Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Shadow People…and Mothman…

*song* “Alone” by Heart

There are lots of stories of things that go
Bump in the night…of strange creepy feelings
You can’t explain…or when things just seem
Off somehow. No matter to what extent
You experience these things, the fact remains
A lot of people share these feelings and
Experiences…and absolutely some do more than
Others…it’s not a contest, it just happens.
The worst thing about these experiences is
That they are so hard to talk about…

People share these stories quietly, in whispers
With friends or family over lunch or dinner…
Over the internet, in email or private
Messages. To talk about them openly in
Public is risky…because of the wide eyed
Looks you get from people that overhear.
Stop worrying about these people and
What they think…they never notice
Anything unless it’s about themselves.

I’ve had all kinds of friends from Hollywood
To Wall Street, to Washington…And the
Conversation is always mainstream…headlines,
Gossip, what’s trending…safe, boring, shallow,
Dumb…Their perceptions still amaze me…
They depend on others for information…and
If the power ever went out…They would only
Wait and wait and wait and wait…For
It to come back on.

Those beliefs cripple the world. Talk to your
Friends,, please…Share your experiences…and
Don’t laugh at them…That is how you break
The binds of traditional obscene denial. There
Is a lot more to life than mainstream beliefs.
Churches would NOT have been around
For ages if the supernatural, the ethereal and
Heavenly powers did not exist.

And the Light came…the two of them
Sitting in their chairs…His face proud,
Chiseled, wise and serious. Her face,
Radiant, bright and beautiful. What a
Pair they made together.

“So I’m supposed to discuss Now?” I asked
Them. “About these Shadow people and

Varence nodded, pointing to the notebook. “you
Do this for timely reasons. Everything is
Precise. You keep doing it until the point is
Made clear.”

“How long will that be?”

“Until he says so.” Varence grinned. “Until
I tell you to.”

“Such compelling instruction.” Ceres sighed
Beside him, watching him with this strange
Expression, as if she was amazed he could
Speak. “Words to wait for…What’s next,
Another epic tale? A Poem?”

Varence gave her a cross look, apparently
They had reached a new silent
Understanding. “Now I’m going to ask
You some questions.” He said to me. “For
You to tell me some stories.”

“Me? What could I tell you that you
Don’t know?”

“For the notebook.” He pointed. “Now
Please –“

“Please?” Ceres interrupted. “He’s being
Polite. Cherish the moment. Write that

Varence rolled his eyes and continued. “In
Previous messages there was a subject of
Interest…significant, very often…The Shadow
People, Mothman. These dreams that you
Have detailed. There were more?”

“Well. Yeah. I could not write that
All down at once…That would take a
Novel in itself. Most of the stories would,
I have to condense it down.”

“Well, then,” Varence gestured wide with
A simple nod and smile. “Let us
Elaborate further and see if there is
Anything currently relevant.”

“I can’t write that all down…”

“I’ll direct the questions.” He said. “You
Just write as best you can…These Shadow
People; This Mothman…You and others
Have seen this, experienced it for long?”

“I have…And I know others have, but I
Don’t know to what extent in others…It varies
A lot from person to person…But it does
Seem in respect…hereditary…I know of
At least 1, her family has seen them
For generations…And I think there
Are at least 3 others, but with them
It is sporadic, not consistent…” I
Had to ask. “Do you see them” Do
Others see them where you are from?”

“There is nothing like that where we
Are from.” Ceres answered sharply. “These…
Things…are not of the physical as you
Know…They are primarily an aspect
Of more chaotic worlds…without strict
Protocols to ward them off.”

“Strict protocols?”

