Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Time of the White Buffalo…

*SONG* “You Better Wait” by Steve Perry

To each their own Something is written…
The Time, the Place, the Hour…
And To each are their own answers…
No ONE can answer them all…
But ONE can light a Torch for them to use…

Too Much going on…pressure, urgency…
The Sound of Someone knocking at The Door…
Knock Knock…The Hour Glass, a clock
Tick Tock…By and by, as time goes by
Has it been peaceful?
Lie to me and say it’s been peaceful…
The Truth that enlightenment brings…
Is that in dark times enlightenment
Often bares a brutal flame…
Open eyes and minds see this as

The radiant Light of the Circle…
A familiar voice… “Surprise…”
Varence appears with a serious face
And sharp brow, almost hostile. “There
Has been a change of plans…” He nods
Once and steps forward closer, he’s holding…
Something? “It’s not your fault at all,
Good job…Please, do not think another
Moment or worry about it.”

Ceres steps forward next, her arms folded
Across her chest, she shook back the
Long flowing wave of golden hair over
Her shoulder; she did not seem happy at all.
“The Great Orator has returned once more.
Praise all the eyes and ears out there
For the insanity and grief he brings.
Should I be surprised?”

“But I thought he—“

Varence paused, winced and held up one hand.
He was sharply dressed in a very fresh
Looking white shirt and black pants; new?
“Yes, thank you for noting and
Writing that all so well, Bill…But
Please…let’s be quick and make some…
Re-adjustments. No time to waste.
Yes, I was brought back sooner than
Expected…disappointing, but…here I am
Nonetheless…For the duration of the
Course…While a new Watcher has
Been assigned to the ground.”

“How fortunate I am for such blessings.”
Ceres said sarcastically. “Again I say…
Should I be surprised for the reason?”

He winced again then slowly turned to her.
“Am I never to impress you? Is it possible
Ever at all?”

Her eyes rolled up and lashes fluttered
As she looked around to think playfully.
“You impressed me when you left…Do it
Again and let’s see what happens.”

“Oh that’s funny.” He smirked. “Grant me
Just a little favor will you? The
Tiniest moral support?”

“That would be stealing a lot.” She
Nodded at him. “Just get to the point
Will you.”

He held out two books to show me. “Do
You know what these are?” He moved
A little closer. “You asked a question
Earlier…This is the answer?”

“The Bible…A dictionary?”

“Yes.” He nodded seriously, his expression
Flat. Then held the books close to eye
Them over slowly. “I remember when
These were…composed…So carefully
Rendered…” Then he froze and eyed me,
Then the notebook intensely… “Do I
Make myself clear? Have our stories
Over the years been wasted? Or
Has some fool over analyzed one word

“Definitely the latter I should say.”
Ceres teased him. “Oh the great mind
Minstrel of words and his high hopes…
His riddles fall on deaf ears sometimes…”

“I did not make a mistake.” He glared
At her, that was a first.

“The pretense of hope that you make
Begs for foolishness, do you know that?”
She asked him coldly. “You beg for
The misunderstanding…for someone to
Challenge you…Because you can never
Say things plainly.”

“I did not think such a blindly stupid
Misunderstanding could be made!”
He shouted.

She waved her finger at me pointing to
The notebook. “Make sure you write
That down…when referring to him…STUPID…
With larger letters that scream it so.”

“Do I have to state it so obvious;
How long have I been here?” He laughed.
“Long before the first written word?”
He laughed even louder. “I have to
Laugh…after everything said and
Done…Only some idiot would sit and
Think I was making up stories.”

She laughed again at him tossing
Back her head. “Oh that is true.”
She pointed at the notebook again.
“Make sure you write that down too…
When referring to him…The IDIOT that
Speaks with riddled words…his mistake
Was the hope of understanding.”

“One thing is clear, this you must
Admit.” He laughed at her. “Now we
Know who has intuition…and who
Has none at all…This has been an
Unexpected moment of truth for us…
A gift.”

“By your games, at his expense.” She
Nodded at me. “Tell me, do you
EVER consider that at all?”

“He knows what’s true…” Varence
Answered her.

“HE knows…” She nodded… “You do not
Share his space or companions…You
Watch, observe and see…but do you
Feel it? No…You laugh at them
When it resounds, bold victories of
What we do. He sleeps…He does not have
Your endurance.”

“One day he will.” He nodded with a smile.

“I will?”

She rolled her eyes at his words. “You
Were not supposed to say that.” She
Shook her head then stared at
The books he held. “So what other
Words lay mysteriously in their
Historical texts? Just words or epic poems?
My name had better not be in there!”

He froze and looked at me…his eyes
Begging for silence.

“What?” She eyed him wickedly
Sideways… “What did you do?”

“I can honestly say that your
Name appears in no ONE place
In their history.”

