Valiant: Knock, Knock… The Hour Glass… Earth Song

*song* “To Deserve You”

by Bette Midler

We are but visitors on this Earth
Born for a path we chose to walk…
Some debate the purpose, some debate
Whether there was a before or after…
Regardless, we are here now
And no matter how anyone reasons
Existence, the point is, we are here…

Not alone, not for one, not for all,
But sharing the time and space together…
This is not some verse to preach
Ideas…just one simple fact…
That we share space on a living
Planet…A planet full of life
Diverse in all forms…
In the land, in the sea…with life
That even fills the air…on its own,
With no aid by machine to take Flight.
The Earth is a vessel of life,
It’s a miracle…
Every day, every night…the sun, the stars…
The moon…the wind, the tide…
The planet moves regardless…
Life goes on regardless…

In a natural state without artificial means
Humans would be…simply caretakers…
And yet peace is a quest…
Without technology life would simply
Be nature…like a garden. Simple.

And if there was a song to sing for
Nature, again it would be so simple…
Voices and rhythms of life that cast
The sounds of the elements, of the
Animals…the wind…through the trees…
Across the ocean…on the shore…
Over hills and through valleys…
Songbirds from the far corners
Casting melodies that only animals
Could recognize and fools analyze…
The drums would be thunders
Of storms in the sky…of crashing waves
And rolling rocks and snow…
Of the beating of hooves of herd animals…
Or the heartbeat of a new life…

And the greatest soothing sounds
Would be gentle yet mysterious…
Echoing across and through vast seas…
Songs sung by monolithic mammals
Of the waters…a riddle to primitive ears,
But full of wisdom and answers,
To those who can listen as well as hear…

No manmade instrument nor human voice
Could compare…The sounds are completely
Different…yet both the human and
The whale are of nature…who possesses
The wisdom…who owns the world?
Many would clearly say mankind
Owns the world…

But…across space and time, if
Sounds could stretch that far…
Where would a whale stand?

Voices from the stars…Ears of the Stars
And galaxies…who or what are
They listening to?

In the ship… “You’re progressing well.”
Varence’s voice stretched. He was sitting
There, quite calm and strong. “Now for
A bit of an aid. There is no need
For instruction. Things take their due
Course now…Nothing could alter that…
Some things are as they must be…There’s
No need to impress or explain or answer
Questions…If they can’t follow they never
Will…Nothing can fight the course
Of time, if destiny called it ages ago
Then it will come. Survival comes by
Instinct. Do you understand this? No
Machine can offer instinct…machines
Only hinder it…and they do that well.
The mind in its natural state is
The most powerful instinct…For
Those that possess the blade to yield it…
The ones dull and weak won’t see
It…They only steal direction from
Others…Which is why the
Steps taken must be carefully
Set in motion…guided even.” He smiled.

“Oberon is the prudent Trickster, isn’t
He?” Ceres laughed as she sat beside
Him. “Set in motion…guided even…
From before…how wonderfully worded.”

“I said it right.” He laughed to her.
“I chanced it, but it’s right.”

“Do they really analyze things so much?”
Ceres asked.

“There’s always one good question to ask.”
He answered. “So few ever ask it.”

“What’s the right question?”

He pointed with delight. “There…you see.”
Varence looked at her with enthusiasm.
“The right question…is always the
Simple one.”

They eyed each other with a smile. “Do
You see his game of words?” Ceres
Asked. “It’s bold, complex…but it’s
Not hiding anything.”

He leaned forward with a serious expression.
“What would you say…if I said…This,”
He gestured about. “Has all happened
Before…that it’s already happened?
Would that make sense?”

“I guess.”

Then he leaned back in the chair and
Smoothed out his shirt with pride; yes, it
Was a nice white shirt. “I am sure no
One will be surprised that I say that.” He
Pointed to the notebook… “Most feel
This already.” Then he tilted his head.
“Why bother then, you wonder? To
Take a chance to improve the odds
For the better…one more chance…
The choices are right there…yet
They never take it…it’s always about
Blaming someone else…”

“Do you ever stop talking?” Ceres asked
Him. “Dare I even ask you to…There
Is one purpose now. ONE.”

Varence gestured wide. “Then please
Take over, chart the course with your
Words…mine obviously aren’t working.”

“Finally. “Ceres said with a smile. “He
Sees the reason.” She held her smile
With a firm but kind gaze at me.
“You were doing just fine before he
Started talking. The Earth Song. I
Enjoyed that…That is something
To focus on…Nature’s Song.”

“It’s peaceful…or it was once…
Or should be.”

“It should be.” She nodded. “In
The best places it is…But when
It’s angry…it is a tempest.”

“Can anything sooth that?”

Ceres rolled her eyes slowly around
With a sigh. “That is a matter in
A lot of places. Most overlook it
When they are unhappy…that mirror
In nature…Everything is connected,
Everything …And when it’s been abused
For a long time…what do you expect?”

“It’s an elementary solution really.”
Varence said. “What has the loudest

“Could the whales do that? Do they
Do that?”

Ceres hesitated to answer…But
Lowered her head and with kind
Eyes said, “You know when I first
Came they sang the most mysterious
Melodies…ancient and pure, good
And kind…there was, and never is,
Any deceit in their voices or
Their character. They send it out clear
And bright. Their communication is
Marvelous. But you know that don’t

“Sometimes, I guess.”

“You know,” She said intently leaning
Slightly forward. “When they are
Looking for something…their determination
Is relentless…even their tactics and
Their success are…relentless, formidable.

Long ago they filled the seas with
Simple honest songs…And their voices
Can reach far, very far…to the stars…
Into the ether…into and across…
Realms that can not be measured…
Even into the boundless world of
Heaven…their echoes carry…
So when they are looking for something
Or someone…believe me they don’t
Stop until they get it.

Long ago a terrible injustice was
Done to them…one that nearly cost
A terrible price. Imagine if they
Sent a message into the stars,
Into heaven…it may take a while,
But you can believe a response
Would come…And some whales are
More resourceful than others…working
Together…like a pack…Yes, they can
Be relentless…And their voices reach
Far.” Ceres simply smiled.

“Is she saying…?”

Varence held up his hand. “That’s more
Than enough for now. Next time
Maybe a story.”