Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…ATLANTIS…

*song* “What to Do” by Alias

Time and time again…the more time passes,
The more things change
The more they stay then same.
No Fortune Teller, no mystic can challenge this…
But perhaps a miracle can.

When destiny has played its course
A thousand times over, the stars align
To chance reality with a gift…
For those brave enough to chase it…
The will Forges manifestation…
For some it’s stronger than others,
For those that sit and wait…more
Waiting comes…But for those that
Chase a dream…it’s very different…
In the end, One champions all others…

“And here we will write and impart
The next story,” Varence said, as
He leaned forward with an imposing
Serious look. “It is not fiction, nor
Fantasy, only what must be told.
Spare and ignore the fool that calls
It made up…They never pay attention
To anything, however they do provide

“Oh how wonderful.” Ceres groaned with
Her eyes down as she studied her fingernails
With boredom.” He’s going to tell it…I
Thought we agreed only brief discussion?
A brief interaction?” She asked turning
To him.

“You, they agreed.” Varence smiled. “I
Only listened.”

She rolled her eyes., “Of course.” She
Turned to me. “Just write down…The
Idiot speaks…Run…Beckon another…
You won’t like this…There’s nothing
Indulgent…Only a grim, primitive tale.”

“Thank you, Ceres.” Varence moaned,
Staring upward., “Thank you, once again.”

“I would not dare to interfere with your
Reasons,” She went on.

He grinned. “Let us begin then…” He
Pointed fast to the Notebook… “Now…
This will have to be told carefully,
In increments…1,000 years ago…
1017…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…
1117…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…
1217…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…
1317…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…
1417…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…but also of course, ships
Sailed the open seas…lands were
1517…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…a new world, or
Rather…land…was colonized…of note.
1617…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…and ships of course…
1717…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…”
He paused to turn to Ceres… “Do you
See a pattern here?” He nodded…
“1817…The world was moved by the horse
And cart…Freedom emancipated
A continent…hmm…And soon
Technology offered engineering…
Changes…Trains, mechanics also
Began moving the world…
1917…The world was moved by the horse,
The cart, the train, the automobiles,
And flying machines…planes, as you
Call them…That is quite a sudden
Guided leap, wouldn’t you say?
And within that century rapid
Jumps would propel it further, faster…
Particularly after 1930 and 1940…
Interesting…Machines suddenly
Leapt forward and forged a new world…
There were marvels at every turn
In your timetable…Consider
The Hour Glass of this…1,000 years
Before…2,000 years before…3,000
Years before…The horse…The
Machine…which moved the world
Longer? What role did the human
Race play in this?
2017…What moves the world?
I will not point this out…it’s obvious.
Again, consider The Hour Glass
And how quickly things have
Moved…What happens when such
things move so fast…Too fast?”

“I would think…they crash.” Ceres

Varence smirked and turned to her.
“I thought I was to speak and solely
To tell the story.”

“You think many things.” She smiled.
“Please, continue…Oberon.”

His continuing smirk said it all, that
Name…He squinted and raised his
Hand. “Don’t write that please…”
He studied the moving pen… “Never mind.
And now, to continue…”

“My point here is this…To convey this
Story properly one must consider
The events of time…The horse and
Cart…for how long did history
Move? Simple measures…and
Yet philosophy and science were
Barely more than theories…Stories
Told history…and wealthy scholars
Recorded their perceptions of things…

And with the more scholars you have,
The more stories you have…ideas, notions
Mixed with facts and opinions…
Is there truth there? Yes, of course…
But more so, a lot of opinions…a lot
Of ideas…The Truth becomes…a riddle
To be deciphered by a keen
Mind…logically? Somewhat…
Intuition always guides the mind
Whether they know it or not…Fact.

In your time, the greatest minds…
The greatest scholars, the greatest
Scientists and the youngest minds…
Frequently say the same phrase…
I never thought of that before…
Scary, isn’t it?

Now for something different.” Varence
Turned and withdrew that small pocket
Device of his, pointed it at the far
Wall to illuminate the view screen
And bring an image to life., “Do you
See this? Watch.”

The view screen displayed The Earth…
A view from space…Blue, green,
White…gray brown…Cloud formations
Over land and water. A familiar sight.
Then the view moved in closer past
The clouds…A continent became
Clear…That looked familiar, but…

“Yes, that’s the one.” He nodded. “A
Long time ago to you…For us a little
Less…The coast lines have changed,
But overall, it’s much the same…
Do you see it…Don’t name it…its
Name then was known as another,

Now carefully examine how the
Surface appears…Never mind, I will
I will describe it for you…Does it appear
Natural, no…The land is quite
Intricately and widely…carved. Why
Even the mountains around the world
Are etched, carved…some even manmade.
Rivers were shaped…walled, channeled.
Even the great seas and oceans
Were manipulated…There were walls
And towers gilded everywhere…Why
There were even great walls and fences
That encircled the world, whole cities…
Continents…There was quite a lot
Of separation…Why would they do
That…Why would anyone do such
A thing…to nature?

The human race on many worlds
Has a long history of taming nature,
Of shaping it the way THEY want.

