Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The 11th Hour…

“As it will be in the future,
It was at the birth of Man-
There are only Four things certain
Since Social Progress began:
That the dog returns to its vomit
And the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged Finger
Goes wabbling back to the Fire…”

-excerpt from: The Gods of the Copybook Headings
By Rudyard Kipling

In a time of chaos, confusion
And uncertainty, when common senses
Struggle to find reason…
Echoes of ANCIENT Voices descend
And whisper of changes…
In this time of darkness
It is the Eleventh Hour…

Fear accompanies darkness in
The absence of light…
But was there such a bright time
Before if dark times could descend…
The Guiding Lights have always
Been there…in Faith, in Hope,
In Spirits that reflect Heaven…
Those gifts were never taken, true
Faith is the courage of choice
To believe what exists beyond
Definition, beyond reason…and
Makes it happen.

There have always been dark
Times, there always will be…
There have always been bright times,
There always will be…
The Sun rises, the Sun sets…
And the Stars always shine at
Night even when the clouds
Cover them…
Choices overcome dilemmas…
Choices build dreams…
And choices tear them down.

No matter what day, what night…
No matter what comes…
The Best or Worst can rise or fall…
The Questions never end…
Time never stops, everything moves…
Decisions can be easy or hard…
The Sun is still going to rise.

In the epic of civilization
There are patterns, prophecies
And premonitions…
What’s coming?
Nature knows this, instincts know
This…souls sense this.
The Eleventh Hour is the bells
And whistles before change comes…
It speaks to those who listen
In dreams…and takes form
In Real signs…signs that MOST
Dismiss or misread…
The smart ones react appropriately
And don’t waste time analyzing
With labels…That is why animals
Survive in crisis…They feel, they
Sense, they react, they move…
The animal that hesitates always

History has taught the wise ones
To learn from past mistakes…
And yet the same patterns Ferment
The same confusion…
Prayer is for Faith, Courage survives
The storm.

Even in Religion…Revelations foretells
Of Dark Times…the Consequences
Of stubborn repeating patterns…
The Waves…
The Fury of Nature Unleashed…to
Strike out where the land cries, not
The people…
The Waves then come to punish those
That refused to change for the
Greater Good…
Chaos and crimes and Violence
Across the world…
Plagues, pestilence…

Waves of troubles that know
No Earthly laws…Science out of
Control…And the forces of Nature
To retaliate upon this to re-establish
Natural Law…This is beyond Prayer,
That’s the Earth…No Rocket or
Ship to another world can change
That once its will is set in Motion…

Waves of the Unexplained Unveiled…
Of Life beyond limits…on Other
Worlds…Life that exists elsewhere
And thrives…not a part of this mess,
And not responsible for it…
But definitely ready to defend
Against any threat an unstable
Science might present them…
Threats of this Earth…
Invaders, conquerors…And from
Those with malicious intent
From the Stars…

Digital Intelligence…Artificial,
Super Science…Natural we
Never knew, Animals…Mutants,
Lab creations…MetaHumans…
Alien Intelligences, Supernatural…
There is no One Mind, There
Is always a Higher Power…

The Eleventh Hour is full of
Revelations…the Smart Ones
Are not surprised. The Smart Ones
Keep going. They Adapt. They break

If Faith and Instinct, Intuition
And the Mind can merge…
Great Things can still Happen…
No matter how dark things get.

What’s going to happen?
Be swallowed or Make something
Great Happen…Break Patterns.
That is the Eleventh Hour.

For the Twelfth Hour…
In a start of Ice
An Age of New Things
A New Millenia…





  1. Dear All as above, thanks you for all these sweet and warm sharing that I read with tears. Sorry for that my heart is too sore to speak, as it feels like being torn apart. I had a very dramatic week where I did had a series of incredible meetings, get burned both physically in various manners and emotionally, in contrast to dreams which are used to have to do with a very cold (almost icy) water pool that I seem supposed to dive in, but dared not. There seem still no indication which indicate that the these series of FIRE WAVES are starting to slow down.

    Al my life, I’ve thought the calls are from the lands of the NW, now, yes, as dreams have not only on time notified the last two or three years, it’s rather the totally opposite direction which is appointed. All that I’ve dedicated almost a whole half of my life then….Being a human being, I think this emotions should be tolerated and understood, even deserve the divine empathy….particularly, that attachment to the vast land is just overwhelming.

    Now, some media that I’m not to touch…..

    These energy waves are so strong that again cause the very physical effects. May you all have a nice FULL MOON connection and November. Here, I can only charge with the pictures as follow.

    Ivan Zarevitch on the grey Wolf (1889) by Viktor M. Vasnetsov (1848–1926). Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. Wikimedia.
    I have a lacquered birch box gotten in the Bear Empire. This picture of their fairy tale had no way to avoid my gaze.



  3. I am thankful too for you, Valiant and your heartfelt (sent and received) messages and kindness in persevering in being a messenger, a deliverer of help, knowledge and hope. Thank you for being here with us, encouraging us to have courage, faith, dream of bigger, better dreams for ourselves, especially for our beautiful home world.
    I pray for the Holy Power to be amplified exponentially for…and through…all those beings who seek to aid the Light Side of Life to become more fruitful, abundant and strength throughout the whole Omniverse.

    In the mysteries of Gizah, Egypt….dwells the dweller on the threshhold. May we be found worthy to pass through into the Hall of Records, to find the knowledge, power and wisdom that we need to deliver us from evil. May the Highest Force, the Source of All, be with us, guide us in every choice we make each day, to take the Higher Road. Peace on Earth and Good Will to All.

    Bill, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, for the Light you bring, for helping those of us with hurting hearts and sore minds from all the manipulations and machinations.

    I see so much being woven together, so much is being revealed to me and I see it happening with the masses of humanity too, slowly more and more is exposed for the darkness to be brought to light. In last few weeks especially I am getting answers to questions I’ve long puzzled over. It seems like it’s all coming to a head, now. Knock Knock…and the Door shall Open.

    Lots of love to all of you here, the beautiful Rainbow Tribe. The Rainbow….the sign of God to Mankind….sign of hope….symbol of the promise. One day every tear shall be wiped from every eye of those who love God and love one another. Love and Light will come out on top, and reign supreme. Hearts, Minds and Souls shall be transformed…in a twinkling of an eye.

  4. Thank you Valiant – I am watching your posts closely as you know. Much unconditional Love to you & Lida. I am still using your angel picture for protection. Very happy your posts are part of my life as destiny planned.. 😉 my group reads every post you do – I make sure of it. We are thankful & lucky to be able to read them but more importantly to connect with them on a deep level. Peace be with you 🙂

  5. Wow Dreamwalker…great find! Volla the prophetess…Vala???


    I know I’ve shred this following video before, but feel it bears repeating.

    Stay safe everybody. ❤

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