“Liar.” Ceres growled at him. “You
Are lying it is all over your face!
Of what? What did you do? Of some
Great breast woman of lore or
Some wretched boy scheme
Of yours to play with…Dare to dream
What minds wept from your vulgar
Thinking. Let us bow before Ceres…
The king of fools has concocted some
Epic poem of stupidity for her. I
Could slap you right now to the floor!”

“Enough!” Brishan’s voice thundered
As he rushed into the light. “You!”
He pointed to Varence, “Over there!”
He motioned to the left, “And you,”
To Ceres, “Over there!” He directed
Her away to the right. “Enough of
This…You are wasting time…Your
Point was made…Now MOVE…and
Be silent both of you until I ask
Otherwise…or I will make it clear
What’s next.”

They stepped away and only watched
Then…Their eyes deliberately avoiding
Each other.

Then Brishan took a chair and sat
Down very calmly and looked at me,
Very patient and kind. “How are you?
Are you alright?”

“I’ve been better. I thought you
Said things would get easier…”

“They will, I promise.” Brishan
Said, his strong chiseled face looking
So kind…It was a strange sight
To see such a strong man speak
So carefully. He laughed when I
Wrote that. “I would like you to
Do one thing for me…Just ONE

“What’s that?”

“From now on,” Brishan said carefully
But sternly, “If anyone bothers you
At all…They are OUT…Their
Part with you ends…There is no
Time for distractions or attacks now.
If after all this time they still
Wish to over analyze…Tell them
To search in the mirror…
Everyone has to find their own way…
There are no easy answers…There
Never was, there never will be…
Answers are a process that come
Over time…not overnight.”

“I should love to show them a
Supernatural moment they will
Never forget!” Ceres said angrily.

Brishan held up his hand. “There
Will be no supernatural demonstrations
Right now. Not by your hand or
Ours…If there is to be any it will
Be by the Earth…and that will
Be by nature’s hand, NO other…
If they wish to see that as
Supernatural so be it. This is
Nature’s time…That, and the
Reckless minds trying to control
Things there…That planet is a
MESS…Their minds are like
Volcanoes…They know no difference
Between intuition or imagination…”
He turned kindly to face me
Straight. “That’s how the mind copes…
With imagination…remember that…
Intuition is the unexplained and
Most always tells you what you
Do NOT want to hear…If they are
Diving greedily at easy answers
They are diving at delusions. So
Let them chase that aimlessly…
Because they will spend a lot
Of time running nowhere…The best
Will stand up and see the now
And choose the now…to seize
The moment…They never had to
Wait…Their answers are already
In the mirror right now…When
They are ready to change that…
They will.”

“You are speaking too reasonably
To a sea of chaotic minds.” Ceres
Laughed at him. “They see—“

“Let them see what they want.”
Brishan said to her. “We are sharing
Stories here…they can either use
Them…or not…Free choice…It
Has always been this way.” He
Turned back to me and sighed. “Now
If I may…” He had the Hour
Glass book in his hands. “I believe
We have a little story to tell…
This one shall be a bit brief for
Now…at least I think…” He
Turned to the two of them. “Do you
Wish to listen or argue some more?”

They could not argue with him. Few
Could argue with Brishan.

He turned back to me and focused
Intently… “Now think carefully as
I do this…The book will respond
To you as you have been asking it
Recently…Listen to it…It will be
Different each time…But I do believe
It is telling you and others what
They need right now…And if anyone
Doesn’t like it or wants something
More that’s fine…Maybe it’s time
They look some place else for
An answer they want to hear.”
He opened the book…and the pages
Began to glow…

The Hour Glass…The time lost…
The Prophecy Cave…

Lost days, lost times, lost lives,
Lost hours…so many stories lost
Over time! Where did they go? Why
Has history lost them?

Was only the history of the rich and
Powerful recorded? Only scholars could
Read and write then…were no others
Lives valuable to remember?
Some of the best people had the
Most humble lives…quiet lives lost…

The Prophecy Cave…The cries, the
Towering flame told, foretold stories…
Of today? Of stone cities and
Modern man…versus lost legends…
The White Buffalo…White Oak Woman.
The White Buffalo…That’s a famous
Legend…The Thunderbeasts…
Great herds…The greatest herd that
Roamed the Earth…A thunder stolen
From the Earth? Is that the
Answer? A stolen thunder…
Thor…and the Thunderbird…The
Seven Thunders…The Sounds of Thunder…
Not a quiet time, but a loud one…
Everything is so loud right now…

Show me the Prophecy Cave again…

The Vikings and the natives stood
In shock as they watched the visions from
The flame of the cave…The echoes
Of so many voices and languages crying
Out…in pain…in warnings, to listen…
To be prepared, ancestral voices and those
Yet to come…a time portal?