Tame and shape the wilds…
The forests, the trees…
Guide and wall the seas, rivers, oceans…
Tame and shape and recreate
All living things…The animals…
Create Create…let us make and
Reshape things as we see fit…We
Are the masters of things…
We will tame and shape nature
As we see fit…to accommodate our
Needs…and it will move as we
Want it to…And we will create
Things in our image…To build
The Life we want…our way…
How we choose…For we, know best.
Does any of this sound familiar?

And how does nature feel about that?
Considering an entire earlier
Advanced civilization was erased
Beyond most shreds of evidence…
I would say nature wasn’t at all
Happy with the arrogance of an
Advanced civilization…

Does that sound familiar at all?

Yes, I am making a lot of points here…
Before we get to the story…so you
Will understand why. There were a lot
Of things that have been observed over
Time…here, there, everywhere…Not
Just Earth…some things are very
Consistent with human nature…and
It is very obvious if you only stand
Back and see the big picture of it

Varence pointed to the view screen, waving
His hand around to point to places
And things only he knew…His
Expression said a lot, but he was
Too intense to read. Ceres was very
Fascinated and impressed however…

“I am telling you this…To prepare
You to understand upcoming stories,
There is no cryptic riddle to it…if
Anyone wonders…Remember, ask
Them why is there an ‘R’ in Christopher?”
He smiled at Ceres. “Perhaps I
Should have asked why are letters
Shaped the way they are…Their
Entire concept of reading will
Collapse. Too much analysis…

Onward…Back and Back we go…
Into the past, into the lost days…
What tales and epics have been
Lost over time…troubles, victories,
Love stories you never knew…
If they were unknown, did they
Matter? Because scholars and poets
Wrote them down, they mattered
More? Cheating time with fools
And incomplete ideas…with opinions
By the privileged few who could
Hold a pen? He sighed. “Some
Things never change anywhere!”

“In the last days of these civilizations
The people were not primitive at all…
The world was colonized by the
Adams and the Eves…remember
That story? They were nothing
More than lost souls looking for
Answers, building dreams…pursuing
Freedom and ideas and beliefs…
And above all EVERYONE had
Their own ideas, their own beliefs
And wanted it their way…Is it
Any different anywhere anytime?
The only thing that differs is the technology
To make it happen.

The true test of being human is
What they do with technology…THAT
Is how you judge a civilization…
Are they fair and just? How do
They treat nature? Are they over
Indulgent? Do they work to pursue
Their dreams and beliefs or do they
Want it all handed to them?”

He turned and gave a wicked smile.
“Give them all the technology they
Can handle fast…over a few
Generations and watch what happens…
Boom Boom Boom…

All of these lost ancient kingdoms
Possessed splendor…And each pursued
Their own beliefs…and each abused
Nature BADLY…They used each other…
They pursued indulgence and called
It Freedom…They wanted, wanted,
Wanted and had, had, had…

They separated and then cried prejudice…
They were wanton with pleasures
And called it Love and peace, but what
It was an amoral mess…
They wanted what they could not
Have, so they made it…how logical.
And when things didn’t go as they
Wanted, they threw tantrums
Because they could not cope, so they
Did this over and over again…I
Believe a common phrase was: if it
Doesn’t affect me…why should I
Care? So few put efforts into
Things if they don’t seem immediate
Results…some things take time…
Quality takes time…as do important

But there were some that saw these
Did not work, they were corrupt. So
They tried to change things…To put
Morals back, virtue where there
Was none…by placing more suitable
Rulers in power to be fair…But
Then people fought the changes, they
Only embraced the old ways…To
Put rules and virtue into chaos? Who
Wants that? They screamed, they
Shouted…They showed their true
Nature well…They attacked the
Very people who were trying to
Help them, crying injustice…crying
Me me me…

When the world is crying they want
It their way, that they want to
Manifest their own reality…what
You have is a chaotic mess…
Reason never listens to tantrums.
It never has…The Higher Powers
Hear the quiet voices…they always
Have…When the Calm Quiet
Ones are being attacked…when
The more reasonable ones are saying
No one is listening to me…That
Is when it’s time to listen…Do you
Think we care when someone
Screams in a fit of rage? Well,
That depends on who it is.” He
Laughed, amused at the image.

“But everyone wants to pursue
Their dreams…To find their place.
What’s wrong with that?” I asked.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Varence
Said. “But there’s effort that has
To be made, chances taken…Each
Day is a step to build a staircase
To get somewhere…If one step took
You where you wanted that fast…
Everyone would have everything all
The time…Consider this…Money
Or wealth should not be the challenge,
Effort to what you become should
Be…The best things take time…

Consider this, please, before the story
Continues…You can only push nature
So far before it pushes back…
When Atlantis fell…Everyone wanted
It their way…with no effort…and
No one saw anything wrong with that.”





  1. Dear Barb & All, how frustrated I’m for my limited linguistic ability to express somethings, particularly on FOODS. Let me share some of my experience first, then a very very precious documentary film directed by the very HERO that I cannot respect more !!!,_Inc.

