deep questions and get deep answers….stuff that you have to reach for, to ever find it….you have to leave the path commonly trod. Which is why I love to find people like Valiant….and those here at Troy’s STC….who love delving deeper, too. Especially important at what is apparently a quite crucial juncture for humanity, a tipping point, where more will be revealed of God’s mysteries. I want to get beyond duality too, and into unity, into a universe where nobody has to be scared of being attacked, subjected, subjugated, humiliated, and otherwise tossed into hell. I want to get us into a state of being where are free to be who we really are, and love freely, live more joyfully, and witness more of the Hand of God at work. Where 1% isn’t sucking the lifeblood dry out of the other 99%, power over….I want empowerment for all….to be free to learn, love and live as they wish. Balance would be awesome, too, just so the scales of justice are free again.

      • Hi Amber, I’ve been interested in those “templates” as well.

        What put me onto this was a discussion on NPR about how a river is the same template as human organization, is the same template as how a tree grows… etc… once you see how templates work, it’s easy to understand how life on other planets might use similar templates… for example I can be reasonably certain that there might be something like an “orange” on another planet… but it will likely be somewhat different… 🙂

        • Very cool thank you for sharing! I found this, what you just said interesting..

          “The Law of Variation
          the outcome of templates are varied. What we experience will be similar yet different from one person to another. The “template” is the underlying process of all things. For example, the “wave” is a template for light, sound, and water. The “tree” is not only the structure of a tree, but also of rivers and human organization.”

          I shared this on FB the other day from Sun Sync Nutrition.. different but related maybe?

          “So, to sum it up, the photon has a primary role. Now why is it spiritual? It’s spiritual because it has none of the properties that matter possesses. It doesn’t have mass, it doesn’t have charge, it doesn’t have position, it doesn’t have time. It’s outside of time. Clocks stop at the speed of light. It has no position because you couldn’t possibly locate it. I think the most interesting thing of all about the photon is that only one person can see it. See, there’s light pouring in on me, and you’re all seeing me, and you’re all seeing the photons. But the photons that one of you sees is not the same photons the other one sees. Only one person is seeing each photon, because when you see a photon, you annihilate it.” — Arthur M. Young

          • I’m interested in reading some of Arthur Young’s books… I searched the titles and this stood out as the title is familiar-ish…
            “The Bell Notes is a diary kept by Young during the period 1945-1947. At this time he had begun a different, larger quest, a quest for the “psychopter” or the winged self. This was to be a spiritual rather than a technological struggle, one that would lead through Eastern philosophy, Jungian dream analysis, parapsychology and yoga. These explorations, as well as the day-to-day work on the helicopter, were recorded in several volumes from which the most significant and inspiring entries have been gathered into the present book.”

          • yes these are definitely related 🙂

            Though it can be a pitfall to say that both things are the same thing… rather than sharing the same template… but I think he gets the idea!

            We’re only limited by our limited perception… once we broaden what we see, the whole universe opens up to us… but I suppose that goes without saying, hehe

            Here’s a website with his stuff:

  13. You REALLY do have his back, the rest of us do too! Let me show you guys the *words* given by my spirit guidance team (Peter & Gabriel and others today with a hand in what my hand is selecting for the one-word “messages” given today!)

    The way stichomancy works for me, is I close my eyes with my old dictionary in my lap. My guides will reference one letter, so I open the book at approximately where I think that letter section is, with my eyes closed. Then I open the book. I may hear go 1 to 3 pages left or right, then I hear right or left page, then middle or outside (it has 2 columns) then go up higher or go down lower, and sometimes go up 1-2-3, right there. They guide my mind to point my finger, with my eyes closed, and when they say there or okay….I open my eyes to see what the word is my finger landed on. If the word’s definition is really small in size (some are just 1 or 2 lines) then my finger could actually be resting on several words at once, or on an image.

    Once in awhile I don’t understand the relevance of the word to the question/person, so I ask for another word, to help me make sense. Usually about 98% of the time, it’s very easy to understand the significance and meaning of the message/answer, as it relates to what I had in my mind when I was asking for a word. Often it is an extremely pointed word….right on target…which blows me away no matter how many times it happens. Like the other day, with getting *deliverer* for Valiant….writing and sharing as he does…..answered right after reading his post about him being the deliverer, Valiant Thor. Which is major synchronicity. Today, too, the words are incredible….especially Robin’s with synchronicity considering what she just barely said, above, about having Valiant Thor’s back!!! They are backing you up, Robin!!! So thank you for such amazing confirmation for me, personally, that these words are also confirmations about us, seeing more clearly the bigger picture.