But as suddenly as the flame had risen
And visions came, they departed…then the
Flame returned to normal and the echoes
Of voices became just the sound of the wind.
What they saw must be impossible! Why?
How? The natives were frozen in terror…
But the Vikings, fearless warriors…had been
Seized with terror and panic. This was the
Land of Thor? These were visions of Hell!

Bulvar raced out of the cave leading
His men ranting and raving. “This land
Is cursed! There is no Asgard here, this
Is not Midgard! This is the Underworld!
Or the land that will be! We will leave
This place so fast now and not look back
On it!”

The Norsemen roared at Bulvar’s words, they
Cheered…They wanted to leave, to go home.
After what they saw and heard from the
Prophecy Cave they wanted to leave right

The natives could hardly argue…none
Could speak. Standing Bear was frozen…
Eagle Cries was speechless, even One Eye Hawk
Was scared. They had never heard of such
An experience ever from the cave…What
Was going on?

Bulvar stomped about throwing his arms.
“We are leaving. You men hunt the woods
For our food stores now, MOVE! Take
The barrels, fill them with water. Take
Necessary supplies, but take NOTHING other
Than what we need, I want no reminder
Of this place on the boat. The visions were
Enough! I want NOTHING to remind us
Of this place at all! Now go and ready
The boat! We will leave as soon as we
Have what we need.” He turned to Mika,
“You boy…start cleaning our camp and
Loading the boat, get away from these
People. Go! Do as I tell you!”

But Mika only stood shaking as he looked
At Bulvar, his voice…The anger, the rage…
The memories of the journey here…Bulvar was
The monster of the cave…Then suddenly
He bolted into the woods blindly to get
Away as far as possible from him.

“Stupid boy!” Bulvar yelled. “Coward!”

Rogar began to run after him, then
Bulvar grabbed his shoulder. “Let the
Trash go…If that coward wishes to
Stay in this underworld and betray Thor,
Let him stay to rot here. I want no
Cowards on my ship!”

At that the Norsemen agreed. No cowards
On the ship, especially not after that
Cave of visions…They saw nothing good
In the land and moved fast to leave.

But Janson held back as the others
Left…He couldn’t move, but only stared
Off in the direction Mika ran into the
Woods. Danor stopped to turn to him, “What
Are you doing? You are not going after
That boy again now are you? Not after that?”

Janson only silently turned and began
To run after the boy.

Danor shouted angrily after him. “Bulvar
Will never let you on that boat! He will leave
You here man! What are you doing?
Do you hear me? He will leave you here!”

Janson turned back once with a brief
Pause to him. “Go…Go home on the boat.”
Then he resumed running off into the

Danor shouted angrily after him. “Are
You mad man? You are staying? He
Will leave you! He will leave you here!”
Danor was so shocked angry that he
Just turned and stomped away, following
The Norsemen. He was furious what his
Friend was doing.

The Indians gathered slowly to quietly
Stare at each other. Their minds were lost
With enormous weight…That cave had shouted
At them all…Those visions were a future
Here? How could they think now…What
Could they do? They had to remember, but
They wanted to forget! If only that cave
Could be forgotten!

Eagle Cries was the first to speak
As he stood close to his friend the
Chief. “At least one good thing…Those
Awful Vikings will leave.”

“What should we say about this to
The others?” One Eye Hawk asked
The chief. “What do we tell them of what
We saw? How can we tell them anything?”

Two Wolves stared at the cave. “We
Should cover this up…mark the
Land…leave it for only the Big Men…
And never come here again.”

“No, we should bring the whole tribe
Together to discuss this!” Stands in
Rivers said. “We have to.”

“What do you want to do?” Eagle Cries
Asked his friend the chief.

But Standing Bear could only stare off
At the woods…to where Mika and
Janson had run off to. His mind
Worked hard. “This isn’t over yet…
Why did he go into the woods? I
Want to know more about these two…”

Mika ran deep into the woods until
He could run no further. He cried and he
Panted. It felt like all the world was
Ending. That cave! Those awful sights
And sounds…And now that boat, Bulvar…
His people were leaving…to go home…A
Place he should have wanted to return to,
But now was more terrified of than ever
Before. He had no home…no past that
Held meaning…no future to hope for.
There was no one. Only visions of Hell…
A strange new land…And painful
Abusive memories that left him
Fractured inside and out…He had no hope,
Nothing…nothing to believe in.

Then a noise of movement broke in the
Woods. It was his friend Talks with His
Hands…A young 11 year old boy came to
Comfort him. But all Mika could do
Was cry. Talks with His Hands asked
Why…But Mika said nothing at all.
He just cried so hard he couldn’t
See at all.

Again, another sound in the woods…Then
Janson trotted up to the boys as
Mika sat himself up against a tree
Crying so hard his face was soaked.
Janson panted then slowed down and
Slowly, carefully knelt before them…
He just shook his head and smiled at
Mika. “You run fast.”

