Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Tao of 1000 Enemies…

“The Darksome Statesman,

Hung with weights and Woe
Like a thick midnight fog,

Moved there so slow,
He did not stay, nor go.”

Henry Vaughan, The World

The Voice…Familiar, mysterious and resounding…
“You can say it, write a 1,000 times
And no one will understand…Say it plainly,
Tell me again and again because I
Am brilliant and wise, I just need
To think about it…My guides will tell
Me, my intuition…” His voice chuckled.
“Time is short,” he says. “We don’t have
That much time.”

“Finally,” Her voice says. “The
Smile in her presence. “Now tell them
A plain story, it will be a riddle
No matter the words you choose.”

“Fine.” He says… “How about this…

They warned ages ago, certain things
Are inevitable…you had better clean
Things up…You are dancing around
With bullies, sheep and sciences
Playing with time…

In the past, they promised to save
The masses and nature and pursue
A noble path…but instead played
Games and distracted with glamour…
The sincere were abused and liars
Revered until no one could tell the

So now in the darkest hour, when the
Time is closing in fast upon big events…
When hope is presented, hardly
Anyone else sees it, oh some do…
But why not more?

Ages of deception in believing glamour
And lies has blinded too many eyes…
And turned simple hearts dark…
Stay true those that live in the
Present…Because even though all
Don’t see it, the Hope is there
And will remain…

To clean up a mess, he said…
You must flush out that darkness
So, they can see…unmask it…let it
Froth with senseless rage until it
Becomes so annoying…that the
Heavens scream…Enough! Silence
This noise…We had no idea there
Was so much there…How could so
Could so many scream this way?

It’s simple…over the years, you
Watch and wait and see how they play…
And then, Not I, not me, not us…
But they who promised to clean
It up in the first place, upon last
Desperate measure set up a chain
Of events…A Trojan Horse, to befriend
The glamour and make complicated
Promises for them…lies and promises…
To reveal what needs to be fixed…

And then deliver the Cleanup…
Both are unknowingly the allies
For the whole…

Then Everyone cries victim,
And Everyone cries crime…
And the Cleanup begins
Against the Tide of the coming Time.

And the True Test of Faith is
Revealed…who shines through it…
Who lights the candle of Hope…
And inspires, not screams…
Those are the best for the Future
Of things…They always were.

And last, he says, “So many scream
And say they don’t get it…Oh
Believe me THEY DO.”