“Standard, yes.” Varence replied. “To avoid
Such problems. They are most commonly
Drawn to chaos…To those seeking
Power, magic…To those who wish to
Fulfill darker desires, especially those
Unaware or in denial of these darker
Beings. I am not saying that it
Is their fault…but still, the point
Will become clear over time.
Now please, could you share
With us, more about the Shadow
People?” He pointed to the notebook
Again. “I believe it will make
Very good sense now…the timing…
The First story that comes to mind…”

“I had this friend who has seen
Them many times…She had lots of
Stories about them. Not only she saw
Them, but her whole family did. But
They never talked about it with
Anyone…When I discussed it with
Her and shared stories…we seemed to
Agree that discussing them…seemed
To attract their attention. That queasy
Feeling would grow…a nervous tingle…
It felt like you were being watched
When you were alone and no one was

And there were other aspects they seemed
To have, an affect on people…like, it
Brought out the worst in them…anger,
Hostility, a short temper, insensitivity,
Selfishness…then worst traits… All the time…
And then afterwards, there would be
This feeling of hopelessness, and
Loneliness that would not go away.
No matter how hard you tried you
Could not shake it…it was a cycle
That would repeat over and over…
You would see things in the shadows
For no reason…Paranoia, hostility
And frustration would follow…and
Then misery…over and over…

Friends at parties would do dumb
Things…hold seances, play with
Ouija boards…they were always
Trying to trigger something supernatural
Or psychic…but all that would
Really come…were these Shadow
People…and they would fight over
Dumb stupid things for no reason…
A lot of jealousy and just nasty
Stuff…and then a lot of self-pity
And crying. I always had to leave
The room or the party…If you don’t
Take part in these things…follow what
Your friends are doing, they criticize
And attack you…that’s peer pressure.
And if the Shadow People are seen
It’s even worse…

It always looked like someone else
Was in the corner, in the shadows…
Or in the mirrors…a lot of strange
Stuff happened with mirrors, like they
Would fill with smoke or fog for no
Reason…I would always see something
And want to leave…but it’s like
Everyone else liked it and wanted
More…But they got strange and
Nasty…and strangely very very
Hormonal…I used to think it was
Mostly younger people that suffered
This…But now I know better, it’s
Everywhere…No matter who or
Where…Religious people seem more
Sensitive to it…And very successful
People are most often completely
Oblivious to it…They seem and
Immediately launch into denial, always.
I know of a few creepy stories,
Very intense with one friend where
She and her husband, who was
A strict nonbeliever, both saw
A Shadow Person very clear…and
It really scared him bad.

They had this big house,
With a master bedroom that had
This master bathroom attached
With a short hallway…One night,
Seemingly very normal…She was in
The bathroom getting ready for bed…
He was in bed reading…She said
She kept feeling she wasn’t alone
In the bathroom, she would see
Something in the corner of her eye,
Thought it was her husband and
Start to talk to him…then
He would call out from the bedroom,
‘Who are you talking to?’

But she swore he was right there
With her…So then she turned off
The light, went down the little
Hall…heard a noise…turned
Around…and there was a…man?
A shadowy figure standing a few
Feet away watching her in the
Bathroom! She screamed, ran to
The bedroom…her husband jumped
Up ready for a confrontation…ran
To the bathroom…But no one was
There…They checked and checked…
No one was there. They checked
The house…nothing…Then went
To bed, discussing it of course…

Then as they were in bed talking…
They saw the shadow again! They
Both saw it…walking around in
The bathroom, a shadowy figure!
Her husband got angry, again ran
Into the bathroom ready to fight…
But when he went into the bathroom
And turned on the light…No one
Was there!

He got angry, he could not
Understand, they argued about
It…he turned off the light, they
Went back to bed. It happened
Again. This kept happening. They
Found nothing. Eventually they
Went to sleep with the light on
Because he insisted it was
Ridiculous…He could not wrap his
Mind around it…

She made it clear…This was NOT
A ghost, she had seen those. This
Was a shadow. It had no features,
Only a black form…with a very
Powerful sense of a stare, and a
Real darkness about it. She
Fought with her husband about it,
He refused to believe it was
Anything…They fought a lot about
It…I remember she clearly
Said it made them both short
Tempered very fast…and very
Miserable afterwards. She even cried.
There were other nights they
Continued to see the Shadow Person
In the bathroom, walk around then
Stop and watch them…sometimes it
Made noises at them, like a hiss. I
Should add here, this was new house,
Brand new, built for them…and no ghostly
Activity in the area, she checked with
Her neighbors…she and her husband
Fought about this, but in time, he grew
Impatient and just ignored it and denied
It and it stopped.