Mika cried and stared up at this man
He could not understand…nor live
Without. He had to admit he was comforted
To see him, but even more terrified not
To. “Are you leaving with the others?”
He cried harder.

Then Janson smiled. “Now how can I
Leave you here all alone?”

Then suddenly the boy found hope
Again and smiled. “Thank you.”
He said crying harder.

Janson only collapsed. “Just no more
Running please. I’m tired.” They laughed.
And then he sat quietly with them
Until Mika had cried it all out.

Hours later, as dusk fell over the
Land Talks with His Hands led his two
Friends back to his people’s camp…And
They were welcomed with smiles, there
Were no cross looks or heavy angry
Stares. It was as if the people knew
These two were different…And it bothered
No one at all.

Talks with His Hands took Mika to
His hut like a brother, where he slept
Like one with his family that night.

Janson smiled as the boys walked away,
Then Standing Bear suddenly came up to him
With his best friend the tribe’s Holy Man.
He stared quietly at Janson, and Janson
Stared quietly back for a while before
Either spoke…Moments of intuitive
Thinking, a wise silence to view…

“Is this boy yours?” Standing Bear finally

“No.” Janson simply answered.

“Yet you stay to protect him?” Standing
Bear asked. “Your family?”

“My family is gone.” Janson simply
Answered. “My wife died in childbirth,
With our baby years ago…I have no one.”

“You do have someone.” Standing Bear
Said pointing after the boy. “You watch
Over him…There is something there.”

An awkward pause of silence before
Janson confessed. “I promised I would.”

Standing Bear nodded with a smile at
Him, and so did Eagle Cries…They
Seemed very pleased to hear this.
“You have a guiding spirit.” Eagle Cries
Said with a grin and a nod. “You have
A powerful guiding spirit.”

“I do?” Janson asked. “Why? I don’t
Even know why I am doing this. I
Have no idea what I am doing.”

Standing Bear looked heavily into
Janson’s eyes. “You know what you
Are doing. Your spirit knows what
You are doing, whether you know it or
Not…That is why you have a powerful
Guiding spirit.”

“You will find many answers this way.”
Eagle Cries said.

“I will?” Janson asked.

“When a spirit guides you to do things
You do not understand, that you can
Not understand…It is telling you
More than you know.”

Janson fought silently to think on
Their words but couldn’t say anything.

“You will find more answers than
Anyone this way.” Eagle Cries said. “It
Is pure. It is good. And it is good to see.
I like this in you. You are a good

“And you are welcome here with us.”
Standing Bear said. He patted him
On the shoulder. “Tonight…we will be
Gathering all the people to discuss
The Prophecy Cave…Please join us
With the boy, Bird Man.”

“What did you call me?” Janson asked.

“That is your name.” Standing Bear said
Pointing at how the birds soar above
When Janson appears. He explained
This is how they name people…By the
Signs that appear around them.

That night the tribe gathered, and
Standing Bear gave a compelling
Speech about the Prophecy
Cave…And of how the Vikings would
Be leaving; that went over very well!
He and each of the elders that
Witnessed the powerful visions of the
Cave took equal turns
And time explaining, even White Oak
Woman spoke. For among their
People the more news they shared
Bought greater wisdom; especially
If they witnessed the same thing…

They told the people of the visions
Of the stone cities that rose and
Covered the land…Of the many colored
Faces and different voices that spoke…
Of the warnings…Of the floods
And fires…

And of the animals…

The Thunderbird soaring high over
A sandy rock land…Warning
Of an angry land…The Southwest…

Of the Thunderbeasts that roamed
The land and vanished…
The sound of their thunder stolen…
The spirit of the land, of nature
Being abused and stolen…
And an angry White Buffalo warning
This…That was a sign of the Thunders…
Of the White Buffalo…
A time of great noise and chaos
Covering the land…A time of thunder…

That was the warning of the White
Buffalo…of what was taken from
The Earth…Would be taken back.






  1. Besides…so incredibly, this great article just came up to me….Gratitude and Appreciation are not the words which are sufficient to express my moods !!!

    How to Get Your Book into Libraries as an Independent Publisher
    by Austin Hackney
    This blog is full of marvelous pictures, along with super touching words, insights, meticulous consideration…

      • YEP! Book title was the FIRST thing I noticed! Lol! The Coat of Arms for Manitoba…Glous’cap had a Beaver as one of his traveling companions. Glus’cap could also shape shift and could make himself into a giant! In my dream of him…he was a giant and stood on the Atlantic Ocean…looked very much like this…

      • Quoting her sharing of the successful experience…

        “My first contact with our library’s acquisitions director resulted in her looking at the Amazon reviews for my book and agreeing to purchase the book. Not to be content with that, I wanted the book in the Children’s Room as well. Fortunately, I had a mentor from our public school library system – as I said, in our town, people like to help local authors – who told me all about the need for professional reviews and where I might obtain them, and I followed up as she suggested.

