Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Dreams Momentum…

“My life is measured by this glass
By all those little sands
That through pass.
See how they press,
See how they strive,
Which shall with greatest speed
And greatest quickness fall.”

-excerpt from…”On an Hour glass”

By John Hall

By the sun, the Stars…The Moon

The Future is written this way…
The Cold Fire puzzle of Winter Dreams
A Harsh Winter…cold, freezing…
So Cold it Burns…To Break
Dream through the Winter…The path
To each their own Found there…
The Answers Found there…
For The Newness that Spring will bring
To come…The Phoenix reborn
From the Ashes of the Cold Fire…
Rest and Retreat through the Winter
To Prepare for The Big things of Spring.

See the path of Inspirations this way
Think prepared, but be hopeful…
Change can be good this way…
Especially if the Fates yield
Prosperity at timely passings…

13 Lunar months…guided
By 13 Crystal Skulls. The balance…
In all things, balance…
From bottom to the top, is the way
To start…The Winter Moon being
The First Step…to Spring…
Stars Fall in the Spring…
And messages soon after.

Voices from the Stars herald
The April moon…In July Again…
Then August, The Lions Gate…
Only one at a time may take that road.
5 already took it.

By the crescent moon when Fall comes,
Prepare. No waning moon will close
The door this time.

Within two years those who protested will wish
They had never said anything at all…
Within three years…eyes will open
To a day, to an unimaginable new world…
Only 5 will see it coming…
Everyone else will chant and ramble
Countless theories and directions…
To dead ends…Quite profound,
The Stars judgement. Theorize carefully,
But it’s best to say nothing at all…
Brave New World…with scattered brains.
But a positive mind will always fare well.
Sincere Hearts even better.

The Hour Glass shines in dreams…
1.. 2.. 12.. 21.. 24..31…

The lost cry God never hears me.
Never sees me…
God Gives You The Option.
You Decide what you want to be…
That’s the True Message sent in prayers…
Be your Best and chase a dream…
That’s the worth of Time…

Dear Mr. Spaceman…17 years ago…
27 years ago…5, there’s more there than
You think…The Golden Ticket…5.
They say here it’s not real…funny…
The Hour Glass…
The Clock…Tick Tock…
Starts New Year’s Day.
Get Ready. Get Set. Go…





  1. Sorry for that owing to my tension, I cannot take time to write well. There are hence many errors in my last comment. I feel like being driven by somethings, from both benevolent and malevolent sides. Now my searching is quite blocked. However, there is some synchronicity that I shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s HEIDI, the mark of a Romanian chocolate that I just got from my family cross the strait. I just tried to look for one video that I thought to share. How strange there should be no footprints at all. However, in the course of tracing back, there is one in the list which just catches my eyes, the film of the title, HEIDI, in an unknown language to me.

    Anyone in Switzerland ???

  2. Dear Len, you are definitely not alone and we are WE the TRIBE. Yes, so nice that AA Michael has been here for US. You WILL recover, you anyhow WILL!!! With regards to the ways to detoxification, I’ve somethings to share. God bless me that I can share it soon. Some recipe is really that awesome, here I would like to share again to you, the suffering ones. After taking it, following a nice guardian who gave me this when I was quite ill last April, unable to stand up for a week, I now can tell it’s really that awesome. It’s the WARM WATER with a tea spoon of HONEY, each morning after waking up. Despite of some other ceaseless physical problems, I at least didn’t get beaten down so frequently as before, thanks to this honey recipe and other invisible assistance.

    One melody just came up to me and it sounds sooooooo striking that I have no way to ignore, but take a look at its title….for it’s played with BAGPIPE. Rohan – Men Ha Tan Bagad, now word is recognizable to me. However, it should be one of the STC of a Taiwnese film. I didn’t realize til now that some other video might have been at the list of my video table, however has been ignored owing to the term “Assassin” that I have various excuses to take a look.

    I’ve never learned the term, BAGAD, til now.
    ‘”a Breton band, composed of bagpipes (Breton: binioù, French: cornemuse), bombards and drums (including snare, tenor and bass drums). The pipe band tradition in Brittany was inspired by the Scottish example and has developed since the mid-20th century. A bagad plays mainly Breton music, but a bagad’s music is evolutionary: new forms and musical ideas are experimented with at each annual national competition.”