Her family has a history of seeing these
Shadow People, very obvious like that…
Anger, misery and hopelessness followed
It…we discussed it at length.

I had other friends who saw Shadow
People, none quite so vividly. I used to
See them too, up until December 31st, 1999…
And the Angel. Everyone reported the
Same thing…Anger in the house,
Hostility, short tempers…bad luck, things
Were moved, sometimes…Sometimes there
Were illnesses, injuries…A lot of
Depression, misery…hopelessness…and a
Lot of confusion on how to handle it.
Most went to church, or prayed or something
Like that…

“What are they?” I asked them. “Do you
Have any suggestions? Does this have
Something to do with current times?”

Ceres looked to Varence, he was the one
Who observed civilization. With a serious
Expression hen thought carefully before
Answering. “There is no simple way of
Answering this…But we observed them…
And they do manifest at critical times…
Throughout history. They are more active
Then, it appears to drive circumstances
To extremes. Very few are aware of them,
Those that are, react with quiet fear…Most
Just grow angry, hostile…There is no
Reasoning with them…They are of the
Darker aspect of dimensional beings…They
Push it…They appear to be foot soldiers,
Always trying to tip the scales to
Favor the dark…But you can resist
Them. What your friends husband
Was good, in part, deny they have power
Over you…command them out. But you
Must also work to control yourself. Prayer
Is very good for that…

But for those that are consumed by the
Dark of the shadows, so much that they
Can not control themselves…it is best to
Avoid them…and hope the shadows will
Release them. Focus on making the rage
Stop…Focus on calmer things…and
Surround yourselves with others of the same,
There is strength in that.” He appeared
Solemn, strange for him…but hopeful.
“Now, what about this other…creature,
This Mothman?”

“Oh yeah, there’s an easy topic!”

“Go on, please, tell it for them.” Ceres said.

“It was years ago…I thought I
Explained this once before? In the
Spring…The Spring and Fall months
Seem to be the most supernatural
For me…”

I was having these dreams, at
Least I think they were dreams. It
Started with a restless sleep…I
Would dream that my television would
Suddenly come on in the middle
Of the night and wake me up…and
It was the news, news broadcasts…
I was always like…huh?
But it was never current news, I
Don’t know, it was years ago…
But it was mostly about severe
Weather and the climate…like it
Was happening…somewhere for real
Right there. There were a few
Separate scenarios of this…It
Would terrify me, then, I would jump
Out of bed, turn off the TV and
Run through the house in a panic…
And when I did this…out of
The corner of my eye, I would see
This THING…watching me, with
Big glowing red eyes…

And it had this awful eerie voice.
It kept taunting me, urging me
To look at it/, “Look at me…” It
Kept saying, I will never forget that
Voice…But yet, when I saw this
Thing in dreams…Another
Very powerful voice would come,
Telling me, no matter what…
Do NOT look at that creature
In the face…something about it
Taking souls…possession? So
What is it?”

“Another creature of the Dark powers,
To push, or guide, the very relevant
To your now. Pay attention to
Your dreams, tell others the same.”
Varence said.

“But what does it want?”

He looked at Ceres, then calmly
Said. “It…they…are drawn to
People with heightened senses…To feed
Off them, what they see and what
They know…they are also drawn to
Critical times…we have observed
Them…These beings are stronger…
Stay strong in your beliefs and you
Can keep them away.”

“Please understand, it is important to
Note these things and be AWARE
Of them at critical times…In order
To fight these Dark Forces your
Greatest weapon is to be aware of
Them…Fear the ignorant ones
More than others in critical times. They
Will only lead you into darkness…
Always be aware of where the
Shadows dwell…Always.

You Need to let this be acknowledged
Before we continue with Stories…Shed
Light on it…and the Light will grow.”





  1. My mind seems to have difficulty to be linear….I apologize for my disordered sharing…
    Another subject which keeps reminding….