        Soon I contacted the Children’s Room acquisitions director who asked about professional reviews! I was able to go with two reviews in hand: one from the Midwest Book Review and the other from a specialty journal, and my book was ordered for the Children’s Room, with an age recommendation for it from our school system’s library director. “

  2. From left to right /All paintings © by Norval Morrisseau/:

    Top: “Thunderbird”, 1 of 2, 30″x22″, © 1977; “Inorganic Being with Shamans”, 32″x26″, © 1976; “Great Journey”, 26″x32″, © 1978;
    Bottom: “Untitled”, 30″x28″, © 1980; “Thunderbird and Evil Serpent”, 30″x23″, © 1976; “Thunderbird”, 2 of 2, 30″x28″, 1977.
    NORVAL MORRISSEAU (1931 – 2007)
    source :

  3. Thank you Robin….The turtle mark again shakes me, besides, as always, I cannot help wiki the place names. Then the two Coat of Arms astonish me so !!!

    Pimachiowin Aki
    (which means Land that gives life in Ojibwe, ᐱᒪᒋᐅᐃᐧᓂᐊᑭ) is a large proposed UNESCO biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site located in the Boreal Forest that covers parts of MANITOBA and ONTARIO. )

    Coat of Arms of Manitoba

    Coat of Arms of Ontario

  4. Thank you Robin….The turtle mark again shakes me, besides, as always, I cannot help wiki the place names. Then the two Coat of Arms astonish me so !!!

    Pimachiowin Aki
    (which means Land that gives life in Ojibwe, ᐱᒪᒋᐅᐃᐧᓂᐊᑭ) is a large proposed UNESCO biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site located in the Boreal Forest that covers parts of MANITOBA and ONTARIO. )

    Coat of Arms of Manitoba

    Coat of Arms of Ontario

    From left to right /All paintings © by Norval Morrisseau/:

    Top: “Thunderbird”, 1 of 2, 30″x22″, © 1977; “Inorganic Being with Shamans”, 32″x26″, © 1976; “Great Journey”, 26″x32″, © 1978;
    Bottom: “Untitled”, 30″x28″, © 1980; “Thunderbird and Evil Serpent”, 30″x23″, © 1976; “Thunderbird”, 2 of 2, 30″x28″, 1977.
    source :

  5. ttps://

  6. “The Thunderbird soaring high over
    A sandy rock land…Warning
    Of an angry land…The Southwest…

    Of the Thunderbeasts that roamed
    The land and vanished…
    The sound of their thunder stolen…
    The spirit of the land, of nature
    Being abused and stolen…
    And an angry White Buffalo warning
    This…That was a sign of the Thunders…
    Of the White Buffalo…
    A time of great noise and chaos
    Covering the land…A time of thunder…

    That was the warning of the White
    Buffalo…of what was taken from
    The Earth…Would be taken back.”


    Regarding the above link with the illustration, “Thor’s Battle With the Giants”… Whoa!!! Again to the readers and commentators of these posts by our Valiant Brother … In the North Eastern United States we have our Native American Culture Hero we call Glous’cap. Glous’cap and Thor share many similarities.

    I will share here what I wrote down in my notebook regarding a prophecy about Glous’cap, but first some background…Glous’cap also called “Elder Brother” had a younger brother, called “Young Wolf”, whom sadly, he had to kill in self defense.

    Here is the prophecy I wrote in my notebook:

    ‘The Micmac say the body of Young Wolf lies entombed in the Chic-chauc Mountains (Nova Scotia?), on the Gaspe’ Peninsula. He will rise up at the last days of Earth, when Glous’cap will battle all over again, the giants and monsters he fought in olden times, and Young Wolf will lead that terrible army. People will know that time is coming, for then Glous’cap will shake the ground with a terrible noise.’

    Also a note I wrote down regarding Thunderbird:

    Thunderbird: Born of human sorrow, bringer of storms that sweep through the land, destroying in it’s path. But once spent, it is humble and giving. a protector who will sacrifice his life to save another.

    My question now is…Are Thor and Glous’cap ONE person? Or …TWO individuals sharing the same Archetypal blueprint???

    Food for thought.

    • These were spoken by Varence ?!!!

      “The Universe knows how to guide a
      Person…If they come upon a place where
      It is everything they ever wanted,
      And it is all adoration…That is ego…
      But if they come upon a place strange
      And new…full of wonder that is
      The correct road.

      It is not about being
      Told you are special…
      It is simply about
      Peace…About the willingness to learn

      And accept and move on…A resting
      Place…It is not a place to find power,
      It is not about that at all. It’s merely
      And simply about finding a safe resting
      Place for the troubled soul where no one
      Can harm them.