    Being vegetarian for more than 15 years, then I became vegan thanks to a predecessor’s reminding about how much suffer the milk cows and hens who offer their eggs, and how toxic the dairy product and eggs. As they are so abused for the only goal, the product they can offer. They in fact are so injected with various kinds of vaccine and endocrine. The mothers have in fact few moment to be together with their babies, then the babies are taken away. The cow mother is only for one purpose, giving the milk to HUMAN, which is supposed to nourish her own babies. We even don’t see how much these mothers suffer from inflammation even various kinds of ulcers owing to their owners’ abuse.

    Now, we just know from Europe and then not only in Europe how TOXIC that eggs can be !!!

    As I’m still a fan of dairy products, I know it’s not easy to quit the dairy foods which occupy such an important part in the Western Culture, without saying the now in the big land where there has never been culture to consume milk, now the very majority are even crazy for FAKE yogurt whose ingredients are in fact rather various kind of artificial = chemical spices, gum, sweeteners ; without saying that most Asian people even are not born to take it, as the Pepsin in our stomach is not to digest the dairy food.

    Here comes the very problem when we take any dairy foods, as the all which are injected into the physical, will then become one part of that we take as food from them.

    However, being vegan, am I safer ??? Maybe a little more, but not necessarily. As I’m such a big fan of CAKES, I’ve made various kinds of experiments for looking for some nice recipes for vegan cakes. Then I found the big company, called EARTH B ALANCE of vegan products, mainly butter and some other baking ingredients. Sorry to say so…though I’ve never purchased their products, what I realize is not only the price which is high enough, but the ingredients should be inevitably so PROBLEMATIC, according to my own investigation !!!

    Either vegetarian or vegan I’ve been, and still am I, tough I had been such a big fan of Toufu or Doufu, I’ve tried hard preventing from taking them any more. Why, because my body’s reaction tells me it’s not OK, they are not welcome at all. Why??? After watching this documentary film, you will know WHY….because GMO !!!

    There are in fact lots diabetes are caused by TOXIC FOODS that we have no idea what they really are, neither how they are made. Can we really believe the ingredients are which are named in the list of any can, or box of the products in the supermarket or even sold on web ???

    In my home island, there are more and more people who suffer the kidney problems. Why??? As doctors suggest the patients to take more the simple foods, rather staples than snacks, what’s still wrong with them??? Why the population of the ones who suffer kidney illness gets increasing??? Because there is one senior high school teacher, specialized in chemistry offers the secret recipe to replace the comestible protein with the industrial protein. It can not only stabilize, but extend the duration of the food flavor. So not only the restaurants, but the bakeries, the industry of comestibles have all chasing this recipe.

    This is not finished yet. As the officials are bribed (sorry for my being unwilling to use past tense) , in the incredible geographical span on earth, the VERY TOXIC, DISCARDED COMESTIBLE OIL, even NON-COMESTIBLE OIL are allowed to be attached with the label as the TOPPER comestible, even BIO oil, what will this cause ??? I’ve heard how many closed ones who are so passionately giving me the BIO foods made in my mother island with pride of their concern, caution and taste, how sad I feel as all my tastes and physical reaction just confirm me these are not true. When the olive oil is not made of olive, but the cotton seeds, but are still classified as the topper, even bio, what will happen ??? People not only take them with without vigilance, they take them without any temperance. Now, there are fewer and fewer who can recognize what’s authentic or not. In my own sense, there are few foods, oil which can be regarded as OK, no, even OK is something so luxurious.

    Some complementary info here on the fake oil. This doesn’t exclusively occur in contemporary the Far East, but the Ancient Rome….For all, including the ones who sell the oils cannot help thinking of saving and earning more money !!! What’s the nature of HUMANITY???

    We have to know what’s the very CAUSE, and ask what we can do. So here, thanks again to WES for your untiring dedications [Sorry for that I cannot get the address of your precious posts on the related topics]!!!

    I know there are the precious ones who love animals but still need to take the protein from. I’ve no problem, neither question with this. I think all that matter are the gratitude, appreciation, thoughtfulness, concern and blessing which can be sent to them who serve for others. I still have to take eggs as well, as there are few kinds of foods that I can take here. I’m still suffering the very allergy caused by toxic foods and water, even air, how cautious I’m.

    Something plus to share about food & health. In the Middle April, I once got quite ill then learned some very precious lesson from the loving ones around. This is a secret for health. As I follow it and it seems to work. Being vegan, I once quit honey as well, for preventing from taking any advantage of animals, including bees. However, as the illness feels almost permanent or intermittent, I take the advice shared by a nice friend who heard this from a more senior one…It’s…taking a spoon of honey, to make it melt in warm water that we are to take as our 1st cup of water each morning after waking up, we would have less possibility to be troubled with big healthy issues.

    Here, I cannot thank Dreamwalker for this amazing video “Burn out!!!” May all the illness and suffering of all the beloved ones get burned out ; besides, we are just flying towards our HOME, being triggered by that very CRYSTAL.

    Dear Barb, I’m much much better, though still tired, lethargic or the last two weeks the very symptoms felt like arthritis and sore spine. I just got the messages as follow and may they be helpful to you, too !!!