    I didn’t know the name of this kind of flowers til now.
    No, I didn’t get awakened until seeing the name of a kind of flowers which look somehow similar to…

    0807_0550 Harebells
    Always along with…

    • I had a glimpse of a BELL FLOWER, and failed of getting the wanted picture of it. Fortunately, it’s still there….

      Mountain Harebell:
      Campanula lasiocarpa (Synonyms: Campanula lasiocarpa ssp. latisepala, Campanula latisepala, Campanula latisepala var. dubia). Denali NP, AK

      I cannot but look for the symbolic meaning. Though the paths are so blocked, this one is found….

      Bluebells: the Flower

      And yet, it is not the same as the English, or common, bluebell, the hyacinthoides non-scripta. And despite its name, the Scottish bluebell is not always blue, but comes in shades of purple, pink, white, and cream. A rose by any other name….

      Even the briefest study of the bluebell, after which the folk song, Arthur Pryor’s showcase trombone solo, and my own novel, are named, reveals many monikers: campanula rotundifolia, Endymionin Latin, harebell, lady’s thimble, fairy thimbles, aul man’s bells, witches’ bells, the wild hyacinth, Dead Man’s bells, milk-ort (milk herb), or its common name, bluebell. This, by the way, is probably still not a complete list.

      In strictly factual terms, the bluebell grows in clusters of bell-shaped flowers, a perennial which blooms from spring well into the fall, sometimes as late as November. They are a favorite of hummingbirds, and pollinated by bees, although they are capable of self-pollination. It is a woodland flower which may spread quickly, but will also grow in cracks in cliffs or walls, and on grasslands and heaths. They are a hardy flower which thrive with either sun or shade.

      As a writer, I find the history, symbolism, and myths associated with the flower far more interesting. The bluebell, or harebell, is the official national flower of Scotland, although many sources also list the thistle as Scotland’s flower.


      Humility, constancy, gratitude, and everlasting love in Scotland. It is also associated with death in Britain and is often planted on graves.


      Fairies: Bluebells are strongly associated with fairies, as it is said that the fairies ring these tiny bells to summon their people to the fairy convention. The fairies were rather protective of their bells, and would cast spells on anyone who damaged or picked bluebells, which would explain why it was considered unlucky to walk through a field of bluebells. What better way to damage them and call down the fairies mischievous spells on your head? According to others, fairies used the bluebell to trap passersby, especially children. Some sources say that the bluebell’s properties allow mortals to see fairies, or see into the world of fairies.

      Witches: Others claimed that witches turned themselves into hares to hide among the bluebells, explaining not only the hares rampant in the flowers, but bringing about the name harebell. Some said if you heard the bluebell ring, someone close to you would die. The bluebell produces a white juice, which was said to be used by witches both for a ‘flying ointment’ and to transform themselves into hares.

      Moon Goddess: Wandering farther afield from the British Isles, the bluebell is associated with the shepherd boy Endymion. The moon goddess, variously called Seline or Diana, fell in love with him and cast an eternal sleep on him so that she could enjoy his beauty alone, forever.

      A path between worlds: Most interesting to me is the belief that the bluebell ‘thins’ the walls between worlds and realities. Folklore warns of the danger of becoming lost in strange states in fields or woods of bluebells, and needing to be led out by another. One writer suggests that perhaps they do exist in multiple worlds at once: a fascinating reminiscence of the pools between worlds in the Narnia series. In Blue Bells of Scotland, Niall and Shawn each go to sleep in the castle tower, seven centuries apart, with bluebells present, and wake up in one another’s times.

  2. Thank you Robin for your beautiful sharing and reminding. My moods somehow come down so and hard to lift up. I’ve been trying looking for some picture which might help myself and more….An impression that this week, the YELLOW ROSES seem keep occurring. I tried to do gogo search for the symbolic meaning, however, my connection is so blocked. A key word seem relatively universal for it, FRIENDSHIP. I just happened to realize that the sofa in the picture that Nil just posted is also yellow. Nil….that shadows that I’ve ever seen happened to have hat men forms in quite an amount. I saw and met female spirits, but they have colors. Again, you are giving me some confirmation that I cannot thank you more.