      Ask the willing to try
      This exercise…and see if it helps them.
      They may find more peace than they


      “There are many
      Types of Hidden Oasis…But I
      Am speaking of a helpful way to find
      Peace of mind…

  8. As stories sharing is such a task being proposed, I’ve been thinking this one. However, pls forgive that for the moment, I somehow have difficulty to speak much. Some questions haunting in my mind, I don’t know why but have never regarded Vikings as war-like. However, it’s really their remarkable, even exclusive? nature to be dauntless at taking adventure into the sea, ocean and unknown space. I didn’t know until last month that CN boats have never crossed the sea areas around the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia til the 19th century. It’s rather the Indian, European boats who came to do the exchange, including exporting the goods from the mainland. Why, because this kind of long distant maritime voyage costs too much, without saying the risks.

    However, in my senses, all the immigrants, including refugees generally left home by ships, including my ancestors. The sea that I could sea around my home island has never looked dreamy or attractive, but dangerous, always waiting for swallow lives. The strait even has been called the dark ditch?! Sorry for my lack of vocabulary.

    I can imagine how uneasy the life on boats, ships can be. However, there should so many novels written by UK authors about that kind of journey and they look so….intriguing !!!

    As I’ve been haunted by the ships, or rather ship burials, something which might be worth sharing…It’s about the earliest ship burials that I can know. Coincidence ? The owners of those earliest boat burials were Caucasians, but the concerned relics should be discovered in the very dessert in the very inner land.

    a) Fourth layer of the Xiaohe cemetery showing a large number of large phallus and vulva posts; b) a well-preserved boat coffin; c) female mummy with European features; d) double-layered coffin excavated from the Xiaohe cemetery. (Figure 2 from Li et al. in BMC Genetics 2015 16:78.
    source :

    Within a nondescript Bronze Age cemetery first discovered by Swedish archaeologists in 1934 and rediscovered by the Xinjiang Archaeological Institute in 2000, researchers have found the oldest and best-preserved mummies in the Tarim Basin area of China. Their skeletal remains, along with unprecedented artifacts, are helping solve the longstanding question of the origins of human settlement in a politically contested area of China.

    Contemporary occupants of the Tarim Basin, a geographical area in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region of northwest China, are both biologically and culturally diverse. The region borders numerous countries and was historically a part of the Silk Road trade route between the West and the East, so people and artifacts have moved through the Tarim Basin for thousands of years. But the origins of the inhabitants of the basin have been questioned.

    One hypothesis suggests that the earliest settlers of this part of Asia were nomadic herders from the steppes of Russia and Kazakhstan, while the other suggests that people came first from the oases of Bactria, or modern Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. While both hypotheses have support in archaeological findings such as burial customs, clothing styles, and animal bones, previous genetic evidence from human remains, which came from a cemetery called Gumugou on the eastern edge of the Tarim Basin, was inconclusive.

    Writing in the journals BMC Genetics and BMC Biology, Chunxiang Li, an ancient DNA specialist at Jilin University, and colleagues report on their analysis of human remains from the Xiaohe tomb complex also on the eastern edge of the basin. Dating to ABOUT 4000 YEARS BEFORE PRESENT, the site boasts notable artifacts like “numerous large phallus and vulva posts made of poplar, striking wooden human figurines and masts, well-preserved boat coffins, leather hides,” as well as grain and other preserved organic material, they write. More importantly, Xiaohe has produced the oldest, best-preserved MUMMIES in the Tarim Basin, ideal for testing hypotheses about the origins of these people, and the site spans a millennium, making it ideal for looking into population interaction after initial settlement.

    In a Feb. 18, 2011 photo, the Beauty of Xiaohe, a mummy discovered in the Tarim Basin in far western China, is shown at the “Secrets of the Silk Road” exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia. The exhibit is scheduled to run through until March 15. Philadelphia is the final stop before the artifacts return to China. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

    From the earliest layer of burials, Li and colleagues tested 20 individuals who produced affinities with 5 different mitochondrial DNA haplogroups, or major branches on the female side of the genetic family tree. “The dominant haplogroup,” they write, “in the Xiaohe people was the East Eurasian lineage C” which corresponds with a likely origin in South Siberia. But there were also “two West Eurasian mtDNA haplogroups H and K.” In looking more closely at the lineages and mutations, however, Li and colleagues noted that several of the samples had mutations that are either rare in modern people or are not found in modern gene banks. They further analyzed Y chromosome haplogroups to attempt to identify major branches of the male line. But all seven males in the study belonged to a haplogroup that is widely distributed throughout Eurasia.