    Honestly, I didn’t realize it’s the STC of the film that I once was bombarded with the crazy flattering advertisement. Pity that, different from the others, I’ve had not interest to watch it for many reasons. 1. the actress has never had any training, neither of ancient CN opera dance, nor of CN martial arts, having no way to present the very spirituality. 2. the dialogue in extremely classical literary style is too pretentious and embarassing to listen to. 3. none of the actors can pronounce in the way which is to help be melt into the literary circumstances. Sorry for that I in fact have nothing to recommend this film, though it was adapted from a very famous medieval fiction.
    Her name is quite original, as the family name 聶 consists of 3 ears, whereas her given name 隱娘, means the hiding/invisible lady.

    Nevertheless, when searching it, the 1st trailor which came up when I type both the Eng and CN titles, the caption was rocking me !!!

    In regards to
    The King of Kophen….
    Pls take a look at this

    ‘Kophen: a Pleiades place resource’

    Kophen/Koa (river): a Pleiades place resource….this reminds me of the animation of “The Legend of Korra, ” the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Kophen – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

    She was sent back to the state of Wei 魏, in the north. The right part of this character,鬼, GHOST, once is the name of the Northern Tribe which is believed having to do with WHITE, Caucasian. You remember very male protagonist, the Celestial Warrior Tamahome, incarnated in the JP animation, adapted from manga. That name in CN & JP is written as 鬼宿, one of the 7 southern mansions of the RED BIRD.

    Dear Robin….

    In contrast to the last one, all the other Eng movie trailers that I can find are of the other version, totally different from.

    As a Thursday entertainment for you….Have Fun & Take Care, my dear Tribe !!!

  3. wow the responses here are overwhelming. I am so happy to be in your company dear ones. I am well known by Arch Angel Michael and they know me well, having intervened many times leaving there trademark white feather which falls out of nowhere.. 😉 That being said my coming forward was the bravest thing ive done in my life and I am actively being stalked by those who oppose the truth of the divine since its release. That wont stop part 2 coming next week to tell the rest of my story – relevant to my now. That being said I am trying my best to stay afloat in 3d life but coming from the 13th density down to the 3rd is such a warp that most lose there minds in the process hence my 7th density counterpart to balance things out though I have disabilities and as you know I am recovering from poisoning.. forever. lol. Though I am focused on releasing, forgiving & healing as that’s where the miracles are hidden under all the trauma. I love you all so much – your all so precious – genetic royalty – earth humanity is where its at in the now – look at all the attention we have watching this little blue jewel. As long as they are a force for good and carry the divine they are welcome or I will be one of the first to protect the good earth people when I a step into my power – out of my current state – however that chooses to manifest itself…

    All the best, Len.

    • Dear Len, this is the most sufficient way for me to do the detoxification. I myself have difficulty to take time reading this. Pls take a look first or do some searches. However, this practice does need some professional guidance of the practitioner. I hope I can share more my own experience in the late Dec. If not…God, it would be in the next year. How much I believe you have the Tribe’s collective, without saying the divine blessing to recover!!!

    • What I applied for is Taoist Fasting…If you have learned and practiced qigong, it would be much easier for you to practice it. We don’t need for restrict our diet that brutally, no, never be brutal to your physical. It’s better to eat less and less, and try first time of one-day fasting, finish. Then in some period of time, try two day fasting. Next time, longer. Then 7 days. Then possibly longer, such as 2 weeks, 3 weeks. It’s not that easy in the initial try, but not that difficult either, even GREAT!!! I did experience something like this…

      When we don’t eat, the energy supply would rather rely on SUN light and QI. Particularly, during the fasting, QI becomes somehow the food substitute that we must take. If not, it would be harmful to the stomach.

      In the case that we get quite hungry or our stomachs get quite uncomfortable, it’s still OK to take 3 raw walnuts, and 3 big dried jujubes, and one BOILED apple in maximum. You can boil jujube and apple together.

      In some theories of CN medicine schools, we prevent raw foods, particularly when our physical is still weak. As I’ve been of the quite cold type, I do have difficulty to take raw vegetables, though according to some theory, raw foods have some medecine’s favor.

      Jujube / dried fruit fresh dates is the very elixir, it’s not difficult to find in CN groceries.
      Pls prevent to select the renucleated ones.

      If you make cake, add the jujube purée into the paste, the jujube cake would definitely not let you down !!!

      In fact, soak first the jujube, then their cores will be easier to take out.
      In daily life, it’s also OK to eat directly the dried fresh jujubes, after washing them.