    This message from Judith Kassel was just shared by a sister, as I don’t use facebook. It’s quite helpful, if you have some similar symptoms….

    A message from Spirit for today. “We are with you all. Please understand that any current physical challenges will be over soon. This is caused by an adjustment to new frequencies of energy that are part of the regeneration process of the physical body.” (Yes…we are really beginning to go beyond healing and to regenerate!) “There is a requirement to rest more right now so that you can integrate these energies more easily. You may feel more tired than normal. You may feel a little lost or confused. All will be well. You will feel better soon.”

    From Judy, “As you read these words, place your hands crossed over your heart chakra and imagine that you are BREATHING IN THE NEW…say “I am breathing in the new”…THEN SAY THE WORDS…”ALL IS WELL…I AM LOVE…I AM LOVED…I AM SAFE.”

    Believe me…you feel it! Judy x

    Then this is the precious message shared by Celia Fenn in her facebook :
    I have not been keeping up to date on solar activity as I have been traveling in Europe. But in a time of solar minimum this is amazing. The Lady of the Lake awakens again and Avalon is rising.

    So, how are you ALL THE PRECIOUS ONES??? How much you are all missed !!! Dear ELDERS, I cannot thank you enough for all the incredible understanding, comfort, teaching, guidance from you. As I have to run faster, for concentrating on somethings in some moment, I may not be able to keep up with all your precious sharing in time, but I’ll chase it afterward.

    Please take care, my SWEET ALL !!!

  2. Thank you so much Feilla for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Those are beautiful images of wolves! Our canine pals are surely some of the most wonderful creatures on this beloved planet of ours! I’m feeling a whole lot better, thanks for asking Feilla. I had just 2 bouts in the last week (yesterday and also on Wed. the previous week).
    So thankful! I thought it would never end. I’m just focusing on what I’m eating and making sure I’m getting “pro-biotics” (yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented foods like smoked gouda cheese and another favorite, Vermont Cabot garlic and herb cheddar) to restore the levels of “good gut bacteria” again. I tried drinking hard soda (alcohol), the ginger ale last month was pretty good, however the hard orange is pretty bad! I really think what I’m consuming, and NOT consuming in terms of cutting out over half of my medicines/supplements, did the trick. I learned a lot in the process! For one, the omega 3 fish oil capsules are said by some to be made from rancid fish! Ewww!!! Gave that one up, easily! I also gave up the turmeric curcumin, which some sites list diarrhea as a side effect, same with the simvastatin. My cholesterol numbers are awesome per my doctor visit 3 weeks ago, so another no-brainer…since statins studies have been shown to cause pre-diabetes. I’m going, what the heck, why do they give people that for improving cholesterol, and then my doctor informs me oh yes, you have pre-diabetes now. Man oh man….big pharma just selling their products. Make you sicker, trying to make you better? Is that to keep us hooked on medicines, so we never actually get cured, just to get new stuff to deal with and provide a steady revenue stream for them? I was livid when I learned all of this, and I’m actually pretty thankful at this point that I got so very sick. I never would have done all that research if I wasn’t so desperate to get better! So now it’s just 4 pills before bed: Aleve, multivitamin for women 50+, atenolol (hypertension/high blood pressure), and gabapentin. I consider gabapentin to be truly amazing, it enabled me to get back to having a semblance of normal life and I can walk 3 hours on grocery shopping nights again. They told me it was peripheral nerve disorder and likely caused by….pre-diabetes. Sheesh. Hopefully when I get it all under control the nerve pain in my feet will go away. Life gives you lemons and you then get to enjoy lemonade — if you put it all to good use!

    I just wanted to share in hopes that somebody else reading might find something of use too. You never know.

    How have you been doing the past few days? I saw you were posting about having some issues with those highs resulting in devastating lows after… the “ego crash”. I wrote you a huge long post after I read all that, really good insights you shared, thank you. I just have those kinds of issues myself too (get really high then fall really low, emotionally) and when I get like that, I will write and write and write, gobs of words and thoughts and feelings come out….but then I either save it for “later” and later never comes….or I delete it all. Ego/self-esteem stuff going back to my childhood. You wouldn’t believe how many “posts for Spirit Train Chronicles” I have saved in my computer file for STC that I just could never bring myself to share. The post from yesterday, with the word from P&G about earth’s feelings about us, was actually just a tiny part of something like 3 typed pages originally.

    I’m sorry for going on and on.

    Are you doing better, Feilla?

    I was also sad to see Dave’s post about it probably being his last post. Dave, if you are reading, I’ll miss you and your words of wisdom and the interesting things you shared.


  3. GINKO: in the culture of Far East, it’s the Medicine/Doctor Tree which heals
    thanks to

    Are you getting better now, dear Barb? May all your suffering be gone, be gone, be gone….

    Wolf love – From my own experiences with Canines – both large and also the little guys – They not only have the capacity to love – they also show it to their human pack members. Canines kiss, lick, nuzzle, push, touch, cuddle, lay on you, smell, herd you, protect you, watch over you, follow you -but would rather lead, they listen to you, many will swim with you, they smile, they laugh, they cry, they empathize, they share, they bring you things… more – /Eric Raynaud

    Dear ones, here I’m so eager for having the COLLECTIVE BLESSING from you all to send your POWERFUL BLESSING to our BELOVED LISA (WOLFke74)in South Africa, born on the DOUBLE 9, for getting rid of all the pain, illness, sufferings for good, and to bring her the most MAGICAL HEALING POWER.