    In regards to the black cat, the ones in this picture look so vivid, even dynamic, airy….. They are just reminding me of Bast / Bastet.

    Ancienne déesse égyptienne Bastet Art Print par TigerHouseArt

    Published April 25, 2012

    Barbora Batokova: Information + Strategy + Design | Deities of Ancient Egypt

  3. This video is somewhat relevant to the topic of shadow people. I don’t agree fully with his view but from my experiences he has the general idea right.
    Shadow people are beings in formation, they are not inherently bad or evil. Some are hostile but others are not. If you encounter one, send it positive energy, the good ones will grown and become fully formed beings, taking on a human form and a gender. The bad ones will be overloaded and disappear with a flash, because they can’t handle love and goodness.

    Until recently I had only read about them online, but just one month ago a coworker started talking about shadow people during a coffe break. It surprised me a bit, people around here usually do not believe in things like this, but this person was really scared. Supposedly the place she was staying at was said to be “haunted” and she didn’t want to sleep there alone for a fear of shadow people. What she described, the “hat man” corresponded to what I’ve heard others talk of.

    My experiences with them are not in that form, rather they have appeared in the form of a neutral human shape in different locations outside. Looking directly at it I can’t seem to focus, it was in the middle of a field and I just didn’t understand what I saw. It repeated in other places. It was never in clear sunlight, rather at dawn during cloudy days. There was a strange feeling to it, as this was a very concrete experience, not just a glimpse of something that could be easily discarded. I’ve also heard of shadow cats. This was a bit odd because I have as decorations the siluette of black cats by the edge of two doors at home. One of them kept falling down, as if someone didn’t like it. Eventually I nailed it to the wall. I have the feeling shadow cats are hiding there, making use of the siluette which is in their form. No one can tell if they stay there.

    Example here

  4. Sea Wolf Lyrics
    “Miracle Cure”

    You came from nowhere like a miracle cure
    And you took me out to the glittering streets
    Told me to forget myself alive
    Cause there’s life out there
    And we’re you and free
    There’s music and laughter
    And it’s time to forgive

    If I, if I can surround you in a beautiful sound, I will
    If I, if I can repay you for coming to save me, I will, I will

    We all went outside
    Took the train downtown
    And the passengers we so alive
    So colorful and loud, so full of pride
    Though out languages were different we were both the same
    We just wanted to live before we die

    If I, If I can surrounding you in beautiful sounds, I will
    If I, if I can repay you to save me, I will
    If I, if I can be who you want me to be, I will
    If I, If I can surround you, I will
    I will, I will, I will

    You came from nowhere
    My own miracle cure
    When we came running out to the glittering streets
    With faded yellow petals beneath our feet and people celebrated in the
    Midnight flow
    Well, I knew what I wanted
    And I wanted to know

    If I, If I can surrounding you in beautiful sounds, I will
    If I, if I can repay you to save me, I will
    If I, if I can be who you want me to be, I will
    If I, If I can surround you in beautiful sounds I will I will I will
    Oh my love, true and pure lift me up like a miracle cure

  5. Beautiful Pics. as always, Feilla, Our Precious One. The “Museum of Thieves”, made me think of Bill’s book, “Higher Forces”, and the chambers that held so much underground and went on for miles and miles, and days and days. The pictures of the skeletons…so moving.

    It may sound corny, but I asked a question of Varence telepathically yesterday, and on my facebook. I had forgotten that the day before I had bookmarked Valiant’s post from last September just the day before. When I finally got around to reading it yesterday…there was Varence’s answer!

    Thank you Varence, I will keep the FAITH. TIME can seem to move so slowly here, but aging happens so fast! I’m so glad to be reminded that the prophecies were not changed, so much, as they were only DELAYED. Again, thank you Varence for the “gift”. It was very nice. I don’t know how you arranged that, but it meant the world to me, “he” means the world to me.