      Goji berry is some other kind of elixir. It’s nice to take some, less than 10 each day. However, during the fasting, it’s not suggested to take them. These are the super NUTRITIOUS stuff for both men and women. Pity that there are quite amount of them are colored in artificial. So when you look for them, be cautious and selective.

      With regards to the fasting, particularly the how and why, if it’s convenient for you to have google translate it.
      This is the best guidance that I’ve ever had on web.

      Before and after fasting, the best food is the MILLET PORRIDGE. It’s also for the case when our stomach gets quite weak. The color of millet is yellow, corresponding well to our solar plexus, is such an awesome grain for fragile or sensitive stomach, particularly for the ones who reside in the temperate zones. I guess this would be nice to Valiant, too !

      Best blessing for your recovery !!!

    • Millet Congee/ PORRIDGE looks like this.

      It’s said that
      1. soak first the grains for at least one half of hour,
      2. then boil them with boiling water (cold water is as well OK), then cook for 20 mins.
      3. in the course, it’s to stir all the time for preventing from the grains stick to the pot.
      A reference….

  4. 5:00 A. M. and the D.J. in my head decides I need to hear this one…

    “Whatever” …

    10 years …. “Mountain Man”… Was there was ever any room in your life for me?

    Wait for Me
    Hall & Oates
    Midnight hour almost over
    Time is running out for the magic pair
    I know you gave the best that you have
    But one more chance
    Couldn’t be all that hard to bear
    Wait for me please
    Wait for me
    Alright, I guess
    That’s more than I should ask
    Why won’t you wait for me
    Please wait for me
    Although I know the light is fading fast
    You could go either way
    Is it easier to stay
    I wonder what you’ll do
    When your chance rolls around
    But you gotta know how much
    I want to keep you
    When I’m away I’m afraid
    It will all fall down
    So wait for me please
    Wait for me
    Alright, I guess
    That’s more than I should ask
    Why won’t you wait for me
    Please wait for me
    Although I know the light is fading fast
    Love is what it does
    And ours is doing nothing
    But all the time we spent
    It must be good for something
    Please forgive all the disturbance
    I’m creating
    But you got a lot to learn if you think
    That I’m not waiting for you
    So wait for me please
    Wait for me
    Alright, I guess
    That’s more than I should ask
    Why won’t you wait for me
    Please wait for me
    Although I know the light is fading fast
    Yes it is
    You got a lot to learn if you think
    That I’m not waiting for you
    So wait for me please
    Wait for me
    Alright, I guess
    That’s more than I should ask
    So why won’t you wait for me
    Please wait for me
    Although I know the light is fading fast
    Yes it is
    You got a lot to learn if you think
    That I’m not waiting for you
    Wait for me please
    Wait for me
    Alright, I guess
    That’s more than I should ask
    So won’t you wait
    So won’t you wait
    Songwriters: Daryl Hall
    Wait for Me lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management US, LLC

  5. Healing me, this melody seems making the miracles….As what Robin just felt, the very recent miracles seem having much to do with somethings that Valiant just made !!! THANK YOU !!!

  6. Here, need to thank Dreamwalker and Dave, and Valiant and Lida(s) , the Elders again, again and again, to Robin, Len & all…Life might doesn’t feel nice, however, again and again, when realizing that how impossible to find you again, we are here now thanks to the miracles that Valiant & Lida and then Dreamwalker who make this. Though each of us might be far apart from each other, I can finally ground better or feel less lonely, even appreciate this life more for you are here with me.

    Two days ago, I moods got so down, though I was once so excited the day before the full moon, when seeing the very BRIGHT ORANGE FULL MOON in the sky, the first time in my life. I tried to look for some related pictures for you, then this one came up to me.

    work by Hülya Özdemir?
    source :
    thanks to
    The caption didn’t shake me less than it…..

    My dear Tribe, may this bring you the very magic energy into your life, make our dreams come true SOON !!!

  7. This came up to me right 1/4 day by Valiant’s this post.

    Despite of my silence, dear Robin, there is used to be the very synchronicity with you. Pity that I could not respond in time, though how many things I’ve thought to share, to speak of. Very very strange that after the full moon, if feels like a totally different time-space. Reading again your last posts, I should have difficulty to recall anything in my mind when I read them last time.

    Then listening to this melody along with the croaks of frogs which sooth so my mind and heart, the memory is coming back. Right in the last summer, I was translating a paper about the goddess Nana, and finally made a better sense of the stories and the symbolic meaning of the deities in question, particularly that or those having to do with bringing the rebirth of vegetation. How magical music is….to bring or send us home, the very authentic home which feels like only exist in dreams.