    May ALL be HEALED, COMFORTED, LIFTED UP as much as possible…..

  4. I’m being reflective. Varence really got me thinking and contemplating my potential course of action. I was always pulled to Atlantis, early on in this lifetime. Read the book “Edgar Cayce on Atlantis” so many times the cover fell apart and I had to tape it back together. Those stories fascinated me, and chilled me.

    The leaders misusing their power caused the destruction of Atlantis, according to Cayce. They attuned the power source too high, out of greed, they did not listen to the priests and priestesses that tried to warn them, they saw it coming, but were powerless to stop the ones hellbent on having their way in their quest to control Nature for their purposes! The crystal grid linking the ancient sites around the world supplied the power for their civilization, for their flying machines too, which is the main reason why they tracked all solar eclipses. The priesthood, the wise elders with the wisdom of the ages, could only do things to preserve their wisdom and knowledge for future generations. Technology simply grew too fast, it outpaced wisdom.

    I thank Varence for the timely reminder. Even one voice being heard by the right ones….may make a difference.

    I asked my spirit guide and angel (Peter & Gabriel) to give me a word last week after re-reading this new Valiant post about Atlantis. I asked to know what is Earth feeling about our civilization?

    *autochthon* (noun) [L. fr. Gr. Autochthon, from the land itself, fr. Autos self + chthon earth, land.] 1. One sprung from the ground which he inhabits; an aboriginal; native. 2. An indigenous plant or animal.

    • God…..toooooooo shocked I’m…..too much synchronicity…..Besides the book cover shown at 138 looks so similar to the one that I picked in a session of dream flight, in which, just like the tile of this anime is given, I was in the course of a series of traveling course of school. Once the students got off the bus in one station, I went to a shop where there are numerous tourist or language textbooks for sell. The one that I picked by chance just had a cover looking like this one shown in the animation.

      What’s the title of this anime??? Pity that no more key word search fonction is available for me owing to….

      A super Big Thank You for this AWESOME COURSE !!! God, this moment, this vision should both feel so déà vu?!!!

      • Hi Feilla, this is called “Burn Out” by Cécile Carre. It says she is from Paris, France – a recent grad from Goeblins.

        Now all I need to do is find a ship and some fuel crystals and I’m outta here!!!! 😉

        But I agree – the timing of this was too good to pass up!

  5. A sister just shared this with me…

    Circle of life: the Ring of Brodgar – a stone circle, or henge – is a World Heritage Site. Photograph: Adam Stanford

    source :

    Drive west from Orkney’s capital, Kirkwall, and then head north on the narrow B9055 and you will reach a single stone monolith that guards the entrance to a spit of land known as the Ness of Brodgar. The promontory separates the island’s two largest bodies of freshwater, the Loch of Stenness and the Loch of Harray. At their furthest edges, the lochs’ peaty brown water laps against fields and hills that form a natural amphitheatre; a landscape peppered with giant rings of stone, chambered cairns, ancient villages and other archaeological riches.

    This is the heartland of the Neolithic North, a bleak, mysterious place that has made Orkney a magnet for archaeologists, historians and other researchers. For decades they have tramped the island measuring and ex- cavating its great Stone Age sites. The land was surveyed, mapped and known until a recent chance discovery revealed that for all their attention, scientists had completely overlooked a Neolithic treasure that utterly eclipses all others on Orkney – and in the rest of Europe.
    Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate – sent direct to you
    Read more

    This is the temple complex of the Ness of Brodgar, and its size, complexity and sophistication have left archaeologists desperately struggling to find superlatives to describe the wonders they found there. “We have discovered a Neolithic temple complex that is without parallel in western Europe. Yet for decades we thought it was just a hill made of glacial moraine,” says discoverer Nick Card of the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology. “In fact the place is entirely manmade, although it covers more than six acres of land.”

    Once protected by two giant walls, each more than 100m long and 4m high, the complex at Ness contained more than a dozen large temples – one measured almost 25m square – that were linked to outhouses and kitchens by carefully constructed stone pavements. The bones of sacrificed cattle, elegantly made pottery and pieces of painted ceramics lie scattered round the site. The exact purpose of the complex is a mystery, though it is clearly ancient. Some parts were constructed more than 5,000 years ago.

    The people of the Neolithic – the new Stone Age – were the first farmers in Britain, and they arrived on Orkney about 6,000 years ago. They cultivated the land, built farmsteads and rapidly established a vibrant culture, erecting giant stone circles, chambered communal tombs – and a giant complex of buildings at the Ness of Brodgar. The religious beliefs that underpinned these vast works is unknown, however, as is the purpose of the Brodgar temples.

    “This wasn’t a settlement or a place for the living,” says archaeologist Professor Colin Richards of Manchester University, who excavated the nearby Barnhouse settlement in the 1980s. “This was a ceremonial centre, and a vast one at that. But the religious beliefs of its builders remain a mystery.”