    I don’t always share what I am given, sometimes the words are just for me, for helping me to discern. Other times I’m asking with the intent of sharing the given word/message. Today’s words are like that. I didn’t ask for every single person who posts here, but just those that I felt nudged. It filled up 2 pages worth of my notepad, so here goes!

    This was the first question I asked today, watching some TV shows on the end of the earth type scenarios. What is the biggest event for Earth the rest of 2017?

    What is the biggest event for Earth for 2018? *frequency*

    What is the biggest event for Earth….and humanity….for 2019? *player*

    Who does Valiant work with the most, in terms of who he’s connecting with, what is their purpose for our group?

    *certain* (part of the definition that caught my eyes was: certained, destined to happen; sure; followed by an Infinitive; as, it is certain to happen.)

    What is my connection/purpose regarding Valiant?

    *habitant* An inhabitant. Also habitan. One of the settlers, or their descendants, in Canada or Louisiana, of the farming class.

    Basically for each of the names below, I asked the same question about some of the *personalities* who shine their faces ’round here…..Who are they? Who were they?
    Who are they now, in regard to their role in being part of this group?

    Who is/was Robin? *wing back formation* American Football. A formation on the offense by which one of the backs is placed just behind or slightly beyond and to the rear of; the end. — Called also single wing back formation.

    Amber? *law*

    Feilla? *rosolio* A sweet cordial of the Mediterranean region, made of brandy, sugar, riaisins, etc. (awww, so true, you are really sweet and cordial, Feilla, and recently moved away from your abode in the Mediterranean region!)

    Dave Jones? *dolce* [Italian. sweet, soft] Music. A very soft flute organ stop of either 8-foot or 4-foot pitch. See STOP.

    Suzanne? *coy* shrinking modestly; shy; or coquettishly from familiarity; usually applied to women; demure.

    Tauno? *mating* A pairing or a matching.

    Troy? *migration* (movement….shifting)

    (Apparently I must have asked for a word for Troy twice. So those are both words that I was given for you, Troy. Funny how very connected they are to one another, both signifying travel/movement/journeying.)

    Troy? *peregrinate* [L(atin) peregrinatus. past part(iciple) of peregrinari — to travel. See PILGRIM.] To travel; to journey from place to place.

    Bill/Valiant? *caddy* 1. One who waits about for chances to do odd jobs. 2. An attendant who carries a golf player’s clubs, etc.

    (Okay, I gotta admit, Bill you really DO some very odd jobs, for sure, in terms of your jobs/missions you embark on in this life! You are definitely serving to carry a lot for the *players* in this game. Giving new meaning to the word caddy for me, our chance-taking, odd-job seeking, load-carrying brother….THANK YOU! Lovin’ the irony of it being a word having to do with a ball game!)

    Lida, Bill’s sister? *manifest* (What a good, powerful word for Lida, Valkyrie, the sister~best friend~scribe of Valiant. Without her efforts, we would not have Valiant’s and the Watchers messages and stories made manifest.)

    Bill’s father? *tip* (My finger was on the lower definition which was Colloqial. To give a tip or hint, to, especially secretly or stealthily. What an intriguing tip, too, considering the new Valiant post is on repeating patterns with soul-mates returning through reincarnation to again share life’s journey together….to work out karma and maybe also to enhance….or to make *certain* some soul group objectives?!)

    Lida, Bill’s mother? *kingfisher* (finger landed right on the bird’s image!) Any of a family (Alcedinidae) of non-passerine birds, mostly crested and bright-colored, with a short tail, and long stout, sharp bill. (kingfisher, fisher king, crested king fisher of men, birds of a feather…flock together! A very apt word for you, a winged messenger, royal-crested)

    Rana? *kava* (an intoxicating beverage!)

    Varence? (I heard some laughter, and “Are you SURE?” “Yes, who is/was Varence, and his purpose with regard to the group?!) *midsummer* (“NEED I say more?”, I heard, upon seeing the word my finger landed on, and I replied, with laughter, “NO!” hehe Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up! This is what’s happened for years now getting these words from my “messengers”. That’s the word they gave me for Varence (Apollo)….*midsummer*! hehe Those reading here awhile will get that “inside joke”

    Vala? *astonish* (Okay, okay, YES you do astonish, Vala!!!) [Old French OF. estoner; fr. L(atin) ex out + tonare to thunder.] To strike with sudden fear or wonder; astound; surprise greatly; amaze. (You surely DO astonish and amaze, with great thunder and surprise and wonder, dear Vala!)