    As always, this full moon felt quite hard, causing the very headaches, nausea, difficulty to eat, to sleep, etc. I anyhow appreciate the headaches, even that along with other illness may be the price to buy the upgrading. Though now much, this time, the very dense AI membrane seems melt much. The sense becomes clearer, however, still not sufficient enough. Ironically, the truth is, just like what Len just shared, it’s that true that at each energy apex, the darkness would just enforce their attacks, causing more difficulties.

    Thank you Len (Leonid) for your bravery, your nice and profound sharing. I in fact had not gotten the address of the interview, first being notified by e-mail. I hence didn’t watch it til yesterday, and finally realized why……What a beautiful angel we have here. I somehow seem to get a vision of a prestigious king in Steppes, then crossing millennium, crossing the continents, oceans, then perch in. I want to thank you, because this helps release much of my reluctance and struggle to have to turn into that diagonal direction for the ocean. That ocean, owing to the very dark energy, or for some other reasons, could never have given me any dreamy fantasy, without saying any attachment.

    I really don’t know if we are entering a better era. As what I see, and sense, pls forgive me to say so, I don’t know why but feel being drawing back to the middle of the last century.

    Last Thursday, still your Wednesday, I should let my shungite pendulum fall from the table that its point got broken off. My heart broke immediately with….However, it’s incredible that this accident should on the contrary help break the malevolent energy interference get out of it.

    Something I’ve to make a correction here, with regards to the story that I once talked two weeks ago.
    Reading that article again, no, that feline is rather LEOPARD, than TIGER, represented as the Steppe Gold. In China, that constellation might be regarded as Tiger, however, in Steppes, it’s so distinctly LEOPARD.

    In the same thread, the author referred to the 7 stars of Pleiades.

    I’ll share with you when I can finally get time to make a better sense of.

  8. dreamwalker – that’s the golden question isn’t it? why? from what Ive learnt from a sum total of experience, research & higher selfs input is that corey goode is right when he said they have an elite specifically for finding starseeds and good earth people too with abilities then turn them to the dark side through a whole host of methods – some of which ive shared – more to come. Be safe grounded and full of love and keep to your self when things get hectic. Im sure you already know this. Much love, blessings.

  9. Hi Leonid – thanks for sharing this – great interview! A big question for me as well is, why the hell are they doing this to people? To enforce some kind of twisted sense of order? I realized some of my dreams were designed to make me think I’d won… while things haven’t changed on the outside. Sorry, bad guys… for me it ain’t that easy. ❤

  10. Thank you again Valiant – this time for a timely post describing the coming changes (energetic?) around the crescent moon of fall continuing through to the lions gate and even over the next 3 years?. I agree its so important to be positive and sincere hearts even better – totally.. I AM. How can one face the brave new world with scattered brains as you said? Knowing that no waning moon will close it this time – means its going full swing the changes..? only 5 will see it coming – everyone else will chant & ramble countless theories & directions.. so much chaos and so much news coming in from so many angles – so many claim to know the full picture.. As alex collier said how can anyone be the master of anything when the universe is always changing? we all hold our piece of the puzzle combined & united we may paint a full picture – yet so much confusion in the world now. Ive done my best to comprehend your message which strangely was easy for me – I could be wrong though. . A very cryptic post though those with eyes may see..

    here is my recent interview by the way in case you want to know about my story..

    my kindest & warmest regards to Bill & Lida. Much Love.

  11. Interesting themes on Westworld, for anyone with Amazon Prime. For mature audiences. But that’s basically all this in a nutshell. 😉

    Well, nothing changes on New Year’s Day…


    The “establishment” operates in the Capricorn dimension. I tell you that Saturn is coming for the entirety of the world’s corrupt establishment class, in other words, for all of the dark rulers. The Saturn in Capricorn transit will make the concept of a NEW GOLDEN AGE not only believable, but profoundly visible for all to see. Although Saturn is often feared know surely that its energy is most divine in Capricorn. -Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology (Caps. Mine)


    While I’m thinking of it…has anyone else here noticed Bill’s painting called “URANIA” whispering to them? It’s the same sound I hear when the spirits begin to whisper on the wind created from the birds’ wings as they fly overhead. I have had URANIA over my altar for 2 years…this only began yesterday. I never heard her before.

    Much thanks to you Valiant… not sure what all you have done…but I know it was very big, and very helpful.

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