    What is clear is that the cultural energy of the few thousand farming folk of Orkney dwarfed those of other civilisations at that time. In size and sophistication, the Ness of Brodgar is comparable with Stonehenge or the wonders of ancient Egypt. Yet the temple complex predates them all. The fact that this great stately edifice was constructed on Orkney, an island that has become a byword for remoteness, makes the site’s discovery all the more remarkable. For many archaeologists, its discovery has revolutionised our understanding of ancient Britain.

    “We need to turn the map of Britain upside down when we consider the Neolithic and shrug off our south-centric attitudes,” says Card, now Brodgar’s director of excavations. “London may be the cultural hub of Britain today, but 5,000 years ago, Orkney was the centre for innovation for the British isles. Ideas spread from this place. The first grooved pottery, which is so distinctive of the era, was made here, for example, and the first henges – stone rings with ditches round them – were erected on Orkney. Then the ideas spread to the rest of the Neolithic Britain. This was the font for new thinking at the time.”

    It is a view shared by local historian Tom Muir, of the Orkney Museum. “The whole text book of British archaeology for this period will have to be torn up and rewritten from scratch thanks to this place,” he says.

    Farmers first reached Orkney on boats that took them across the narrow – but treacherously dangerous – Pentland Firth from mainland Scotland. These were the people of the New Stone Age, and they brought cattle, pigs and sheep with them, as well as grain to plant and ploughs to till the land. The few hunter-gatherers already living on Orkney were replaced and farmsteads were established across the archipelago. These early farmers were clearly successful, though life would still have been precarious, with hunting providing precious supplies of extra protein. At the village of Knap o’Howar on Papay the bones of domesticated cattle, sheep and pigs have been found alongside those of wild deer, whales and seals, for example, while analysis of human bones from the period suggest that few people reached the age of 50. Those who survived childhood usually died in their 30s.

    Discarded stone tools and shards of elegant pottery also indicate that the early Orcadians were developing an increasingly sophisticated society. Over the centuries, their small farming communities coalesced into larger tribal units, possibly with an elite ruling class, and they began to construct bigger and bigger monuments. These sites included the 5,000-year-old village of Skara Brae; the giant chambered grave of Maeshowe, a Stone Age mausoleum whose internal walls were later carved with runes by Vikings; and the Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar, two huge neighbouring circles of standing stones. These are some of the finest Neolithic monuments in the world, and in 1999 they were given World Heritage status by Unesco, an act that led directly to the discovery of the Ness of Brodgar.

    “Being given World Heritage status meant we had to think about the land surrounding the sites,” says Card. “We decided to carry out geophysical surveys to see what else might be found there.” Such surveys involve the use of magnetometers and ground-penetrating radar to pinpoint manmade artefacts hidden underground. And the first place selected by Card for this electromagnetic investigation was the Ness of Brodgar.

    The ridge was assumed to be natural. However, Card’s magnetometers showed that it was entirely manmade and bristled with features that included lines of walls, concentric pathways and outlines of large buildings. “The density of these features stunned us,” says Card. At first, given its size, the team assumed they had stumbled on a general site that had been in continuous use for some time, providing shelter for people for most of Orkney’s history, from prehistoric to medieval times. “No other interpretation seemed to fit the observations,” adds Card. But once more the Ness of Brodgar would confound expectations.

    Test pits, a metre square across, were drilled in lines across the ridge and revealed elaborate walls, slabs of carefully carved rock, and pieces of pottery. None came from the Bronze Age, however, nor from the Viking era or medieval times. Dozens of pits were dug over the ridge, an area the size of five football pitches, and every one revealed items with a Neolithic background.

    Then the digging began in earnest and quickly revealed the remains of buildings of startling sophistication. Carefully made pathways surrounded walls – some of them several metres high – that had been constructed with patience and precision.

    “It was absolutely stunning,” says Colin Richards. “The walls were dead straight. Little slithers of stones had even been slipped between the main slabs to keep the facing perfect. This quality of workmanship would not be seen again on Orkney for thousands of years.”

    Slowly the shape and dimensions of the Ness of Brodgar site revealed themselves. Two great walls, several metres high, had been built straight across the ridge. There was no way you could pass along the Ness without going through the complex. Within those walls a series of temples had been built, many on top of older ones. “The place seems to have been in use for a thousand years, with building going on all the time,” says Card.

    More than a dozen of these temples have already been uncovered though only about 10% of the site has been fully excavated so far.

    “We have never seen anything like this before,” says York University archaeologist Professor Mark Edmonds. “The density of the archaeology, the scale of the buildings and the skill that was used to construct them are simply phenomenal. There are very few dry-stone walls on Orkney today that could match the ones we have uncovered here. Yet they are more than 5,000 years old in places, still standing a couple of metres high. This was a place that was meant to impress – and it still does.”

    But it is not just the dimensions that have surprised and delighted archaeologists. Two years ago, their excavations revealed that haematite-based pigments had been used to paint external walls – another transformation in our thinking about the Stone Age. “We see Neolithic remains after they have been bleached out and eroded,” says Edmonds. “However, it is now clear from Brodgar that buildings could have been perfectly cheerful and colourful.”