    Ceres? *orb* (What stood out the most were definitions #4 & #5: 4. A collective whole; a world; as, an orb of witnesses. 5. A sphere surmounted by a cross, symbolizing Kingly power and justice. WOW. The feeling I was getting was Ceres gladly sharing that word with the whole family…their world a collective whole….the orb of witnesses….the watchers…symbolizing Kingly power and justice.

    • That’s really interesting! I’ve never thought before to use a dictionary. I frequently will pick up a book and do something similar.. or with music I want to learn. A few of those are like omg, seirously?? Midsummer! haha geez.

      ‘Law’ is interesting to me, I’ve been deep in vocal phonic studies today and that word of all listed, I kept repeating over and over. When I just “pondered” for a minute, what’s law got to do with me… and I thought “balance” and as I looked up, out the window was a bird sitting on a baby, growing tree wings spread out, balancing.. haha. Life.

    • Thank you! These are perfect! I’m sure there’s a witty comeback about women and wine in there somewhere…. 😀 😀 😀

      More “facets…”

      voyage | voyager | voyageur | voyageurs

      Among French Canadians the term “voyageur” refers to people who transported furs by canoe, but the meaning also refers to something like a “rustic adventurer” who sees the journey as the goal rather than the destination.

      Peregrinus was the term used during the early Roman empire, from 30 BC to 212 AD, to denote a free provincial subject of the Empire who was not a Roman citizen. Peregrini constituted the vast majority of the Empire’s inhabitants in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

      Peregrine Falcons can be found in Chesapeake Bay…



  15. Nice song this week, Valiant.

    Why Vikings and Natives? That theme has been recurring for me since 2012. I had many dreams of a Native American “Jesus” archetype, when I moved to Maine. I think I was dreaming of, and being visited in spirit form, by the culture hero of this region called Glous’cap. The legends I have read of him, seem to blend his qualities with those of Thor. Interesting. I ran into some people of Viking descent in 2012, I had memories of sailing with them on a black timbered ship with a dragon’s head prow, over to this part of the America’s, not as a captive, but as part of the crew. I was a woman at that time, though I don’t feel I was a “warrior”, a vitki/shaman perhaps? When I met them all in 2012, I started to remember having been involved with Beowulf, somehow. (Yes, he was a real person, so was Wiglaf, and they were ALL shapeshifters/berserkers.) This same group of people of Viking descent, were with me during Beowulf’s time, other memories of being with the same group in South America, or somewhere in that region, and again, I was a woman. I know my path, and theirs keeps crossing, but why? I find it interesting that our paths in this lifetime crossed just before the Venus transit on June, 6, 2012. Something significant about that. Perhaps I only encounter this group of people when Venus transits occur? The next on will be in 2117.

    This one made me giggle…”The Black Spot”… A death sentence (to the Apostate priests/male dominated church) issued by the Return of the Divine Feminine Archetype?

    I wonder if the real “PIRATES” are those who gave us the “holy scripture”??? Lol!


    “In the year 2004 and 2012 an alignment will take place both on the Cherokee Calendar and in the heavens of the Rattlesnake Constellation both. It is the time of the doublehead serpent stick. It is the time of the Red of Orion and Jupiter against White Blue of Pleadies and Venus. It is the time of the Uku’s choosing. It is the time of the Beloved Woman and MYSTERIES OF TIME UNTIME. It is the Time Untime of the THUNDERBOLT and the spirits of Lightning Mountains.”

    Many of the themes mentioned in caps, in the following link are being decoded in this seasons crop circles…Hmmm…

  16. There’s that Groundhog Day theme again… Well… couldn’t we just keep our memories from lifetime to lifetime so we don’t make the same mistakes? The whole memory wipe thing is a major bummer. But I guess after a billion or so years a soul needs to forget… maybe…?

    (the soul doesn’t forget, just the part of that soul’s awareness that WANTS to forget… for this reason those who don’t make the effort to extend a hand of friendship to the soul are at a distinct disadvantage… in the current incarnation at least…)

    (remember there are other states of awareness and being other than this one you’re experiencing now)

    (learning is the wrong definition to describe what you call a groundhog day process… english is sometimes inadequate as you know… because you’re not trying to achieve a “perfect outcome” for every problem…. it is more like the Harry Potter chain of events where a memory is pulled from his soul, and replayed as a “gem” of experience. Those gems can be polished if needed, kept or discarded)

    The eternal question: bad experiences too?

    (bad experience can lead to extraordinary outcomes… when you follow them far enough…)

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