Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Web…

‘Faith Needs No Reason, Nor Logic…
And yet has The Invincible Strength
To Move Hearts, Minds, Mountains…
The World, even The Universe.’

A Guiding Voice

Time…The Tempest of Change…
It’s Frustrating. Relentlessly Challenging
It never yields for long
But it does build Freely through
Patterns. However only the Long Eye
Can see this.

Masterminds learn this way to shape
Things, to harness time…reap its benefits.
Be it with politics, law, media or social
Behavior…And yet the question still is asked,
How do they do it…
Seize the advantage of Intuition at its Prime
To harness Time…See the Shape of
Things to come and change it…
Fortune Teller, Mystic, Shaman,
Historical Relics and Stories, the More
Secret, the better…Prophecy…

But Nothing is Written in Stone…
In, NO? Painted, Written on…Carved into, yes.
And a Geologist Might Argue that
Things are written in stone…clearly.

The Longshot. A Bridge…
The Bridge…Again, no logic, no reason to it…
Will Fall. More nonsense to argue
Over simple answers…Distractions
For Those who talk too much…

Darkness Split the Blind and Angry
Into Two Roads…So that those who
Can see can chase a dream…
Chasing a Dream, the only Noble
Cause in living…the way of merit and
Survival in Any age.
Choices…Too much Time, not
Enough Time, but still time to waste
Talking…riddles of The Web!

Scandals, options weighted left
And right for Blind Roads. While
The Dreamer looks ahead and prepares.

No Season will be peaceful. Nature
Was overlooked far too long. Nature
Keeps moving…so should people.

The Winter Web…Caught, Frozen,
Shaken…once, twice, three times…
Again and Again. Snow, Ice…
Thaw…that’s Winter.

Cold, Confused…Sneezing…
Anxious. Wondering…Watching…but
Stuck, that’s the Winter Web.
The most Ingenious things happen
Quietly…That’s why no one notices them.





  1. whitewindwoman…
    those are all lovely, thank you!

    we were sidelined by that flu-ish thing going around, so I hope everyone here is doing well…or better, at least!
    We are on the mend too. After lots of rest and natural remedies, like Vit C.
    Thanks for being here….

  2. Silence before the storm,
    I reach the house hidden by the night

    A light I saw, I knocked all quietly,
    I entered; a woman sat by the spinning wheel

    “What brings you here my child?”, she asked,
    “Don’t you know how a lady keeps her secrets well?”

    It’s my life I am running from,
    It’s my fate I am hiding from, oh would the goddess speak to me?

    Her ways I don’t understand,
    The mysteries that I must know, oh would the mother see through me?

    “Why don’t you rest my child”, she said,
    “I will seek her advice, I will wake you when it’s time”

    All night by the spinning wheel,
    She sang an ancient tune and in the morn’ her work was done

    In the distance I heard a call,
    I awoke and I held the spindle in my hand

    My other hand it held new life,
    The goddess had been by my side and her blessing was mine

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