    The men and women who built at the Ness also used red and yellow sandstone to enliven their constructions. (More than 3,000 years later, their successors used the same materials when building St Magnus’ Cathedral in Kirkwall.) But what was the purpose of their construction work and why put it in the Ness of Brodgar? Of the two questions, the latter is the easier to answer – for the Brodgar headland is clearly special. “When you stand here, you find yourself in a glorious landscape,” says Card. “You are in the middle of a natural amphitheatre created by the hills around you.”

    The surrounding hills are relatively low, and a great dome of sky hangs over Brodgar, perfect for watching the setting and rising of the sun, moon and other celestial objects. (Card believes the weather on Orkney may have been warmer and clearer 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.) Cosmology would have been critical to society then, he argues, helping farmers predict the seasons – a point supported by scientists such as the late Alexander Thom, who believed that the Ring of Brodgar was an observatory designed for studying the movement of the moon.

    These outposts of Neolithic astronomy, although impressive, were nevertheless peripheral, says Richards. The temple complex at the Ness of Brodgar was built to be the most important construction on the island. “The stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar and the other features of the landscape were really just adjuncts to that great edifice,” he says. Or as another archaeologist put it: “By comparison, everything else in the area looks like a shanty town.”

    For a farming community of a few thousand people to create such edifices suggests that the Ness of Brodgar was of profound importance. Yet its purpose remains elusive. The ritual purification of the dead by fire may be involved, suggests Card. As he points out, several of the temples at Brodgar have hearths, though this was clearly not a domestic dwelling. In addition, archeologists have found that many of the stone mace heads (hard, polished, holed stones) that litter the site had been broken in two in exactly the same place. “We have found evidence of this at other sites,” says Richards. “It may be that relatives broke them in two at a funeral, leaving one part with the dead and one with family as a memorial to the dead. This was a place concerned with death and the deceased, I believe.”

    Equally puzzling was the fate of the complex. Around 2,300BC, roughly a thousand years after construction began there, the place was abruptly abandoned. Radiocarbon dating of animal bones suggests that a huge feast ceremony was held, with more than 600 cattle slaughtered, after which the site appears to have been decommissioned. Perhaps a transfer of power took place or a new religion replaced the old one. Whatever the reason, the great temple complex – on which Orcadians had lavished almost a millennium’s effort – was abandoned and forgotten for the next 4,000 years.

    For more information or to donate to the dig, go to


    Owing to the effect of flares?, all my bodies feel like living VOLCANO. I apologize if this vibration affect anyone of you. I cannot know when this course is to be finished.

  6. Leonora Carrington – Sidhe the White People of the Tuatha de Danaan

    This came up to me this morning. I guess, it’s not a mere coincidence. I had chance to see the catalog of her work about twenty years ago, and could not be fascinated more.

    Leonora Carrington OBE (6 April 1917 – 25 May 2011[1]) was an English-born Mexican artist, surrealist painter, and novelist. She lived most of her adult life in Mexico City, and was one of the last surviving participants in the Surrealist movement of the 1930s.[2] Leonora Carrington was also a founding member of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Mexico during the 1970s.[3]

  7. “The Stage” by Sulamith Wülfing (1901-1989) from her suite published in “The Threshold” (1937) / Strange that I failed at attempting get this caption for at least 6 or 7 times, as the webpage just turned always back to the frontpage

    Sulamith Wülfing was a German painter and illustrator. Her ethereal, enigmatic works depict fairy tales or mystical subjects.Born in Elberfeld, Rhine Province to Theosophist parents Karl and Hedwig Wülfing, as a child Sulamith had visions of angels, fairies, gnomes, and nature spirits. She first began drawing these creatures at the age of four. The visions continued throughout her life, and directly inspired her paintings. Sulamith Wülfing graduated from the Art College in Wuppertal in 1921, and in 1932 married Otto Schulze, a professor at the Art College. Together, they created the Sulamith Wülfing Verlag (publishing house).

    The following message helps me to know I’m not all alone in this kind of circumstances. May it help more the ones who suffer the similar….

    source : Newsletter by Inelia Benz, Sep. 7th, 2017

    I’d like to share with you some information about two phenomena that can happen when you go to a retreat or event. They are called “Post Event/Retreat Crash” and “Ego Crash”. These phenomena do not happen to everyone, but they are very common.

    Post Event Crash Symptoms

    Many individuals will have an energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual crash after an inspiring and powerful event or retreat. And this is not limited to spiritual events. It can be a powerful and uplifting business event, a church event, a holiday, or any other event where their level of happiness, vibrational frequency, inspiration, and energy were stimulated and raised.

    Larry and I have been looking at the reason for this to happen, and we are still not clear as to why it does happen. Mostly, it feels like the vibrational frequency between our own personal lives and that of the event are so different that when we get back to our personal lives unless we continue with a strong high frequency practice, the familiarity of our old lives pulls us back down. The frequency falling even a little bit is so devastating that we then crash. Once we come out of the crash, back to how our lives used to be before the event does not feel so bad after all.