    “Considering the presence of haplogroups H and K in the Xiaohe people and the geographical distribution of shared sequences, we conclude that the west Eurasian component observed in the Xiaohe people originated from western Europe, and maternal ancestry of the Xiaohe people might have close relationships with western Europeans,” Li and colleagues note. By the Bronze Age, the people buried at Xiaohe cemetery were already “admixed,” coming together millennia earlier in Siberia and Mongolia.

    In order to delve more deeply into population movement along the Silk Road, Li and colleagues examined dozens more samples from three later time periods at Xiaohe. Again, the most common mtDNA haplogroup was C, suggesting origins in southern Siberia. These more recent burial layers “confirmed that the origin of the mitochondrial lineages is more widespread,” the researchers write, including six west Eurasian lineages, five east Eurasian lineages, and one Indian lineage. In particular, the “west Eurasian genetic components in the Xiaohe people corroborate the ‘steppe hypothesis’.”

    Map of Eurasia showing the location of the Xiaohe cemetery, the Tarim Basin, the ancient Silk Road routes and the areas occupied by cultures associated with the settlement of the Tarim Basin. This figure is drawn accord

    Reconstructing a possible route by which the Tarim Basin was populated, Li and colleagues write that “people bearing the south/west Asian components could have first married into pastoralist populations and reached North Xinjiang through the Kazakh steppe following the movement of pastoralist populations, then spread from North Xinjiang southward into the Tarim Basin across the Tianshan Mountains, and intermarried with the earlier inhabitants of the region, giving rise to the later, admixed Xiaohe community.”

    The populations from the Russian steppe seem to have contributed more genetically to this population than did the populations from the oases of Bactria. “The groups reaching the Tarim Basin through the oasis route,” the researchers note, “may have interacted culturally with earlier populations from the steppe, with limited gene flow, resulting in a small genetic signal of the oasis agriculturalists in the Xiaohe community.”

    The story of the Tarim mummies is compelling because of their incredible preservation and their striking array of diverse biological features. In unfurling their DNA, researchers like Li and colleagues may finally have solved the mystery of their origins.

    For more information on DNA analysis from the Xiaohe cemetery, please see: Li et al. 2015. Analysis of ancient human mitochondrial DNA from the Xiaohe cemetery: insights into prehistoric population movements in the Tarim Basin, China. BMC Genetics 16:78. DOI 10.1186/s12863-015-0237-5. Li et al. 2010. Evidence that a West-East admixed population lived in the Tarim Basin as early as the early Bronze Age. BMC Biology 8:15. DOI 10.1186/1741-7007-8-15.

    Another reference :

    The name of the site, Xiaohe, means literally, Little River

  9. I’ve never known there is a such day….International Faerie Day. This year (2017), it’s June 24th. Again, I missed it, as I didn’t know until my 25th.

    Mother Earth by Josephine Wall
    Nice to have the return of the precious watchers….May you all have a nice Sunday, surrounded by Faeries’ Beauty and Lightness!!!

    • At last….

      source :

      Fantasy, imagination and a little bit of pixie dust come together on June 24th in honor of International Fairy Day. These tiny supernatural creatures have captivated myth and legend for generations. Today the wee folk’s stories are perpetuated throughout animated stories, miniature garden displays, and children’s books.

      In nearly every culture there is some reference to a spirit or spritely creature who performs good or evil deeds depending on its nature. Often, there are several manifestations of these beings, but never so many have been so intricately woven into the culture as those of the Celts.

      There are the brownies and hobgoblins that barely resembled the delightful looking fairies described in film and art today. They were, however, helpful little creatures, doing household chores and the tedious jobs that leave us mere humans weary at the end of the day.

      The more ominous of the fairy family are the banshees. They are the foretellers of ill fortune. According to Irish legend, this keening Bean Sidhe predicted death. There are several versions of her story across Ireland and Scotland. Her appearance was often eerie and gruesome, a ghost story for soldiers and childbearing women.

      Many of the wee folk are associated with nature. Dryads are tree spirits, while gnomes live among the roots. The variety of water fairies in the folklore of the world is as broad as the oceans of the earth. From merpeople to water nymphs and pixies, these water spirits take as many forms as the fishes of the seas.

      As tiny as they are, fairies can be trouble makers. Leprechauns today are known as the mischevious devils who are not to be trusted, though they were once considered water spirits and humble.

      In Welsh legend, Tylwyth Teg is a fairy family known for kidnapping. Also known as Bendith y Mamau or “the mothers blessing,’ they would leave a changeling in the child’s place. While these horrible fairies are at it, they will take horses for wild rides leaving them exhausted.

      Many more gnomes, sprites and magical winged creatures fill the tales of Celtic lore, and this is only one small corner of the globe. Under the canopy of the Amazon forest and deep within the Taroko Gorge many more myths abound.


