Respecting Copyrights

Hi Dear Friends who post here,

I hope you’re all doing well! I have an urgent request, for the well-being of our site. Thanks in advance for your help!

I have just responded to a DMCA Takedown Notice for an image that was used for a Dreamflights post. It was a lovely image, but used without the artists’ permission. This is the second Takedown Notice we’ve received (the first was for a link to a Tom Kenyon video). Although it’s been a couple years, WordPress warns that repeated violations can result in suspension of the site and/or account.

I’ve written to WordPress support to ask their advice on monitoring a site like ours, where numerous people are able to create and edit posts. In the meantime, I’m asking everyone to please go through your posts, and media you’ve added, and consider the sources of images, sound, or video you’ve used. Please remove any, if you’re not certain the work is either yours, or free for use.

Once you’ve done this, please comment here or email me, to let me know. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

In a few weeks, I will go through these items myself. If I see a post you’ve made, with content that’s questionable to me, and I haven’t heard from you that you’ve verified the right to use the material, I will remove it. I’m sorry – I don’t have time to research your sources myself.

Here is a link to an article WordPress provides, to help us understand “Fair Use”:

Please read this and use it as a guide, as you review your posts. Of course let me know if you have questions, an I’ll help however I can!

I’m proud to be associated with such a lovely group of friends, even though you don’t hear from me often these days. Let’s show WordPress and our creative friends that we respect copyrights and are willing to take the time to do our research before we use material by others.

Sending big hugs of love and light!