    Change is hard.

    Another reason could be that during the event, you were surrounded by a group of individuals who were also at that high vibrational frequency intent and thus generating high frequencies with you, so when you remove yourself from that field of collective awareness, you feel disconnected from what is your true nature’s “normal” state, and crash.

    You are going from being surrounded with people you resonate with, who are on the same journey that you are and see you fully, to an environment where you are alone in your journey, surrounded by sleepers or those who feed on drama and suffering.

    What can you do?

    The first thing you can do is know that this happens, so if it does happen to you, you are not taken by surprise or think you have “failed” in some way.

    Have an action plan you can get on with once you get home. This could be an online course, with people whom you are accountable to for the course material. This does not have to be related to the event, it could be a new language, art course, business course, cooking course… it doesn’t matter as long as it is something you are personally interested in. Yes, it can also be a course that allows you to spend time exploring the topics you learned about in the event.

    Stay connected. Did you make new friends or meet old ones at the event? Stay connected with them for at least a few weeks after the event.

    Outdoor time and exercise. Do you have any way to do outdoor work, exercise or a gym nearby? Whether it is gardening or yoga, weight lifting or hiking, spend time away from your daily routine and get outside of your personal environment doing something physical. As you do the activity that you like, consciously choose positive emotions and thoughts over negative ones.

    “I am indulging in sadness right now, but I choose to think of a beautiful rose instead” is an example of how to move your emotional and mental body into a more positive one during your “outside/outdoor” exercise.

    Nourish your emotional and mental body. Often, when we are in a high frequency environment and surrounded by high frequency individuals whom we have connected with even if it is at an intent level only, our bodies (emotional, energetic, physical and mental) experience a huge amount of “workout”. A period of rest and integration of those frequencies is needed, so going back home after the event is not always a good idea (unless you are very positive and passionate about your work and your home supports you fully).

    Having a holiday/vacation, spending a few days chilling and reading, or in a beautiful location after the event is very supportive for integrating and recuperating after your high level “workout”.

    If you are forced to go back home and to work immediately, take at least an hour every day to simply chill, meditate, contemplate or listening quietly to high frequency materials, music, chats, lectures etc.

    The ego can crash too.

    Although not the same as a post event crash and usually happens during an event, an ego crash can certainly happen after the event.

    What is an ego crash? An ego crash is when our ego fights tooth and nail to stop our awareness from expanding and our frequency from raising. It feels like we are going insane, or develop extreme emotional feelings (usually negative or possessive) for a person, location or situation.

    Symptoms of an ego crash can include indulging in drama with other participants, getting angry or irritated with one or more of the individuals attending the event, feeling like a victim, misunderstood, wanting to cry and or wanting to be alone and to disconnect from the other participants. It can also come out in a need to be seen, heard and acknowledged at all times. You might find yourself doing things that you would not normally do, such as being passive aggressive, snapping at people, or interrupt others while they are sharing or talking, or feel that you want everyone there to like or love you. You may feel that you have to give input in everything that is being said or shared or wanting the hosts or speakers to recognize you for the enlightened or beautiful being that you really are. If this happens, approach the organizers and let them know that you need support.

    Rarely, it can stimulate a psychotic break, which can include paranoia, obsession, depression, thoughts of suicide, shakes, nausea, agitation, anxiety, constipation, hypochondria, insomnia, intellectual impairment, physical immobility, delusions or hallucinations. If you find yourself having these extreme symptoms, get medical help immediately.

    Know event or ego crashes are normal.

    A Post Event Crash or an event Ego Crash does not always happen, but if it does happen to you, know it is a common occurrence and that there is nothing “wrong” with you if you do go through it.

    The symptoms can last a few hours or a few days, but they always dissipate. So, if it does happen, know that “this too will pass”. Minimize the time in the negative field of emotions or thoughts, by consciously pulling yourself out of them. And if they are too much for you to handle, or lasts more than two weeks at the same intensity, get professional help.

    In JoyLightLove,

    – Inelia and the team.

    • Thanks Feilla – this is helpful! Although I’ve observed that this can be triggered after an event that someone isn’t even aware is happening. Large solar flares are a good example. We may be totally unaware that it’s going on, but after it happens, many people still crash, right on schedule, when nothing else is going on in their lives.

      The eclipse was a recent example where some of us crashed pretty hard… 😦

      It does help to know that this happens to everyone… and being conscious of what’s happening is a big step to fixing it.

    • And you know I was also wondering about the backlash to the “love and light” messages… but perhaps the “love and light” part of the message was intended to counteract what they describe as an “ego crash”… therefore triggering in some another “ego crash!” 😉

      • Thank you !!! As I’m such a rebel or the one who am used to be behind, without saying how much I realize my very homework is how to deal with, even walk along in harmony with my own darkness, this kind of messages somehow help. Particularly, I don’t believe what’s so called love & light can be pushed to generate, as one’s mind or heart is already crashed. Life is not easy, how to walk, even dance along with the darkness in harmony is less easy !!! Again, I appreciate all who have watched me with tolerance !!!

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