      Read up on the many different kinds of fairies. Get your fairy fix by reading classics like Peter Pan or Pinocchio. Attend a summer production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Create a fairy garden and watch for signs of fairy life. Attend an International Fairy Day event. Use #InternationalFairyDay to share on social media.


      Within our research, we were unable to identify the founder of International Fairy Day.

  10. What the hourglass is describing is the following:

    The cycle of death and rebirth – and how things within these cycles will happen over and over again in different lifetimes.

    The terrible vision presented in the cave was an event of “mass enlightenment” – usually a traumatic or grave experience that triggers their enlightenment.

    This process is done in Yuwipi ceremony by the first nations here in north america – and was also the purpose of the pyramids in Egypt – and also by sudden / unexpected acts in Zen Buddhism.

    It reminds me of something that happened long ago in Edo, Japan.

    A group of Buddhism students were sitting quietly in a room for their meditations.

    Just then they were all startled to see a naked man running through the room.

    The room erupted with laughter and chaos – this was the funniest thing they had seen in quite a while.

    Their master appeared to investigate, and was FURIOUS to see his students acting like children and being disruptive.

    The students assumed the naked man was their teacher – but when they asked their teacher about it (who was fully clothed), he punished them severely. They were making up stories and accusing him of acting foolishly. The teacher knew of, and could find, no other person in the Dojo at that time.

    But the following day in calligraphy period, one student curiously wrote the following lines:

    Blossoms fall
    Apollo streaking
    Students enlightening

    😀 😀 😀
    happy friday everyone!

    • ROFLMAO!

      Oh VARENCE…! I wonder who compelled my Leo friend ruled by the Sun, to streak through our high school gym??? 😀

      Great post Dreamwalker!

  11. “NATURE’S TIME…”

    “But ONE can light a Torch for them to use…”



  12. Hi Robin….Hi Tribe!

    Bill, that was truly amazing. I was hoping you’d get to hear the rest of that story, kind of left us with a cliff-hanger last week. I’m VERY satisfied to hear what happened, that Mika Hollisden and Janson stayed together, with the tribe, while the others high-tailed it back to their Viking ship. I’m so glad Mika had the good sense to run….and Janson had the guiding spirit….happy he didn’t leave Mika, and they both stayed with the tribe….also led by very good spirits! I loved that story, thank you….and thanks to The Hour Glass….and all who facilitate these posts have my gratitude, too.

    Those were some truly disturbing visions in the Prophecy Cave.

    Checking in this evening with my own guiding spirits, I was nudged to ask for a word for Brishan, on his role for the Rainbow Tribe…. love this one:

    *tocsin* [F. fr. Pr. tocasenh, fr. Tocar to touch, strike + senh bell, fr. L. signum a sign.] An alarm bell, or any warning signal.


    WOW ! Pretty cool synchronicity considering Bill’s new book is The Bell Tolls…an AWESOME series that I am happily drafting an Amazon book review for (sorry it’s taking so long, just too busy lately and I want it to be just right!)……I asked for another word for Bill….because I thought *caddy* was a little too light-hearted…..and I just wanted this time a word “to describe Bill”…..they gave me this word for Bill today:

    *red-hot* (!!!!!) (adj.) Red from a high degree of heat; as, red-hot metal; hence: a. Excited; furious, as a, a red-hot debate. b. Very fresh or new; as, red-hot news.

    Yeah, baby!!!! Clearly both Bill and Brishan have the respect of my spirit helpers, also they have my respect. Bill, you are definitely red-hot in MY book! I’d never heard of the word they led my hand to for Brishan, but it absolutely fits and is perfectly timed considering the Bell Tolls…..

    What wisdom Brishan has!

    That planet is a
    MESS…Their minds are like
    Volcanoes…They know no difference
    Between intuition or imagination…”
    He turned kindly to face me
    Straight. “That’s how the mind copes…
    With imagination…remember that…
    Intuition is the unexplained and
    Most always tells you what you
    Do NOT want to hear…If they are
    Diving greedily at easy answers
    They are diving at delusions. So
    Let them chase that aimlessly…
    Because they will spend a lot
    Of time running nowhere…The best
    Will stand up and see the now
    And choose the now…to seize
    The moment…

    Sometimes the truth hurts. It can be hard to be the messenger, especially bearing bad news is no easy task, and somebody’s gotta be willing to do it….that’s HEROIC. Valiant is very faithful to tell the stories…..he keeps his promises….he has endured so much to just be able to give us this great gift, this treasure chest of knowledge….this light in his head he freely gives of, to help liberate us from darkness. For the sake of All That Is…he writes it all down and puts it into words we can see with our conscious minds…..and feel with our hearts.

    Bill~Valiant Thor, I concur with my spirit friends. You are RED-HOT….Chili pepper! 😀


  13. It was a White Buffalo with her White Calf walking out of the woods while it was snowing large white, wet flakes!

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