    Posting a song here for whomever needs one…I can’t get it out of my head…

    “MIRACLE CURE” … ❤

  6. These pictures seem given in the thread that I was on for wall paintings and mummies….

    A photo speaking of a tragedy, but the the energy sign is so powerfully warming, touching, uplifting….

    Skeletons found in Situ in a Roman house in Kourion, Cyprus, by David and Noelle Soren in the mid-1980s include a family killed in the earthquake that struck in 365 A.D. The mother cradles an infant in her arms as the the father tries to protect them both from the falling debris.

    The 6000 year old kiss found in Hasanlu, Iran. | Unusual Facts

    Lots of possible stories which invoke to imagine….

  7. Something came up last night…as the melody played with it has always been to intriguing…

    mark : 02:07

    An excellent concerned work, originally composed by Dougie Maclean that should not be neglected….I can not forget, once watching a video of this melody, there was a very interesting comment which said this work is too great that he is so attached to that even once being buried in grave, he would like to get out of it for listening to it !!!

    From the 1992 Michael Mann film “The Last of the Mohicans” with Daniel Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Russell Means & Wes Studi. This musical piece (originally entitled “The Gael”) was composed by Dougie Maclean for his 1990 album “The Search.” It was later adapted for this film and entitled “Promentory.”

  8. One plus which just caught my attention…

    Museum of Thieves by Jon Foster

    This doesn’t look the same, but feel quite déjà vu, similar to one dreamland where I’ve ever been in summer 2013 when I was very very ill.

  9. A Dream

    Thank you, dear Robin for these precious foods for thoughts, or even not only for thoughts, and reminding. I just woke up from the dream where there was your presence, in which I seemed returning where I had been for years, but this time going to reside some other section of the city. I’ve dreamed of returning to that city several times after my definite departure. I was going to somewhere a little bit northern beyond the big river in contrast to where I had been abode. I can realize where it was, for my nice landlady was present in that dream. However, that city looked already very different from the period when I had stayed, much more advanced than before, however, somehow much more polluted.

    All felt like my parents were helping packing up luggage for this journey. Some scene looked and felt so impressive that I’ve collected lots of keys in my bag, which cannot but become the very burden. Both my mom and I were trying to select and discard the clothes which do not fit any more.

    In that dream, the structure of the building all look odd, particularly the stairs. They look somehow surreal, without following the 3D patterns. With regard to the building in the city, they look rather streamlined shapes. I could not find a picture which looks so similar. The following one can barely be a reference.

    Another syn with you, Robin, having to do with Mexico. I was just thinking of it when preparing my breakfast, without realizing the disasters coming.

    This Equinox without exception felt quite uncomfortable, mainly physically, but not only. Still feel like just getting off bed for a very long lying with the mind somehow blurred and the head super heavy.

    I guess I’ve seen the mothmen. Much better than childhood that I’m no longer afraid of them, their being that much, because I know I’m not alone and cannot appreciate more for all who have helped, including those from on high. They feel and look like anthropomorphic black shadows of generally relative bigger height of men. Or honestly, I don’t think I can distinguish them exactly from the ghosts. Strange that in my sense they have never been female???

    Anyhow, may the picture as following bring the magic power of RAINBOW !!!

    source :

  10. Thanks for posting Valiant.

    Same here with those “shadow people” so many stories, but I do not wish to repeat them here. It would take hours. They stay away now, but yes, their influence can be quite nasty! I dealt with them through prayers, smudges, and keeping all my radios on 24-7 to just audible, on the local Christian radio station. It helped. That is the problem with apartments, previous tenants were messing around with Ouija boards there.

    The experiences repeated in an apartment in another state 20 years later…the building was situated on or near some kind of energy vortex. Good and Bad experiences with that residence. I never saw the Mothman, but sensed it in that area, more than once. Glad there were no big accidents or natural disasters locally as a result of it’s presence. I was concerned at the time, that there might have been.

    Interesting song choice this week. Seems we both “heard” the same tune. How many others heard it too…I wonder?

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